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					                                             INDIA NA A RTS CO MMISSIO N
                                              Quarte rly B usine ss Meeting
                                            Bloomi ngton A rea A rts Counci l
                                                    Bloomi ngton, I N
                                              Friday, Se ptember 21, 2001
                                                 9:00 a.m. to 1: 00 P. M.
                                                    Meeting Mi nutes

  I.   Welcome a nd Introductions
       Will Clark, C hair, c alled the meeting to order at 9 :00 a.m.

       Commissioners present were: Sandra N eale, Willis S. C lark, Jim Bodenmiller, Steven T uchman, J oan David, S.
       L eonard Pas , C liff L ambert, L ouis O rtiz, Lee M arks . I ndia Crus e-G riffin, William H opper, and J ack Sc hriber.

       Commissioners not pres ent: Kathy Beeler, and Ronald Stratten.

       Staff present: Dorothy I lgen, Bobbie G arver, Jeri Pat Gabbert, P olly H arrold, Caryn Cas tellan, Shelley Caldwell
       and M ellie T olentino.

       G uests present: John Fernandez, M ayor, C ity of Bloomington; Valerie P ena, E xec utive Director, Monroe C ounty
       Convention & Vis itors Bureau; A J ohn Rose, P res ident of the Board, Bloomington Area A rts Council, and CEO ,
       Textillery Weavers ; Sally Gas kill, Exec utive Director, Bloomington A rea A rts Council; Shawn Reynolds , Board
       member, L otus World M usic Fes tival, Bloomington; J eff Kuehl, Regional c oordinator, C olumbus Area Arts
       Council; Nancy Krueger, Regional c oordinator, Bloomington A rea A rts C ounc il; and Bethany Swaby,
       Bloomington H erald Times .
 II.   A pprov al of Meeting A genda
       I t was moved by Ms . Sandy Neale and sec o nded by M r. C liff L ambert to approve the meeting agenda. M otion
       pass ed.
III.   A pprov al of June 15, 2001 Meeting Mi nutes
       I t was moved by M r. Leonard P as and s econded by Ms . Sandy N eale to approve the J une 15 , 2001 meeting
       minutes . M otion pass ed.
IV.    Chairman' s R eport
       Will Clark, IAC C hairman, pres ented a report eloquently c ommenting on the events of September 11 , 2001 and
       the inevitable response of the arts community. He c laimed that artists and poets , c omposers , and writers of the
       world always find meaning in the wors t of times and that in the c oming months , the U nited States will bec ome
       a better plac e, c ons oled by a c ommunity of artists . M r. C lark quoted William Faulkner in stating that "I believe
       that mankind will not only s urvive, but prevail.

V.     Executive Committees Re port
       L ee M arks pres ented an IAC Resolution c reated during an E xec utive C ommittee meeting the day previous to
       the c ommission meeting. (Pleas e see attac hment A .)

       I t was moved by M r. Jac k Sc hriber and sec onded by M r. Steve T uc hman to approve the resolution . M otion
       pass ed.

       M r. C lark went on to disc uss details about the IAC and State of I ndiana budgets . He reported that the all state
       agencies have been asked to identify any additional savings for FY 2002 in addition to the 7% reserve c reated
       in J une 2001 . H e reported that the G overnor's O ffice has asked the IAC and Regional A rts P artners to c hannel
       more information and c ommunic ation regarding arts developments and events to the G overnor's s taff.

       T he Strategic Plan has been reviewed and turned into an action plan by both staff and the C ommittee on the
       Future. M r. C lark met with Ms . I lgen and Ms . Gabbert on September 12 , 2001 to disc uss the essential goals of
       the Strategic Plan. Four main goals were outlined during this meeting:
          1.      Support of the Regional P artners .
          2.      T he image of the IAC us ing public relations vehicles like the G overnor's Arts A wards
          3.      P rovide advocac y for arts education
          4.      I ndividual A rtis t s upport, es pec ially reflec ting the high value of young artist's contributions .

