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									Volume 2 Issue 1                                “Continuing our commitment to the Corps”                         April 1, 2003

 On March 31, 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt signed                     Virginia CCC License Plate
    the Emergency Conservation Act. In his inaugural
 speech he said, “I propose to create a civilian conserva-
                                                                         Gets greatest amount of attention
  tion corps to be used in the simple work...more impor-
  tant however, than the material gains will be the moral         The largest local effort to celebrate the heritage of the
 and spiritual value of such work.” From this speech, the         CCC comes in the form of a specialty license plate.
    greatest conservation effort ever organized became            There are no candles, cakes or parties associated with
        known as the Civilian Conservation Corps.                 this aspect of 70th anniversary celebration, just a lot of
                                                                  hard coordination and long hours of promotion.

                                                                  Since this effort began back in November, letters, sup-
              National Celebrations                               port lists, postcards, legislation liaison, telephone calls,
                                                                  emails, meetings, and more letters and more calls have
On the year of the 70th anniversary of the Civilian Conversa-
tion Corp, CCC enthusiasts have made arrangements to cele-        all been part of this coordination. A monumental task
brate in many places across the United States. The largest        for a small organization.
celebration was orchestrated by the National New Deal As-
sociation, Albuquerque NACCCA Chapter 141 and the Na-             Although much as been accomplished, the true test of
tional Park Service. Festivities were held March 29, at the       our support to CCC heritage is still to come. Once we
Park Service Headquarters in Santa Fe, NM. The Old Santa          get the necessary information from DMV, the Founda-
Fe Trail boasts the largest adobe building in the US and it       tion can move forward. For the present, we can contact
was built by the CCC. Other activities are taking place in        as many interested supporters as possible. More infor-
Texas, New Jersey and Massachusetts.                              mation will follow at a later date.
                                                                                    (See article on Page 3)

                                                                                Local Activities
                                                       Here in Virginia efforts to honor the 70th anniversary have taken a
                                                       different form. The Shenandoah County Library dedicated their
                                                       monthly educational theme to the history of the CCC. Displays of
                                                       CCC artifacts from the US Forest Service, and organizational and
                                                       project information of the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation
                                                       have been on display. On March 18, Ranger Jim Smalls presented a
                                                       program entitled The Birth Place of Modern Conservation: The CCC
                                                       Story. A program designed to appeal to young people was available
                                                       on March 22 and was hosted Stephanie Bushong, USDAFS Interpre-
                                                       tive Specialist.
PAGE 2                                                 C AM P R O O SE VE LT LE GAC Y                             V OLU M E 2 ISSU E 1

 Letter from the President
 Three Cheers for the CCC!
 This year is off to an invigorating start! It is hard to believe that so many exciting things have happened
 since we organized only 20 months ago.

 In the process of starting this effort to promote the CCC, I have frequently heard the expression, “It’s about
 time.” For those who sincerely believe in CCC heritage and its overall impact on American conservation —
 it is time — and time’s a wastin’ .

 Whatever we think we can do — we need to do it now. If any of you, ever had the remotest thought about
 preserving this interesting piece of American is the time...don’t hesitate!

 In this newsletter we will be recapping many of the activities that have taken place since our last newsletter
 in November. Sharing all of our great news with folks who appreciate the heritage of the CCC turns all of
 the hard work into a gracious contribution. I encourage you to tell others about the work we are doing to
 raise the awareness of the CCC in Virginia and ask that you spread the CCC story. If you have any sug-
 gestions or comments, please get in touch. I can be reached at 540-984-8735 or at
                                                                             Joan Sharpe

   First annual membership meeting a great success
  Speculation abounded as preparations began for the first annual membership meeting on Novem-
  ber 24, 2002, at the VFW Hall in Edinburg, VA . The anticipation of putting together the very first
  membership meeting evoked many questions about presenting the accomplishments for the fledg-
  ing year. As folks arrived and the festivities started, the anticipation melted into buzzing conversa-
  tions about the CCC artifacts on display and the old CCC film footage that ran silently in the back-
  ground. The gathering of 60 people included 10 CCC enrollees. Hal Bush was given a certificate
  for life membership and board member Rev. Carl Corwin was granted the status of Director Emeri-
  tus. Lots of conversation, laughter, and little business rounded out a successful day.

                                                                                                           Rev. Carl Corwin receives
                                                                                                           Director Emeritus certifi-
                                                                                                            cate from Joan Sharpe.

