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									 DODAAC             SCHOOL DISTRICT                    SCHOOL           CITY
YMT327    Dillon                         Dillon Elem                    Dillon
YMT218    Lima                           Lima K-12 Schools              Lima
YMT413    Hardin                         Hardin Elem                    Hardin
YMT103    Harlem                         Harlem Elem                    Harlem
YMT412    Zurich                         Zurich Elem                    Zurich
YMT098    Turner                         Turner Elem                    Turner
YMT019    Townsend                       Townsend K-12 Schools          Townsend
YMT040    Bridger                        Bridger K-12 Schools           Bridger
YMT050    Joliet                         Joliet Elem                    Joliet
YMT388    Roberts                        Roberts K-12 Schools           Roberts
YMT104    Fromberg                       Fromberg Elem                  Fromberg
YMT141    Belfry                         Belfry K-12 Schools            Belfry
YMT162    Luther                         Luther Elem                    Luther
YMT333    Ekalaka                        Ekalaka Elem                   Ekalaka
YMTGF1    Great Falls                    Great Falls Elem               Great Falls
YMT005    Cascade                        Cascade Elem                   Cascade
YMT142    Belt                           Belt Elem                      Belt
YMT169    Sun River Valley               Sun River Valley Elem          Simms
YMT100    Our Lady of Lourdes            Our Ldy Of Lrds Schl           Great Falls
YMTGFC    Holy Spirit Catholic           Holy Spirit School             Great Falls
                                         Cascade Co Regional Yth
YMTGFG    Cascade Co Regional Youth      Services                       Great Falls
                                         Great Falls Central Catholic
          Great Falls Central Catholic   High                           Great Falls
YMT105    Fort Benton                    Fort Benton Elem               Fort Benton
YMT309    Big Sandy                      Big Sandy Elem                 Big Sandy
YMT158    Highwood                       Highwood Elem                  Highwood
YMT370    Miles City                     Miles City Elem                Miles City
YMT164    Sacred Heart                   Sacred Heart School            Miles City
YMT431    Scobey                         Scobey K-12 Schools            Scobey
YMT150    Glendive                       Glendive Elem                  Glendive

YMT033    Anaconda                       Anaconda Elem                  ANACONDA
                                         Community Counceling &
YMT046    Community Counseling           Correctional Services          Deer Lodge
          Aware (Galen)                  AWARE Inc. (Galen)             Galen
YMT037    Baker                          Baker K-12 Schools             Baker
YMT065    Plevna                         Plevna K-12 Schools            Plevna
YMT106    Lewistown                      Lewistown Elem                 Lewistown

YMT345    Grass Range                    Grass Range Elem               Grass Range
YMT160    King Colony                    King Colony Elem               Lewistown
YMT417    Moore                          Moore Elem                     Moore
YMT224    Roy                            Roy K-12 Schools               Roy
YMT145    Denton                         Denton Elem                    Denton
YMT161    Spring Creek Colony            Spring Creek Colony Elem       Lewistown
YMT173    Winifred                       Winifred K-12 Schools          Winifred
YMT152    Ayers                         Ayers Elem                  Grass Range
YMT071    Swan River                    Swan River Elem             Bigfork
YMT051    Kalispell                     Kalispell Public Schools    Kalispell
YMT006    Columbia Falls                Columbia Falls H S          Falls
YMT226    Somers                        Somers Elem                 Somers
YMT143    Bigfork                       Bigfork H S                 Bigfork
YMT405    Whitefish                     Whitefish H S               Whitefish
YMT418    Evergreen                     Evergreen Elem              Kalispell
YMT070    St Matthews                   St Matthews School          Kalispell
YMT368    Manhattan                     Manhattan H S               Manhattan
YMT313    Bozeman                       Bozeman High School         Bozeman
YMT058    Monforton Elementary          Monforton Elem              Bozeman
YMT148    Gallatin Gateway              Gallatin Gateway Elem       Gateway

