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									?Malignant tumors be contagious?


Find family members or friends after suffering from cancer, people
are often concerned about cancer will not be transmitted, often
comparing mood, anxiety and worry that it will not be malignant
infection? what should I pay attention?

Generally speaking, cancer is not contagious, up to now, no country
to cancer as infectious diseases, nor a hospital for the treatment of
cancer patients in segregation. Weifang medical college affiliated
hospital Interventional Radiology Department Ning thick method

Human beings struggle with cancer has a long history, but never on
malignant infectious explicitly documented until there is no evidence
that the tumor will be transmitted. In the hospital, people with
different kinds of cancer patients in the long term for a ward had
been discovered in malignant infectious example. Long-term contact
with patients and medical staff, patients and their relatives, the
incidence of malignant neoplasm of them also do not have than healthy

But it should be noted that the primary hepatocellular carcinoma in
China is mainly due to hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, and
hepatitis is infectious, mainly by blood-borne and close contact with
the media, for patients with hepatocellular hepatitis should be
carried out, particularly hepatitis b indicators indicators to check,
if you have an infectious as it should be noted.

Other common cancers such as lung cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic
cancer, etc. are not infectious. Thus doctor services personnel and
family members do not have to be afraid of cancer patients with
contagious, not far from the mental suffering of patients on the
award-winning, should give attention and encouragement.
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