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									Wolf Creek Community Alliance - Minutes 28 October, 2004

DATE:     Wednesday, November 17, 2004
PLACE:    NID EAST ANNEX, 1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley, CA

CALL TO ORDER: at 6:30 PM, Rick Sanger officiating. Jonathan Keehn will take the minutes.
Also attending this evening were: Ralph and Deni Silberstein, BJ Schmitt, Gordon Baker, Sally Bartindale, Carol
Kuzera, Katrina Smolen, Audrey Hight, Fred Hall, Jon Shilling, Eric Engels, Lisa Frankl, Sue Sindt, Will Doleman,
Mike Pasner, Larry Markey, Ross Guenther, Doug Cloutier.

The previous month’s minutes had been mailed out to everyone; no corrections or additions were noted.

PRESENTATION TO LARRY AND SUE: Two of our most dedicated volunteers, Sue Sindt and Larry Markey,
were presented with a token of appreciation: a gift basket for each filled with homemade goodies and homegrown
produce, and cards signed by all. At least one of them has attended each of the public meetings, opening the facilities
and waiting patiently to close up at the end. Thanks again Larry and Sue!

 Punctuality Reminder: A reminder was made to all that we need to keep to punctual meeting times, starting
  promptly at 6:30 and ending at 8:00 PM so that all vehicles will be off the premises by 8:30. It was noted that
  unfinished conversations could easily adjourn down the hill to an establishment in town such as the Holbrooke
 “Ways You Can Help”: Deni reviewed the “Projects” and “Needs” posters, and sign-up charts that people had
  signed up for last month. We’ve had a fantastic response, and many new projects are under way.
 Bird’s Eye View of the Watershed: Geri made a presentation with the video she took from a recent airplane trip
  over the Wolf/Bear/Feather/Sacramento Rivers. A local private airplane owner and pilot, David ?, volunteered
  his services, and took Geri, Jonathan, and Marge Kaiser on an aerial tour starting at the headwaters of Wolf
  Creek on Banner Mountain, all the way to the Sacramento River. Geri is planning an on-the-ground tour with her
  high school science class of the same area as part of a study of watersheds. They will visit all the confluences.
 Wolf Creek Trails Master Plan: Sally gave an update on progress of this project being undertaken by the City
  of Grass Valley – they have changed the name of the project to “Wolf Creek Parkway; and sent out a Request
  For Proposals from a list of possible consultants. The Selection Committee (which includes Sally, Jim Bair,
  Steve Enos, Sandy Jacobson, and ???) has a scheduled meeting next week. A group of interested Wolf Creekers
  agreed to meet with her to review the proposals from the various consultants when they are received.
 Downtown Street Realignment: The City Council has approved a street realignment plan, some of which will
  have important impacts on Wolf Creek and the Parkway. It includes a cantilevered freeway offramp lane that will
  bring cars even closer to the creek. Eric mentioned that at least part of the Parkway/Trail system can and should
  be built along with these street improvements, because they are in the same place, but we need to stay involved
  in the planning process. Is anyone in our group following this?
 Auburn Road – Wolf Creek Bridge: Jon Shilling reported that the new bridge over Wolf Creek has been
  completed, but he discovered that the erosion control plantings that were used included non-native invasive
  annuals that were inappropriate. He was going to check with the Army Corps of Engineers about the “404”
  permit that must have been issued for this project. Any work, public or private, that directly impacts Wolf Creek
  (or any other creek) is required to get approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, and there is a simple way for
  any individual to check. In addition, the Regional Water Quality Control Board has a website:
 Creek Stewardship Day: BJ is planning to submit a grant proposal along with other local groups, to host an
  educational “Creek Stewardship Day” in the spring. Many suggestions were made, and a subcommittee formed
  (including Jon Shilling, Katrina, and BJ) to work on the grant proposal.
 Wolf Creek Buttons: Eric and Lisa offered to help produce buttons celebrating Wolf Creek – a committee has
  not yet formed to design and follow through.

Wolf Creek Community Alliance - Minutes 28 October, 2004


Will Doleman (Call for Water Sanity) has done monitoring and research in various waterways, and believes that
some people add chemicals to water in order to make contaminants float on the surface so they will not be found
when sampling is done 12” down in the water column.

Katrina announced that Friends of Deer Creek is sponsoring symposium on Mercury contamination in waterways.
The meeting will be held at the Nevada City Council Chambers on Friday December 3rd from 1-3.

Because of the upcoming holidays, it was agreed to skip the regular meeting in December. The date of next
meeting will be: THURSDAY, JANUARY 27th at 6:30 PM.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Keehn


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