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									V OLUME 22, N O . 6             L OCKSMITH S ECURITY A SSOCIATION                                             F EBRUARY , 2009

                         LSA R EPORTER
       EDITORS: William M. Lynk, CRL * Alvin Moebus
 Publication Deadline: Submit items Two (2) Weeks (14 calendar days) by 5:00 p. m. prior to the next LSA meeting date.

              LSA Website: http://www.LsaMichigan.org

      LSA M EMBER                OF THE         M ONTH — M AURICE H ORNE , CML

                                        I have known Maurice Horne for over 15 years and have come to
                                        respect who he is and the faith he demonstrates for himself and oth-
                                        ers. He has such an interesting story that I will be using his own
                                        “I first got interested in locksmithing in 1984. At the time I was fighting
                                        cancer and I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I enrolled in
                                        a correspondence course from Foley-Belsaw and between my cancer
                                        treatments I would work on my homework assignments. I finally fin-
                                        ished my chemotherapy treatments and the cancer has been in remis-
                                        sion since then. I continued with my Foley-Belsaw course.
                                    Then, one day, one of my neighbors who knew I was taking a locksmith
                                    course asked me if I could re-key their locks. I reluctantly said yes, and
lucky for me he had Kwikset locks. I re-keyed the locks and I charged a small fee for it. A couple days later
another neighbor came and told me that they heard I worked on locks and wanted to know if I could re-key
their locks. Again I said yes and again they were Kwikset locks. Before I knew it, by word of mouth, people
were calling me from everywhere asking me to re-key and install locks on their homes. I bought some uni-
forms, had some business cards made and also had a magnetic sign put on my truck advertising
“Locksmith”. I had proudly stepped into the trade of being a locksmith.
 I did complete my correspondence course from Foley-Belsaw and received a card that said “Certified
Locksmith”. I didn’t know any locksmiths to ask for help when I needed it, and I knew that I still needed to
learn more about locksmithing. So in 1987…………………………………….. (continued on Page 9 )

 LSA       President—Kevin Thompson, CRL (586) 716-1177      Education Chairman—Marc Dearing, CRL (810) 577-6659
Officers   Vice President—Kelvin Heath (313) 647-6275        Membership Secretary—Alvin Moebus (313) 885-9365
           Secretary—Aron Boag (248) 321-2244                Public Relations—John Hubel, CML (586) 615-3969
           Treasurer—John Shamass, CRL (586) 296-2438        Librarian—Larry Williams, RL, CPP (248) 917-2323
           Sargent-At-Arms—Jason Snyder (313) 330-6778       Program Director—Ray Sinai (248) 543-5397
           Newsletter—William M. Lynk, CRL (313) 884-9800    Board of Directors: Rob Rovinsky, CPL; Maurice Horne, CML;
           Newsletter—Alvin Moebus (313) 885-9365                     Larry Walker, CRL; John Hubel, CML; Robert Noble, CML, CPS;
           Webmaster—William M. Lynk, CRL (313) 884-9800            Larry Williams, RL, CPP
           Photographer —Rob Rovinsky, CPL (248) 644-7939     →Please Volunteer and be part of our Group!
           Refreshments—Mike Smolerek (586) 337-7041
V OLUME 22, N O . 6               P AGE 2                                                                    LSA R EPORTER

      ♦ LSA of Michigan supports all educational initiatives regardless of a specific supplier, brand, and/or manufacturer.♦

       Industry Updates—by Kelvin Heath
   Locksmiths Have One of the BEST Career Outlooks in 2009!

      According to US News and World Report being a Locksmith or Security Technician is
a worthy career choice. Studies have shown that during a down economy crime increases.
Sometimes desperate people turn to crime. We as locksmiths should start to see an increase
in business. Now is the time to market your business. Whatever you can’t do network with
someone who can do the work.

