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					                                               For a clearer market perspective

           Future Opportunities in
                   Bottled Water
                Leveraging purity, ethical
                   and health credentials

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                            Publication date   July 2009
                                                                       Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                           Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

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Report Overview...

The bottled water market in Europe, the US and Japan is forecast to             Pages             135
grow by a CAGR of 5.3% to reach $76.4bn by 2012. Growth will be
driven by manufacturers promoting the provenance of water by placing            Figures                    39
greater emphasis on the source. Companies are also demonstrating
their ethical and green credentials by seeking to adopt more socially           Tables                             12
responsible business practices and reducing carbon footprints.
Functional bottled water continues to see growth with NPD featured
around weight management, improvement in mental function, skin
hydration and anti-ageing benefits.                                                   “Identify
                                                                                      future revenue
‘Future Opportunities in Bottled Water: Leveraging purity, ethical                    opportunities from
and health credentials’ is a new management report published by                       NPD in bottled
Business Insights that analyzes innovation and NPD strategies by                      water using the
category, region and type of innovation. This report provides global                  analysis and
bottled water market values across key regions/countries and profiles                 forecasts in this
the leading players. It identifies key growth opportunities and emerging              new report...”
trends and also assesses the impact of regulations and social trends on
                                                                       Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                           Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

Key Findings...

     The value of the bottled water market in
     Europe, the US and Japan is forecast to grow
     at an annual average rate of 5.3% between 2006
     and 2012 and will be worth almost $76.4bn by the
     end of that period.

     Bottled water growth in the US market is
     expected to be double that in Europe, such
     that the US market will account for 32% of market
     revenue by value. However, Europe will remain the         Key trends in bottled water innovation

     leading region, and will account for 61% of total
                                                               “An increasingly critical consumer audience wants
     market share by 2012.                                     to ensure that not only do their bottled waters meet
                                                               the highest safety standards, but also that their ethics
     Flavored still water is the most innovative               and values are reflected in the waters they drink. Pure,
                                                               untainted products often provide these benefits most
     bottled water segment, with 8.8% of all launches
                                                               effectively. However, consumers also waters that also
     in this area classed as being innovative between          offer health benefits and more flavor, yet the inclusion
     2005 and 2008. Flavored sparkling was the least           of ingredients that help to achieve these goals can
     innovative category with 2.6% of innovative product       also add sugar to a product and taint its natural

     launches.                                                 credentials...”

Use this report to...

 • Quantify the value, size, geography                     • Benchmark your competitive position
   and growth potential of the bottled                       aganist other players in the bottled water
   water market using this report’s data                     market based on this report’s analysis of
   for key categories including still and                    Groupe Danone, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca Cola,
   sparkling, flavored and unflavored                        TalkingRain Beverage Co, Y Water Inc and
   waters across Europe, the US and Japan.                   Plup Oy Ab Ltd.

 • Understand which key trends in bottled                  • Improve the targeting and effectiveness of
   water NPD offer the greatest growth                       your NPD strategy using this report’s analysis
   potential with this report’s analysis of trends           of product launch data for over 1,600 products
   within health, premiumization, ethical and                launched between 2005-2008.
                                                                        Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                           Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

Key issues...

      Functional health benefits. Functional waters
      continue to be a key area of growth in the bottled
      water market with a focus on how to offer functional
      health benefits and greater flavor without being seen
      to impair product purity and naturalness.

      Sugar content. Consumer perceptions of flavored
      and functional waters are changing as some of the
      bestselling enhanced water brands contain almost as
      much, in some cases more, sugar than competing soft      Boxed Water is Better
      drinks.                                                  “Boxed Water is comprised of 90% renewable resources
                                                               and in some cases leaves behind a carbon footprint
      Ethical Consumerism. Concerns over plastic bottle        80% lower than its plastic counterparts. The Boxed
      waste, the emission of greenhouse gases and wasted       Water container is made from responsibly harvested
                                                               trees. In addition, the boxes are shipped flat to the filler,
      natural resources are continuing to impact NPD in the
                                                               so it takes up about 5% of a truckload, versus five
      bottled water market.                                    truckloads for a similar number of plastic bottles, saving
                                                               a significant amount of fuel for at least one leg of
      Tap Water. Bottled water sales may be threatened by      distribution. And they are recyclable after they're used.
      Government initiatives to increase the consumption of    In addition, the project is giving 20% of its profits back
                                                               to causes around water and trees...“
      tap water. Tap water is reported to be 500 times
      cheaper and produces 300 times less CO² than
      bottled water.

