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									                                  Introducing the Bank of America Benefits Program
                                                   for the Colorado Bar Association

                                    A great financial benefit at work that can truly make a difference at home.
TO LEARN MORE,                      We’re pleased to offer you the Mortgage Benefits Program Package. You can receive special home
                                    financing discounts and services, including these great benefits:
                                         ~ Save up to $2,000 — receive ½% of loan amount discount on first mortgage and refinance
ERIC GUINN                                 loans (based on $400,000 loan amount; actual savings may be lower or higher depending on
                                           loan size).
       T — 720.529.6321
       C — 303.601.7908                  ~ Coverage on a range of home types — primary residence, second homes, or even investment
       F — 866.456.7415                    properties
                                         ~ A wide array of home financing alternatives — low-to-no down payment options,
                                           jumbo mortgages, ARMS, loans for those with unique circumstances or credit challenges,
BRUCE GIBSON                               home equity loans, as well as Reverse Mortgages
      T — 720.529.6322
      C — 303.601.5046                   ~ Easy application process — You can get started with one quick and easy phone call to your
      F — 866.456.7416                     Bank of America Home Loans Mortgage Specialist.
                                         ~ Free affordability estimate or refinance savings analysis — to help you make smart
                                           loan decisions
                                         ~ Personalized service — ongoing support from a dedicated Loan Officer with the Private
      C — 303.618.1989
                                           Mortgage Group of Bank of America
                                         ~ Local underwriting — Most banks and lenders have to send your loan file to a regional
                                           (centralized) location—often times out of state—to get underwritten, processed, and
                                           approved. This disconnect can cause severe lag times and delays. With Bank of America's
                                           Private Mortgage Group, your loan is processed and underwritten locally within the branch.
                                           This powerful advantage helps ensure you receive the best possible service.

                                    A Partner You Can Trust and The Experience You Can Rely On!
                                    With the Private Mortgage Group of Bank of America, you can feel confident that you have the power
                                    and support of working with a Fortune 20 company that has a lending team that is passionate about
                                    each client. The Private Mortgage Group truly is about making sure you have the right loan for your
                                    lending needs and that the loan closing is smooth and effortless.

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