YMT097    West Yellowstone              West Yellowstone K-12       Yellowstone
   #N/A   Ophir                         Ophir K-12 Schools          Gateway
YMT369    Manhattan Christian           Manhattan Christian Schl    Manhattan
YMT011    Jordan                        Jordan Elem                 Jordan
YMT320    Browning                      Browning Elem               Browning
YMT422    Cut Bank                      Cut Bank Elem               Cut Bank
YMT067    Ryegate                       Ryegate K-12 Schools        Ryegate
YMT362    Lavina                        Lavina K-12 Schools         Lavina
YMT165    Philipsburg                   Philipsburg K-12 Schools    Philipsburg
YMT202    Drummond                      Drummond Elem               Drummond
YMT039    Box Elder                     Box Elder Elem              Box Elder
YMT107    Havre                         Havre Elem                  Havre
YMT342    Gildford Colony               Gildford Colony Elem        Gildford
YMT349    St JudeThaddeus               St Jude Thaddeus School     Havre
YMT323    Clancy                        Clancy Elem                 Clancy
YMT022    Whitehall                     Whitehall Elem              Whitehall
YMT010    Boulder                       Boulder Elementary School   Boulder
YMT110    Montana City                  Montana City Elem           Clancy
YMT111    Hobson                        Hobson K-12 Schools         Hobson
YMT214    Geyser                        Geyser Public Schools       Geyser
YMT203    Polson                        Polson H S                  Polson
YMT227    St Ignatius                   St Ignatius K-12 Schools    St. Ignatius
YMT204    Ronan                         Ronan H S                   Ronan
YMT210    Charlo                        Charlo Elem                 Charlo

   #N/A   Upper West Shore Elementary   Upper West Shore Elementary Dayton
YMT220    Two Eagle River               Two Eagle River H S         Pablo
YMT157    Helena                        Helena Elem                 Helena
YMT423    East Helena                   East Helena Elem            East Helena
YMT408    Wolf Creek                    Wolf Creek Elem             Wolf Creek
YMT112    Augusta                       Augusta H S                 Augusta
YMT205    Lincoln                       Lincoln K-12 Schools        Lincoln
YMT089    Montana Youth Homes           Montana Youth Homes         Helena
YMT069    Shodair                       Shodair Hospital            Helena
YMT206    Troy                          Troy Elem                   Troy
YMT217    Libby                         Libby K-12 Schools          Libby
YMT146    Eureka                        Eureka Elem                 Eureka
YMT421    Fortine                       Fortine Elem                FORTINE
YMT230    Trego                         Trego Elem                  Trego
YMT032    Alder-Upper Ruby Elementary   Alder Elem                  ALDER

YMT400    Twin Bridges                  Twin Bridges K-12 Schools   Twin Bridges
YMT155    Harrison                      Harrison K-12 Schools       Harrison
YMT334    Ennis                         Ennis K-12 Schools          Ennis
YMT113    Circle                        Circle H S                  Circle
YMT114    White Sulphur                 White Sulphur Spgs Elem     Springs
YMT031    Alberton                      Alberton K-12 Schools       Alberton
YMT228    Superior                      Superior Elementary         Superior
YMT076    St Regis                      St. Regis K-12 School       St. Regis
YMT009    Hellgate                      Hellgate Elem               Missoula
YMT207    Lolo                          Lolo Elem                   Lolo
YMT222    Potomac                       Potomac Elem                Potomac
YMT219    Bonner                        Bonner Elem                 Bonner
YMT073    Target Range                  Target Range Elem           Missoula

YMT225    Seeley Lake                   Seeley Lake Elem            Seeley Lake
YMT115    Roundup                       Roundup Elem                Roundup
YMT116    Melstone                      Melstone Elem               MELSTONE
YMT364    Livingston (Park HS)          Park H S                    Livingston
YMT341    Gardiner                      Gardiner Elem               Gardiner
YMT425    Arrowhead                     Arrowhead School            Livingston
YMT407    Shields Valley                Shields Valley Elem         Wilsall
YMT118    Saco                          Saco H S                    Saco
   #N/A   Malta                         Malta K-12 Schools          Malta
YMT414    Whitewater                    Whitewater K-12 Schools     Whitewater
YMT084    Dupuyer                       Dupuyer Elem                Dupuyer
YMT324    Conrad                        Conrad Elem                 Conrad
YMT096    Valier                        Valier Elem                 Valier
YMT318    Broadus                       Broadus Elem                Broadus
YMT007    Deer Lodge                    Deer Lodge Elem             Deer Lodge
YMT004    Elliston                      Elliston Elem               Elliston
YMT398    Terry                         Terry K-12 Schools          Terry
YMT209    Corvallis                     Corvallis K-12 Schools      Corvallis
YMT232    Victor                        Victor K-12 Schools         Victor
YMT211    Darby                         Darby K-12 Schools          Darby

