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Wisconsin Dells Better Business Bureau - DOC by nsz19135


Wisconsin Dells Better Business Bureau document sample

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									                                                        January 2002

      A letter from the                      for her years of dedicated service to
                                                     Wisconsin‟s victims.
                                                                                         (V/W Coordinator, Wood Co.) and
                                                                                         Stephanie Jens (V/W Coordinator,
       President ….                          A luncheon honoring Chris will be
                                                                                        Outagamie Co.) and Penny Werner
                                                                                        (V/W Coordinator, Fond du Lac Co.)
                                                held on Thursday, April 18 .             whose terms had expired, however,
       Mark your calendars!                                                             Stephanie was elected Secretary and
                                                The conference brochure with            Penny was re-elected to the position
             April 17-19
                         th                 registration information should be sent      of regional representative. We are
                                             soon, so get your registration in early!       happy to have their continued
    Wisconsin Victim/Witness                                                                         experience.
           Professionals                        Welcome & Congratulations! I
   will host their annual training            would like to take this opportunity to    Help Needed! Having been elected
             conference.                      „officially‟ welcome Kathy Zupan to       Vice President of the Association, the
                                             her new position with the Department       regional representative (term expiring
 The conference will be held at the         of Justice. I believe we are fortunate to    2002) position held by Kathy Senn
Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.         have someone with such knowledge             (V/W Coordinator, Douglas Co.) is
                                              and experience! Kathy has already            vacant. Since no one ran for the
 If you have never been to this facility,      shown us that she will continue to        vacancy for the term that expired in
   it is truly awesome! It is a 300 plus     work closely with our association and            2001, Glenna Davis (V/W
 room hotel with a Northwoods theme              the professionals who staff the            Coordinator, Vilas Co.) was re-
 and every amenity you could ask for,         victim/witness programs throughout              appointed to that position.
including the nation‟s largest four story                    Wisconsin!
indoor water park with three swimming                                                    In November, I had sent an e-mail to
       pools, ten water slides and two       Your WVWP Board of Directors! I               everyone in that region asking for
   whirlpools! If your would like more      would also like to take this opportunity                  volunteers.
  information, I encourage you to visit     to congratulate the individuals recently
               their web site at:                  elected to the Wisconsin             No one came forward at that time, so                      Victim/Witness Professionals            due to Kathy‟s “promotion”, I am again
     You will be truly impressed!           Board of Directors. In a world where           begging members who may be
                                             none of us know what “being caught                       interested.
   Aside from a beautiful facility, your     up with our work” means, serving on
 WVWP Board, under the direction of         the board is a tremendous sacrifice of
                                              time. Elsewhere in this publication         Please contact me at your
Heather Havlik-Simonson (who has                                                         earliest convenience if you
                                             you will find those who were recently
graciously agreed to continue to serve
 as conference chairperson) has put
                                              elected and those currently serving       can at all find it in yourself to
                                             terms. I look forward to working with          give a little back to an
  together a stellar agenda, including
                                                             you all!
  two national presenters who will be                                                    organization that works so
 addressing the issues of ‘Vicarious                                                             hard for you!
                                              Many thanks! With the election of
Trauma’ and ‘Promoting Tolerance
                                            new board members, it is also time to
   in an Intolerable World’. We will                                                     (Hey, if it wasn‟t important, I wouldn‟t
                                             say farewell and thank you to those
also have a session on ‘Dealing with                                                                       ask..)
                                             whose terms have expired. I would
    High Profile Media Cases’ and,            like to recognize: Heather Havlik-
 naturally, a presentation of uncertain                                                 (FYI: The Northern Region consists of
                                                 Simonson (V/W Coordinator,
     origination by Dave Perlman.                                                          the following counties: Douglas,
                                                Richland Co.) who had served as
                                              Vice-President; Shelly Sturdevant          Bayfield, Ashland, Iron, Vilas, Oneida,
   We will also dedicate part of our                                                        Price, Washburn and Burnett).
                                            (V/W Coordinator, Rock Co.) who had
conference time to honor Chris Nolan
                                               served as Secretary; and regional
                                              representatives: Trisha Anderson                Until next time, take care...
     Friday, November 2, 2001             bring suggested language to the next      WVWP Board Membership, Contact
    Wisconsin Victim Witness              meeting.
   Professionals Board Meeting
                                                                                      Information, and term length
          State Crime Lab                 2002 Conference: The Great Wolf              WVWP Board President:
        Wausau, Wisconsin                 Lodge was chosen as the site for the          Patricia Krueger (2002)
                                          conference, which will be held on April           (715) 748-1450
Present: Patricia Krueger, Jen Miller,    17-19, 2002. Topics and other
Kathy Senn, Nancy Bourne, Gloria          conference business was discussed.         WVWP Board Vice President
Christensen, Glenna Davis, Roxie                                                        Kathryn Senn (2003)
Scheel, Heather Simonson.                 The next WVWP meeting will be on                  (715) 395-1455
                                          January 18 at the Great Wolf Lodge.
                                                                                       WVWP Board Secretary
President Patricia Krueger called the     Heather Simonson moved that the
                                                                                        Stephanie Jens (2003)
meeting to order at 10:20 a.m.            WVWP pay for the board to stay at the
                                                                                            (920) 832-4615
                                          Lodge the night of January 17 for
Minutes from June 14, 2001 were           conference planning activities. Gloria       WVWP Board Treasurer:
reviewed. Heather Simonson moved          seconded the motion; motion                  Gloria Christenson (2002)
to approve the minutes, and Kathy         approved.                                         (715) 468-4675
Senn seconded the motion. Minutes                                                     Northern Representatives:
approved.                                 Old Business: Feedback about the
                                          Restorative Justice Conference, as            To be announced (2002)
                                                                                            (715) 000-0000
The Treasurer’s Report for January        well as the working document from it,
– April, 2001 was presented. Jen          were emailed to all members. DOJ is             Glenna Davis (2003)
Miller moved to approve the report,       working on restorative justice                    (715) 479-3614
and Roxie Scheel seconded. Report         guidelines and will be incorporating
                                          our document into their                    Northwest Representatives:
                                          recommendations.                               Nancy Bourne (2002)
                                                                                            (715) 532-2159
Membership: We have
approximately 130 members.                New Business: The OCVS state                      Carol Day (2003)
                                          conference will be October 21-23,                 (715) 839-4795
Elections: Patricia Krueger handed        2002 at the Kalahari Resort in the
                                          Dells.                                      Northeast Representatives:
out the ballot form and bios that were                                                   Sheree Repinski (2002)
sent out. The vacancy in the northern     The OCVS Professional Development
                                          Course was discussed and tabled until             (715) 526-4919
region was discussed. Kathy Senn
recommended that the length of the        next year, in the hopes that Carol Day           Geri Heinz (2003)
term be listed on future ballot forms.    can assist with it.                               (715) 261-1111
Jen Miller suggested that existing
                                          Speakers Bureau: A discussion was          Southeast Representatives:
board members and terms, not up for
                                          held regarding establishing a                    Jen Miller (2002)
election, be attached to the ballot as                                                      (262) 548-7071
well.                                     speaker‟s bureau. Jen Miller will
                                          maintain a roster of interested,                Penny Werner (2003)
Advocacy Awards: No report.               potential speakers.                               (920) 929-7049

