Our first case of Endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysm wide neck _87427 by heku


									?Our first case of Endovascular
treatment of intracranial aneurysm
wide neck


Intracranial aneurysm is a case fatality rate was high illness,
treatment very difficult, particularly wide-necked, fusiform,
dissection of complex aneurysm treatment more difficult.
Neurosurgical hospital for the first time in clinical treatment of
joint application of the most exclusive type of intracranial Stent
and coils, successfully on a wide-necked aneurysm patients
Vasculopathy embolization, recently discharged patients healed, fill
the gaps in the hospital. Navy General Hospital neurosurgery Lu
The patient is a 48-year-old male with history of headache and
dizziness, CT 2 weeks as shown in the left side of the saddle, line-
the diagnosis of DSA to carotid-cavernous sinus aneurysms over wide
neck. Intracranial aneurysm is a common case-fatality rate very high
intracranial vascular disease, known as intracranial time bomb, there
will be a fatal intracranial hemorrhage, once discovered, should be
processed in a timely manner. Aneurysm surgery there are two General
methods: surgery and Endovascular. Trauma surgery, recovery slow,
while mortality and disability rates higher. This example uses the
craniotomy is very difficult to kill and maim a higher risk of,
conventional coils are difficult to implement, the doctor decided to
adopt the intracranial dedicated Neuroform bracket combined coil
embolization for patients. ? Surgery, doctors from the leg femoral
artery implantation in a very thin tube, intracranial special bracket
transmicrocatheter accurately to the artery, aneurysm and normal
vascular isolation, then spring ring through the tiny holes on the
bracket into the artery aneurysms are filled in, avoiding the
intracranial hemorrhage, reach the purpose of the cure, the entire
treatment process in less than two hours. ??????
????? Endovascular treatment methods from 1991 to the present 18-year
history, early simple indications with GDC embolism its narrow, along
with the development of intervention materials gradually expanded its
indications, 2000 application support combined with the coil
technique for wide neck artery aneurysm embolization, Stent
technology aims to prevent the GDC prolapse from aneurysm of artery
occlusion caused, while you can change the hemodynamics, accelerated
with thrombosis led to aneurysm full occlusion. Intervention
advantage is: 1, can be confirmed, the aneurysm confirmed gold index
is DSA. 2, wounds, surgical intervention treatment is not required,
is a real treat, dramatically reduces the previous surgery
complication. 3. indications that the vast majority of wide, there
can be no aneurysm surgery and Interventional treatments that can
achieve the ideal treatment purposes. In our hospital intervention
time is shorter, from 2008 onwards for Endovascular neural
intervention operation 50 cases, along with the example of a
successful start, neurologic surgery in the treatment of aneurysm and
move forward.

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