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Fix anorexia boy grew high

Anorexia is a pediatric period common disease, 1 ~ 6 year old
children city, than rural children in children. Long-term anorexic child's height and
weight significantly lower than the same age, growth retardation in children's
resistance to the lower, more prone to recurrent respiratory infections; seriously affect
the growth and development and physical and mental health in children. Beijing
Oriental hospital paediatric Cui HA

Each parents want their children can thrive. But some children eat better than drinking
drugs but also the difficulties that many parents worry. How to not to make baby
food, food choice correction of problems of anorexia? we know every year on the
occasion of the spring and summer is everything, grass side eruption of season,
also is child height growth fastest time, therefore in the spring and summer
season should pay attention to correct the anorexia. But correct
anorexia, using simple oral medicines are often unable to effectively
improve symptoms, only use integrated methods to correct the anorexia
will be satisfied with the outcome.

First, adjust your eating habits:

Many baby anorexia due mainly to the formation of feeding, so adjust
the improper diet, a scientific and rational feeding has become
particularly important. Infants should note the time of adding
supplementary food for the children of early exposure to and adapt to
different tastes, as future weaned and gradual transition to a normal
diet. And young children as early as possible to develop independent
eating habits, and to promote the independent eating, bearing in mind
the constantly changing food practices, as the saying goes
"preference for the stomach to supplement", only food with good color,
smell, taste, shaped to better attract baby meal. Do not stressed high
nutrition one-sided food, encourage children to eat more vegetables and roughage.
School children, in addition to continue to encourage your baby to eat independently,
it should be noted that the baby concentrate on consumption, and be careful not to let
the child, especially before meals instead of snacking between meals and desserts,
drinks and also to drink, because more sugary soft drinks is high, long, also affect the
baby's appetite. Let your baby more outdoor activities, appropriate activities helps the
baby increase appetite.

Second, chiropractic treatment:

For anorexia shorter children, chiropractic is a very efficient way,
since no external drugs, effective obvious, parents are happy to
accept. And traditional chiropractic manipulation, according to the
baby symptoms, chiropractic, and a corresponding increase in the
number of acupuncture points naprapathy. Such as stools less
digestible or with diarrhea, push up, push up three large intestine, into seven
sections, plates of bone; constipation, diarrhea, and reducing the large intestine,
Tianhe water down seven section bone, or purging subtle, rubbing tianshu; irritable,
sleep disturbed, push up, purging three tests, Tianhe water crumples the small Chinese
style; no obvious symptoms of the above, the kneading Board door, pushing up three
Guan, flat push the large intestine; General 1 time per day, 10 December as part of a
course of treatment, massage with micro-red fever as degrees, paying particular
attention to children's delicate skin, massage must be gentle, do not push the injured

3. drug therapy:

Anorexia is longer, simply slow chiropractic Act, this should
coincide with herbal therapy, "Tong to temper, spleen and the mouth can know the
truth" flavors, the treatment of anorexia is tuned and stomach, spleen drug more use.
As to face yellow, emaciation, appetite is poor as the main symptoms
of, use of gastroesophageal Po; accompanied by fecal not forming, the
frequency of defecation, choosing pikexin; associated with
constipation, selection of the spleen of accumulated liquid; if the
temper dryness love crying, yemei disturbed baby, you can select
Pediatric gastrointestinal Kang; baby apart from anorexia, often
prone to recurrent respiratory tract infection, you can select the
child tablet can increase appetite, but also can prevent recurrent
respiratory infections. If you use the of proprietary Chinese
medicine treatment is not optimal, you should take the child to the
hospital by a medical practitioner to treat a case-by-case basis.

4. home diet recipe:

On anorexia in children in their daily diet, diet therapy helps correct the anorexia. The
following are some commonly used small diet recipe:

1 Yam gruel. seed: the seed of 100 g, 50 g, Chinese Yam, just not suitable for the
forming of the stool, bowel number of spleen anorexia.
2 sweet potato vegetable congee.: 50 grams, 50 g of sweet potato, cabbage are clean
cut blocks or vegetable, and 100 grams of boiled rice, suitable for children with

3 cucumber PEAR juice.: will a cucumber and a snow PEAR juice drink suitable for
stomach hot constipation.

4. Lily Lotus porridge: Lily Lily stem 100 grams or 50 g, 50 g of
rice seeds, 100 grams, wash just for stomach Yin shortfalls, sleep
disturbed anorexia.

5. Yam Yam date porridge: 50 grams, jujube 10 pieces, 100 grams of
millet, just for the spleen of anorexia.

6. bitter green bean porridge: Balsam 50 grams, adzuki bean, mung
bean dolichos lablab 50 grams, 50 g, 100 g rice just for summer

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