YMT397    Lone Rock                     Lone Rock Elem              Stevensville
YMT068    Savage                        Savage Elem                 Savage
YMT080    Rau Elementary             Rau Elementary              Sidney
YMT409    Frontier                   Frontier Elem               Wolf Point
YMT382    Poplar                     Poplar H S                  Poplar
YMT410    Wolf Point                 Wolf Point H S              Wolf Point
YMT426    Brockton                   Brockton Public Schools     Brockton
YMT081    Bainville                  Bainville K-12 Schools      Bainville
YMT339    Forsyth                    Forsyth Elem                Forsyth
YMT389    Rosebud                    Rosebud Elem                Rosebud
YMT042    Colstrip                   Colstrip Elementary         Colstrip
YMT304    Ashland                    Ashland Elem                Ashland
YMT054    Liberty Christian          Liberty Christian Academy   Lame Deer
YMT300    St Labre Indian Catholic   St Labre Indian H S         Ashland
YMT221    Plains                     Plains Elem                 Plains
YMT229    Thompson Falls             Thompson Falls Elem         Falls
YMT061    Paradise                   Paradise Elem               Paradise
YMT212    Dixon                      Dixon Elem                  Dixon
YMT086    Hot Springs                Hot Springs H S             Hot Springs
YMT074    Westby                     Westby K-12 Schools         Westby
YMT427    Plentywood                 Plentywood K-12 Schools     Plentywood
YMT003    Butte                      Butte Elem                  Butte
YMT385    Ramsay                     Ramsay Elem                 Ramsay
YMT091    Park City                  Park City Elem              Park City
YMT120    Columbus                   Columbus Elem               Columbus
YMT387    Reedpoint                  Reedpoint Elem              Reed Point
YMT166    Rapelje                    Rapelje Elem                RAPELJE
YMT301    Absarokee                  Absarokee Elem              Absarokee
YMT121    Big Timber                 Big Timber Elem             Big Timber
                                     Sweet Grass County High
   #N/A   Sweet Grass Co. HS         School                      Big Timber
YMT122    Choteau                    Choteau Elem                Choteau
YMT335    Fairfield                  Fairfield Elem              Fairfield
YMT336    Golden Ridge Elementary    Golden Ridge Elem           Fairfield
YMT159    Hysham                     Hysham K-12 Schools         Hysham
   #N/A   Glasgow                    Glasgow K-12 Schools        Glasgow
YMT145    Frazer                     Frazer Elem                 Frazer
YMT419    Hinsdale                   Hinsdale Elem               Hinsdale
YMT124    Nashua                     Nashua K-12 Schools         Nashua
YMT087    Lustre                     Lustre Elem                 FRAZER
YMT047    Harlowton                  Harlowton H S               Harlowton
YMT125    Judith Gap                 Judith Gap Elem             Judith Gap
YMT126    Wibaux                     Wibaux K-12 Schools         Wibaux
YMT127    Billings                   Billings High School        Billings
YMT128    Lockwood                   Lockwood Elem               Billings
YMT129    Laurel                     Laurel Elem                 Laurel
YMT325    Custer                     Custer K-12 Schools         Custer
YMT319    Broadview                  Broadview Elem              Broadview
YMT144   Elysian                          Elysian Elem                   Billings

YMT174   Huntley Project                  Huntley Project K-12 Schools   Worden
YMT048   Independent                      Independent Elem               Billings
                                          Billings Central Catholic
YMT306   Billings Central Catholic        Schools                        Billings
YMT130   Trinity Lutheran                 Trinity Lutheran School        Billings
                                          Yellowstone Boys & Girls
YMT131   Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch   Ranch                          Billings


                   DeliveryAddr2             DeliveryState    Email Address
32 North Cottom                        Barnes, Ruthie
1 North Harrison                       Cochran, Linda
702 North Terry Ave.                   Peterson, Sharon
110 3rd Avenue SW                      Harris, Dorothy
265 Park Road                          Burns, Martha
First Street East                      Hauge, Linda 
201 North Spruce                       Thomason, Vicki
106 N 4th Street                       White, Lynn  
300 North Park Street                  Rushton, Patricia
106 E Maple                            Stark, Joanne
319 School Street                      Prewett, Orpha
200 Wisconsin                          Krenning, Kathy
Lower Luther Road                      Ballard, Ann 
111 West Speelman Street               Lovec, Patricia
1100 4th St So                         Spellman, Jennifer
West End Central Avenue                Larsen, Fred 
#1 Church Street                       Peters, Rosie
123 Walker Street                      Steyee, Jolene
1305 5th Avenue South                  Riehle, Ken  
2820 Central Ave                       Slaughter, Michele

1600 26th St. So.                      Swanson, Pam 

University of Great Falls Food Serv.   Hodgson, Christi
1406 Franklin Street                   Cook, Lynn   
342 Vernon Ave                         Schwarzbach, Linda
160 West Street South                  Long, Gracie 
210 N 9th                              Amanda McDowell
1500 N. Phillips                       Warmbrod, Tricia
205 2nd Ave. E                         Carrier, Maria Elena
900 N. Merrill                         Sadorf, Anne 

