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Aarkstore Enterprise -The Android and Apple Mobile Ecosystem 2010


Aarkstore announce a new report "The Android and Apple Mobile Ecosystem 2010 " through its vast collection of market research report.

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The Android and Apple Mobile Ecosystem 2010

The latest report, The Android and Apple Mobile Ecosystem 2010, provides an insight into the
development of the mobile ecosystem around the Android and the Apple mobile OS standards to date.

The report looks at the reasons behind the creation of the ecosystem, including the improved User
Interface of the new generation of smartphones, the introduction of new high speed mobile networks
and the emergence of bundled and flat rate pricing with handset subsidies - in return for long term
Pay Monthly contracts - in developed markets.

The report examines the latest smart phone innovations including the Apple iPhone 4 and the Google
Nexus and looks at the rise of the App Store. It examines the business models being offered by the
main mobile OS standards. It provides examples of MNO pricing and examines the strategy being
employed by the MNO to ensure that it still remains relevant in the provision of content services over
the smart phone device in response to the rise of the smartphone brand.

The report also provides a global subscriber forecast for the Android mobile OS and the Apple iOS
standards from the end of 2010 to the end of 2013, with a similar forecast and market share
projection for all of the major mobile OS standard providers (including RIM (BlackBerry), Microsoft
Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian) as well as Android and Apple over the 3 year period.

By reading this exclusive 100+ page report you will understand all of the exciting opportunities that
will be available to increase your revenues and brand awareness.

Why you should buy this report

By reading this 100+ page report you will understand all of the exciting opportunities that will be
available to ensure that your business is positioned best to take advantage of the smartphone and the
developing mobile OS standard opportunity.

The Android and Apple Mobile Ecosystem 2010 report aims to answer the following questions:
• The reasons behind the competition between the different mobile OS standards
• The significance of improved smart phone User Interfaces
• The importance of new high speed mobile networks in spurring mobile internet growth
• The impact of the Apple iPhone in driving new data applications
• The types of data applications that are required by the smart phone user
• The key factors to select the appropriate mobile OS standard
• The response of the MNO's to the rise of the new App Stores
• The impact of the App Store "network effect"
• The importance of first mover advantage for the mobile OS standard
• Sales growth for the Apple iPhone in revenues and units
• A forecast from 2010 to 2013 for smart phone handset sales - for the Android and Apple iOS
standards versus all other smartphones and market share for all of the main smart phone providers

Who should buy this report?

Directors, VP and Senior managers at business such as:
• Mobile/ Cellular carriers and operators
• Banks and credit card companies
• Financial services providers
•   Handset manufacturers
•   Content providers
•   Application developers
•   Brands looking to tap into the mobile audience

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