Your questions answered...

• What are the key innovations in bottled water          • Why do manufacturers need to review the
  market which will be significant in the next five        development of healthy bottled water products
  years?                                                   to keep them in line with consumer behaviour?

• How are manufacturers addressing safety and            • How are urban lifestyles influencing new
  environmental issues?                                    product development in the bottled water

• Which companies are driving innovation in the          • What new functional ingredients are delivering
  bottled water market?                                    health and well-being within the bottled water
                                                                          Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                            Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

Sample Information

 Chapter 2: Key innovation trends
 Functional waters
 Running in parallel to the development of pure
 products in the bottled water market is the
 development of functional waters, which                     Figure 2.6: Archers Farm Water - Kellogg’s K2O
 combine hydration with sensory or functional                               and Skinny Water

 benefits. Consumers are looking to the water
 products they use to deliver an added hit or
 benefit, beyond quenching their thirst and
 keeping them well hydrated. Functional waters
 have been enhanced with specific ingredients
 which deliver health and wellbeing benefits.
 Some of the most common functional
 propositions appearing in innovative bottled
 water products are:
                                                                                                           Business Insights
 • Weight management;
 • Improvement in mental function;
 • Skin hydration and anti-ageing.

 Weight management
 Over the last four years bottled water has been repositioned by many manufacturers to become a weight
 control beverage, positioning them as an alternative to more calorific soft drinks. There are various
 marketing opportunities for bottled water brands to take into account when developing new weight
 management propositions products, as exhibited in recent innovative launches. Weight management
 benefits are being delivered through bottled water in four different ways:

 • Zero calorie and no sugar formulations (in flavored waters): Archers Farm’s Natural Unsweetened
   Water Beverage, available in the US, uses cucumber as a flavoring to enhance the taste of the
   product without the addition of a sweet ingredient;

 • Fiber water to make you feel fuller: added fiber in the water makes the consumer feel fuller for longer
   and therefore curbs the temptation to snack. For example, Kellogg’s Special K brand launched a
   water in the US in 2007 offering these benefits. Each bottle of K2O contains 5g of protein and 5g of

 • Appetite suppressants: Skinny Water, which was launched in 2008 in the US by Skinny Nutritional
   Corporation, features three key ingredients: Super CitriMax(r), ChromeMate(r), and EGCG. Super
   CitriMax(r) is claimed to be clinically proven appetite suppressant and to improve weight loss by
   “up to 350%”;

 • Accelerating fat burning: Skinny Water also includes ChromeMate, which promotes normal energy
   metabolism and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and also includes EGCG, a green tea
   extract, which helps to keep metabolism high.

                                                    - 68 -
                                                                        Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                           Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 2: KEY INNOVATION TRENDS                          • Introduction and market trends
• Introduction                                               - The US dominates the bottled water market
• Purity and provenance                                      - Still unflavored water is gaining share
   - Purity and provenance are inextricably linked in        - Volume-driven growth will put prices under pressure
    consumers’ minds                                      • Bottled water market value analysis
   - Sourcing and natural ingredients                        - Country analysis
• Ethical products                                           - Segment analysis
   - Reducing carbon footprint
   - Supporting good causes                               CHAPTER 5: NPD LAUNCH PATTERNS AND KEY
• Functional waters                                       INNOVATIONS
   - Weight management                                    • Introduction: opportunities in NPD
   - Improvement in mental function                          - Unflavored waters will drive growth, but innovation will
   - Skin hydration and anti-ageing                           focus on flavored waters
• Lifestyle products                                         - Functional properties and acting as alcohol mixers are
   - Fashion accessory packaging                              hot innovation areas in flavored waters
   - Urban lifestyle products                             • Launch pattern analysis
                                                             - Regional analysis
CHAPTER 3: MARKET DRIVERS, INHIBITORS AND                    - Segment analysis
ISSUES                                                       - Product claims
• Introduction                                               - Flavor trends
   - Bottled waters will need to redefine themselves in   • “New to market” innovation in bottled water
    future to maintain growth                                - Innovation overview
• Market drivers                                             - Innovation in formulation
   - Several trends have played a key role in growing        - Innovation in Packaging
    bottled water sales                                      - Innovation in positioning
   - Adult obesity and diet
   - Children’s health and school meals                   CHAPTER 6: CONCLUSION
   - Ageing populations                                   • Introduction
   - Convenience – “on-the-go” consumption                • Balancing purity and functionality
   - Demand for “natural” products                           - Drivers and resistors in the bottled water market
• Market inhibitors                                          - The pursuit of purity
   - Pressure on consumers’ budgets                          - The demand for functionality
   - Doubts over product safety                           • Opportunities to be exploited
   - Ethical consumerism                                     - By consumer group
   - A lack of appeal to children and teens                  - Niche opportunities by category
• Market issues                                           • Index
   - Competition from tap water
   - Balancing flavor, function, and sugar
    - Some waters have unexpectedly high sugar
    - Natural sweeteners are being developed to help
      solve the problem
                                                                           Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                               Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

