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       Dated: Aug 31, 2009

       An increased demand for employees with advanced degrees in healthcare management.

       Like any business, healthcare services need employees with experience and training in management. With
       an MBA in healthcare management, you can work with healthcare providers to make sure patients get the
       treatment they deserve. A Master's degree is usually necessary to hold an administrative position in the
       competitive field of healthcare management.

        Manage Your Future

        In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, administrators must be prepared to deal with integrated
       systems of health care delivery and prevention, new technologies, and the complexities of financial
       management. Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices are expected to experience rapid growth in the next
       decade as our population ages. With this growth in the healthcare sector, there will be increased demand for
       employees with advanced degrees in healthcare management.

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       Identifying, attracting and retaining regional managers, managers and assistant managers interested in
       spending an hour or two working from their home office.

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