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									?How to treat the body odor?


Underarm odour is commonly known as huchou, scattered all over the
body skin as armpit, perineal, back parts of the apocrine secretion
in the dissemination of a special unpleasant smell. Underarm odour
while fundamentally does not affect the physical health, but the
impact social networking community, and even to patients bring mental
and psychological pressure, timely treatment of body odor.

Treatment for how the body odor, first understand the body odor. In
fact, is not caused by sweat, but only when the sweating underarm
odour smell strong. Linyi city people's Hospital plastic burns on
treatment center Li Hui bin

From the roots up understanding human skin there are two types of
sweat gland: a is distributed in the whole body of eccrine everywhere;
the other is located in the armpits, around the nipple, qiwo, anal
and genital and apocrine of external auditory canal. Apocrine
secretion a milky white paste or glue of secretions, excretions is
odourless, but the skin surface of bacterial decomposition produces
unsaturated fatty acids and evolve an odour. Huchou mainly occurs in
the armpits, other parts of the rare.

Underarm odour usually occurs during puberty, because young men and
women on the body surface glands secretions highly than other
population groups, in particular, oily skin, body odor than average
to strong. While the female body secretion glands than men, these
glands in the armpits, anus, and around the navel, pubertal
development exuberant and mental factors, hormones, environment,
climate and other factors of regulated secretion of some glands.
These glands secretion, often the women formed some local, moist,
warm environment as a "medium" to bacterium, promote bacterial growth
and decomposition, body odor. Of course, and personal hygiene habits
are not clean. Middle and later its axillary apocrine secretion
hypothyroidism, gradually reduce and even the smell disappeared. In
puberty, if oily heavy external secretions, underarm odour more
likely occurred because the auditory canal is also the regional
distribution of apocrine, so the vast majority of bromidrosis
patients with "oil ears."

How to treat the body odor? currently, underarm odour treatment is
divided into non-surgical methods and operation methods.

Surgery is more thorough. Traditional surgical approach is to include
local axillary skin and subcutaneous tissue and excision, wound "Z"
shape suture; this method of treatment is reliable, but left scars
after surgery is too large, the majority of female patients. The
current method of minimally invasive armpit is the arm of apocrine
destroyed along with the fat tissue and aspiration. This method of
pain, postoperative healing quickly, without leaving scars, almost no
bleeding. The clinical practice also shows that the method is by far
the safest treatment the body odor, and thoroughly, the most
beautiful and popular method, healed without leaving any traces, with
do follow, not relapse after surgery. And axillary be more scarce, as

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