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Baby of sputum method _85433


									?Baby of sputum method


The development of respiratory system is not yet in infants, sputum
does well, is easy to plug in the larynx, the trachea or pharynx to
the stomach, parents should help children sputum. First of all, to
keep the room air purifiers, timing window ventilation, it is best to
keep the indoor temperature is 18-22 㠣 this should, however,
attention should be paid, don't let the cold wind blowing directly to
the child's body. The relative humidity stays at 60%-65%, may use the
wet the floor or in the air conditioning butuo briefing mouth placed
a pot of water to increase the humidity of the room, which is
beneficial to the respiratory tract mucous keep moist State and
mucosal surface Cilia of swing, can help the phlegm. In addition, the
following several ways: Shandong University affiliated hospital of
respiratory medicine Zhang Wei

Backslap method

Available in pediatric cough and phlegm is not out of the emergency
use, help sputum.

Specific action is: the gap in children cough, and let children, side
to side or picked up. Parents-hand finger slightly bent, holding a
karate fist, gently laps the children back. Take the left side of the
left horizontal, alternating. Slap the power should not be too big,
from the top down, turn from Extrovert,. Each side shoot at least 3-5
minutes, daily take 2-3 times. Backslap method can not only bring
children with lung and bronchus of sputum, to large tracheal drainage
and discharge, and may contribute to heart and lung's blood
circulation, helps bronchitis the absorption of the disease early

Drinking water methods

Let the children with plenty of water, especially the 23 degrees of
cold boiled water, on the throat with good wetting and physical
therapy, conducive to the Elimination of the local inflammation.
Cough in children from potential, often have a different degree of
dehydration, which can aggravate respiratory inflammation and
exudates consistency so that it is not easy to cough out. More drink
cold boiled water can make sticky secretions to dilution, easily
expectoration, conducive to cough and phlegm. At the same time, cold
boiled water can improve blood circulation, body metabolism that you
waste or toxins excreted rapidly from the urine, thus reducing its
respiratory tract irritation.

Vapor method

The boiling water is poured into a large pot or cups, picked up the
children, so that its nose against the rising water vapor and
Hygroscopicity, sputum and thinned out to cough, also reduces the
trachea and bronchi mucosal hyperemia and edema, reduces coughing.
But be careful Burns, avoid accidents.

Drug law

Don't take cough medicine, so as not to inhibit cough and
expectoration Central does not help. Sticky phlegm less difficult to
cough out, may be used under the guidance of the doctor,
balloonflower, ammonium chloride, expectorants Polygala; sputum
expectoration of mucosal difficult, with cough and sputum will be
easy to clean, mchymotrypsin; white sticky phlegm, Lucy, almond
pinellia ternata used cough syrup, conditional upon application of
ultrasonic nebulizer. Traditional chuan stewed PEAR as well as to the
desirability of cough and phlegm, PEAR-1, will make his head cut off,
dig out core, put crystal sugar 10 g, 6 g, fritillariae Terminal
covers with PEAR, Bowl head thighs steamed, PEAR drink juice.

(Feed: Luan TINGTING)

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