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									                                               Homestead Happenings
                                                  Newsletter of the Stahl-Conrad Homestead
9724 W. Forest Home Ave., Hales Corners, WI 53130               December 2004

                  Homestead awards contracts                           Homestead raffle gains momentum
Two contracts awarded in November will bring the Homestead         A raffle for cash prizes is now in
                                                                   progress. Purchasers may choose to
closer to its goals. Three architects were invited to submit bids to
prepare a condition assessment and preservation plan for the farm- buy a single ticket for $20 or three
house that once sheltered the Stahl and Conrad families. Two did   for $50. Only 2000 tickets will be
so, and the board chose to work with Art Chadek.                   sold. The first prize will be $5,000,
                                                                   second prize $1,500, 3rd through 10th,
Chadek has an impressive record of working with local historical
                                                                   $250 each, 11th through 20th, $150
societies and preservation groups. His associate, Jay Standish,
                                                                   each. Odds of winning are 1 in 33
began examining the house on November 19. The two will
continue by investigating every inch of the building from basement when you buy 3 tickets for $50.
to attic. They will evaluate the structural integrity of the home and Tickets will be available at the
amass documentary evidence about the building and its uses over Homestead Christmas tree sale
the years.                                                            beginning November 27 at 9724 W.
                                                                      Forest Home Ave. The drawing will
The Homestead also received three bids for installing a sewer
                                                                      be at 6:30 p.m., February 23.
lateral from 98th Street to the property line in anticipation of
building a bathroom addition on the back of the barn. The Home-        A flier that can be mailed in is posted
stead chose Lee Zlensky for this work. The next step for the           on the Homestead’s website at
bathroom project will be raising additional funds for actual 
construction. A gift from the Hales Corners Woman’s Club gives         You may also participate via a flier
us a head start on the bathroom.                                       that may have already reached you in
                                                                       the mail, or that may reach your
Preparatory to these projects, the Homestead secured a survey of
                                                                       home within a few days. For more
the property. Aided by Peter Cook of Math Starck & Sons, the
                                                                       information, call 425-3385 evenings.
survey has been completed.
A grant from the Jeffris Family Endowed Preservation Services
Fund, which is administered by the National Trust for Historic         Live Christmas tree sale will begin
Preservation, enables the Homestead to engage Chadek.                       Saturday, November 27
                                                                     Freshly cut Christmas trees will be
A grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Leslie T.
                                                                     available at the Homestead begin-
Bruhnke Fund is making it possible to install the sewer lateral.
                                                                     ning the Saturday after Thanks-
                                                                     giving. This year, the species will be
Homestead board meets with National Trust’s Jeanne Lambin balsam and a limited number of
A daylong planning session with Jeanne Lambin, Midwest Field Frasers. Come early for the best
Representative of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has selection. The trees are 6 to 9 feet in
helped the Homestead board refine its goals and plans. The group height; prices range from $25 to $50,
had no trouble agreeing that a top priority goal is dealing with the depending on size. Hours will be 12
Homestead’s substantial mortgage debt.                               noon to 8 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m.
                                                                     to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.
Strategies for achieving that goal include steps such as developing
a business plan, a market analysis, and a fundraising committee. If you can help during evening
Brainstorming will continue at the board’s January meeting. The hours, please call Tom at 425-4608.
board also weighed the relative merits of different types of               For more information visit
museums that might be housed at the Homestead.                 
       Homestead receives more gifts of goods and services                                Additional Charter Members
                                                                                               (as of November 22, 2004)
We gratefully acknowledge the following gifts:
                                                                                                     Elaine Ernst
Jim Brueing—54-inch commercial grade lawn mower                                                George and Arlene Kaiser
Nancy Davlantes—back issues of Preservation News                                                    __________
Hales Corners Historical Society—letter bin from old post office                         Kmetz tells stories of immigrants
Rita Luczyk—antique treadle sewing machine                                                         to Wisconsin
Judith Moudry—Epson ink jet color printer
Daniel O’Connor—woodburning stove, antique fire extinguisher                            The first annual meeting of the
John M. Russell—copy of his book, Wiscomical                                            Homestead featured a presentation
Evelyn Duewell—four 8-foot tables                                                       by Debbie Kmetz, who captivated
Pat Warchal—horse collar                                                                her audience with tale after tale
                           __________                                                   about the experiences of those who
                                                                                        have made their homes in Wisconsin.
                      It’s membership renewal time
                                                                     Whether they came as pioneer
Please see the enclosed flier and renew as generously as possible. immigrants or 20th century laborers
Needless to say, your continued support is important. The Home- and refugees seeking a better life,
stead depends on tax-deductible memberships. Grants and gifts Wisconsin offered newcomers fertile
from local businesses and civic groups supplement the funds we land and jobs. Debbie’s careful
raise through annual memberships.                                    research and engaging manner made
                                                                     the evening a very special event in
                                                                     the life of the Homestead.
                   Note cards feature Homestead
                                                                     Pat Warchol and Dara Chappie
Would you like to see the Queen Anne style tavern operated by        created a festive atmosphere with
Adam Conrad? The Homestead at a time when it housed a farm their decorations and refreshments.
family? Cows grazing along Forest Home Avenue into the 1950s?                      __________
Sets of eight note cards with historic photos of people and scenes
                                                                              Cash gifts help a lot!
from the Homestead will await you at the Christmas tree sale. The
sets are $5; individual cards one dollar each.                       An unrestricted gift of $250 from the
                             __________                              Unique Antique Group of the Hales
                                                                     Corners Woman’s Club will move
                   Scout projects come to fruition
                                                                     the Homestead closer to its goals.
Eagle Scout candidate Aaron Boehm and his group of volunteers Thank you!
cleared an area that will be used for a heritage vegetable garden                  __________
next year. The project involved moving a large wood pile as well
                                                                                    Wish List
as removing and burning noxious weeds like burdock, thistle, and
buckthorn. The soil was evened out to make way for planting. A The biggest wish of all is for more
cherry tree with a split crotch was also bolted together and pruned. information about the Homestead
                                                                     and the people who lived there. If
This is the Homestead's second Eagle Scout project through Boy
                                                                     you knew any of the Homestead
Scout Troop 585. Todd Stollenwerk previously coordinated the
                                                                     residents, or if you used to visit the
installation of gardens of native plants. The Homestead is grateful
                                                                     Homestead, please share your
to these young men for their hard work and dedication.
                                                                     memories with us. Call 425-5572 or
                                                                     any board member.
The mission of the Stahl-Conrad Homestead is to create a museum focused on
transitions in the land in Hales Corners and its environs from presettlement into theOther needs include a document file,
future and to preserve the Stahl-Conrad Homestead as a remnant of a bygone           picnic tables for the Homestead
lifestyle.                                                                           grounds, stamps, and items for a
The Homestead is a nonprofit 501 ( c ) (3) organization. Your donations and in-kind future rummage sale. Artifacts
gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.                                          compatible with our mission are
                                                                                     always welcome.
Officers and directors are president, Bette Arey; vice president, Delene Hanson;
secretary, Sybil Grandeck; treasurer, Michael Jedrzejewski; directors: Dara Chappie-
Stockinger, Ruth Johnston, Nancy Kochis, Marjorie Stahl, and Pat Warchol.               For more information visit

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