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                                                           RURAL BUSINESS                                             United States
                                                           and INDUSTRY                                               Department of
                                                                                                                      Rural Development

“California is Number One in the Nation...”
  Federal dollars come home to build jobs in rural California through USDA Rural Development - California loans and grants.

                                                                                                                        “USDA Rural
                                                                                                                       means business.
                                                                                                                        We are looking for
                                                                                                                         reliable California
                                                                                                                       banking and business
USDA Rural Development California celebrates reaching NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION
                                                                                                                         partners who can
with $4.17 million in Value Added Product Market Development Grants. At the signing ceremony                           create rural jobs with
inside the California State Capitol, grant recipients joined dignitaries (left to right behind podium): Hilda Legg,    the financial backing
USDA-RD Administrator-Washington, DC; A.G. Kawamura, Secretary California Department of Food and Agricul-
ture and Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD California State Director. See “Value-Added Grants” story on page 5.                     we have to offer.”
                                                                                                                            Paul Venosdel
  USDA Awards Highly Successful California                                                                                    USDA-RD
  Business and Banking Partners                                                                                             State Director
  “Congratulations to the six guaranteed loan business projects and their corresponding Business
  Banking Partners selected for special recognition by USDA Rural Development California this
  year,” said Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD State Director. “We are honored to work with these
  successful rural entrepreneurs and their community banks to improve the business climate and
  create jobs for communities throughout our great state.”

successful “boutique winery” business development in Locke-
ford that utilized a USDA Rural Development guaranteed loan
and is expected to bring 15 new jobs to the area. The pro-
ject’s unique concept and design was featured in Wine Spoken
Here and Vine Times magazines.
      Don and Karen Litchfield purchased the original
Lockeford Winery in 1998 and began converting the property
to accommodate individual small-scale winery production fa-
cilities with tasting rooms and sales showrooms. Now over
17 different smaller wineries are located at Vino Piassa, offer-
ing visitors the opportunity to tour, taste and purchase a wide
variety of wines while also shopping for gifts and wine-related

    PACIFIC STATE BANK - LENDER OF THE YEAR                          Vino Piazza improved the economic climate in the Lockeford
and Senior Vice President Laura Maffei worked with                   area with 17 new retail winery tasting rooms for the public.
                                                                     Funded by USDA-RD and Pacific State Bank.
USDA Rural Development to issue a $1 million guaranteed
B&I Loan to the Litchfields that made the renovation of this
                                             (Continued on page 2)                                                             January 2004
$       Page 2                                                   Rural Business and Industry News

