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									                                                                                  COMPLEX LITIGATION. FAMILY LAW FOCUS.

JUSTIN SEDELL                                                                                              SENIOR ASSOCIATE

                                                Justin Sedell has plans to become a judge one day, and those who
                                                know him best say his empathy, intelligence, and determination will
                                                serve him well in that capacity. Today, these very attributes accrue to
                                                the benefit of Justin’s family law clients, many of whom are involved in
                                                situations where the stakes—and the emotions—are high.

                                               “With family law cases involving allegations of child abuse, domestic
                                                violence, or sexual abuse, unwavering support from one’s attorney is
                                                imperative,” Justin claims. “My clients know unequivocally that I am on
                                                their side and that we are working together toward a common goal.”

                                                While most of his cases are less volatile than these, the people involved
                                                in them still need to know “without any doubt whatsoever” that their
                                                attorney is a staunch and caring advocate. In Justin’s eyes, they also
                                                need to know the complexities of their own cases.

                                               “Working together with my clients to define case strategy is key to my
                                                approach,” explains the Seattle University adjunct law professor. “I
                                                work hard to involve all people I represent in every step of the legal
                                                process, and I enjoy helping them to make good choices during a
                                                difficult time in their lives. I never forget that the decisions we make
AREAS OF PRACTICE                               together will impact their future for years to come.”
• Divorce

• Cooperative and collaborative divorce        “Whether we are involved in a relatively peaceful, collaborative law
• High-conflict parenting disputes,
                                                matter or a hotly litigated domestic violence case, I work closely with
  including allegations of serious              my clients to achieve the very best results for them and their families”
  domestic violence, child abuse, and
                                                                                   --SENIOR ASSOCIATE JUSTIN SEDELL
  sexual abuse of children and/or adults

• Mediation and arbitration of divorces         In addition to his traditional law practice, Justin has expanded his
  and other family law disputes                 focus to include collaborative law, an emerging, client-centered
• Intimate committed relationship law,
                                                alternative to traditional litigation in which couples can make their own
  including same-sex relationship               decisions about their family’s future in a supportive, out-of-the-courtroom
  dissoltion, unmarried couples dissolution,    environment. According to this talented attorney, collaborative law is
  and same-sex child custody disputes           not appropriate in every dispute, but it can be an excellent vehicle for
                                                resolving family law issues “for the right parties in the right
• Child custody
• Parenting plan modifications
                                                In every case—and after a complete discussion of all the alternatives—
• Relocation                                    Justin says that he works closely with his clients to help them
• Domestic violence protection orders
                                                determine the best method to resolve their very personal, very
                                                particular disputes.

                                               “Once we make that decision,” he adds, “we move forward in total and
                                                complete confidence.”
                                                                              COMPLEX LITIGATION. FAMILY LAW FOCUS.

JUSTIN SEDELL                                                                                              SENIOR ASSOCIATE

“Justin recently helped me secure the   EDUCATION
 custody of my two children. He was     • J.D. cum laude, Seattle University School of Law
 very confident from the beginning      • Note and Comment Editor, Seattle University Law Review
 and never allowed me to feel as if I
                                        • B.A. in Political Science, University of California at Davis
 would not be the victor. In the end,
 he used his superior writing and
 litigation skills to win the case on   IN THE MEDIA
 my behalf. Justin clearly outclassed   • “Domestic Partnerships: Another Look, Additional Rights,” King County Bar
 the opposing attorney, and he left       Bulletin, April 2009
 the judge and courtroom observers      • “A Family Law Practitioner’s Guide to Navigating the Domestic Partnership
 in awe.”                                 Expansion Bill,” Washington State Bar News, June 2008
            —FORMER CLIENT M.V.         • “Domestic Partnerships in Washington,” on KIRO TV and Northwest Cable News,
                                          March 2008

                                        MEMBERSHIPS AND AFFILIATIONS
                                        • Washington State Bar Association
                                        • King County Bar Association, Family Law Section
                                        • Adjunct Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law
                                        • QLaw Bar Association, Judicial Evaluation Committee
                                        • Unified Family Court Access to Justice Committee, King County Superior Court

                                        RECENT CASES, PUBLICATIONS, AND PRESENTATIONS
                                        • Washington State Court of Appeals Division II, In re the Marriage of Meredith,
                                          February 2009
                                        • Parenting Plans, King County Bar Association CLE, April 2009, with Elizabeth
                                        • Litigating Cases Involving Unmarried Couples, Snohomish County Bar Association
                                          CLE, January 2009
                                        • Impacts of Washington’s Domestic Partnership Laws on the Elder Care Community,
                                          continuing education course for attorneys, healthcare administrators, and other elder
                                          care professionals, November 2008
                                        • Relationship Agreements, King County Bar Association CLE, October 2008
                                        • Washington’s Domestic Partnership Legislation, Tacoma-Pierce County Bar
                                          Association CLE, October 2008
                                        • “Washington's Expanded Domestic Partnership Registry Grants Important New
                                          Rights for GLBT Couples,” Perspective, May 2008, with Elizabeth Hershman-Greven

      T: 206.625.9600                   Founded in 1991, McKinley Irvin is one of the state’s largest, most established law
      F: 206.223.1999                   firms focusing exclusively on the practice of family law. Attorneys at McKinley Irvin,
                                        who possess more than 100 years of combined legal experience, are acknowledged
                                        leaders in a range of traditional and cutting-edge areas of the practice, including
      425 Pike St., Suite 500           divorce matters involving complex financial issues, collaborative law, contested child
      Seattle, Washington 98101         custody, international family law, relationship agreements, and GLBT family law.

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