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Real Estate Advertising Rates


Real Estate Advertising Rates document sample

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									                                                         NEWSTRAK 2009
December 30, 2008

The IREM Michigan Chapter 5 Newsletter (NEWSTRAK) will be published quarterly in 2009 with articles of interest to all property management
professionals. It will offer the best showcase for advertisers who want to reach the leaders and decision-makers in southeast Michigan real estate
management. Our readership covers both commercial realtors/brokers/managers and multi-family realtors/brokers/managers. Our readership covers
800 – 1000 property management professionals and vendors, and has a shelf life of over one year. Beginning with the May 2009 issue, IREM
is going GREEN. NEWSTRAK will be sent via email and will be available to view on our website at

“Contributing Editors” are drawn from those active in property management and those associated with IREM Michigan Chapter 5 are invited to
share issues, education and evolving technologies by submitting timely articles of less than one thousand words (two pages) by the “copy deadline”
date below.

Advertisers are requested to use the following rate card information to reserve your space in the upcoming 2009 issues. Please call me or send me
via facsimile any questions, ideas or information you may have. You are key to the success of the newsletter and you can maintain your exposure to
the IREM professionals by your participation.

                                           IREM Michigan Chapter 5 Advertising Rates 2009

Ad Sizes                              Single Issue                  4 Issues Annual              4 Issues Annual
                                                                    Billed Quarterly             Paid in Advance
Business Card - 3” x 2”               $175.00                       $675.00                      $625.00
1/8 page - 3 ¾ x 2 ¼                  $250.00                       $810.00                      $760.00
1 / 4 page – 3 ¾ x 4 7/8              $275.00                       $850.00                      $800.00
1/2 page – (Horz.) 71/8x 4 7/8        $325.00                       $1000.00                     $900.00
           (Vert.) 3 ¾ x 10
                                                                    Copy Deadline                Issue Date

All artwork should be camera ready                                  01/15/09                     02/05/09
                                                                    04/15/09                     05/05/09
                                                                    07/15/09                     08/05/09
                                                                    10/15/09                     11/05/09


                              Let IREM Michigan Chapter 5 NEWSTRAK help you stay ahead in 2009.

Send your advertising reservation to:

Susan Knowles
IREM Michigan Chapter 5
24125 Drake Road
Farmington, MI 48335

Office     248.615.3885
Fax        248.615.3888

Please email or call with any questions

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to a very successful and informative year in 2009.

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