                                     Honoring USDA Business and Banking Partners
                                     (Continued from page 1)                                  contributions to the downtown Murphys busi-
 IN NATION                           property possible. The resulting Italian Villa           ness community and are expected to bring 16
     2003 USDA-RD                    style exterior and interiors provide a high              new jobs to Calaveras County.
    RURAL BUSINESS                   quality, world
      LOAN AND                       class environ-
    GRANT FUNDING                    ment for smaller                                                     LASSEN MEDICAL GROUP &
                                     Central Valley                                                       TEHAMA MEDICAL ARTS -
    Business & Industry              regional winer-                                                      BUSINESS OF THE YEAR is ex-
          Loans                      ies to present                                                       panding their clinic and office space
    $108,506,950                     their products                                                       in Red Bluff with the help of USDA
                                                                                                          and BUTTE COMMUNITY
                                     to the public.
     Rural Business                                                                                       BANK - LENDER OF THE YEAR.
    Enterprise Grants                                                                                     A new 35,000 square foot two-story
                                          MINERS                                                          building will open early in 2004 and
     $1,559,238                      EXCHANGE /                                                           make it possible for Lassen Medical
      Rural Business                 THE AR-                                                              Group to continue to meet the ex-
    Opportunity Grants               BORS - BUSI- Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD State Director con-              panded demand for health care ser-
                                     NESS OF THE gratulates Vino Piazza developers Don and                vices in rural Tehama County.
      $137,017                       YEAR is a pro- Karen Litchfield (left) and Pacific State Bank
                                                                                                          Because of this facility expansion,
       Intermediary                  ject in the Sierra partners Laura Maffei, Loan Officer and Steve
                                                         Rosso, President (right.)                        rural Tehama County will get eight
    Relending Program                Nevada commu-
                                                                                                                 new salaried doctors for the
                                     nity of Murphys
     $3,500,000                      in Calaveras County.
                                                                                                                 medical group. The $4.7 mil-
                                                                                                                 lion project is a total of 2.2
     Rural Cooperative               Working with applicants
                                                                                                                 acres and consists of three
    Development Grant                Stephan and Janis
                                                                                                                 separate but contiguous par-
                                     Drammer, USDA issued
      $327,748                       two guaranteed loans
                                                                                                                 cels. The new facility will
                                                                                                                 include 65 exam rooms, 10
    Renewable Energy                 totaling $2.3 million for
                                                                                                                 procedure rooms, ample re-
        Grants                       this husband and wife
                                                                                                                 ception area and administra-
                                     team to renovate existing
                                                                                                                 tive space and 210 on-site
      $691,830                       historic buildings into
                                                                                                                 parking spaces. The business
                                     commercial lease space.
Value-Added Product                                                 Pacific State Bank team members share in plan is unique with 12 doc-
                                     Their development pro- the pride of being chosen as a USDA Bank of
Market Development                                                                                               tors sharing ownership of the
                                     ject turned several exist- the Year. (Left to right) Steven Rosso, Presi-
       Grants                                                                                                    medical corporation while
                                     ing western-style brick        dent/CEO; Laura Maffei, Senior VP/Manager; practicing there. In total 74
     $4,174,507                      and stucco buildings in        Ron Ashwanden, VP/Loan Officer; Linda
                                                                                                                 quality jobs will be created
                                     downtown Murphys into Ogata, Senior VP/Manager; Paul Venosdel,
                                     ready-to-lease retail and      USDA-RD State Director; Gary Stewart,                   (Continued on page 4)
                                                                    Exec. VP/Chief Credit Officer.
                                     rental housing space. The
$118,897,290                         design and use are con-
                                     sistent with downtown planning and contrib-
                                                              utes greatly to the
                                                              area’s expanding re-
                                                              tail / gift shop trade
                                                              and housing market.
                                                               Pacific State Bank
                                                               was the original lender
                                                               for the USDA-RD
                                                               Guaranteed Loans and
                                                               Loan Officer Ron
                                                               Ashwanden, de-
                                                               serves the credit for      Visiting the Lassen Medical Group’s new building
       Miners Exchange / The Arbors wins the USDA              bringing this project to   under construction are (left to right) from USDA-
       Award for developers Stephan and Janis Drammer.         fruition. These new        RD - Ron Tackett, Community Development Man-
       This commercial development funded by USDA and                                     ager; Chuck Clendenin, RBS Program Director; Paul
                                                               retail spaces and apart-   Venosdel, State Director; from Lassen Medical Cen-
       Pacific State Bank will stimulate jobs and business     ment living units are
       in the Sierra foothills community of Murphys.                                      ter - William Clybourn, Operations Manager - and
                                                               significant economic       from Butte Community Bank - Glenn Rilinger,
                                                                                          Vice President of Commercial Lending.
                          Rural Business and Industry News                                                         Page 3                      $

How to Fund Rural Business - Call the Experts
Our California Rural Business team handled over $108 million in business loans last year and nearly $8.4 million in grants and revolv-
ing loan funds. That’s the dollar volume of a small bank. These staff experts as well as our other business program specialists
throughout the State can assist you to become a USDA-RD partner in rural business development. Call us at 530-792-5827.

