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									Pallet Jacks for Every
         Mighty Lift History
• Started in Houston 1997
• Material Handling Focus
• Direct ties with Chinese factories
• Expanded to 2 offices and 4 warehouse
  locations across the country
• Minority, woman-owned certified company
The Mighty Lift Efficiency Advantage
    • Operational efficiency
      -Jacks designed for best ROI
    • Application efficiency
      -A variety of jack types and sizes
    • Shipping efficiency
      -From multiple locations
    • Inventory efficiency
      -Huge stock, ready to ship within 24 H
Jacks Designed for Operational Efficiency
          Feature                                     Benefit
Ergonomic shock-proof handle grip           Less user fatigue, higher productivity
Self-returning handle                       Eliminates bending to retrieve
9” 3-sided reinforcement handle             Won’t bend from off-center loads
210o steering arc                           Easier maneuvering pallets into tight spaces
1-inch diameter steel bolt                  Durable shaft
Quick lift, only 11 strokes to max height   Increased efficiency, less fatigue
Galvanized coating around hydraulic pump    Corrosion resistance & Longer usage
German Sealed 60,000 cycle hydraulic pump   Delivers long lasting operating life
Jacks Designed for Operational Efficiency
     Feature                            Benefit
 Foot control release             Operator efficiency
 Overload bypass valve            Avoid operator injuries
 Polyurethane wheels              Long life, easier, quiet rolling, protects floors
 Dust cover over wheel bearings   Guards against bearing failure from dust
 10 zerk grease fittings          Less maintenance for long jack life
 15” steel reinforcement          Extreme fork strength
 Adjustable push rods             Uneven wear will not shorten jack life
 Dual entry/exit rollers          Easier, quicker roll in/roll out
 ISO 9000 Certified               Meets world-class quality standards
Mighty Lift Handle Features

                  Comfortable ergonomic shock-
                  proof handle grip for
                  hot/sweaty/cold conditions
                  Self-returning handle for safety
                  and operator efficiency
                  9”, 3-sided reinforcement
                  frame handle for unbend ability
                  210° steering arc for narrow
Mighty Lift Pump Features
                      1” inch diameter solid bolt
                      instead of 3 bolt connection
                      Quick lift- only 11 strokes to max
                      Galvanized coating for corrosion
                      & longer usage
                      German made Seal kit with a
                      60,000 cycle for durability
                      Foot control release for increased
                      operator efficiency
                      Overload bypass valve to reduce
                      operator injury
Mighty Lift Wheel Features

                        Polyurethane over
                        iron wheels for a
                        prolonged life
                        Dust cover over
                        bearings to prevent
                        premature failure
Super & Regular Polyurethane Wheels

    Color: Yellow                   Color: Yellow
    Material: Super Polyurethane    Material: Super Polyurethane
    Size: 2.91” x 3.66”             Size: 7” x 2”
    Hardness: 95 D                  Hardness: 95 D
    Bearing: Sealed on both sides   Bearing: Sealed on both sides

    Color: Red                      Color: Red
    Material: Super Polyurethane    Material: Super Polyurethane
    Size: 2.91” x 3.66”             Size: 7” x 2”
    Hardness: 71° D                 Hardness: 75° D
    Bearing: Sealed on both sides   Bearing: Sealed on both sides
Factory Test Report of Wheel Comparison Materials
Part Name: Polyurethane material         Test Person: Quality Engineer
Test Capacity: 5,500 lb                  Place: Quality Department
                                         Date: 6/11/2008

                                          Stationary     Dynamic Pulling
 Wheel Material         Wheel Type
                                         Pulling Force       Force

 Standard           Load 71°
                                         930N~1000N        650N~750N
 Polyurethane       Steering 75°

 Super              Load Wheel 91°
                                          620N~650N        480N~500N
 Polyurethane       Steering Wheel 91°

 Labor Savings
                                             33%               26%
 from Super Poly:
Wheel Options



          •Super Polyurethane
Mighty Lift Zerk fittings Features

             A total of 10 zerk fittings
                  for easy grease
Mighty lift Fork Features

                            15-inch steel
                            reinforcement for
                            extreme strength

                            Adjustable push
                            rods to combat
                            uneven wear

                            Dual entry/exit
                            rollers for easy
                            roll in/out.
How Mighty Lift Compares
         Feature           Mighty Lift         Standard Jack
 Handle Grip            Comfortable shock-       No protection
                         proof Protection
 Handle Frame              Self-returning      Drops to the floor

 Frame Handle               9”, 3-sided           No external
 Reinforcement           reinforcement for       reinforcement
                         extreme strength
 Arc                           210°             Less than 210°