515 MAIN STREET                        Taylor, Laurie

1316 Galen Street                      Mulcahy, Jim 
1400 Lighthouse Lane                   Bair, Serena 
1015 South 3rd West                    Becker, Sherrie
327 N. Main St.                        Vennes, Peggy
215 7th Avenue South                   Giese, Cindy 

310 East 2nd Street                    Bantz, Jean  
Lincoln School                         Hofer, Rita  
509 Highland Ave.                      Nelson, La Vaun
500 Davis St.                          Hyem, Linda  
1200 Lehman                            Allen, Karen 
Lincoln School                         Walter, Kathy
500 Main Street                        Arthur, Cherry
Mile Post 106 Hwy 87 W               Stahl, Marilyn
1205 Swan Highway                    Stewart, Linda
705 5th Ave W                        Morrison, Bertha

610 13th St. West                    Iunghuhn, Laurie
315 School Addition Rd.              Vogler, Robin
600 Commerce St.                     Kinyon, Judy
Muldown Elementary                   Stagg, Jay 
18 W. Evergreen Dr.                  Jepsen, Joan
602 S. Main Street                   Furlong, Leah
416 North Broadway                   Reichman, Rita
501 North 11th Ave                   Cassidy, Janet
501 North 11th                       Robinson, Debbie

100 Mill Street                      Goessman, Kristi

411 North Geyser Street              Stanley, Barbara

45465 Gallatin Road                  Kathy Hudson
8000 Churchill Rd                    Flikkema, Brenda
324 Margurite St.                    Krum, Patsy
102 East Boundary                    Keenan, Lynne
102 2nd Ave. S.E.                    Dezort, Barb
207 2nd Ave W                        Gantz, Robin
214 1st Street E                     Egge, Sandy
607 Schnepel Street                  Dallaserra, Jody
108 W. Edwards                       Skaggs, Vicky
205 Main Street                      Patacsil, Kimberly
425 6th Street                       Otto, Debbie
North Star Elementary School         Stahl, Jason
430 7th Ave                          Hanson, Peggy
18 Clancy Creek Rd                   Mahlum, Debbie
401 N Division                       Kelly, Linda
205 S. Washington                    Henry, Darla
11 McClellan Creek Road              Baum, Barbara
400 Central Avenue                   Rowland, Joanne
103 Third Street East                Buck, Lita 
1602 2nd Street West                 Steiner, Jim
3rd and Blaine St.                   Marks, Denise
200 Round Butte Road                 Wartick, Marsha
404 1st Ave West                     Knutson, Dionne

509 B St.                            Uski, Rebekah
52096 Hwy 93                         Todd, Tamie
Capital High School 100 Valley Dr.   Worthy, Robert
226 East Clinton Street              Felton, Debbie
150 Walsh Street                     Elrod, Jodi
410 Broadway                         Lame, Annie
808 Main Street                 Krier, Diane
200 Miller St.                  Cruise, Donna
2755 Colonial Drive             Reichert, Joan
501 E. Missoula                 Newton, Kris
724 Louisiana Ave.              Mills, Ellen
335 6TH Street East             Pluid, Susan
PO BOX 96                       Snedigar, Kathy
56 Loon Lake Road               Montano, Michelle
36 Upper Ruby Road              Stiles, Sherry

216 West 6th                    Holden, Linda
120 Harrison Street             Edmundson, Lori
101 Charles St                  Wham, Tammy 
1105 F. Ave                     Burton, Jennie

209 Central Ave.                Bodell, Debbie
306 Railroad St.                Dove, Connie
1003-5th Ave. E                 Newman, Becky
6 Tigar Street                  Fields, Larry
2385 Flynn Lane                 Leister, Julie
11395 Highway 93 South          Free, Linda 
29750 Potomac Road              Whipple, Mary
9045 Hwy 200                    Smith, Michelle
4095 South Ave West             Burtsfield, Belva

200 School Lane                 Ferdinand, Susie
600 2nd St West                 Tull, Cindy 
5-6TH AVENUE NORTH              Ryan, Mary Ellen
102 View Vista Drive            Hardy, Dan  
510 Stone Street                Vandersnick, Elaine
102 View Vista Drive            Allen, Jody 
308 So. Hannaford St. Box 131   Williams, Kathy
321 Hwy 243                     Salveson, Jeanette
#1 High School Lane             Green, Becky
#1 Main Street                  Simanton, Carol
319 Columbus Loop               Jones, Joyce
215 S Maryland                  Clifton, Doris
723 4th St                      Sullivan, Stephanie
c/o Connie Robinson             Quinlan, Ann
700 Dixon Street                Rainville, Carol
P.O. Box 160                    Lindquist, Sheri
215 E. Park                     Kogele, Myrna
1045 Main                       Martin, Kathy
425 4th Ave                     Stover, Maria
209 School Drive                Demorest, Sharon

