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                                                 FALL 2006 • Volume 8, No. 1                                           Architecture/Engineering
                                                                                                                     Bilingual/Global Languages
                                                                                                                              Customer Service
                                                                                                                           Graphics/New Media
                                                                                                                             Human Resources
                                                                                                                  Information & Web Technology
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                                 a newsletter for temporary associates and consultants
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                                   Temping Her Way to Broadway                                                       Supply Chain Management

     Lloyd Staffing has named Kathryn Cleveland as its Temporary Associate of the Year 2006.
                                                                                                             in this issue
Kathryn registered with Lloyd’s NYC office last October (2005) and has handled more than 70            Career Advice? Read All About It
office assignments since coming on board. She holds a Master of Arts in Theater from Michigan
State University and moved to the Big Apple in her quest for stardom. After seeing a Lloyd ad in
“Backstage” magazine for performing artists, which indicated the opportunity for a flexible work
schedule to accommodate auditions, she signed up with us.                                               Campus Cash Scholarship …
     Kathryn’s assignments have included stints at Barney’s of New York, Kaplow Communications             a tight race underway
(PR firm for such clients as eBay, St Ives, Target, Avon), Kellwood (Calvin Klein for Men, Nautica)
and she is currently working an open-ended assignment at the front desk for Christian Dior. She
ended up there, by the way, because Dior requested her back after we sent her there previously.               Interview Basics:
When they called she was actually temping for us in-house, but was willing to switch assignments.          Think Before You Speak
She doubled back from Manhattan to Astoria, Queens so that she could dress herself in
                                                                fashionably-appropriate all black
                                                                attire (the client’s preference) and
                                                                                                         Controlling “Interview Jitters”
                                                                then headed off to spend the
                                                                afternoon at Dior. All of our
                                                                corporate clients adore her. Kathryn
                                                                is professional, poised, punctual,       The Long-Term Potential Of
                                                                reliable and articulate with a super        Temp Opportunities
                                                                     As Lloyd’s 2006 winner,
                                                                Kathryn has earned a $100
                                                                American Express Gift Card and her
                                                                Lloyd managers will be taking her to
                                                                lunch at a trendy Manhattan
                                                                restaurant. This designation also
                                                                earned her an entry into the
nationwide Temp of the Year contest sponsored by the American Staffing Association. At
press time, the ASA had yet to name this year’s recipient, but we are keeping our fingers crossed
for her!
     Recently engaged, Kathryn is saving for her wedding by temping by day with Lloyd,
waitressing in the off-hours and, of course, consistently hitting the rounds of
auditions en route to her big break. No matter where she gets cast, Kathryn
and all of our temporary associates will always be stars with Lloyd. ❖
Career Advice?                                                   INTERVIEW BASICS:
Read All About It                                                Think Before You Speak
      Lloyd’s Vice President of                                       Many job applicants view the interview process as an
Marketing,              Nancy                                    Olympic competition—assuming that “style points” for
Schuman, is the author of
                                                                 seeming articulate, credible and attractive will take home
five published books on the
                                                                 the gold. This is unfortunate, because it can result in an
process of job hunting.
Recently, Nancy became the                                       interview that is more “performance art” than substantial
weekly Jobs & Careers                                            dialog.
columnist for the Long                                                As an applicant, your goal during an interview should
Island Press, an award-                                          not be to impress (though you will want to be impressive),
winning news, arts and                                           should not be to dazzle ’em with footwork (though you will
lifestyle newspaper with a                                       want to be sharp), and should not be too adversarial
weekly print readership of                                       (though you will want to appear thoughtful). As an appli-
450,000 and a website readership of more than 2 million.         cant, you have four goals: 1) establish a rapport that will
Nancy, a 26-year veteran of the employment industry,             last beyond the interview, 2) listen to, understand and
covers topics such as salary negotiation, resume design, mid-    address any potential employer’s concerns and priorities,
life career change and how to effectively handle a               3) be yourself, and, 4) treat the interviewer like a human
promotion. You can read Nancy’s column online by visiting
                                                                 being, not an adversary.
                                                                      An interview is your one chance to paint a coherent
Ideas for future articles are always welcome. Tell us what you   picture of your history, your abilities and exceptional tal-
think. Email Nancy at: jobadvice@Lloydstaffing.com. ❖            ents and your potential. It is not a string of unrelated ques-
                                                                 tions lobbed at you to see how quickly you can return the
                                                                 volley. Before you answer any question, take a moment to
Campus Cash Scholarship …                                        analyze where the interviewer is coming from. What does
                                                                 he or she really want to know? What does the question
a tight race underway                                            mean, and how does it relate to previously asked ques-
    Every summer, Lloyd runs our Campus Cash program             tions?
in which current Lloyd temporary associates who are                   Impulse control—not saying the first thing that comes
enrolled in an accredited educational program for the Fall,      to your mind—prompts you to take a moment and see the
compete for a $1,000 payout for tuition and other school         big picture. After all, the interview process is intended to
essentials. The student/associate who completes the              reveal to both you and the interviewer whether you, the
highest number of hours worked during the course of the          position and the potential employer form a “good fit.” If
program’s dates is the winner. Besides actual hours worked,
                                                                 that isn’t there, then even a gold-medal performance is for
associates can earn bonus hours for referring friends to
                                                                 naught. ❖
work for Lloyd. This year’s program ended August 31,
2006. At the time of this writing, here are the TOP 10
ASSOCIATES who were racing to the finish line:
                      Aaron Dickerson        378 hours
                      Andrew Fragola         375 hours
                      Elizabeth Tsai         365 hours
                      Ryan Lupo              360 hours
                      Glen Dickerson         356 hours
                      Dan Lago               328 hours
                      Debra Dlug             320 hours
                      Michelle Kliegman      310 hours
                      Jennifer Ng            310 hours
                      William Mahoney        307 hours

