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                                                                         2008-2009 Calendar
         SPONSOR                # NEEDED           TIME                  LOCATION                          Comments                  Committee Contact     Committee e-mail
The March of Dimes              6 per shift 2-6 pm & 6-9 pm     Marietta Country Club          business casual; no sneakers          Mary Evelyn Weaver;     or
Signature Chef's Auction                                                                                                             Lindsay Martin

Cobb County Youth Museum        10 ea. Shift 10:30 am - 2:00   Cobb County Youth Museum        1st shift - casual; serving – slacks, Beth Ann Reichmann
Evening Barbeque and                         pm                                                apron (to be confirmed); 2nd shift -
auction                                      3:30 pm - 6:30 pm                                 business casual; 3rd shift -
                                             5:00 pm - 9:00 pm                                 business casual
Center for Family Resources -      20      9-3pm (4 hr shift)   Marietta - building location to Children ages 10-17yrs may           Leslie Alford
Thanksgiving food box sort                                      be announced                    volunteer with their parents

Marietta Pilgrimage Tour -         10      Dec 6th: ~ 2 to 6 Marietta homes and                Christmas casual                      Mary Evelyn Weaver;     or
Tour of Historical Homes                   pm; Dec 7th: ~ 10 - Welcome Center                                                        Lindsay Martin
                                           1 pm & 2 - 6 pm
Habitat for Humanity or Rite       10      TBD                 TBD                             painting clothes or work type         Beth Ann Reichmann
in the Community - Help                                                                        clothes, expect to get dirty; bring
repair or build a house                                                                        work gloves; wear heavy work
                                                                                               boots or shoes
Center for Children & Young        10      Spring ~ March;      Center for Children & Young    casual dress - child appropriate      Jennifer Bolin
Adults - Dinner at the Center              4 - 8 pm             Adults
                                                                2221 Austell Rd. Suite A
                                                                Marietta, GA 30008
The March of Dimes -               10      ~ end of April       TBD                            casual clothes                        Jennifer Bolin
Walk for Babies                            (weekend)

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