1112 Three Mile Creek Rd        Calkins, Patti
368 Mesa South                  Conradsen, Donna
12138 County Road #350            Dockweiler, Ginger
MT Highway 25                     Lambert, Vonnie
400 4th Ave West                  Christiansen, Vance
213 6th Ave South                 Solheim, Karen
530 5th Street                    White Hawk, Ethelene
409 Tubman                        South, Tonya  
1850 Cedar                        Shreeve, Wendy
601 Main Street                   Gross, Claudia
216 Olive Drive                   Loyning, Debbie
8 Old Mission Rd                  Bixby, Wanda  
200 Ridge Walker Drive            Smith, Keli   
St Labre Food Service Cafeteria   Fulmer, Sharon
412 Rittenour                     Frye, Bede    

315 Columbia                      Helvey, Samie 
20 Schoolhouse Hill Road          LeClair, Jim  
#10 B Street                      Weaver, Tammy 
325 Broadway                      Massingale, Sheila
101 E. 5th Ave.                   Solberg, Robin
100 E. Laurel Ave.                Gilbertson, Gladys
2801 Grand Ave                    Harrison, Mark
3 Russell                         Wock, Connie  
10 2nd Avenue SW                  Petersen, Elena
433 N. 3rd St.                    Blaylock, Penny
308 Central                       Shellenberger, Jeanie
714 MAIN STREET                   Schneidt, Kathy
327 S Woodard Ave                 Holmes, Susan 
Sweet Grass County High School    Stenberg, Anita

501 West Fifth                    Johnson, Anita
102 7th Ave. NW                   Hanson, Margaret
13 7th Street                     Sand, Wanda   
c/o Fairfield School              Fischer, Eldora
115 Summit Street                 Rexford, Donnette
825 8th Street North              Zeller, Rita  
325 6th Street                    Flynn, Julie  
600 N. Montana                    Leatherberry, Joyce
207 Mabel Street                  Bryson, Pam   
282 LUSTRE ROAD                   Toews, Lavonne
304 Division Street               Elliott, Kathy
306 4th Avenue                    Foster, Vivian
415 W Nolan Ave.                  Huisman, Jan  
Warehouse                         Hunt, Bette   
1932 U.S. Highway 87              Phillips, Kandi
300 East Maryland                 Shay, Paulette
304 4th Ave.                      Myhre, Debbie 
13935 1st Street                  Badgett, Debbie
6416 Elysian Rd          Lind, Leanne

1477 Ash Street          Kruse, Dona
2907 Roundup Road        Popelka, Janice

1470 Industrial Avenue   Hunt, Bette
2802 Belvedere Ave       Magnuson, Cindy    clmagnuson

1732 S.72nd St.W.        Remington, Helen

16495 Main Street        MT

16495 Main Street        MT

YIR071   FT. PECK                              Curtis Lewis
YIR073   NO. CHEYENNE                          Laymond Brien
YIR074   CROW MT.                              Jolene Wagenaar
YIR099   FT. BELKNAP                           Bo Shields
YIR107   ROCKY BOY                             Veronica Parisian
ADDRESS                                       DELIVERY DAY    DELIVERY TIME

                                                  PO Box
313 Industrial Park Road Fort Peck, Montana 59255 Monday1027
                                                  59043 PO Box
1010 Little Little Coyote Road Lame Deer, MontanaWednesday 128
409 Crook Ave. Hardin, Montana 59034              Wednesday
RR1 / Box 2728 Harlem, Montana 59526              Thursday
36 Starview Street Box Elder, Montana 59521       Thursday
 Kooten, St. Ignatius, Montana                    As needed    0800-1300
East Boundary Street, Browing, Montana            As needed    0800-1300
DODAAC   TROOP FACILITY                       ADDRESS


         Malmstrom AFB, MT
FT9455   CDC MALMSTROM AFB, MT                6225 MAPLE STREET

120349   MONTANA Job Corps

GREAT FALLS             as needed

GREAT FALLS             M-W-F          0600-0800
GREAT FALLS             M-W-F          0600-0800
GREAT FALLS             M-W-F          0600-0800
BLDG 4000 GREAT FALLS   M-W-F          0600-0800

DARBY                   T-TH-SAT       0700-0800
ANACONDA                T-TH-SAT       0700-0800

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