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                                “Operation Green Jobs”
                          “Green” Building Technology Training
                    and Job Placement Program for Illinois Veterans

Overview: To work with the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Illinois
          Department of Employment Security to recruit Illinois Veterans through IDES’
          state-wide network of 60 One-stop offices, (including those currently deployed
          and returning) into a program that offers state of the art training in energy
          efficient building technology in construction, operation and maintenance
          practices via online and instructor-led methodologies


            To create a collaborative program that makes “green” building technology
            training available to Veterans through USGBC, Moraine Valley Community
            College, Wright Community College and the association of Illinois’ 48
            comprehensive community colleges within the guidelines for GI Bill tuition

            To provide trained Veterans with career coaching and job placement services
            that leverage their “green” building educational accomplishments into building
            industry careers that pay a sustainable wage and provide opportunities for
            advancement by working directly with Illinois employers to secure positions for
            program participants and to facilitate connecting veterans to employers via a
            web-based matching system provided on a non-for-profit basis by CareerBuilder.

Program Narrative – Veterans’ “Green” Building Technologies Training Program

Reorienting the nation’s urban and energy infrastructure around platforms of energy
efficiency, sustainability and reduced greenhouse gas emissions represents perhaps the
greatest engine for innovation, job creation, and economic productivity growth in coming
decades. Regardless of whether the conversation is framed by members of the scientific,
political or corporate communities, the central debate surrounding issues of energy and
sustainability has shifted dramatically from whether sustainable and renewable energy
sources should be developed, to how and, more importantly, how fast they can be

The devastating economic effects of the current “financial downturn” include historically high
unemployment rates, especially for returning veterans in the 20 to 35 year old age group.
There is little optimism for positive employment growth --except in one area: green jobs. The
projected growth in occupations involved in green industries or sustainable technologies
stems in part from aggressive state and national policy initiatives with the twin goals of
reducing energy consumption and in developing alternative energy sources. Whilst estimates
of how many new green jobs will be created vary widely, what is certain is that workers with
new and enhanced skill-sets will be required to fill those jobs.
The causes of the energy, economic and employment problems have been complex; the
solutions will be equally complex. A collaborative approach to the problem, uniting the best
efforts of governmental policy makers, economists, scientists, educators and workers
together with the forces of corporate and industrial ingenuity will be required.

To address this need, the Chicago Staffing Alliance (CSA) has created a program that brings
together the strengths of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, the Illinois Department
of Employment Security, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity,
Moraine Valley Community College and the association of Illinois’ 48 community colleges, the
U. S. Green Building Council, the United States Marine Corps, corporate sponsors and CSA.

Illinois Veterans’ Unemployment Statistics & Suitability for “Green” Training

The Economic Information and Analysis (EI&A) Division of the Illinois Department of
Employment Security (IDES) was requested to produce a quantitative analysis focusing on
the labor market experience an unemployment statistics of Illinois veterans in the 20-24 age
range. The review was directed at determining the causes underlying why veterans in the 20-
24 age range have a significantly higher unemployment rate (almost double) than do non-
veterans in the same age group.

Key facts from that study are as follows:

      In 2008, 22.4 million men and women in the civilian non-institutional population ages
       18 and over were veterans
      1.7 million of those have served in the U.S. Armed Forces since September 2001
      National data shows those veterans discharged in 2002-2005 had an overall
       unemployment rate of 11.9% in August of 2005 as compared to a rate of 3.4% for the
       veterans discharged in 1991-2001
      Veterans between the ages of 20 and 24 had an unemployment rate of 14.1 percent,
       nearly double the rate of those ages 25 to 34 (7.3 percent)
      The 20-24 age group for veterans has a much higher concentration of individuals who
       have a higher probability of unemployment than do the older age groups of veterans
      16.1 % of Gulf War era II veterans work in construction, building trades, natural
       resources and maintenance occupations, with 15.9% of these veterans working in
       production, transportation, and logistics occupations versus 9.8% and 11.8%
       respectively for non-veterans
      Veterans in the 20-24 age group have enrolled in education at a statistically higher
       rate than have the 25-65 group

In sum, Illinois young veterans suffer from extremely high unemployment rates, but they
also aggressively enroll in educational and training programs. Additionally, while a pure
causal relationship might be difficult to prove, when veterans eventually do find civilian
employment it is frequently in occupations that are significantly impacted by energy and
sustainability issues. Thus, Illinois Veterans are an ideal candidate pool for a program that
both offers training in energy efficient building technology in construction, operation and
maintenance practices and provides intensive job placement services and direct access to
area employers.

Program partners include the following:

Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs                          Siemens Building Technology
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity          U.S. Green Building Council
Illinois Department of Employment Security                        The Association of Illinois
The United States Marines Corps                                     Community Colleges
The United States Army                                            CareerBuilder
The United States Navy                                            BOMA
The United States Air Force                                       The AIA
The United States Coast Guard                                     Winston & Strawn
The United States Department of Defense                           United Airlines

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