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									 how to get MASTERCARD DEBIT CARDS FREE from one of the Bank in the U.S.
                       That is .. Sent directly home.
                                   For what it .. Debit Card?
  The card functions like a debit card in general, it could be to receive payment from a
particular online business that you follow .. besides it can be used to withdraw money at
  ATM MasterCard logo as well as for shopping. Actually not accept all
      people to open an account there, just that we in the Allow open if a member of
FriendFinder site itself is a friendship site, and also has branches of other sites, and other
  online business .. One more thing I need to say that this site also give COMMISSION
    (Rewards) when we managed to recruit people to sign up, even if it only as a free
      member .. fee earned is $ .1 for male applicants and $ .2 for female applicants

REMEMBER how there are 2 STEP ..

                                         Step One:

You should List used: (100% Free)
Click Link Free signup ===>>>
Then follow the steps below:
Click JOIN NOW Please fill in your data complete.

(Notice Her column if it does not understand, please see the instructions below:)
»I am a: Man if you're a man, if you're a woman Woman
»Interested in meeteng a: Man if you want to explore / dg men, dg woman woman, or you
can choose both.
»For: Friendship, Dating , Serious relationship
»Marriage (marriage), you can choose more than one, select all of them can, too.
»Birthdate: Date of birth.
»Country: Your Country.
»Zip / Postal code: Clear course, if you are than in America (U.S. only)
»Email Address: Enter your email
»Username: Your username between 4 to 16 characters
»Then click on Click Here and Have Fun

After that you enter next

»City: City where you live
»Closest City: Same as above
»State: Your Province
»Your Height: Your height
»Your Body Type: Type your body
»Your Race: Your race or tribe you are, if Indonesia is Asia
»Marital Status: The status of your marriage
»Your Religion: Your Religion
»Your Education: Your last Education
»Your Occupation: Your job eg office staff, if your employee, if your employer etc.
»Introduction Title: Title of yourself, for example: I am a good man or I like Traveling,
etc. a minimum of 10 characters
»Tell others about yourself: Tell me about yourself, for example: I am a good women, I
like traveling and my hobby is reading, computers, sports, and others, i love new friend
men or women, make love-love you, minimum 50 character.
»If you already have a photo uploadlah your photo, click browse and find the file
containing your photo. If you do not have fota can you empty first, then later on you can
fill again.

Then click Click to Join.
Then there will be incoming email in your email. After that open your email, then click
Activate Now So you have activated, if you want to log fill some existing username and
password in your email. After it came out first, with the click log out.

                                           STEP TWO:

click to make a dollar affiliate source.

»Click on the Menu: Affiliates (a UK top menu)
»Then click Affiliate Signup.

Fill in the data tsb dg right.

»Preferred Program: Pick No. 1
»First Name: Your first name
»Last Name: Name your final
»URL: Website / blog, you must fill, if you do not already have the content just with alone but this is only for a while you can replace it later.
»Desired Password: Password which you want
»Preferred Newsletter Language: english
»Email Address: Enter your email
»Secondary Email Address: Your email else, may also be left empty
»Checks Payable To: Your full name based on ID
»Street Address: Your address is based on ID
»City: City where you live
»State / Province: province where you live
»Country: Your Country
»ZIP / Postal Code: Postal Code your city
»What is your business tax classification? Select NON U.S. BUSINESS
»Tax ID or Social Security Number: Clear course due to American citizens only
»Phone Number: No phone you, eg your tel no: 021 1234567 or 6221 1234567 then make
your hp no 081xxxxx then make 6281xxxxx. (Must use international phone code)
»Which Instant Messenger do you use? Select only None
»Use ePassporte: Select only No.
»Then click Click Here for the Last Step
»Then click (in checklist) a small box which is writing about the agreement

Yes, I have read and accepted the Affiliate Agreement, ... ... .. Then click Submit. Then
click Account Information then click reply in writing in blue Here is your account
information.       Click       here       to      update           your       information.
then comes your account edit page, look at the inscription on the central column as

»Click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard ®. You will of FriendFinder
be directed to a page hosted by Payoneer, Nowhere cans you sign up for a card.
»Then fill in the data on your Payoneer page follow the steps above on the left by
clicking on step 1 to step 3, after you fill a single step to 3 check list is the little box
below and then click finish, after Complete your wait approximately 25 working days
your card will arrive at your home, after your debit card until then activation
follow the instructions sent along your reply letter your card. Well easy ..

only be a member of FriendFinder, you can be from Payoneer debit card,
Look at your email again, there you will be given a username and password for the
affiliate. Login as a member dg login as an affiliate is different. By joining the affiliate
FriendFinder You also have joined his fellow FrindFinder. One more do not forget to do
good ... if you've got the dollar

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