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									                        The Day of Pentecost: (Whitsunday)                                                   5-31-09
                                           May 31, 2009
                                  Year B & Daily Office Year One

                                          The WORD of GOD
PROCESSIONAL HYMN 213 “Come away to the skies”
  BCP Page 299    Opening Acclamation
     Insert       Collect (BCP p. 227); ACTS 2:1-21;
                      PSALM 104:25-35; 37 (pg 736); ROMANS 8:22-27
GRADUAL HYMN 522, verses 1-2 “Glorious things of thee are spoken”
     Insert       The Gospel: JOHN 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
GRADUAL HYMN 522, verses 3- 4
                  The Sermon: The Rev. Scott Fisher
     Page 301     Presentation and Examination of Baptismal candidates:
              CHARLA RAE FRANCIS                      MATTEO TAAVI KUIZENGO
              ANNIKA TAAVI MERKEL                     ALANNA LAVONE PRINCE
              LEIA EILEEN SHEWFELT                    RYAN JAMES SPARKS
     Page 304     The Baptismal Covenant
     Page 306     Thanksgiving over the Water
     Page 356     “Gloria in excelsis” (Hymnal S-280)
     Page 307-8   The Baptism & Sealing
     Page 308     The Welcoming
     Page 830/431 Announcements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Visitors, etc
                  Presentation of EFM Certificates to Tom Marsh & Darrel Zuke
                                      The HOLY COMMUNION
OFFERTORY HYMN Songbook #40 “How great Thou art”
THE DOXOLOGY      (at the conclusion of this, we process Outdoors for the Eucharist)
HYMN SongBook 111 “They‟ll know we are Christians by our love”
INVOCATION: Choir Anthem: “Gently, Gently Moves the Spirit”
     Page 361     The Great Thanksgiving (Eucharistic Prayer A)
     Page 364     The Lord's Prayer
COMMUNION HYMNS SongBook 91, 105a, 104a, 63, 59
     Page 365     The Post Communion Prayer & Blessing
RECESSIONAL HYMN SongBook 35 “Here I am Lord”
                  The Peace

