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Best Home Equity Loan Rates


Best Home Equity Loan Rates document sample

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									                               LANCO FCU

                                   Educator                                                            April – June 2009

Annual Meeting and Elections                                   Incredible Home Equity Loan Savings
LANCO’s 44th Annual Meeting was held on Saturday,              Not only does LANCO offer some of the best Home Equity
March 7th. There were 3 board seats up for election. Two       Loan rates in the area… now we’re giving you even more!
incumbents, Bob Steinruck & Lois Greenawalt were re-           LANCO is offering a NO FEE Home Equity Loan and Line
elected to the LANCO Board of Directors. David Ober was        of Credit. We’ll waive all appraisal and documentation
also newly elected to the Board of Directors.                  fees – that’s a savings of over $200!
                                                               LANCO’s Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit are
LANCO's Willow Street Branch                                   available to you for any purpose, such as financing college,
                                                               purchasing a vehicle, medical bills, debt consolidation or
1st Anniversary Celebration                                    any other major purchase.
Saturday, June 27     10am - 12pm
                                                               With our low rates and no fee loans, just imagine
Stop by the Willow Street branch for some fun, prizes,         how low your monthly payments could be…
snacks and FREE cash. Take your chance in the Buck
                                                                Fixed Home Equity Loan               Home Equity Line of Credit
Blaster to grab as much cash as you can when you open a
new account or add a service to your current account. Go        $20,000 loan                         $20,000 loan
home with extra cash and cool prizes!                           60 months                            $376.00 per month
                                                                $381.93 per month                    All examples are shown with our
                                                                                                     current advertised rates

Reactivate Your Dormant Account                                With rates as low as 5.49% for Fixed Home Equity and
                                                               4.25%* for Home Equity Line of Credit this is one special
LANCO would like to make you aware that if your ac-
                                                               you can’t afford to miss! Plus payroll deduction and auto-
count has not experienced activity for at least two years
                                                               matic payments are available for your convenience.
it is classified as dormant (inactive) and may be subject
to a Dormant/Inactive fee of $5.00 per month. You may          Apply online at or stop by any
easily reactivate your account and avoid this fee by mak-      LANCO branch with your most recent pay-stub.
ing a deposit or withdrawal to your account. State law re-     *Variable rate = Wall Street Journal Prime +1
quires that account balances be surrendered or escheated
to the state if the owner has not generated account activity        Clip this coupon & bring it to LANCO for your savings
within five years. To avoid this, we encourage you to take
action as soon as possible.
                                                                                        Save $200 in Loan Fees
                                                                                        & Receive a F Gift
Exciting News for LANCO Kids Club                                                       when you open a new
With a new interactive Web page and its very own news-                                  Home Equity Loan or
letter, LANCO’s Kids Club is now better than ever! Turn to        Offer valid 4/1/09
                                                                   through 6/1/09       Home Equity Line of Credit
Page 2 for more Kids Club news.

                                                  April – June 2009                                                              Page 1
Kids Club Web Site                                             National CU Youth Week                                      & Savings Challenge
Kids Club members, check out our                               LANCO is taking part in the National
new and improved Web page! It's full                           Youth Savings Challenge this year. Dur-
of new games, articles, upcoming                               ing the month of April any member age 18 or under who
events and other cool stuff!                                   makes a deposit will be entered to win awesome prizes
                                                               from LANCO! Plus, every entrant into LANCO’s draw-
Buckaroo Bulletin                                              ing will also be entered into the national contest where 10
Now when your parents receive their LANCO newsletter           lucky winners will be selected to win $100.
you can get one too! The Buckaroo Bulletin is now avail-       During the week of 4/19 – 4/25 LANCO will celebrate
able on the Kids Club Web page and can be picked up at         Youth Week. Any child under 12 who visits one of our
any LANCO branch. Check out The Buckaroo Bulletin              branches will receive a free gift. Visit us on Thursday 4/23
for upcoming events, cool games, riddles, jokes, recipes       for treats in our lobby!
and much more!