                                                                                                    Major Goals for 2003
                                                                                                  Raise awareness of the CCC
                                                                                                    in Virginia
                                                                                                  Begin program for recrea-
                                                                                                    tional and heritage tourism
                                                                                                  Promote the sale of 350 li-
                                                                                                    cense plates
                                                                                                  Identify appropriate educa-
Standing: (Left to right) Clifford Sine, Woodstock, VA; Edward Ashly, Nokesville, VA; Walter        tional projects
Sekula, Norwich, CT; Charles Saffell, Ft. Valley, VA; Charles Keller, Shenandoah County, VA;      Continue to support the
Walter Kania, Norwich, CT, Hal Bush, Bridgewater, VA.                                               construction of the CCC In-
Seated: (Left to right) Sid MacLeod, Woodstock, VA; Carl Corwin, Front Royal, VA; Everett           terpretive Center
Leake, Woodstock, VA.
V OLU M E 2 ISSU E 1                             C AM P R O O SE VE LT LE GAC Y                                             PAGE 3

Putting the CCC Back on the Roads of Virginia
  How do we raise the awareness of the CCC in
  Virginia, the cradle of modern conservation?
      How do we teach Virginia’s heritage?
        How do we encourage curiosity?

As we drive the highways and byways of the Common-
wealth, the legacy of the CCC is all around us. Stone-
walls, bridges, scenic drives and lookouts all add to
America’s travel experience. And yet, many drivers re-                                     Sample design
main uninformed about the origins of these silent trib-                      This draft is subject to changes required by DMV.
                                                                                Design was modeled after CCC era artwork.
utes to the CCC program and the men who built them.

As a Virginia based organization, the Foundation is in
the beginning stages of mounting a campaign to pro-
mote the issuance of a Virginia specialty license plate
that honors the Civilian Conservation Corp and its par-
                                                                                  — CCC LICENSE PLATE —
ticipation in Virginia conservation heritage.                                     Enthusiasts need to know!

There are several labor intensive steps to this project                     Plates cost $10 above the regular
that will require participation from a broad spectrum of                      annual fee for your vehicle
residents. With the help of Delegate Allen Louderback,                      For $10 extra dollars you are par-
our request was approved by Virginia’s House and Sen-                         ticipating in an exciting state-wide
ate and is waiting on the signature of Governor Warner.                       CCC promotional effort
                                                                            Registration information is coming
After the Governor has signed the bill in April, the DMV
                                                                            350 people are required to pre-
will provide procedural information on how to make the
plate a reality. These instructions will include fee collec-
                                                                              register by 12/31/03 or this is a
tion, promotional ideas, and art specifications. Specifi-                     dead issue and the opportunity is
cations are rigid. We need your help!                                         lost.

“Your vehicle can become a moving tribute to the CCC.”

                                                                                         Want to stay informed?

                                                                                         Send us your name,
                                                                                          address and phone
                                                                                      number and email, so we can
                                                                                         keep you up to date.

                                                                                     Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy
                                      According to DMV, less than                          P.O. Box 341
    Delegate Louderback receives         15% of specialty plate
                                          requests make it into
                                                                                        Edinburg, VA 22824
    support lists containing nearly
             500 names.               production and onto the road.
PAGE 4                                         C AM P R O O SE VE LT LE GAC Y                                V OLU M E 2 ISSU E 1

 Funding Received
  Notification has been received from Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) that $500,000 has been allocated out of
  the recent omnibus bill to help fund the new combination USDAFS District Office and the CCC interpretive facility.
  The Forest Service has also announced that the construction project for the new Lee District Rangers office has
  been elevated to first place. This combination has provided the impetus to begin making preliminary arrangements
  for the design phase of the District Office. Funding continues to be explored for the interpretive displays.

  Congressman Goodlatte became the Representative for Shenandoah County as part of the redistricting made effec-
  tive on January 1, 2003. The Congressman is also Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee.

  Supporters of CCC heritage from all across America are grateful for his response to our request which honors this
  important piece of Virginia heritage.

       Nationally known facilitator, Herma
                                                                           Charitable tax status approved by the
  Blaauwgeers leads organizational work session                            IRS. At long last, contributions can be
                                                                              deducted from your income tax.
  In opening remarks of the January 27 meeting,
 Joan Sharpe, President, announced, “The participa-
 tion of Mrs. Blaauwgeers is a wonderful gift to our                    National CCC Day is a reality
 young organization. The exposure to the skills and
 expertise at this level is a rare opportunity and one
                                                                                  Good Job NACCCA!!!
 that we can’t ignore.”                                             The United States Senate has declared March 31,
                                                                    2003 as National CCC Day. Senate Resolution
  In a flurry of poster paper, colored markers, cut-                46, introduced by Senator Jeff Bingaman of New
 ting and pasting, and a rehash of thoughts devel-                  Mexico, unanimously passed the Senate creating
 oped the nucleus of plans. During the afternoon                    a day of celebration and recognition. The National
 session, board members and guests systematically                   Association of CCC Alumni (NACCCA) spear-
 outlined the framework of future programs and long                 headed this effort and will be attempting to obtain
 term goal accomplishments through the year of                      a permanent day of honor another year.
 2013. “This is very exciting,” stated board member
 Tom Blumer and archivist of the Warren County His-                 Thank you to our Virginia Senators, George Allen
 torical Society, “There is so much that can be done                and John Warner, for co-sponsoring the resolution
 to honor the work of the CCC.”                                     and helping to elevate the attention of the CCC to
                                                                    the national level. The resolution can be viewed
  Herma Blaauwgeers is a professional facilitator who
 leads program development seminars nationally as
 well as in Holland. She is also finance officer for                    A letter of support has been received from the Woodstock
 the Dutch Army. Mrs. Blaauwgeers is a profession                       Chamber of Commerce. The CCC has played an impor-
 colleague of board member Suzanne Curran.                                tant part in the history of Woodstock. In 1934 the
 Thanks to Suzanne for making this experience pos-                       Chamber funded the Woodstock Tower and it was con-
 sible.                                                                        structed by the boys of the Camp Roosevelt.
                                                                                     Thank you Woodstock Chamber!!