      You may have to specialize in a certain area of the industry. We may not be able to
compete with the big box stores on price but we should be able to beat them with knowledge
and service. Join an association like The Locksmith Security Association. Take a class or
two. By increasing your knowledge you will increase your income. A wise man once told

                                            -Kelvin Heath—Vice President, LSA

                                      TECH TIPS—OPB GM V EHICLES
        LSA                                      Use a timer (Radio Shack). 3x10:45.
      M EETING
       T HURSDAY ,                               It is recommended that you use 10
       M ARCH 12 TH ,
      2009 AT   7:30
                                                 minutes 45 seconds when program-
            P. M.                                ming GMs.
                                                                             -Contributed by John Paull, CPL
    Locksmith Security
 Association meets at 7:30
 p.m., the second Thursday           PRP G LOSSARY —K EEPING Y OU “I N T HE KNOW ”
of the month (Sept. to June)
in the Metro Detroit Area in    derived series n.—a series of blind codes and bittings which are directly related to
     southeast Michigan:        those of another bitting list
     UAW Hall (in Troy)
 1640 Stephenson Hwy., just
                                key pull position n.—any position, of the cylinder plug at which the key can be
north of Maple (15 Mile Rd.),   removed
  on the east side of street.
V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                                           P AGE 3

              Q. What does Jack's Muffler Shop, Homeowner Jim on Elm Street, Jeff’s
              Buick & Jeep dealership, and Joes Industrial Tooling & Manufacturing Co.
              have in common?
              A. They are ALL potential customers for the locksmith.

                   Sometimes we pigeon-hole ourselves to the point we give a negative
impression to our clientele. “No, we don’t do industrial.” “No, we don’t do automotive.”       “Qwik-Qwiz
“No, we don’t do residential.” “No we don’t do commercial.” “No, we don’t do safes.”
    What if we started using the phrase “I will be glad to see that it gets done for you”      Q): Masters not usually
or “I will get it done.” Then, sub contract it to another locksmith you trust. If you do not   found on the SPF Chart
feel comfortable with that idea, how about telling the customer that you recommend your        are known as ________.
locksmith friend “who specializes in that area.” That way, you’re not giving away your         A)   row masters
client, rather, giving your client your best for the situation.                                B)   block masters
    Now the most important part with these ideas is that your referral must be someone         C)   parallel masters
you TRUST. The last thing any locksmith needs is for a “friend” to steal away our cus-
                                                                                               D)   page masters
tomer, by our own doing. That is why being a member of the LSA is so important. Net-
working among our own LSA members is so crucial in building that relationship, where           E)   vertical group
one can become comfortable sub contracting or referring, while maintaining our customer              masters
base. If you haven’t experienced this, you probably have not been an active member of           [answer on bottom of
the LSA. Come and see for yourself.                                                            Associate Members Page]

     IC Corner — William M. Lynk, CRL
 Medeco 3200 Series LFIC - The Medeco 3200 Series
 LFIC is a high security product. The
 Medeco 3100 series LFIC is the Yale
 retrofit and is not UL437 listed.
 Medeco uses angled key cuts to ob-
 tain millions of possible key combi-
 nations. Be careful to not confuse
 the Medeco KeyMark SFIC with
 their large format IC products.
 Medeco KeyMark was designed for                                                     Caesar (& Marcus)
 stringent key control, uses standard
 SFIC pins and is not UL437 listed.                                                    —LSA Mascots
                                                                                                           W EB L INKS

 February 12, 2009 – LSA General Meeting; 7:30 pm
 February 21, 2009 – High Security Cylinder Servicing [ALOA ACE Class]                         IDN-Hardware Sales, Inc.
 March 12, 2009 – LSA General Meeting; 7:30 pm                                                 www.idnhardware.com
 March 28, 2009 – Advanced Master Keying [ALOA ACE Class]                                      ClearStar Security Network
 April 9, 2009 – LSA General Meeting; 7:30 pm                                                  www.clearstar.com
 May 14, 2009 – LSA General Meeting; 7:30 pm
 May 16, 2009 – Exit Devices & Exit Alarm Servicing [ALOA ACE Class]                           LAB
 June 11, 2009 – LSA General Meeting; 7:30 pm