VI.    Executive Director's Report
       Ms . I lgen took the opportunity to comment on the events on September 11 , 2001 and how the attacks affec t
       the c ountry's arts c ommunity and partic ularly the dozens of arts agenc ies in L ower M anhattan. She announced
       that the agenc y's webs ite home page had been altered as a memorial to the events of September 11 th. I n
       addition, a page was c reated on the webs ite to s how the c hanges , canc ellations , pos tponements , and new
       events that have occ urred for s tate arts venues . A general disc ussion followed about the Commissio n making
       c ontact with the Islamic arts c ommunity. Further disc ussion about the wording of the res olution took plac e.
       (N B: T he res olution lis ted above is the final version.)
VII.    Prese ntation on the A rts i n Bloomi ngton by the Bloomi ngton A rea A rts Council , City of Bloomi ngton,
        and the Lotus World Music F estival
        Sally G askill presented information on the J ohn Waldron P erforming A rts Center and the Bloomington A rea A rts
        Council's (BAAC) past financial battle. Ms . Gas kill began her presentation by lis ting and then d iscuss ing four
        major servic es the Blooming A rea Arts C ounc il provides . She addressed the BAAC's role as a Regional P artner
        P rogram, an arts education provider (over 350 c lasses per year), as a performing arts venue, and as a vis ual
        arts s pace. She thanked the IAC for its leadership and s upport.

        Ms . Gas kill introduc ed J ohn Rose, the president of the BAAC Board, J ohn Fernandez, M ayor of Bloomington, and
        Valerie P ena, Exec utive D irector, M onroe C ounty Convention & Vis itors Bureau.

        Mayor Fernandez s poke about the city's recent investment in the Bus kirk-Chumley T heatre. H e gave a brief
        his tory of the City of Bloomington's gift of the J ohn Waldron Arts Center and the revers ion c lause for the
        Waldron Arts Center, through whic h the city would regain owners hip of t he fac ility. Because of the BAAC's
        financ ial difficulty in 2002 , the City of Bloomington dec ided to invest public funds into the operation of the
        Bus kirk-Chumley T heatre in order to keep this important res ource operational for the people in Bloomington.
        T he BAAC s igned a management agreement with the City of Bloomington to turn over management of the
        Bus kirk-Chumley T heatre. As part of that agreement the city is paying the remaining loans on the theatre
        leaving the BAAC debt free. I n September 2001 , the c it y c ontributed $1 .2 million to the BAAC to ensure the
        healthy future of the Buskirk-C humley T heatre. A management c ontract has also been propos ed with L otus
        World M us ic Festival and the M onroe County Vis itors Bureau will have a downtown visitor's center at the

        Mayor Fernandez thanked the IAC and Ms . Ilgen for providing leaders hip in helping the BAAC and Bloomington
        in addressing the issue.

        Valerie P eña, from the Monroe C ounty Visitor's Bureau, disc ussed the development of the slogan "T he A rts are
        Always in Seas on" and the c ity's c ultural touris m plan. E ffort is being made to c ollaborate between the c ity of
        Bloomington and I ndiana U niversity in marketing and touris m.

        A . J ohn Ros e disc ussed the private sec tor in the Bloomington area arts c ommunity. He s tated that a large
        amount of people in the area make a living from the arts . M r. Ros e feels that the community is really s tarting
        to c ommunicate and work together.

        Shawn Reynolds from the L otus World M us ic Festival presented materials regarding the c u rrent fes tival, spoke
        of the diffic ulties that had aris en form the September 11 attac ks and the effec ts on world travel, and reflec ted
        on the potential relations hip between the L otus World M usic Fes tival and the Buskirk -Chumley T heatre.

        A disc ussion followed regarding the cultural touris m efforts in Bloomington and the part that the IAC played in
        helping the BAAC reevaluate their financial status .
VIII.   Publi c A warene ss Committee Report
        M r. Sc hriber pres ented the main points generated during the las t P ublic A war eness M eeting. T he C ommiss ion
        took this opportunity to discuss preparation for the next Governor's A rts A wards . Topics ranged from a keynote
        s peaker, to the I ndiana State M us eum as a venue, to finding an underwriter or a partner, to further inclus ion of
        the Governor, to budget issues . T he s taff reported on plans to develop several broc hures through a c ontrac t
        with H erron Sc hool of A rt's , G raphic A rts Department.