KAREN SPATZ - Cooperative Program Special-             Steve has a solid 11 years of working experience
ist. After nine years with USDA Ag Co-Op Ser-          with USDA, starting as Assistant County Supervi-
vices in D.C. and five years with UC Davis Center      sor in Victor-
for Cooperatives, Karen has a wealth of knowl-         ville. A former
edge and a valuable network of problem solvers.        US Army Spe-
She’s been on our RD team for three years and is       cial Operations
the expert on Value-Added Grants and Rural             Officer, Steve
Business Enterprise Grants. Karen is a well known      quickly moved
provider of training for cooperative boards on         up to manage
policy, roles and responsibilities.                    the Indio office
                                                       and also repre-
LARRY STRONG - Business Program Specialist.            sent RD’s busi-
Originally a geological engineer, Larry added eco-     ness programs
nomic analysis to his expertise. He’s been a busi-     in rural South-
ness / residential appraiser, a mortgage broker and    ern California.
worked for SBA in disaster recovery. Larry has         “It’s rewarding
been on our RD team for six years and has been a       to help get
strong asset in working with our business lenders      actual dollars
and borrowers as the statewide Business Pro-           to work, build-
grams Coordinator.                                     ing business      Celebrating their awards for a record-setting $108 million in
                                                       and jobs for      loans and grants in 2003. (left to right, back row): Krista Minges,
LEE TAKIKAWA - Rural Development Special-              clients.”         Larry Strong, Karen Spatz, Lee Takikawa, (front row) Joe Chop-
ist. Lee came to the RD team 1-1/2 years ago af-                         erena, Chuck Clendenin, Steve Crabtree and Ron Tackett.
ter working nine years with the Valley Small Busi-     KRISTA
ness Development Corp. and earlier with The            MINGES - Business Services Technician. During
Bank of Fresno. He’s traveling the state to market     her nine years with USDA, Krista has built a
the Rural Business and Cooperative Programs,           reputation for efficiency and courtesy. As our
conducting Lending Roundtables and visiting with       Government Loans System expert, Krista is in
lenders. Lee’s commercial lending experience           charge of account monitoring and reporting.
gives our team even greater depth and knowledge.       Lenders call Krista to stay on track and get her
                                                       help in walking through to Guaranteed Loan
RON TACKETT - Community Development                    process.
Manager, Business Program Coordinator. After 14
years of experience with USDA, Ron has in-depth        JOE CHOPERENA - Business Programs Spe-
working experience in Business Programs and all        cialist. Joe is our main contact for the Intermedi-
other RD programs. While managing the Oroville         ary Relending Program (IRP). He started as an
office, Ron also handles the B & I programs in the     intern 2-1/2 years ago and now works full-time as
northern part of the State. He is known for his        our main IRP Program staff expert, Joe works
friendly approach. “I like to put customer service     with closely with a number of Economic Devel-
first.”                                                opment Councils and Native American Tribes.
                                                       Our partners appreciate that Joe is knowledge-
STEVE CRABTREE - Community Develop-                    able, friendly and always ready to help.
ment Manager, Business Program Coordinator.

Chuck Clendenin - Experience Helps Businesses
With an impressive 28 years of loan and grant          neighborhood businesses and non-profit job train-
experience, Chuck Clendenin has become one of          ing centers. Chuck’s leadership helped the RBS
Rural Development’s most respected senior staff        Team in California set a new record in 2003,
in the nation. Over the last ten years, as USDA        writing 74 loans totaling over $108 million. Due
Rural Development California’s Business and Co-        to his tenacity, Chuck was successful in working
operative Program Director, Chuck has approved         with Rural Development’s National Office to ex-
over $600 million in loans and grants for rural        pand this last year’s original $26 million allocation,
business development. Projects have ranged from        greatly enhancing the amount of loan guarantees             Chuck Clendenin,
major manufacturing plants and regional medical        to assist rural California businesses and create            Business and Cooperatives
facilities, creating thousands of new jobs, to small   jobs.                                                       Program Director
$      Page 4                                                   Rural Business and Industry News
                                  Awarding USDA Business and Banking Partners
                                   (Continued from page 2)
                                                                                               The non-profit Youth For Change provides
                                   and retained for Tehama County.                          comprehensive treatment and support for fami-
                                        Congratulations to                                           lies including mental health and reha-
                                   Glenn Rilinger, Vice                                              bilitation services, foster family ad-
                                   President - Commer-                                               ministration, transitional living and
                                   cial Lending with Butte                                           AmeriCorp Volunteer program ser-
                                   Community Bank and to                                             vices. USDA is proud to be a partner
                                   the Lassen Medical / Te-                                          with Youth For Change and Butte
                                   hama Medical Arts cor-                                            Community Bank in providing an in-
                                   poration for a great pro-                                         creased level of services to families
                                   ject that will benefit the                                        and youth in Butte County.
 “The objectives                   rural Tehama, Butte and
                                   Glenn Counties. USDA
are to create jobs                 Rural Development is                                                VALLEY INDEPENDENT
                                   proud to be your part-                                              BANK - LENDER OF THE YEAR is
 and revenues. . .                 ner.                                                                well-know in Imperial County and
Local economies do not                                                                                 other regions for their strong sup-
                                                                                                        port of local rural community devel-
  run on auto pilot. . . I              YOUTH FOR
                                                                Butte Community Bank President
                                                                                                        opment. Their USDA Lender of the
                                                                Keith Robbins receives a engraved
  urge communities to              CHANGE - BUSINESS glass award from USDA-RD State Di- Year award this year is for their as-
invest in local economic           OF THE YEAR has a 12- rector Paul Venosdel denoting Butte            tute and dedicated work in guaran-
                                   year history serving fami- Community Bank as a USDA-RD               teed business lending as exemplified
     development, for              lies and youth in Butte      Lender of the Year.                     by the two new family health care
 economic development              County through a variety                                             clinics projects in rural Imperial
  is an investment, not            of social service programs. With the help of             County. Bank President Dennis Kern and
                                   Glenn Rilinger and Butte Community Bank                  Loan Officer Kay Fisher are value assets for
       an expense.“                this valuable community organization is using a          businesses and residents in their service area.
                                   $1.3 million USDA-RD guaranteed loan to con-                                             (Continued on page 6)
     Wayne Schell                  solidate its various locations into 21,000 square
    President / CEO                feet of office spaces on a 3.7 acre develop-
       California                  ment. Project funds will construct two
                                   office buildings, an administrative center
     Association for               and a day care center on the new campus
    Local Economic                 development in Paradise where Youth for
     Development                   Change will be employing 114 persons.

