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October 3, 2007
CDHS Domestic Abuse Assistance Program supports a range of services

         (Denver) – Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has declared October “Domestic Violence Awareness
Month.” In a rally held on the west steps of the State capitol building, staff from the Colorado Coalition
Against Domestic Violence read the proclamation and acknowledged national and statewide efforts to
end domestic violence including those within the Colorado Department Human Services (CDHS). The
Domestic Abuse Assistance Program (DAAP), located within CDHS, is an instrumental part of the
statewide efforts to end domestic violence.
         During Fiscal Year 2008, DAAP will administer crucial funding to 40 domestic violence programs
throughout Colorado, totaling nearly $2.2 Million. Says Ruth M. Glenn, DAAP Administrator, “October is
the time to publicly acknowledge the vital work domestic violence programs do to provide emergency
services to victims and their families. These programs are the link to safety for thousands of victims in
Colorado.” DAAP funding, which includes individual donations from the Domestic Abuse Fund from
Colorado state income tax returns, provides support to 40 of the 60 plus domestic violence programs in
Colorado. These programs are instrumental and critical in addressing the impact of domestic violence
for Colorado families by offering a wide range of services .
         In the words of an individual who received services from a DAAP funded program, “If the
domestic abuse program in my community weren’t here I just can’t imagine what would
have happened to my children and myself. The most remarkable change has been in the
children. At last they have a chance for stopping the cycle of abuse for their generation in our family.”
         In 2006, domestic violence programs in Colorado responded to over 43,000 crisis calls, a 30%
increase compared to 2005. Programs gave over 2,300-community education presentations to over
80,000 individuals. Shelters provided over 87,000 nights of safety to over 5,600 individuals and were

             Our Mission is to Design and Deliver Quality Human Services that Improve the Safety and Independence of the People of Colorado
CDHS Domestic Abuse Assistance Program supports a range of services, page 2

forced to turn away nearly 6,000 individuals from shelters due to a lack of space, a 6% increase
compared to 2005. More detailed information can be found in the 2006 DAAP Annual Report. The report
can be found at or by contacting the Domestic Abuse Assistance
       Recently, CDHS and DAAP recognized a domestic violence program in Steamboat Springs,
Advocates Against Battering and Abuse (ABBA) for their collaborative partnerships, creativity, innovation
and leadership in ending domestic violence. Their innovative programs include domestic violence in the
workplace, which provides local employers with resources to identify violence; Outward Bound, which
allows women survivors to build empowerment through an outdoor survival experience; and the Safe
Haven/Safe Exchange, which provides options for children in high-conflict custody and visitation situations.
Victims in Colorado should call the national domestic violence hotline at 1 (800) 799-SAFE to be connected
to their local program. Colorado citizens are encouraged to support their local programs and contribute to
the Domestic Abuse Fund during tax season.
(303) 866-2855

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