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									?Gamma Knife is not a universal


The mid-1990s, China introduced the gamma knife technique and
equipment, and on this basis developed entirely domestic, world's
first Rotary head gamma knife. Shortly afterwards, the whole body
gamma knife unit have been introduced. The Gamma Knife high dose
irradiation target typically occurs three times.

First is the target of necrosis, acute inflammatory reaction; second,
the formation of glial scar, render start chronic inflammatory
reaction; and finally the glial scar formation, inflammation
disappeared. This process will take approximately one year's time. It
also describes the gamma knife like general surgery, cancer diseases,
it just makes the lesions deactivation, collapse or scarring. In the
imaging and found tumor shrinks or grows. Clinic patients usually
manifested symptoms gradually ease, disappear. Means that the
treatment is effective. Use of Gamma Knife treatment, patients can
stay sober, without suffering, without anesthesia, no bleeding and
infection. As long as precise positioning, impose reasonable dose.
The second artillery corps General Hospital Gamma Knife treatment
center Yu Fei

Gamma Knife treatment is safe and reliable, even without the need for
hospitalization. On old age, physical fitness, and has been repeated
operations and other reasons cannot withstand craniotomy patients can
Gamma Knife treatment. On treatment by drugs and other patients can
be considered an invalid use of Gamma Knife treatment.

But the gamma knife, X knife is not a panacea. Doctors first
according to the CT or MRI movie on cancer treatment target area,
also is to draw the boundaries of the tumor (see in the figure) this
border visible, referred to as "Physics boundaries". However, the
tumor is the surrounding normal tissue infiltrating growth, in CT or
MRI is difficult on displayed, therefore, it is also very difficult
to define the scope of tumor growth really, that is, the "biological
boundaries". Gamma Knife or X knife scope may not reach the border of
the "Biology", like chopped grass root, not the residual cancer cells
is still kicking in the body. In addition, the transfer of tumor
blood line, lesions generally broader, such as brain metastases 70 ~
80% is occurring. The transfer of the tumor is small in size, is
equally not in CT or MRI chip displayed, therefore, doing gamma knife
or scalpel, X will inevitably missed focus. According to statistics,
cancer patients at home and abroad have 60-70% in the course of the
different phases of the required radiation therapy. Radiotherapy can
be used alone or combined with other methods. Doing gamma knife or X
knife before or after appropriate combined with ordinary radiation,
can reduce missed focus.

In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment method, any medical
instruments have their indications. Patients must not hear former
certain ads too much publicity.

Beijing second artillery corps Gamma Knife Center

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