Senior Week at LANCO                                           LANCO Gives Back
                                                               LANCO has partnered with the Military Mothers and
Attention all LANCO members 50+
                                                               Friends organization. Military Mothers and Friends is an
Join us for our annual Senior Week                             organization that sends care packages to our troops over-
festivities! Stop by any LANCO branch May 11th – 16th          seas. LANCO employees contributed toiletries, snacks
to receive a free gift. Come in on Thursday, May 14th for      and other necessities toward the care packages that were
treats in the lobby!                                           shipped for the Easter Season. LANCO is proud that we
                                                               are able to support our troops.

Coming in May 2009...                                                                        ScoreCard Bonus Points
                                                                                             LANCO Rewards
LANCO’s Platinum Preferred                                                                   NO ANNUAL FEE
Visa is Getting a Makeover!                                                                  Rates as low as 9.99%

The enhanced LANCO Platinum Preferred Visa® will
                                                                      Level      Points      LANCO Rewards
be available with NO ANNUAL FEE!
                                                                Thank You          2,000     Package of LANCO giveaways
Just like the current LANCO Platinum Preferred Visa,
                                                                    Level 1        3,500     Free Skip-a-Pay
you will earn one point for every dollar spent on the card.
The points accrued on your card may be used for any-                                         1 Year Safe Deposit Box or 1
                                                                    Level 2        6,000
thing available on                                                 Box of Checks
                                                                    Level 3      10,000      No Penalty CD
And now introducing LANCO Rewards! With the new
Platinum Preferred card all of your dollars will be eligible        Level 4      15,000      +.25% on CD Rate
for LANCO Rewards points as well. Please see the chart              Level 5      20,000      -.25% on Loan Rate
to learn what your LANCO Rewards can be used toward.                Level 6      50,000      100 LANCO Dollars
Call a LANCO Member Service Representative to learn                 Level 7      75,000      200 LANCO Dollars
more about upgrading your current card or opening a            The above is an example of the points that can be redeemed. The rewards
new LANCO Platinum Preferred Visa.                             are subject to change at any time.

Page 2                                         April – June 2009
Attention Business Owners!                                       LANCO’s Courtesy Line of Credit
Did you know that LANCO has all of the products and              We know at times unanticipated expenses can leave you
services that you need to successfully manage the start-         with too little cash in your account. As always, we encour-
up or growth of your business? As a LANCO Business               age you to manage your finances responsibly. However, we
Member, you can take advantage of our Business Check-            want to save you from the additional merchant fees and
ing, Lending, Visa Credit Cards, and Merchant Visa &             embarrassment that can result from a returned check.
MasterCard Processing.                                           LANCO’s $1,000 Courtesy Line of Credit will be avail-
Also, LANCO Business Members have the opportunity                able for you in the event that your LANCO checking ac-
to be in the spotlight on our Web site and in our lobby          count becomes overdrawn. There’s no application fee, no
through our Business Member of the Month program.                annual fee and no interest or other fees charged until
If interested, call Stacey at 717-569-7180 ext. 102.             you use the funds.
                                                                 To apply for your Courtesy Line of Credit, use our Online
Learn more about LANCO Business Membership                       Loan Application at or stop by any
at                                     LANCO office today!

LANCO Forms CUSO                                                 Wii Contest Winner
During 2008, LANCO FCU                                           Congratulations to the Roth family —
formed the CUSO (Credit                                          the lucky winners of LANCO’s Win a
Union Service Organization)                                      Wii promotion. The promotion ran
Vision One, LLC. Vision One is a wholly owned subsid-            from Jan 1 – Feb 28; to be eligible to
iary of LANCO Federal Credit Union. It is a separate             win members had to open a new ac-
entity with a separate board of directors. The primary           count or add a service to their current
purpose of Vision One is to strengthen and advance the           account. Make sure to be on the look
credit union movement and to serve or otherwise assist           out for other upcoming contests and promotions like this
credit unions and their operations.                              one! Congratulations again Roth family!