    All persons baptized with water & the Spirit in the Name of the Trinity are invited to receive the
 Eucharist. Those who wish to receive only a blessing may cross their arms. It is perfectly acceptable to
 receive the Eucharist in only one kind (i.e. the Host), and then decline the chalice, crossing your arms.
                    THIS WEEK at SAINT MATTHEW’S                              “Dancing with the Spirt” is holding a Gospel Music Camp for
2009                                                                      ages 5-18 Tuesday thru Friday in the Parish Hall. $50 per kid;
Sunday, May 31st (PENTECOST SUNDAY)
     10 am Holy Baptism & Eucharist ~ only ONE service ~WEAR RED!         family rates; free for kids from flooded villages. Friday night
                    (Outside if weather permits)                          concert and dance. Call the Rev. Belle Mickelson (388-3347) for
       Noon – Prayer Shawl meeting (library)
       Noon – Task Force for Young Family Involvement meeting             further information to register.
                                                          (Parish Hall)
     4 PM Intertribal PowWow Council meeting (parish hall)                    Thank you to Everyone who helped with the Flood Evacuees
     12 am Compline
Monday, June 1st
                                                                          Fundraisers this weekend.
     12 am Compline
Tuesday, June 2nd                                                             Follow up to May 17th Congregational Conversations on Young
     Noon -- 5 pm Kids Gospel Music Camp for ages 5-18 (Parish Hall)
     12 am Compline                                                       Families Task Force meeting today after the service.
Wednesday, June 3rd
     9:30 am Holy Eucharist w/healing prayers
     Noon -- 5 pm Kids Gospel Music Camp for ages 5-18 (Parish Hall)
     7 pm Holy Eucharist
     12 am Compline                                                                            FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP thru April 30, 2009
Thursday, June 4th                                                        Operating Income                 (Month)     $27,904           (YTD)   $96,298
     Noon – 5 pm Kids Gospel Music Camp for ages 5-18 (Parish Hall)       Operating Expense                             25,295                   - 98,411
     12 am Compline                                                       Surplus/(Deficit)                           $ 2,609                    $(-2,113)
Friday, June 5th                                                          Weekly offering need to meet 2009 budgeted ministry needs: $5,896.48
     Noon --- 5 pm Kids Gospel Music Camp for ages 5-18 (Parish Hall)     Last Sunday's offering (operating fund): $4,818.74
     Newsletter Deadline – submit articles via email or to office
                                                                          Pay-pal donations during April: $4,484
     12 am Compline
Saturday, June 6th
     10 am Altar Guild Church cleaning
Sunday, June 7th (The First Sunday after Pentecost – Trinity Sunday)                             THOSE ASSISTING IN THE LITURGY
     8 am Holy Eucharist, Rite I                                                                   YOU, The COMMUNION of SAINTS and
           (nursery available for children three years & younger)
    9:15 &11:15 am Holy Eucharist Rite II                                                                            10:00 A.M.
    12 am Compline                                                                                          lst Lesson: Linda Mullen
                                                                                                                 Psalm: Diana Childs
                                                                                                                Epistle: Julia Cockerille
     WELCOME to everyone visiting from throughout the Interior                                                 Prayers: Mike/Maggie Castellini
and beyond. You are invited to join us at our coffee hour in the parish                               Chalice Bearers: Roslyn Petersen Allen/Mary Margaret Davis
hall after each service.                                                                                        Ushers: John Parsons/Gene Freeman
                                                                                                              Nursery: Millie Ambrose
                                                                                                             Organist: Laura Vines
              St. Matthew’s Health Ministry reminds us that                                               Altar Guild: Marie Ward
            JUNE is SUMMER SAFETY PREPAREDNESS MONTH                                                     Coffee Hour: potluck
                                                                                                                           St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
                         OUR PRAYERS OF INTERCESSIONS                                                                                Fairbanks, Alaska
                                                                                                                                       May 31, 2009
                        Parish Intercessions
The communities and families of the Interior                                                                                OUR PRAYERS OF INTERCESSIONS
Kitson Fisher     Hannah                   Katherine                                                                      Diocese of Alaska & Diocese of Yukon Intercessions
                                                                                                       St. Matthew’s, Beaver; St. Andrew’s, Stevens Village; Rampart; St. Jude’s, North Pole; St.
Sherry            Isaiah                   Arthur
                                                                                                       Mark’s Nenana; St. Philip’s, Wrangell /St. Phillip’s Anglican, Teslin, Yukon Territory
Kristen           Elmerline                Joan                                                                   The Anglican Communion & The Indian Ministries Cycle of Prayer
Bonnie            Phyllis                  James                                                       The Church of the Province of the West Indies/The Native people in the Diocese of Utah
Howard            Mary                     Kathy                                                                                             Thanksgivings
                                                                                                       for Hildur Elizabeth (1909), Cecilia Barnabas (1932), Joseph Raymond, Jr. (1946), Paul
Audrey            Faith                    Byron                                                       Nobel, Jr., Judith Annette, Marvan Arden (1953), Anthony John (1964), Mandy Delores,
Linda             Elaine                   Alice                                                       Bittner Alan, Elizabeth Victoria, Katrina Ann, Genena Daphne Andrea (1992), Thomas
Harold            Vince                    Dona                                                        Christian, William Charles, Jack Albert, Peter Preston, Katie Agnes, Jamie Lynne (1995),
Beverly           Dolly                    Norma                                                       whose baptismal @ St. Matthew’s is May 31st
                                                                                                                                          For the Departed
Tudi              Henry                    Frank                                                       Wilfred “Tod” Charles Kozevnikoff of Fairbanks/Tanana; Angela Diane Brownell of
Louise            Maggie                   Dorothy                                                     North Pole; Clement Frankson, Sr. of Point Hope
Robert            Cherokee                 Nancy
Grace             Sterling                 Barbara                                                                           FLOWER and CANDLE OFFERING
                                                                                                             The Altar flowers are given to the Glory of God, and in memory of Fr. “Bill”
                                                                                                       Warren of St. Matthew’s (+6-4-1990) and Bishop Peter Trimble Rowe of Alaska (+6-1-1942).
Those traveling; those in recovery; all those serving overseas & their families;                             The sanctuary candle is given to the Glory of God, and by Donna Scott in loving
our family in Denali Center; the Pioneer Home; the Correctional Centers; and                           memory of Alphonse R. “Byo” Demientieff, Jr.
other homes and programs; and all those grieving
(Please keep these people in your prayers, as we will be rotating names every three weeks to include
those currently asking for prayer.)                                                                                         Sexton: MICHAEL „TREE‟ NELSON
                                                                                                          Sunday School Director:
                                                                                                                     Co-Sacristans: CATHY GIACOMAZZI & MARY JOHNSTON
                                                                                                                  Parish Secretary: HILARY FREEMAN
                                              ~~~~~                                                                       Wardens:  ROXY WRIGHT FREEDLE & KAREN KISS
                                                                                                                          Deacons:  THE REV'Ds MONTIE SLUSHER, BELLA JEAN SAVINO
                                                                                                               Priests: THE REV‟Ds STEPHEN MATTHEW & JOHN HOLZ, LEE DAVIS, LAYNE SMITH
        The flowers on the Altar are prepared and provided at minimum cost each week by                                     Rector:  THE REV. SCOTT FISHER
College Floral & Gift. Our cost for flowers each Sunday is $60. Cost for sanctuary candles             Assisting Bishop for Alaska: THE RT. REV. RUSTIN KIMSEY
is $4 each week. The flower chart and sanctuary candle calendars are posted in the hallway
near the Church Office.

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