                                         “Education, Knowledge & Cooperation—
   V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                                        P AGE 4


                        Greetings to all. I hope everyone is enjoying our lovely Michigan winter.
                        LOL. Yah, sure…
                        …Anyways, I hope to see you all at the February meeting, which will be on
                        Thursday the 12th at 7:30pm. This month’s speakers include John Bockert,
                        who will be talking about CCTV, and Steve Johnston who will be showing
                        off some Kaba products. Tim Zale from STI out of Waterford will be visiting
as well.
      Also, it just came to my attention that longtime LSA member, Len Miller is in the hospital
with heart problems (Beaumont-Royal Oak). Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.
      See you all in February.

                                         —Kevin M. Thompson, CRL— President, LSA

                   Fellow Security Experts,

                    For those of you interested in servicing high security lock cylinders, we have a legend in the in-
                   dustry coming to LSA. Clyde Roberson, CML, AHC, CPP Director of International Sales and
                   Technical Services for Medeco is an ALOA ACE instructor and will be leading our education series
                   class Servicing High Security Cylinders February 21st at the Holiday Inn Express Roseville, MI
                   (this is not a Medeco class), we will be covering all the different types of high security cylinders. For
  the ALOA members there will be the optional test after the class. For more info on this class and other classes stop
  by the education table at the next LSA meeting

   It’s almost full we have five seats left! Bill Lynk, CRL will be Leading his first master keying class, Advanced Mas-
  ter Keying for ALOA on March 28th at the Holiday Inn Express Roseville, MI You really don’t want to miss it! This
  class would cost $225.00 at the ALOA convention. Class cost for LSA or MMLA, let’s just say it’s probably going to
  cost you more in gas to get there than the class costs. It is only $10 Bucks!! Stop by the education table at the
  next LSA meeting to sign up. Remember only 5 Seats left!

   Overcoming life’s obstacles….. It’s a Tuesday morning, Scott McLean gets up excited about his day because he
  only has two things to do today, make one phone call to his boss and drive to the golf course, you see today is
  Scott’s 50th Birthday. As he was teeing up his ball on the first hole of the golf course Scott has a heart attack and is
  rushed to the hospital for surgery. Three months have now past, Scott makes a full recovery and is back to work, still
  a little tender but back calling on his customers and feeling good about life. It’s now January, Scott is at his national
  sales convention, my wife and I are at a training convention at the same hotel. We were sitting at a small table in
  the lounge and I see Scott walking through the Lobby so I flagged him down, Scott walks over, sits down and with a
  smile proceeds to tell us both that he was awarded salesman of the year for his company. Congratulations Scott
  McLean, Medeco and Arrow Territory Manager, you represent your company well and you deserve it. Thanks for the
  great service and dedication.

                                   —Marc A. Dearing, CRL— Education Director
    P AGE 5                                               LSA R EPORTER


Congratulations to our own LSA Officer: John Shamass, CRL for
  achieving the ALOA Designation of CRL. Way to go, John!!!!
V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                             P AGE 6

To follow is another page from the now defunct Locksmithing Institute of New Jersey Home Study
Locksmithing Course, started by the late Leonard Singer (Master Keying Expert). The program went out
of business in the early 1980s. This lesson excerpt on “Typical Locksmith Jobs” is circa 1973. Some il-
lustrious graduates who are LSA members include: Ray Sinai, Theo Schultz, Dan Meggison, Nick
Palise, Tom Horton and William Lynk.
V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                              P AGE 7

     R AY ’ S W AYS -— W HAT A RE Y OUR G OALS ?