                            Economic and tourism development a major goal of organization

 A major Foundation goal is promotion of heritage and recreational tourism. Untold history and heritage does little for
 preservation and ideas mean nothing if they are never discussed or acted upon. Over the next few month, informa-
 tion will be gathered to help develop a state-wide information campaign for Virginia. If you have any ideas, please
 share them. Community input is very important to help us achieve this goal.
PAGE 5                                  C AM P R O O SE VE LT LE GAC Y                V OLU M E 2 ISSU E 1

             Commemoration and Memorials
                                                   A tree will be planted in his name…..
                                            In conjunction with the construction of the new Forest
                                            Service Office and Interpretive Facility, plans are being
                                            developed for a living commemoration and meditation
                                            area. This “garden of trees” will be reserved as a place
                                            of reflection and commemoration. Contact the Founda-
                                            tion to participate. Simple...we only need information
                                            on the CCC enrollee, and your contact information.
                                                 — Let us know who you would like to honor —

          CCC Workers Statue
         Grounds of New Facility

                  IRON MIKE
The first statue ever produced in honor of
the CCC was a statue commonly known as
“Iron Mike”. A Works Progress Administra-
tion (WPA) sculptor, John Palo-Kangas de-
signed the 10-foot concrete figure and Presi-
dent Roosevelt dedicated it in 1935 at Grif-
fith Park in Los Angeles, CA. This statue was
washed away by flood waters in 1938.

 Once again, the need was felt to commemo-
rate the image of the CCC Boy. In 1993,
NACCCA initiated the design, construction and
dedication of a new bronze version of ”Iron
                  Mike” to stand as a memo-
                  rial to all those who where
                  enrolled in the CCC.    The
                  goal of NACCCA is to have
                  a CCC workers statue in
                  every state.

The CCC Workers Statue now holds a place of
   honor in 18 locations. Yet, Virginia, the
  birthplace of the CCC, does not have one.
 Fundraising activities are underway for the
     purchase of the CCC workers statue.
        Donations are being accepted.
Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation
PO Box 341
Edinburg, VA 22824

                        “Passing the
                        legacy to the

   “Put the CCC
 Back on the roads
   of Virginia!”                                      Support the Virginia CCC License Plate!
                                                    Put the CCC symbol where we can all see it!!
                                                                   All the time!!!

                          Tower Subscriptions Received: More Needed
“A United States landscape engineer has laid off the grounds surrounding the Woodstock Tower, on the
crest of Massanutten Mountain, four and a half miles east of the Town, and forestry employees have
been at work carrying out these plans of beautification, as well as providing parking space for automo-
biles at the top of the mountain. The steel structure will probably be raised during the coming week, and
the whole scheme for making the Woodstock Tower a tourist object and will be completed as rapidly as
conditions will allow.”
                             Shenandoah Valley Herald—November 16, 1934

               Membership Information                                              Become a
Name:                                                                              MEMBER!
Address:                                    City:                                Help us honor
                                                                                   the CCC!
State:                Zip:                  Phone:
                                                                                   Individual Dues – $10
Email:                                                                               Family Dues – $15
                                                                                Organization/Business – $20
 Yes, I will honor the CCC by joining the Foundation                              Life Membership – $200

 Dues Amount:
 Additional Contribution:
                                                                                   Camp Roosevelt
 Total Contribution:
                                                                                CCC Legacy Foundation
                                                                                    P.O. Box 341
                                                                                 Edinburg, VA 22824
                     Board of Directors
              Rev. Carl Corwin, Director Emeritus                       
                                                                                 Phone: 540-984-8735
             Thomas Blumer                 Randy Helsley                          Fax: 540-984-4418
           Suzanne Curran              Joe Lehnen, Treasurer
               Brian Fridley          Joan Sharpe, President                     Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy
                                                                                  Foundation is a tax exempt
                                                                                    heritage organization
                    John Trent, Vice President

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