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Feeling lonely child_ the hero on the network _89183


									?Feeling lonely child, the hero on
the network


And compared to other children the same age, Zhi could be very happy
children and parents in their business for decades, accumulated a
lot of wealth, the home of conditions very superior, he wants what
what, when their primary schools study results have been very good,
is a teacher and classmates eyes absolutely outstanding. Guangdong
provincial people's hospital psychiatric Li

However, parents are busy at work, and he's sharing a little, often
at home, a free, no one tube, they want to do what they do. After
attending middle school parents to buy computers, surf the Internet,
start at home on the Internet, play games, often late, becomes less
and classmates, talk less, clear bubble, and the results on the
Internet. Later, he developed to no longer learning, beginning in
absenteeism, lower secondary or graduation. Zhi's mother is very
anxious, she began going on at your own child, pushing him hard. I
didn't expect, used to be very obedient children actually contradict
themselves, conflict and more serious. Her help-Zhi school teacher,
but has no effect. Zhi last drop out of school at home, often in the
Internet, sometimes three or five days are not home.

Zhi's book reading, stay at home all day, Internet, play games to
become the only pass the time, he can take advantage of the new year
is $ 1 million, also stole $ 1 million for parents to be used for the
purchase of game 5 virtual weapons, after you ask parents know their
money to do what he says is lent to friends online.

Now Zhi wanted to change this life, but he's in the game, too deep,
apart from the computer and the game, he almost no other life. He put
his mind to tell his parents are worried about his future parents, of
course, Twinkle. But parents feel that he is very naive, not with
human communication, on his request and joy and sorrow.
Do not play games, Zhi to do business, but you do not want to do
business with their parents, with his parents for money do the
principal. Initially, parents feel that he has no experience, no to,
later they go to consult a psychiatrist. In the help of a
psychiatrist, and his parents finally gave part of the funds, and
began his new life, develop your own business, developing a work plan
for the future, the get up and eat Zhi, to sleep time starts to rule.
But good background, recent Zhi business is very difficult to sustain
the business almost "bankruptcy", is a bit depressing Zhi began
playing games on the Internet.

"I don't know what to do, online games and successful business seems
to have become two of his choice. Of course I wanted him to leave the
game, but want to make a successful business is not so easy, that his
competence and experience and no, he is not willing to work in our
own company, alas, do parents really difficult. "Zhi parents now are

Zhi as middle school students and mental development are immature
virtual world, faced with a lack of self-control, as soon as possible
to be online on the Internet often fanciful and emerging new games,
new technologies and new information "Internet live." Their cognitive
abilities are limited, in the face of online novelty, stimulation of
information is extremely vulnerable to the temptation. "The age of
the child's strong sense of self. Equality on the network, under the
protection of the anonymous freely without worrying about what review
what punishment, and the more new, fantastic views, the greater the
possible reactions, responses and more. "The network become in the
eyes of middle school students to show their best platform.

Lack of emotional exchange in life, parents usually lack of care and
control, wait until the discovery of its Internet addiction disorder
that affects learning, it is too late, then wanted to build a good
reading is difficult. In the work life pressure larger today, their
parents, most likely because of busy work and livelihoods and
overlook the emotional communication with their children. So in
reality the lack of emotional exchange students, will find in the
network can be converted to groups that have a crush on the
interaction between life on the Internet. In education, environment,
in the electronic information age for large environments, computers
and networks become indispensable for young people learning tool, but
the lack of effective boot school students more is the computer and
the network as an entertainment tool. Middle school students '
learning pressure is large, frequent frustration on learning, not
family members, teachers and students understand. To air their
anguish, escape the unwilling to face the realities that are often
online for comfort, excitement and pleasure. Therefore, as a parent
to an early alert to your child's learning and emotional condition,
otherwise it is too late.

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