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					   PLACE DE BROUCKÈRE-PLEIN - 31 - 1000 BRUSSELS - BELGIUM - Tel: 32 2 2266660 - Fax: 32 2 5121929


                          Brussel s, Belgium, November 26-27, 2009


                    Conny Herbert ANTONI - University of Trier, Germany

                                     Organising Committee
           Xavier BAETEN - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium

             Niilo HAKONEN - Confederation of Finni sh Industries EK, Finland

      Rosemary LUCAS - Manche ster Metropolitan University Busine ss School, U.K.

                     Stephen PERKI NS, University of Bedfordshire, U.K.

              Matti VARTIAI NEN, Hel sinki Uni versity of Technology - Finland
Thursday, November 26, 2009

Registration                                                                                                                                                                  08:30 – 9: 00

AUDI 2: Introduction – Conny Antoni, University of Trier, Germany                                                                                                            09:00 – 9: 30

AUDI 2: Implementing pfp - Challenges and effectiveness                                             AUDI 1: Rewards and firm performance

Bogicevic Milikic Biljana: Introducing performance-based reward systems within     09:30 – 09:50    Armstrong Michael/Brown Duncan/Reilly Peter: Increasing the effectiveness of
collectivistic national cultures                                                                    reward management: An evidence-based management approach
Berger Ansgar/ Antoni Conny: Risk or chance? Analysing the effects of              09:50 - 10: 10   Salimäki Aino/Timo Vuori: Legitimacy and managerial agency in compensation
compensation risk and participatory implementation of variable pay on bonus                         system development
Kostiander Leena: The consultant in the process of remuneration design             10:10 – 10:30    Cosenz Federico/Bianchi Carmine: Incentive-based policies, human resource
                                                                                                    motivation and performance of public organizations: A system dynamics approach
Discussion: Xavier BAETEN                                                          10:30 - 10: 45   Discussion: Stephen PERKINS

Coffee/ Tea EIASM 2nd Floor                                                                                                                                                 10:45 – 11: 05

AUDI 2: Implementing pay for performance - Challenges and                                           AUDI 1: Rewards and firm performance
Sharma Tanuja: Performance-related pay challenges in public sector in India - An   11:05 – 11:25    Franco Monica: Performance measurement, compensation and firm performance:
empirical study                                                                                     The moderator role of organizational culture
Wright Angela: Performance culture in a public service (without the pay) – A       11:25 – 11:45    Perkins Stephen/Abay Adebaby: New public management: Employee capacity
grounded theory analysis                                                                            building, performance and reward management in Ethiopia
Asazu Samuel: Total rewards as a talent management tool in the real estate         11:45 - 12:05    Sweins Christina/Panu Kalmi: The performance effects of profit-sharing: Subjective
sector: The Swedish example                                                                         and objective measures compared
Discussion: Rosemary LUCAS                                                         12:05 – 12:25    Mitlacher Lars: Work -life balance accounts as part of a strategic remuneration
                                                                                                    system in German companies
                                                                                   12:25 – 12:45    Discussion: Matti VARTIAINEN

Lunch at the NH Hotel                                                                                                                                                       12:45 – 14:15
AUDI 2: Keynote lecture - Prof. Dr. David Balkin, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA: Rethinking rewards as if ethi cs mattered               14:15-15: 15

AUDI 2: Plenary Discussion - Consequences of the financial crisis on reward strategi es and system s                                                                      15:15-16:15
Niilo Hakkonen, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, Finland; Marc Leemans, National Secretary, Christian Employees' Association, Belgium
Conny Antoni, University of Trier, Germany; Xavier Baeten - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium; Stephen Perkins, University of Bedfordshire, U.K.;
Rosemary Lucas, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, U.K.; Matti Vartiainen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Coffee/Tea EIASM 2nd Floor                                                                                                                                               16:15 – 16: 35

AUDI 2: Reactions to rewards on attitudes (job satisfaction,                                         AUDI 1: Executive and CEO compensation
motivation, confidence, commitment)
Kunz Jennifer/Linder Stefan: The effect of controllability on motivation and work   16:35 – 16:55    Bossenbroek Anton/Drona Kandhai/Diederik Fokkema/Bas Bosma: On the influence
effort: Results from an experimental vignette study                                                  of bonus-malus executive compensation plans on the executive's behaviour
Tornikoski Christelle: Initiated expatriates' total reward package, psychological   16:55 – 17:15    Ikaheimo Seppo/Chakhovich Terhi/Seppälä Tomi: The relation between executive
contract and affective commitment                                                                    time horizon and executive compensation
Shaw Jason/Wang Yingchun: Employee reactions to merit pay: Size, expectations,      17:15 - 17:35    Loveira Rosa/Celentani Marco/Ruiz-Verdu Pablo: Executive pay with observable
and confidence                                                                                       decisions
Miettinen Asko/Rusu Miruna: Rewards as determinants of organisational               17:35 – 17:55    Nacinovic Ivana/Galetic Lovorka: The reopened examination of executive
attachment: A longitudinal study in a cross-border context                                           compensation: Case of Croatia
Discussion: Conny ANTONI                                                            17:55 – 18:15    Discussion: Xavier BAETEN