                                                                                    Congratulations to Valley Independent Bank for being
                                                                                    chosen as a USDA Lender of the Year. (Left to right) Kay
                                                                                    Fisher, VP Commercial Div. ; Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD State
                                                                                    Director; Dennis Kern, President; Justina Gamboa-Arce, VP
                                                                                    Commercial Div.

                   Youth for Change Executive Director George Siler
                   (center) receives the Business of the Year award and is con-
                   gratulated by (left to right) Glenn Rilinger, Butte Commu-
                   nity Bank Vice President Commercial Lending; Paul Venos-
                   del, USDA-RD State Director; Chuck Clendenin, USDA-RD
                   Director of RBS; Ron Tackett, USDA-RD Loan Officer.
                            Rural Business and Industry News                                                     Page 5                   $

Value-Added Grants Help Grow Rural Jobs
 Over $4.17 million is going to help 20 California businesses compete
 through the USDA Product Market Development Grants program. That
 places California top in the nation for this program. “Federal dollars are coming home today for California’s
 number one industry - Agriculture,” said Paul Venosdel, State Director for USDA Rural Development. Au-
 thorized as part of the 2002 Farm Bill, the Value-Added Agriculture Product Market Development
 Grants program provides an opportunity to refine agricultural commodities and products to increase
 their value in the marketplace.
 Nationwide, 184 grants have been awarded in 40 states totalling $28.7 million. Innovative ideas in this
 program focus on job creation or retention and reflect the diversity of California business. Products tar-
 geted vary from cotton to caviar, from beef to peaches and even includes two projects involving agricul-
 tural - related clean energy production .

