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									?Fall/winter season, and how to
prevent recurrent respiratory
tract infections?


Recurrent respiratory infections are common, during childhood, many
problems occurred in the 6 months to 6 years old children, 2 to 3-
year-old child care is especially rare. Most of them are
characterized by recurrent fever, cough, respiratory symptoms such as
tears, there's also a frequent Hyperhidrosis, loss of appetite, fussy
about anorexia, face lack of red, blue or nasal week face chlorosis
dark, light weight bias; some children often pharyngeal tonsil
patients, have enlarged; child sleep disturbed or sleep difficulties,
often hands heart fever, fecal dry. The children can read about the
hospital, a month and a half months in sick pills, many parents have
come visit experience. Due to recurring infection, antibiotics become
frequently used drug, kid because oral or intravenous antibiotics
often appear diarrhea or loss of appetite, etc. do not apply. In
particular the climate changes unexpectedly, or seasonal alternation,
so that the child is difficult to escape. Traditional Chinese
medicine that such children as susceptible infants that are delicate
insufficiency, lungs, muscles, not the table leads to a sense of evil,
and recurrent disease is not easy to get, or slightly more sense of
evil again. Recently there have been around the new influenza a and
influenza a H1N1 cases, gradually cooler with the season, this year's
autumn and winter the parents worry nervous. So how do you prevent
recurrent respiratory infections? Beijing Oriental hospital
paediatric Cui HA

First, note that live

Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening,
parents must always pay attention to the child or clothes, cover too
thick, you can weaken the children on the outside temperature
variation of adaptive capacity, also within the heat caused by child,
slightly affected by the cold, cold. Infants and young children can
be "bath" exercise, solarium, air bath, water bath, older children
every day to make the appropriate outdoor activities to improve their
health, and help children adapt to the cold air, as the ancients said
"not warm clothing, to see the wind day". Episode season do not bring
children to the crowded public places, reducing the chances of

Second, a balanced diet

Autumn winter dryness, drink plenty of water, eat more rich in
vitamins and cellulose, vegetable and fruit diet should be suitable
for light, not too eat fried, spicy foods, and susceptible infants
eld meat or dessert, less consumption of vegetables and fruits, very
easily lead to food-delay instead of fire, causing fever, cough, and
constipation occurs. So remind parents must balance diet, do not
think children tixu, blind pursuit of high nutritional high-calorie
diet. And let the children into regular bowel habit, multi-day
inconvenience, both affect appetite, will help students in hot, bad
breath, sore throat, and even fever.

Third, chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic approach folk have been around forever, in recent years
through constant practice and experiments are confirmed its
respiratory infections have exact prevention effect. Because without
drugs, parents are happy to accept. Chiropractic mainly in the spine
side jaji, jaji, which runs through the spinal column and various
internal organs in the body have a certain relevance, it stimulates
the points, you can play the Pui this solid element, Zang Yang, flux,
inspiring of qi and blood, thus helping to eliminate pathogenic
factors, increase immunity. Practical applications, according to the
child's physical type, and the characteristics of different, often
combined with some other acupuncture points naprapathy, such as
Hyperhidrosis food little children, you will need to push the three
gateways, fill the lung, spleen, open doors, constipation in obvious
need of children, clear water, Tianhe pushdown seven section bone,
sleep disturbed, impatient child, but also the liver, small Chinese
style, etc. As long as they adhere to treatment, may serve to good

IV. herbal healing

The ancient "Chunsheng, summer, autumn and winter accumulation" that
autumn is the best time to health care. The Zhejiang and Shanghai
area very popular eating herbal, many chronic diseases, in particular
become infirm people, reached by taking the herbal food helps the
body. Susceptible infants due to recurrent respiratory tract
infections, not only physically weak, also causes growth retardation,
or weight does not increase further aggravate respiratory infections
to occur. Herbal paste is based on the child's physique, select a
different drug carefully boiled blown, has good tone the role, the
winter after taking herbal, disease, and help the growth in the
coming year and summer.

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