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Start Your Own 900 Number Business


Start Your Own 900 Number Business document sample

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									                   A FREE HOME-BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY...


      Dear Canadian Entrepreneur,

      Are you ready to start making up to $100 PER ORDER with your own
home-based 1-900 Pay-Per-Call Business? How would you like to earn that kind
of money working only minutes per day? You would? Good! Keep reading to
learn how you can make it happen - and soon!

                                      IT’S DIFFERENT

       My all new, never before advertised Executive Pay-Per-Call Referral
Program is completely unique in Canada! Other companies offer you 1-900
programs and services. But I also help you do something completely different:
I actually get you started in this business by selling the 1-900 programs
themselves! Best of all, I support you 100% and help you expand as your
profits grow. This Executive Pay-Per-Call Referral Program is truly
“INSTANT”. And best of all … It’s absolutely FREE!

                                    EASY CASH, FAST!
                                                John .1-   Calveley

      I’ve literally done all the work for you - and yet this new business
opportunity is incredibly profitable. You can actually get started earning big
commissions today with this amazing program. Up to $100 for one referral.
Just one! And unlike other unworkable “get-rich-quick-schemes” your money-
making power is assured with ITEL’s Executive Pay-Per-Call Referral Program
because our 1-900 programs are proven services in great demand.

                                WE DO ALL THE WORK!

      As an independent Pay-Per-Call Broker, you receive a Personal
Identification Number (PIN#) to identify your sales and profits. When your
referral orders come in with your personal code, we credit your account and
activate a 1-900 program for you. What could be easier? You send us the
referrals, clients enroll in our programs, we process their requests and you
receive your big commission cheque.

                                                                             (Turn page over ...)

                     ITEL Telecommunications • ITEL Interactive Media Inc.
                        BIG PROFITS AND COMMISSIONS

      ITEL’s 1-900 pay-per-call programs are ultra-hot and in tremendous
demand. Clients are practically lining up to enroll with us. In fact, I haven’t
seen such successful results since I first started in the pay-per-call business
over 10 years ago! I can’t begin to cover all of Canada with my own efforts,
though - and that’s where you and I can work together to earn astounding
profits. How much profit?

      For each referral we enroll with your PIN#, you receive a whopping
$100!! Just imagine - with only 1 enrollment per day, you could pocket
$36,500 per year - with almost no effort! Now, you are your own boss in
this business and you don’t have to make this kind of money. If you just need
a few hundred dollars to pay some pressing bills - or even a few thousand to
buy some of the things you’ve had you’re eye on - this business will work fine
for you. You can start and stop anytime you like. But isn’t it nice to know
that there’s nothing standing in your way of making really big money?


      Now my associates in the U.S. think I’m crazy because I’m giving the
program away for FREE (I’ve seen others charge as much as $995 and you
have to do all the work). But I believe that if I help you get started on the path
to success, that I’ll be successful too.

      That’s why for a limited time only, you can join with us as an authorized
Executive Pay-Per-Call Referral Broker and start making money this very same
day. However, I can only accept a limited number of people into this program
to avoid crowding the field. So don’t delay and miss your big chance … once
you get started, we’ll register and guarantee your spot in our roster of dealers.

                      BUT YOU MUST GET STARTED TODAY!

      Please see the enclosed “Confidential Instructions for Executive
Pay-Per-Call Referral Brokers” Newsletter to get all the juicy details on this
lucrative and instant opportunity. It’s so easy you just might feel guilty taking
your monthly commission cheque to the bank each month!

      If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact us at your earliest convenience. I’ll look forward to sending you those
well deserved commission cheques in the weeks and months ahead!

                               John Calveley, President
                              ITEL Interactive Media Inc.

                                     Advantage 900
                                                                CREDIT BUREAU
                                   TELUS                        OF VANCOUVER

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