                              LET’S TALK BUSINESS
                               The first day back to work after the New Year was Monday, January
                              5th. Right around 9:15, I received a phone call from Rich Casto, my
                              Sales Rep. from Akron Hardware, in Akron, Ohio. Needless to say, it
                              wasn’t an opportune time for me to talk (of course in business, when
                              is a good time?). I was polite, although brief. His question was sim-
                              ple, “ What are you forecasting for your business this year?” I was

 Over 27 or so years, no one had ever asked me that question! I knew exactly what he was ask-
ing…..he wasn’t asking for a weather forecast! As a side note, my wife is a financial analyst for
the IBM Corp., so I know all about forecasting in business. I frankly “blew him off”. I was caught
off guard and I told him I expected to have a good year because locksmiths do well in a downed
economy due to evictions, layoffs and foreclosures. I must say that after I hung up with him, I
thought about our short conversation all day long.

 I am going to admit that setting goals is not one of my attributes. I have read the books heard the
lectures and so on. A number of years ago, actually at a LSA dinner, we had hired a motivational
speaker. Few of you will remember, as it had to be 25 years ago. He was the gung –ho motiva-
tional speaker that you would expect. He got the crowd excited. One of his comments has stuck
with me for all of these years, “If you are throwing darts blindfolded, you will be unsuccessful hit-
ting your target! If you don’t have a goal in mind, you are certain not to attain it!”

 Here’s my challenge to the LSA members: Pick a goal for 2009! I don’t care what it is, it can be a
new TV set, pay down your credit card, buy a new vehicle, or make $5000.00 more than you did
last year. How about just paying the bills you have presently?! Just pick a goal. Write it down on
paper. Put it on the visor of your vehicle, the refrigerator door, tape it to your computer screen,
just put it somewhere where you will see it always.

 If you have a constant reminder of that target, chances are you will hit it. Please try it, if you don’t
attain that goal, chances are you will come darn close! Happy 2009!!!

                 -by Ray Sinai—LSA Program Director

  FOR SALE!!!! Ray Sinai has many, many GM keyblanks for sale.
  Contact him at: Ray Sinai (248) 543-5397, or see the For Sale sec-
  tion on the LSA Web Site [www.LsaMichigan.org] for full details!

                                       “Education, Knowledge & Cooperation—
V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                                                P AGE 8

          Member… Manuel “Manny” Ramos Speaks Out…….
For those who I have not met, my name is Manuel "Manny" Ramos. I have been in the Locksmith industry for 9-1/2 yrs now
and work for Marx Locksmith Service in Grand Blanc, MI. I recently asked a friend who said they really didn’t like their
job "why don’t you do something else" and they replied "It’s all I know." This got me thinking
Why do I do the job I do?? Do I really love it or is it just for a paycheck?? Well, after much reflection on this, I came up
with the following conclusion.

 Up until about a year ago I would have had to say that I did it for a paycheck. I mean the work wasn’t very hard and I was
never really challenged, I mean for me it was install a deadbolt or fit a key to a car or maybe rekey a lock. Then something
happened in my life. I got laid off and I thought “Oh my, what am I gunna do??” Well, I put in my resume and applied eve-
rywhere I could. See at this time I didn’t care about locksmithing. I just needed to work. Well, as fate would have it, I found
a Locksmith Shop. But more importantly than that, I found a new way of doing things. It was through EDUCATION. That’s
right, I found out that the way I was used to doing things were well (for lack of better terms) “caveman style.”
I was introduced to LSA and ALOA and a better way (the right way) to do things. Then something happened:
I started to Enjoy going to work!

 I guess all I’m saying is look at where you are now and do your own evaluation on how you feel about the
industry you’re in. If you’re like me then I think you will find that things are a whole lot better when you actually KNOW
what you’re doing instead of just getting by.

Just My Thoughts…..