Conference informal dinner                                                                                                                                                       20:00
Friday , November 27, 2009

AUDI 2: Specific contexts: Social and health care                                                     AUDI 1: Evaluation of pay systems

Lucas Rosemary/Atkinson Carol: The nature of reward in frontline adult social care    09:00 – 09:20   Bakotic Danica/Marin Buble: Relationships among labor productivity, labor costs and
work in England                                                                                       pays: The case of Croatia

Mitlacher Lars/Welker Andreas: Pay systems in the German health care system           09:20 – 09:40   Jackson Graham/Binsardi B./Green Mike: Reward strategies for migrant workers in
and employer attractiveness - The case of anesthetists in German hospitals                            British manufacturing

Vikström Ari/Reima Suomi: Reward mechanisms in healthcare information system          09:40 – 10:00   Chapman Jonathan: An examination of reward mix policy decisions: A review of the
Discussion: Stephen PERKINS                                                           10:00 – 10:15   Discussion: Xavier BAETEN

Coffee/ Tea                                                                                                                                                                 10:15 – 10: 35

AUDI 2: Reactions to rewards on behavior (performance,                                                AUDI 1: Evaluation of pay systems
Anjos Manuela/Chambel Maria José: Profit sharing: Effect on worker satisfaction       10:35 – 10:55   Festing Marion/Ihar Sahakiants: Compensation in CEE countries - A framework and
and the mediating role of perception of justice                                                       a case study of an MNC subsidiary in the Czech Republic

Hulkko-Nyman Kiisa/Sarti Daria/Hakonen Anu/Sweins Christina: Total reward             10:55 – 11:15   Perkins Stephen/Nagorny -Stengle Sabine: 360-degree feedback: A rewarding
perceptions and work engagement in elderly care organizations. Findings from Italy                    experience?
and Finland

Sié Laurent/Yahklef Ali: Extrinsic rewards and the risk of crowding-out effects       11:15 – 11:35   White Geoffrey/Palmer Stephen: Public sector pay in the UK: Patterns and trends
                                                                                                      since 1997
Brosi Prisca/Welpe Isabell M.: The effect of (variable) financial incentives on the   11:35 – 11:55
affective state and resulting performance

Discussion: Conny ANTONI                                                              11:55 – 12:15   Discussion: Matti VARTIAINEN

Lunch at the NH Hotel                                                                                                                                                      12:15 – 13:45
AUDI 2: Reactions to rewards on behavior (performance,                                           AUDI 1: Antecedents and consequences of compensation
engagement)                                                                                      (fairness/satisfaction)
Scott Dow/Bishop James/Shields John: The relationship of employee pay            13:45 – 14:05   De Gieter Sara/Pepermans Roland/Van Looy Michelle: Is pay -for-performance fair or
perceptions, organizational commitment, cooperation and intention to quit                        not? A study examining the role of performance level, procedural information and
                                                                                                 leader-member exchange
Hakonen Anu/Hakonen Marko: What affects the meanings of a group-based pay        14:05 – 14:25   Duarte Henrique/Ledo Marioneta: Paying for performance: Reinforcing equity or
and its effects on individual performance?                                                       enhancing external competitiveness

Neu Morén Elizabeth: Rewarding individual performance and expecting team work.   14:25 – 14:45   Antoni Conny/Maier Christine/Hagemann Vera: The role of transformational
A question of using the right criteria?                                                          leadership and psychological contracts on employees' pay and job satisfaction, and
Acar Oguz Ali/Van den Ende Jan: Motives and rewards in idea crowdsourcing        14:45 – 15:05   Maier Christine/Antoni Conny: Leadership, psychological contracts, and pay
Discussion: Stephen PERKINS                                                      15:05 – 15:25   Discussion: Rosemary LUCAS

Coffee/ Tea                                                                                                                                                           15:25 – 15:45

AUDI 2: Conclusions and lessons                                                                                                                                        15:45 – 16: 15

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