 Shaft                  1-inch diameter bolt   3-bolt connection

 Quick lift                 11 strokes         13 or more strokes

 Outside Pump Coating       Galvanized              Powder
Continuation of Comparison
      Feature              Mighty Lift        Standard Jack
Hydraulic Pump          German made sealed    Less than 60,00
                          60,000 cycle kit
Controls                Dual hand and foot      Hand only

Overload bypass valve    Below foot control        None

Wheels                  Polyurethane wheel      Nylon wheel
                           with iron core
Wheel Protection          Dust Cover over      No protection
Zerk Grease Fittings          10 total             None

Fork Steel                      15”                None
Entry/Exit Rollers             Dual                One
The Right Jack for Every Job
• 14- Different sizes for a wide variety of applications
       Length: 36”-96”        Height: 1.75”-2.95”
       Width: 16”-33”         Capacity: 11,000 lbs
• 4-Way – Grocery pallets, side entry
• Low Profile – Non-standard, heavy load pallets
• Stainless Steel/Galvanized -Food processing & wet areas
• Pallet Jack with Scale –Where correct weight is critical
• High Lift Pallet Truck – Combines pallet truck and lift table
       “All parts stocked for immediate availability”
                     Pallet Jack Options
 Model   Capacity (lbs)     Fork Size       Model      Capacity (lbs)    Fork Size

         Capacity Options                                Low Profile

ML55         5,500          27” x 48”     ML2048L           3,300        20.5” x 48”
ML66         6,600          27” x 48”     ML2748L           3,300        27” x 48”
ML77         7,700          27” x 48”                       4-Way
ML110       11,000          27” x 48”
                                          ML 3348ULP        2,200        33” x 48”
           Size Options                   ML 3348LP         3,300        33” x 48”
ML1636       2,200          16” x 36”                  Stainless Steel
ML1642       2,200          16” x 42”
                                          ML55SS            5,500        27” x 48”
ML1648       2,200          16” x 48”
ML2036       5,500          20.5” x 36”
                                          ML55GLV           5,500        27” x 48”
ML2042       5,500          20.5” x 42”
                                          Model         Accessory        Fork Size
ML2048       5,500          20.5” x 48”
ML2736       5,500          27” x 36”     ML55BK         Back Rest       27” x 48”

ML2742       5,500          27” x 42”     ML55HB        Hand Break       27” x 48”

ML2760       4,400          27” x 60”     ML55SA        Skid Adapter     27” x 48”

ML2772       3,300          27” x 72”     Model        Wheel Option      Fork Size
ML2796       4,400          27” x 96”     ML55D         Super Poly       27” x 48”
                                          ML55N            Nylon         27” x 48”
                                          ML55S            Steel         27” x 48”
4-Way Pallet Jack

       • 33” x 48” standard GMA pallet entry
       • Low profile design with 1-3/4”
       lowered height
       • 270o Steering Arc for Easy
       • Polyurethane steer wheels with iron
       core and dust covers
       • Tough, long-lasting steel load rollers
Stainless Steel & Galvanized
             • Super performance in tough
             • All stainless steel construction
             • Meets sanitary requirements for food,
               medical and pharmaceutical
             • Chemical, fishing, meat processing
             • Low temperature hydraulic oil
             • Hot dip galvanized model for wet
       High Lift Pallet Jack
   A pallet jack & lift table – All in One
                      • Reduces fatigue and back injuries be
                      eliminating repetitive bending,
                      twisting and lifting
                      • Increases productivity 50% - pick up
                      load; transfer to work station; lift to
                      efficient height
                      • Two automatic brakes and two side
                      stabilizers engage automatically as
                      forks are raised.
2,200 lb capacity     • Hundreds of applications
          Scale Pallet Jack
      Weigh and Move in one step
                    • Mobile weighing anywhere in plants
                    • Quick verification of
                    incoming/outgoing freight
                    • Eliminates wasted steps
                    • Reduces labor cost
                    • World-famous Mettler-Toledo scale
                    • Four easy-to-use function keys
                    • Powered by 6 “D” cell batteries
4,400 lb capacity
Mighty Lift Pallet Jack Warranty
              • 2 years on pump

              • 1 year on fork frame against
                defective components or

              • 90 days on wheels, axles
                and bearings
Efficient Inventory Levels
 • 2,000+ jacks in stock for immediate
 • Quick-ship Program – Shipment within
   24 hours from stock
 • Quick response to unexpected requests
 • Parts in stock at all warehouses
Mighty Lift Warehouse Locations
  Mighty Lift will ship from warehouse closest to customer

Current Mighty Lift Warehouses
   Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA
 Dallas, TX; Houston TX; Tampa, FL

 Future Mighty Lift warehouses
       Union, N.J; Chicago, IL
     ISO 9000 Certified

“Our products meet World Class Standards”

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