                                          Jen Miller suggested that restitution      Southwest Representatives:
Standing Rules: There was a
                                          and V/W state funding be topics for            Karen Rengert (2002)
discussion of redistricting the regions                                                      (608) 269-8881
– this will need to be discussed at the   the next agenda.
April meeting. Kathy Senn will work                                                       Gayle Patraw (2003)
on suggestions for redistricting.         Gloria Christensen made a motion to               (608) 326-0299
Patricia Krueger mentioned that we        adjourn the meeting, and Roxie
might want to consider a chain of         Scheel seconded. The meeting was
command for the presidency; she will      adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

        The Resource                                                                 Good news!
         Connection                         Just a thought..
                                                                                   The Office of Crime Victim
   Have you ever wondered what                 Speaker’s Bureau                  Services is... again... offering
happens to all the old cellular phones                                          quarterly Regional meetings to
      out there in our world?              Due to popular demand, WVWP         Wisconsin Victim/Witness Service
                                           is working toward establishing             Providers as a way to
  I expected that all they did was plug         a “Speaker’s Bureau.”          disseminate updated information
up a landfill leaching hazardous waste                                         necessary to our work as well as
 into the environment until I stumbled          Ideally, The Wisconsin              a tried-n-true method of
     across this nifty little website at                                            networking to brainstorm set up              Victim/Witness Assistance
                                                                                    emerging trends and the
   to recycle those old phones for the       Service Speakers Bureau will
                                                                               difficulties that often accompany
benefit of victims of domestic violence.   offer community groups across
                                                                                   the need to adapt to those
                                             Wisconsin a rich resource of                     trends.
    In addition to raising money for          speakers with insights on
  organizations that assist victims of     issues of interest pertaining to    Who can we thank for this? Why,
domestic violence, the site's mission is                                         Kathy Zupan, of course. The
   to publicize local businesses and         the provision of services to
                                             crime victims in the state of      new Director of Victim Services
  organizations that collect used cell
                                                      Wisconsin.                 for the Office of Crime Victim
 phones for redistribution to battered
                                                                                   Services of the Wisconsin
 women. The phones are refurbished
    and reprogrammed to dial 911.            The demand is clearly out               Department of Justice.
                                           there, we just need to work on      Just in case you missed the brief
In Wisconsin cellular phones may be                 the supply...              biography that accompanied the
          dropped off at;
                                                                               announcement of her acceptance
                                              If anyone is interested in       to this position we are including
              Milwaukee                     speaking on different topics        an excerpt from the 10-18-01
     Lincoln Professional Center
 10401 W. Lincoln Avenue - Excel             related to Victim/Witness                announcement to all
     Communications Suite 211                  services, and has some            Victim/Witness Professionals
                  Or                        experience doing so, please          from Kitty Kocol, Executive
              Saukville                          contact Jen Miller at;         Director of the Office of Crime
  Cole Family Consignment$, LLC                    262-548-7075.                        Victim Services;
        655 N. Riverside Drive
                                                                                   “Kathy began providing
                  Or                           Let her know your area of
                                                                                 services to crime victims in
You can always send Cellular phones        expertise/interest and any time            1981. She has an
  to the national collection point at
                                             or travel limitations that she       undergraduate degree in                 should be aware of before she         social work from UW-Eau
     3104 East Camelback #205                starts fielding and filling our       Claire and worked as a
        Phoenix, AZ 85016                    many requests for speakers.        juvenile probation officer in
                                                                               St. Croix County. She worked
Pretty cool huh? Increase victim safety     I think it should go without       in Rochester, Minnesota as a
and save the environment at the same        saying that we hope to hear         victim/witness specialist for
                time....                     from MANY of you soon...            more than five years, after
                                                                               which, she moved to Ohio and
                                                                                     earned a Master’s in
                                                                                Education with a counseling