LANCO Supports Lancaster Boys & Girls Club
The Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster's mission is to enable        areas of focus that the Club's programs are built off of,
all young people, especially those who need us most, to          Character & Leadership Development, The Arts, Sports
reach their full potential as productive, caring responsi-       Fitness and Recreation, Health & Life Skills and Educa-
ble citizens. These accomplishments are made possible by         tion and Career Development.
the great passion amongst club staff, board members, the
                                                                 Each day, more and more youth are finding Boys & Girls
Lancaster community and of course the youth the Boys &
                                                                 Clubhouses and engaging in constructive activities after
Girls Club serve everyday.
                                                                 school. While the Club has continued to experience fund-
Sometimes it takes a fantastic, creative program to reach a      ing cuts in both the public and private sectors, they are
child, but other times it is simple comfort they find having a   determined to afford every child access to programs that
place they belong, having adult members to guide them and        are making a difference. And, each day your support is
having a safe place to laugh and play with their friends.        helping these efforts.
There are four clubs in Lancaster County, three in Lan-          To find out more about The Boys & Girls Club of Lan-
caster City and one in Columbia. The Clubs serve over            caster, please visit their Web site at or
9,000 Lancaster County youth ages 6-18. There are five           contact Angie Jones or Erin Mayfield at 717-295-3474.

                                                    April – June 2009                                              Page 3
                                                     LANCO's Willow Street Branch
                                                      1st Anniversary Celebration
                                                       Saturday, June 27                        10am - 12pm
                                                 Prizes, Snacks and FREE Cash — Info on Page 1

                                The mission of LANCO Federal Credit Union is to provide comprehensive services in an
                              environment that delivers innovative solutions to best satisfy our members’ financial needs.

349 West Roseville Rd.      Rate Review                                       Holiday Closings &
Lancaster, PA 17601
p: 717.569.7180
                            Current as of March 2009                          Events Calendar
    1.888.318.4222          Savings                     Rate       APY
f: 717.569.2374
M-Th: 9am-5pm               $25+                        0.25%      0.25%
                                                                              Fri. 10: Open 9am-1pm – Good Friday
F: 9am-6pm
                            Money Market Savings Accounts
Sat: 9am-12pm                                                                 Sat. 11: Closed – Easter Weekend
                            $1,500-$9,999               0.55%      0.55%
Brownstown                                                                    Mon. 20 – Sat. 25: National Credit
1 West Main St.
                            $10,000-$24,999             1.05%      1.05%      Union Youth Week, Pg 2
PO Box 568                  $25,000+                    1.55%      1.55%
Brownstown, PA 17508                                                          May
p: 717.656.8963             IRAs                        1.00%      1.00%
                                                                              Mon. 11 – Sat. 16:
f: 717.656.9257
                            Vacation/Christmas Clubs               0.50%      Senior Week @ LANCO (50+), Pg 2
M-W, F: 9am-5pm
Th: 9am-6pm                 Checking Accounts                                 Sat. 23 & Mon. 25:
Willow Street               No Minimum Balance          No Monthly Fee        Closed – Memorial Day
2516 Willow Street Pk.      Share Certificates          Call for rates
Willow Street, PA 17584
p: 717.509.2612             Loans                       APR                   Sat. 27: Willow Street's 1st Anniversary
f: 717.509.2617
                            New & Used Auto             start at 6.45%        Celebration, Pg 1
M-Th: 9am-5pm
F: 9am-6pm                  Fixed Rate Home Equity start at 5.49%
Sat: 9am-12pm
                            Home & Personal Loans       Call for rates        Fri. 3 & Sat. 4:
Mount Joy
                            Visa Platinum Preferred         as of May '09     Closed for Independence Day
2024 West Main St.
Mount Joy, PA 17552          No Annual Fee              as low as 9.99%*
p: 717.361.1800
                            Visa Platinum                                    Cell Phone Collection
f: 717.361.1821
M-Th: 9am-5pm                No Annual Fee              as low as 8.99%*     Bring your old, deactivated cell phones to
Fri: 9am-6pm                                                                 any LANCO office throughout the year. All
                            *Rates based upon qualifications                 phones that LANCO collects are donated
                            Please call for rates and terms on all loans.    to the Call to Protect Program to benefit       Rates subject to change without notice.          victims of domestic violence.

GABBY                       For up-to-date rates, please call 717.569.7180             Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000
                                                                              and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

Local: 717.569.5415         or check our web site,                  NCUA
Toll Free: 1.800.318.4222
                                                                                 National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency

Page 4                                        April – June 2009

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