Manuel "Manny" Ramos

             Sponsors for the LSA Pre-Meeting Dinner

                  October: Dedicated Members of LSA
                  November: Bockert & Associates, John Bockert
                  December: Full Catered Holiday Dinner
                           ►IDN-Hardware Sales, Arnie Goldman
                           ►LAB, Jerry Roraback
                           ►Hardware Specialist, Gene Simon
                  January: Fellowship of Christian Locksmiths
                  February: Ray Sinai: Ray’s Lock Works, Inc.
                  March:    Available
                  April:    Available
                  May:      Available
                  June:     Available        Contact John Hubel, CML
                                             if interested at: (586) 615-3969
       V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                                            P AGE 9

                        Member of the Month—continued
Continued from page one………….…….I took a class at Cass Tech where Tom Peloso, CML, was the instructor.
One of the guys in the class told me about the LSA meetings so I went to a LSA meeting and joined that same night. A
couple years later I served as the chairperson of the education committee. I was excited about all the new knowledge I
was learning as well as all the good people I was meeting.
Then one day John Hubel, CML, told me that he could tell that I love locksmithing and he asked me if I would be inter-
ested in teaching locksmithing. I said yes. When I first started I did not have any letters behind my name and the lock-
smith instructors were paid according to their PRP destination, (RL, CPL, CML - at that time the first ALOA PRP
level was RL instead of CRL) Most of all the other instructors were a CML so I figured that I needed to start working
on my PRP letters so I could also become a CML and get well paid like the other instructors. In 1990, LSA had just
started a study group for the PRP and I participated in it. In 1991 I made my RL, which ALOA later updated to CRL.
By 1994 I made my CML and was very proud of it.
If I had never became a member of LSA and had not taken advantage of all the educational classes that was offered by
LSA, I probably would have never earned my CML. I am proud to be a member of the great locksmith association
called LSA and was honored to have served as a past president. I am the owner of Access 1 Locksmith and I currently
teach locksmithing in Lansing and Canton, Michigan. I encourage all my students to join LSA so they also can reap
the wonderful benefits that LSA has to offer.
I am very active in my church and I’m happily married with 5 grown children. I attend as many meetings that I am
able to attend. I drive 100 miles each way to attend a meeting and sometimes the weather and a long day makes it a
little difficult to do so. Whenever I do attend, I am very happy to have made another meeting. If you sometimes see me
leave the meeting a little early, it’s because I have 100 miles to drive to make it back home.”

Over the past eight years, Maurice has personally endorsed over 40 of our past and present members. And if I
had all the archival records, I am sure there would be more. Thanks, Maurice, for being a faithful and diligent
L.S.A. member.
                                         — by    Al Moebus

                                         MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
                         IDN-Hardware Sales Trade Show
                                          & Security Conference
                   DATES:     March 5-8, 2009
                   LOCATION:    Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel
                   CLASSES:       Thursday, 3/5 thru Saturday, 3/7
                   TRADE SHOW: Friday Kickoff., 3/6; Saturday, 3/7
                   ALOA PRP Exam:        Sunday, 3/8

                      Watch For Our                                        Registration Flyer in Late
V OLUME 22, N O . 6   P AGE 10
V OLUME 22, N O . 6   P AGE 11
                                                              L OCKSMITH S ECURITY A SSOCIATION M ICHIGAN
V OLUME 22, N O . 6                                                   533 Fisher Road, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230                                                  P AGE 12
                                                               P HONE : (313) 885-9365—C ONTACT : A L M OEBUS

        Newsletter Submissions: 2 weeks PRIOR to next meeting                        Download Membership Application
             Submit in Word.doc to: icls@ICLSglobal.com                                              [ Click above or on our site!]
                    Contact: William M. Lynk, CRL

                                          Associate Members of LSA
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       Bockert & Associates               IDN-Hardware Sales, Inc.
      18 Fort Monroe Industrial Parkway
           Monroeville, OH 44847
                                              35950 Industrial Road
                                                P.O. Box 510624
                                                                               Interchangeable Core Lock Systems
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           ABUS, ASSA, DON JO,
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         H.E.S., HPC, LOCKCRAFT,           Warren: (800) 468-7490                                                               Bristol, CT 06010
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      JLM Wholesale, Inc.
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                                                                                                                                                     Answer: C
                                                                                                                  Qwik-Qwiz Answer:

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