Good Luck!
                                                 With a little effort, you can manage-away your job-interview-jitters. One of the
                                           first, and most important, aspects of managing your interview stress-level is manag-
                                           ing your expectations. If you’re the kind of person who tends to get all wrapped-up
                                           in wishing and hoping that things will happen—“This is my dream job, I hope they
                                           like me”—you’re setting yourself up for a hard fall if you aren’t offered the position.
                                           On the other hand, if you believe, “There’s no way I’ll ever be considered for this
                                           position,” then, you probably won’t be.
                                                 The very best way to mentally prepare yourself for an interview is to view the
                                           experience from the middle-ground—“I’m interested in this position and I’ll do my
                                           best to present my skills and abilities in their best light”—and then, approach the
                                           whole interview process as a learning experience. If you don’t receive an offer this
                                           time, realize it’s just one more step toward an equal or better one. The point is,
                                           you’ve had one more opportunity to practice and refine your interview techniques.
                                                 By managing your expectations, you’ll be able to participate in the interview
                                           process more personably, because you’ll be more relaxed and natural. It’s unlikely
                                           you’ll ever be able to completely eliminate all of your interview jitters. But, you can
                                           manage to put them to work for you rather than against you. ❖

The Long-Term Potential Of Temp Opportunities
    The main benefit of a temporary employment                     workplace discrimination statutes and the Fair Labor
assignment is that it can often lead to a very satisfactory        Standards Act.
permanent employment offer. According to the U.S.                         Why choose to enter the temporary employee
Department of Labor, tem-                                                                           market? Here are some of
porary work has become a                                                                            the reasons given in a
bridge to per manent                                                                                recent survey: 78 percent
employment as firms use                                                                             are looking for additional
the practice to audition                                                                            income; 76 percent view
permanent employee can-                                                                             temp positions as a good
didates. Over 70 percent                                                                            way to find full-time
of temporary employees                                                                              employment; 67 percent
are offered per manent                                                                              want to improve their skills;
positions within a year.                                                                            63 percent want the flexi-
    The benefit to you is                                                                           ble work time; 45 percent
that a temporary assign-                                                                            find less stress in tempo-
ment allows you to                                                                                  rary employment; 44 per-
explore different career                                                                            cent want to have more
possibilities—all without the excessive pressures of               time to spend with their families.
long-term commitment. The vast majority of tempo-                       Whatever the reason, more and more candidates are
rary assignment placements are, legally, considered                giving consideration to the benefits of temporary assign-
employees—not independent contractors—and are                      ments—and intent-to-hire positions. It appears to be a
protected by labor and employment laws, including                  practice that is right for the times. ❖

Lloyd Staffing Locations
                        New York
  445 Broadhollow Road, Ste. 119 • Melville, NY 11747
4250 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ste. 1100 • Holbrook, NY 11741
1010 Northern Boulevard, Ste. 234 • Great Neck, NY 11021
 58 West 40th Street, 14th Floor • New York, NY 10018
                                                                 Delray Beach, Florida Office Debuts
                       212-354-8787                                  The Lloyd network is currently 12 offices strong spread out
                                                                 over 7 states. Our newest entry into the business community is
                        California                               our Delray Beach, Florida office located at 1625 South
 2215 Torrance Boulevard, Ste. 202 • Torrance, CA 90501          Congress Avenue, Suite 150. The Manager of this location is
                                                                 Mark Argento. Mark and his team can be reached at
                                                                 561-272-5353. They hope you will come by and say hello.
                                                                 This office specializes in Office Administration, Customer
                       Connecticut                               Service, Data Entry, Inside Sales, Mortgage Processing,
   140 Sherman Street, 5th Floor • Fairfield, CT 06824           Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs and more.
                       203-254-9700                              Careers On The Move
            est                                                      Did you know that Lloyd Staffing has a Healthcare Staffing
   Our New n
           o                                                     Travel division? We place nurses and allied health professionals
     Locati h, FL
         Beac                                                    in medical facilities around the U.S. Travel opportunities allow
  Delray          Florida                                        individuals the freedom to explore a new city, take advantage of
                                                                 warm weather in key states or gain experience in specific skill
 1625 S. Congress Ave., Ste. 150 • Delray Beach, FL 33445        areas that may not be available locally. If you or someone you
                       561-272-5353                              know is interested in a travel opportunity, tell them about Lloyd!
                                                                 Most travel contracts require a minimum 12 week commitment.
 8751 West Broward Boulevard, Ste. 202 • Plantation, FL 33324
                       954-916-5044                                                     Nurses may call:
  9950 Princess Palm Ave., Ste. 232 • Tampa, FL 33619                                        Pazoto
                       813-630-9000                                            or email Pazoto@Lloydstaffing.com
                                                                             Allied Health professionals may call:
                        Maryland                                                      1.800.707.1267
 1777 Reisterstown Rd., Ste. 288 • Baltimore, MD 21208                        or email JGarvin@Lloydstaffing.com
                       410-486-1400                                 You can also apply online at: www.Lloydhealthcare.com

                       New Jersey
                                                                      In 2005, Lloyd Staffing put more than $35 million in salaries
    3799 Route 46, 2nd Floor • Parsippany, NJ 07054              into the workforce through the successful hire of our candidate
                       973-394-1005                              talent. That’s a lot of placements! If you want to get working,
                                                                 Lloyd provides access to top employers from coast to coast.
           200 Main Street • Blakely, PA 18447


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