     specialization from the              Who are We?                          Try to explain why the system gives
 University of Dayton. Kathy                                                      the offenders so many breaks
     provided sexual abuse             We are victim advocates…                   And we are the buffer for the
   prevention education for               But, who are we?                          attorneys and the courts
Planned Parenthood of Miami
 Valley for about three years.    We are the unheard voice of victims         The anger and frustration bounces off
Upon her return to Wisconsin      We struggle to bring the reality and                  of us…not them
   in 1991, Kathy became a        horror of crime into a political, legal      We give the hugs, the Kleenex, and
Victim/Witness Coordinator in         and bureaucratic system…                        the pats on the back
    Rock County, where she
worked until early 1993. She       A system that works with statistics          While they are fed to the defense
   then joined the Office of        and volume and the bottom line.             attorneys like a piece of meat to a
 Crime Victim Services in the    A system that doesn’t want to see the                    pack of wolves
   Wisconsin Department of       victims’ face and only deals with them       The “Right” to be treated and dignity
    Justice and initiated the      when they are forced to, and then              and respect?…if your lucky.
    Victim Resource Center.                      poorly.
                                                                               And what do we do with all of this?
 Kathy is looking forward to       We see the grief, feel the pain and
  the opportunity to support            hold the hand of hurt.                We put in long hours, internalize the
 victim service professionals                                                      emotions, and push on.
                                   We see the blood, the bruises, the
      and is excited about                                                    We feel helpless and small, like an ant
                                            face of death.
        partnering with                                                               climbing a mountain.
 victim/witness coordinators     We hear the anguish, the despair and
and other service providers to                the loss.                       We try to keep form being sucked into
    better assist victims of                                                     the vacuum of the emotionless
                                   We know the intimate and graphic                          process
                                 details of a sexual assault, a homicide,
                                   a battery to the point that we can          We try not to admit our weakness,
                                                                              hide that tear that slips out and keep
       Judicial Joke             almost visualize it, smell it and feel it.
                                                                                           our chin up
                                 And we don’t get away from it…every
      of the Moment                    day, it’s another horror                 Today I felt like a child who spent
                                                                               hours building a sand castle only to
There is an opinion out there    And we steel ourselves from emotion           have a big bully come and knock it
                                        so we can be strong                                     down.
 that the American Criminal
Justice System and computers      Strong for the victim who needs our               I feel defeated and angry.
                                         support, our strength
  have been proliferating at                                                           But I won’t give up.
about the same rate of speed       Strong for ourselves so we can be
                                        there for the next victim             Tomorrow I’ll build another sandcastle
        since 1970...                                                         and maybe only the water will wash it
                                   We feed them the coldness of the            away slowly and I won’t feel so bad.
 The difference seems to be        system and try to make it warm
   that the computers have       Try to explain how everyone is “doing         Author: Carol Day - Coordinator
gotten twice as smart and half             the best they can”                          Eau Claire County
                                                                                  Victim/Witness Assistance
 as expensive every eighteen      Try to explain why the offender has         (Written after a meeting with a county
                                        more rights than they do
           months.                                                                      board committee)

                      details of a sexual assault, a homicide,     We try not to admit our weakness, hide
                                       a battery to the point that we can          that tear that slips out and keep our
       Judicial Joke                 almost visualize it, smell it and feel it.                    chin up
      of the Moment
  Today I felt like a child who spent
 hours building a sand castle only to
 have a big bully come and knock it
      I feel defeated and angry.
         But I won’t give up.
Tomorrow I’ll build another sandcastle
and maybe only the water will wash it
 away slowly and I won’t feel so bad.

Author: Ca rol D a y - Coordina tor
        E a u Cla ire County
  V ictim/ W itne ss Assista nce
(Written after a meeting with a county
          board committee)


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