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                  May 18, 2004
             Presentation to the
          Oregon Progress Board
                 Today’s Agenda

   Who we are? What brought us together?
   Underlying principles
   Vision, mission and goals
   Process, timeframe
   Outreach
   Defining success
   Stakeholder dialogue
Who we are?
Foundations For A Better Oregon
           Board of Directors
                 Collins Foundation
              Jerry Hudson, Executive VP

               Ford Family Foundation
Charlie Walker, Director Emeritus; Norm Smith, President

                 JELD-WEN Foundation
     Bill Early, Rod Wendt, Trustees; Bob Kingzett

                Meyer Memorial Trust
  Orcilia Forbes, Trustee; Doug Stamm, Exec. Director

         Oregon Community Foundation
   Duncan Campbell, Trustee; Greg Chaillé, President
What brought us together?


                      Underlying Principles

     Genuine Dialogue
      with Oregonians

    Long-Term Perspective

Comprehensive Understanding
       of the Issues

 Neutrality and Independence
                Our Vision

Every student in Oregon gets the quality education
 required to succeed in college or the workplace,
                    and in life.
                  Our Mission

Help deliver superior K-12 public education to Oregon’s
  students by ensuring a quality education system,
  accountable to Oregonians, who support it with
              adequate, stable funding.
                      Our Goals

Engage citizens in a new level of informed civic dialogue on
                       public education.

Achieve measurable progress toward superior education for
                 every student in Oregon.
                Our Process
       Determine Public Attitudes and Beliefs

              Research Best Practices

Stakeholder Engagement & Public Information Sharing

     Generate Alternatives & Recommendations


 Final Recommendations/Implementation Strategies
                           Our 90-Day Plan
  April                       May                        June

• Statewide Phone           • Research: Best           • Chalkboard Primer
  Survey; among 1,800         Practices in Quality,      Developed
  Oregonians                  Accountability and
                              Finance                  • Stakeholder Outreach
• Research:Oregon’s
  K-12 Ed. System,          • Chalkboard Advisory      • Communications/
  Current State of            Team Meets                 Civic Engagement
  Affairs / Focus groups                                 Plans Finalized
  with teachers,            • Website Development
  parents, & principals       Completed

• Communications/           • Planning public launch
  Civic Engagement           of Chalkboard in June
Our Project Flow
Phase One: March, 2004 - August, 2005

                       2004                                                        2005
 M     A     M     J     J     A        S    O     N      D      J       F   M   A    M     J     J   A
                               Communications Strategy & Implementation

 Public Opinion                         Public Opinion
    Research                               Research
   (Baseline)                             (Round 2)                          Final recommendations

    Oregon Education                           General
   Quality, Accountability                     Election
        and Finance


                              Policy Strategy Development & Implementation

                         • Summary of findings                       Oregon Legislative Session
                         • Critical questions
Early Public Opinion Findings

 Oregonians have two priorities for Oregon schools.
 Graduate students who are:
       1. … ready to go
          to college (42%)
       2. … ready to enter the
          workplace (33%)
Early Public Opinion Findings

There is validation of the public’s support for
Chalkboard’s mission.

Many also indicate a willingness to become involved.
  61% agree that Oregon needs a group
     like Chalkboard to convene to improve
      K-12 education
  1:3 Oregonians want to help
                   Key Outreach

Engage key stakeholders
 Foundation trustees and stakeholders, elected
  officials, education organizations, school boards,
  business associations, labor unions

Engage potential funding partners
 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pew Charitable
  Trust, Rockefeller Foundation
Defining Success
                   Among Citizens
   Oregon’s informed public knows that a new depth of
    civic dialogue is underway
    …leading to…

   Oregonians participating in Chalkboard activities in
    communities across the state
    …resulting in…

   Oregonians expressing support for long-term
    investment in a quality and accountable public
    education system and dedicating time to being
    champions of K-12 education.
               Among Policymakers

   Policymakers are visibly impacted by ideas and
    energy attributable to the Chalkboard Project
    …resulting in…

   Achieving progress in school quality, accountability
    and finance.
                 Among Educators

   Oregon’s K-12 system is visibly impacted by ideas
    and energy attributable to the Chalkboard Project
    …resulting in…

   Some major education reform concepts are under
    active implementation.
             “The Elevator Speech”

                  What is the Chalkboard Project?

   “It’s a collaborative, unbiased effort among a group of Oregon
   foundations with one solitary, critically important goal: improving
                  Oregon’s K-12 public education system.

We hold ourselves accountable to the citizens of Oregon. We seek to
   engage Oregonians, form recommendations and achieve change
                       based on their input.”
     What will Chalkboard lead to?
A comprehensive vision and plan to strengthen
      K-12 public education in Oregon.

  Citizens engaged as advocates for public
 education; educators engaged as experts; and
  policymakers better equipped to implement
   positive changes based on citizens’ input.
Thank you

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