Table of Contents
TABLES                                                       • Bottled waters targeting lunchboxes
• % of overweight & obese adult consumers by country,        • Natural Hydration Council (UK) Advertisement
   2004-09 (% of adult population)                           • PepsiCo’s SoBe Lifewater featuring stevia sweetener
• Number of overweight & obese people by country (m),        • Spend per capita (US$/head), value growth (CAGR
   2002-07                                                      2006-12) & future market size (US$ in 2012) analysis
• Over 60 mid year population by Continent 2008-12           • Segment share analysis (% market value), 2006-12
• Natural (excluding organic) food & drink market, by        • Value & volume growth (CAGR 2006-12) & future market
   category, Europe & the US ($m), 2000-10                      size (US$m in 2012) analysis
• Comparison of sugar content in selected soft drinks &      • Market opportunity of bottled water categories: spend
   enhanced water products                                      per capita (US$/head) & future market growth (CAGR
• Bottled water market value & by segment (US$bn),              2006-12) & future segment size (US$m)
   Europe, the US & Japan, 2006-12                           • Pure Coconut Water & Mattoni Mojito Water
• Top 20 claims (as % of all claims made) on all bottled     • Share of bottled water product launches by region &
   waters launched, 2005-08                                     segment (% new launches), 2005-08
• Top 15 flavors in new bottled waters (as a % of all        • Snapple Antioxidant water, Bonaqua Fresh and Spice,
   flavors used in new launches), 2005-08                       Sip & Nestlé Aquarel
• Share of “new to market” innovations within Bottled        • Mt Fuji’s Natural Spring Water, Organic Spring Water &
   Water by type of innovation, 2005-08                         Siwa Natural Water
                                                             • Glaceau Vitamin Water & 120/80 Works Water
FIGURES                                                      • Beauty Spring Water & HARD Nutritional Functional
• Key trends shaping innovation in bottled water                Water
• Park City Ice Water Artesian Water from Glacier Ice,       • Atataki Tenneusui & Cool Rhino Water
   Glacier Diamond Artesian Water & Dydo Drink’s             • Aqua Ice, Hyosho Lemon Water & Nut Green Water
   Sparta 7                                                  • Ozarka – Eco Shape, Next Generation Bottled Water &
• Carpe Diem, Eclectic Waters & Talking Rain Twist              Aava Bottled Mineral Water
• Carbon negative Fiji Water                                 • Seriously Twisted Bottled Water & H2O Pia Flavor
• Give Natural Spring Water & Brazilian Springs Rainforest      Infusion
   Water                                                     • Aquadeco Premium Spring Water, Evian Palace Bottle &
• Archers Farm Water. Kellogg’s K2O & Skinny Water              Gota Water
• Y Brain Water                                              • SoBe Life Water, Acqua Mineral Water & Primo plant
• JT Foods Fiber Water and Anti-Ageing Water                    based bottle
• Plup Spring Water                                          • Biota Colorado Pure Spring Water & Belu Natural
• Pure Cool Waters & V Water                                    Mineral Water – pioneering bioplastics in bottled water
• Boxed Water is Better                                      • Volvic Quinze, Fragra Water & Agualicious Healthy Kids
• Delo Syrup Caps & Bodegas Torres Brandy Spray                 Water
• Oasis Rubberduckzilla advertisement appealing to           • Drivers & resistors in the bottled water industry
   teenagers’ resistance to drinking water
                                                                                Future Opportunities in Bottled Water
                                                                                    Leveraging purity, ethical and health credentials

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