Rural Businesses Awarded Value-                                                                                  “California’s rural
Added Grants from USDA-RD
                                                                                                                  counties provide
 In 2003, the following 20 rural California busi-
 ness applicants were chosen by USDA-RD to                                                                       some of the best
 receive Value-Added Product Marketing Devel-
 opment Grant funds to expand their products.                                                                     opportunities to
 California was Number One in the nation in
 funding for this year’s program.
                                                                                                                  reinvigorate the
                                                                                                                   Golden State
 Blue Diamond                                                                                                     economy. Working
 Cal/West Seeds                                                                                                       with our federal
 Calcot, Ltd.                                                                                                      counterparts, we must
 California Canning Peach Association                Hilmar Cheese in Merced County is developing a              invest in the future of our
                                                     line of pharmaceutical grade lactose products for              rural economies and
 California Olive Growers                            domestic and international markets through a $120,414
 California Olive Oil Council                        USDA Value-Added Product Market Development                  create opportunities for
 Cedar Mills EcoFarm
                                                     Grant. At the Signing Ceremony (left to right) are De-        hard-working families.
                                                     nise Skidmore Education Coordinator; Bernard Corkery,           We must all work
 Community Alliance with Family Farmers              General Manager for Lactose; Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD
                                                     State Director; Hilda Legg, USDA-RD Administrator;            together to bring jobs,
 Diamond Walnut Growers                                                                                               investment and
                                                     Chuck Ahlem-Hilmar Cheese owner; Dr. Stephen
 Hilmar Cheese Company                               Kellam, R & D Manager .                                        opportunities back to
 Home Grown Meat Steering Committee                                                                                      California.“
 Lodi Woodbridge Winegrape Commission
 Napa Valley Vitners Association                                               “We are grateful to                  State Assembly
 Olive Growers Council of California                                           our partners at                     Republican Leader
 San Joaquin Valley Cotton Growers Assn                                                                             Kevin McCarthy
 Sunsweet Growers
                                                                               USDA for all they do
 Superior - Superior Stampede                                    on behalf of
 Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, LLC                                                     California agriculture.
 Valley Fig Growers                                                We are interested in
 Western United Dairymen                                           continuing to explore
                                                                   partnership opportuni-
                                                    A.G. Kawamura, ties with the federal gov-
                                                    Secretary      ernment as part of the
                                                    California     renaissance for agricul-
                                                    Department of  ture and the entire state
                                                    Food and       economy.”
                          Rural Business and Industry News                                                    Page 6                     $
Golden State Banks “Partner Up”
with USDA-Rural Development
USDA-RD California Rural Business Service Guaranteed Loans - FY 2003
                                                                                                              “This economy is
Bank of America: $819,375                              Kaweah National Bank: $320,000
Bank of the Sierra $7,768,400                          Napa Community Bank: $1,500,000
                                                                                                               strong, and it is
Bridge Bank: $6,651,000                                Oak Valley / ES Bank: $2,204,000                      getting stronger. . .
Butte Community Bank: $16,111,500                      Pacific State Bank: $21,256,000
Canyon National Bank: $1,421,000                       Rural Comm. Assist. Corp: $1,418,500
                                                                                                             All the signs in our
Central California Bank: $5,000,000                    Sun Country Bank: $1,250,000                          economy are very
Coast National Bank: $4,346,800
Cuyamaca Bank: $1,180,000
                                                       Temecula Valley Bank: $1,440,000
                                                       United Commercial Bank: $3,785,000
First International Cap.: $2,000,000                   United Security Bank: $2,100,000
GE Capital Small Business: $640,000                    Valley Independent Bank: $5,588,300
                                                                                                                George W. Bush
Gold Country Bank: $11,808,375                         Western Sierra Bank: $685,000
Heritage Bank of Commerce: $6,813,700                                                                          Remarks to Women Small
                                                       TOTAL GUARANTEED LOANS:                                   Business Owners at
Humboldt Bank: $2,400,000                                                                                       Commerce Department
                                                       $108,506,950                                                January 9, 2004

  Strong California Job Growth through USDA Loans and Grants

 2,739 2,296       2,759 3,302
             1,425                                                                                                United States
                                                                                                                  Department of
                          Jobs                 Jobs                 Jobs                  Jobs                     Agriculture
    1999                  2000                 2001                2002                  2003                   Rural Development

 Partners Share Awards
(Continued from page 4)                                                                                             430 G Street,
    IMPERIAL VALLEY FAMILY CARE                                                                                     Agency 4169
MEDICAL GROUP - BUSINESS OF THE YEAR                                                                               Davis, CA 95616
has grown by two more locations as a result of
USDA and Valley Independent Bank’s collabo-                                                                     Phone: 530-792-5800
ration. The clinics in Calexico and Imperial are the                                                              Fax: 530-792-5837
work of Dr. Mario Ceja and Dr. Vechaspathi                                                                    Email:
Palakodeti. These two dedicated physicians                                                            
chose to practice medicine where they were
needed the most and worked with Valley Independ-
ent Bank to obtain two USDA-RD guaranteed loans
totaling just under $2 million. These loans funded
the construction of two new clinics near El Centro                                                           Helping Rural People Succeed
and the U.S./Mexico border. The Medical Group
added six staff with the two new clinics and now
employs 97 people. In the new clinic locations they
are offering comprehensive outpatient care in mod-
ern examination and treatment facilities.                Paul Venosdel, USDA-RD State Director (right)
                                                         congratulates (left to right) Drs. Mario Ceja and
    Congratulations to the doctors and to Valley         Vechaspathi Palakodeti of Imperial Valley
Independent Bank for their integrity, professional-      Family Care Medical Group for being chosen
ism and service to the economic development and          as a USDA Business of the Year.
health care needs in rural Imperial County.

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