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Aarkstore announce a new report " Mobile Social Networking and UGC 2010-2015 report" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Mobile Social Networking and UGC 2010-2015 report

Social networking is the fastest growing internet activity and has even exceeded that of email usage.
Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are some of the most frequently accessed websites in
the world with Facebook alone accounting for 50% of the UK's entire mobile internet traffic.

The success of social networking can be transferable to the mobile market, enabling consumers w ith
24 hour access to the social networking services. From the introduction of location based services, the
increasing popularity and success of the smartphone market, the developments within technology and
mobile platforms, the mounting advertising opportunities and the development of accessible and
affordable data packages the potential revenue available from the market is vast.

For mobile operators to recreate the success of fixed line social websites they must first address a
number of existing key issues.

This report will produce an in depth analysis of the mobile social networking market and the role of
user generated content within it, including various products and services available and specific
technological standard data. Among others, this repo rt looks at the following questions:

• Why is social networking important to the mobile market? How will operators and handset
manufacturers benefit?
• What effect will mobile social networking have on other communication methods such as SMS and
• Which regions will primarily benefit from mobile social networking?
• What are the different forms of mobile social networking?
• How well are established social networks developing in the mobile market?
• How will mobile-only social networks fare compared w ith those based on fixed-line Internet?
• What opportunities exist for advertisers in mobile social networks?
• What role will technology enablers play?

Who needs to read this report?

• Mobile/Cellular network operators - This report addresses the issues currently affecting price plans
and data usage, the results of partnerships with social networks, the revenue generating possibilities
which are available to operators if issues are confronted and solutions are implemented.
• Mobile technology/platform de velopers - Companies can revise the past and present advancements
to gain insight on the future developments within the industry and where concentration must be
• Social network developers - Social networks can gain an insight to the relevant partnerships that
must be upheld and created to forward success through to the mobile market and the actions they
must undertake to develop their product with current and future technology advancements.
• Mobile handset manufacturers - Companies can consider options of developing their product to
efficiently generate content and gain knowledge of how the success of social networking will affect
their products and future design.

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