        A motion was made to keep a uniform look for IAC materials by M r. Clark; M r. Bodenmiller s econd ed motion.
 IX.    Progra m Eval uation Committee Report
        M r. O rtiz explained reported on the September 7 , 2001 C ommittee meeting, noting that there was not a
        quorum during the meeting on September 7 , 2001 , s o no action was taken. A motion was made to approve the
        FY 2001 G rant Reports by M r. C lark, s econded by M r. Sc hriber. Motion passed. A motion was made to approve
        c hanges in funding reflec ting the 7% res erve in the Capacity Building P hase II by M r. Bodenmiller, s econded by
        Ms . M arks . Motion passed.

        T he C ommittee reported on the appeal of an FY 2002 Individual Artist P roject grant, A pplic ation 2001 -IAP-56,
        whic h the C ommittee recommended to denied becaus e it did not address the grounds for appeal in the IAC's
        rec onsideration. T he motion was made by M r. Bodenmiller, and s econded by Ms . M arks to accept the
        Committee's recommendation. Motion passed. (O ne vote no, M r. T uc hman.)

        T he FY 2003 I ndividual A rtis t Projects grants guidelines reflec t minor c hanges . C hanges include a deadline,
        from February 15 to February 1 , 2002 , applicant s ubmitting 12 s ets of completed application, and s ome
        c hanges in verbiage regarding Folk Arts . Motion recommended by M r. O rtiz, sec onded by M r. Bodenmiller.
        M otion passed.

        A disc ussion reviewing the efforts of the SWASO S to meet and s hare info rmation took place.
   X.   Committee on the F uture Report
        T he c ommission disc ussed the role if the IAC and Arts E ducation. T here was a vote to make A rts E ducation a
        priority of the commission. T he motion pass ed.

        Revis ions to the A ddendum to the State of I ndiana E mployee H andbook were discuss ed. Ms . Ilgen noted that
        the IAC Policy Manual will be presented for C ommission review at the D ecember Q uarterly Business Meeting
        and that the Regional P artners hip I nitiative P olicies will be reviewed at the Marc h 2002 Q uarter ly C ommission
        meeting. She added that the Regional Arts Partners will be conduc ting their own review of the RPI Polic ies .
        Several c ommissioners had ques tions about s taff evaluations or reviews . Ms . I lgen res ponded that the State of
        I ndiana has personnel policies that address evaluation. A motion was moved by M r. T uc hman and s econded by
        M r. P as to approve the Addendum to the State I ndiana E mployee Handbook. M otion pass ed.

        Funding for I ndianaarts .org was disc ussed. Ms . I lgen reported on the moratorium on Bui ld I ndiana Funds , and
        that funding for projec ts was s till unc ertain. I f Build I ndiana Funds become available, the highes t us e would be
        to s upport the development of an eG rant s ystem for the Regional A rts P artners .

        Agency Budgets , FY 2001-2003

        T he C ommittee reported on the additional savings identified by s taff for FY 2002 and FY 2003 . A motion was
        made to approve c hanges by M r. Bodenmiller, s ec onded by Ms . Marks . M otion passed.
  XI.   Old B usi ne ss
        M r. T uc hman s poke of his recent c orres pondence with Bruce Hetric k of H etric k Communications . M r. H eteric k
        writes a c olumn for the I ndianapolis Business J ournal. M r. Tuc hman had written him in res pons e to one of M r.
        H etrick's articles , and rec eived a reply back. M r. H eterick res ponded with a letter and M r. T uchman s tated that
        he felt that we had missed an opportunity to work with Hetric k Communications .

        T here was general disc ussion conc erning the lack of ac knowledgement of the IAC in programs publis hed by
        grant recipients .
 XII.   New Busi ness
        T here was no new bus iness .
XIII.   Publi c Comme nt
        T here was no public c omment.

XIV.    A djourn
        T he meeting adjourned at 12 :45 p.m.

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