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									                                    GISMA - Business School: Faculty


Prof. Dr. Gary Ballinger

(Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management)

Ph.D. Organizational Behavior, Purdue University, 2004
M.B.A. Wake Forest University, 1999
B.A. American Government, The University of Virginia, 1989

Dr. Gary Ballinger is Professor at GISMA Business School and at the Krannert Graduate School of
Management of Purdue University.

He has taught courses in organizational behavior and organizational change at Krannert since 2000. At
GISMA Business School he teaches courses on Leadership.
Prof. Ballinger is currently involved in a research program investigating the role of emotional reactions to
leadership succession events as well as changes in individual work attitudes and performance outcomes. He is
also continuing research in employee reactions to invasions of privacy in the workplace, particularly in the
role of monitoring of Internet use on the job.

Before starting his academic career, Prof. Ballinger had experience in the project management as well as the
administration of a call center and grant programs operated by the Department of Housing and Urban
Development, gained through work at Aspen Systems Corporation and FirstPic Inc.

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Gulen


Ph.D. Finance, Purdue University, 2001
M.S. Economics, Purdue University, 1997

                                    GISMA - Business School: Faculty
M. B. A. Finance, Mississippi State University, 1994
B.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, 1992

Professor Gulen's current research interests can be classified into three major areas: time series and
cross-sectional tests of stock market predictability, issues and problems in the mutual fund industry, and the
value of derivative securities in the marketplace.

His research on time series tests of predictability focuses on understanding whether the documented
predictability levels in the academia is genuine. On the cross-sectional predictability front, he studies the
impact of firm-level asset investment on returns by examining the cross-sectional relation between firm asset
growth and subsequent stock returns.

His work on mutual funds focuses on understanding fund-flow patterns around conditional name changes in
the mutual fund industry and the relationship between fund size and fund performance.

His research on derivative securities focuses on understanding the role of derivative securities in the price
discovery process and the volatility of the underlying assets.
Professor Gulen's research is published in leading finance journals such as the Journal of Finance and the
Review of Financial Studies and well cited in the mass media including the Wall Street Journal, the New York
Times, CNBC, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, among others.

Professor Gulen has taught at Virginia Tech and the University of Michigan. He won the Q-Group award in
2001 and 2003, and the John and Mary Willis Young Scholar Award in 2007.

Prof. Dr. Sam Hariharan

(Strategic Management)

Ph.D., Competitive Strategy, University of Michigan, 1990

Prof. Hariharan specializes in competitive strategy and strategic management. Much of his work deals with
growing new businesses as a start-up or as part of an established company and entry into new country

Prof. Hariharan's teaching received several awards: Golden Apple Teaching Award at USC, and Distinguished
Teacher at Krannert. While at USC's Marshall School, he was recognized in the Business Week annual survey
of business schools as among the best Professors of Strategy.

In 1999 he co-founded NextStrat. He served there as Chief Knowledge Officer, developing Enterprise
Strategy Management Software (ESM). Prof. Hariharan has also been active in Executive Education and as a
consultant. His long list of clients includes Mattel, Armstrong Industries, Toyota Motor, IBM and Xerox.

                                    GISMA - Business School: Faculty

Prof. Dr. David Lehman

(Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management)

Ph. D., Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Purdue University, 2007
B. S., Marketing, Southern Nazarene University, 2000

Prof. Lehman's teaching interests are organizational behavior, human resource management as well as groups
and teams. His current research includes decision making, risk-taking and rule violations.

Prof. Lehman has been teaching at the Krannert School of Management since 2004, where he has won the
Award for Outstanding Teaching (2007) and the Award for Distinguished Teaching (2006, 2003). He also
won the Krannert Dean's Office Service Award in 2006 for service contributions to the business school.

Prior to joining the Krannert faculty, Prof. Lehman has worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and
Senior Account Executive.

Prof. Dr. Jim Oakley

(Marketing Management)

Ph.D., Marketing, Northwestern University, 2002
M.S.M., Purdue University, 1995
B.S., Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana

Professor Oakley's primary research interests lie in the areas of marketing strategy and branding, and their
impact on consumer behavior. He has also conducted research on customer satisfaction, manager and
organizational decision making, and the influence of organizational characteristics on organizations?
marketing activities.
The results of Professor Oakley?s research have been published in a variety of outlets, including the Journal
of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal

                                    GISMA - Business School: Faculty
of Service Research, and in the 2nd volume of Review of Marketing Research.

His research has also been cited in the media a number of times, from local articles in newspapers like the
Sacramento Bee and Fort Wayne News Sentinel to national stories in Business Week and USA Today to
international stories in Financial Times.

In addition, he has served on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Consumer Research, is a member
of the Academic Advisory Board for the CMO Council, participated in the Visiting Professor Program for the
Advertising Educational Foundation, and regularly serves as a reviewer for journals including the Journal of
Marketing, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the
International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Prof. Dr. David Schoorman

(Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management)

Ph.D., Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, 1983
M.S., Organizational Behavior, Carnegie Mellon University, 1978
B.A., Psychology, Butler University, 1976

Dr. Schoorman is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at GISMA
Business School and at the Krannert Graduate School of Management. In addition he has been Dean of
GISMA Business School since January 2006. His current research interests include trust and stewardship in
organizations, decision making, leadership, and motivation.

Through GISMA and Krannert Executive Education programs Prof. Schoorman has been involved in tailored
education programs for many companies and professional organizations that include Volkswagen and
Sennheiser electronic. He has also served as a consultant for several companies.

Prof. Dr. Sullivan, Charlene

                                    GISMA - Business School: Faculty

(Financial Management)

Ph.D., Management, Purdue University, 1978
M.S., Management, Purdue University, 1975
B.S., Home Economics, University of Kentucky, 1971

Prof. Sullivan joined the Krannert faculty in 1978. Her main teaching interests are corporate financial
management, financial institutions and markets, and financial and managerial accounting.

She was honored in 1993-94 and 1987-88 with the Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award, and in fall
1993 she received the Most Effective Master's Program Teacher Award, all from within the Krannert School.
In 1988-89 she received the Purdue University Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. She is a
two-time winner of the Salgo-Noren Award and received a Teaching for Tomorrow Award from Purdue.

Prof. Sullivan has taught in numerous programs offered through the Krannert Executive Education Programs
and by the Center for Agri-Business. Her current research interests are personal bankruptcy, the evolution of
cost management systems in manufacturing firms, and capital budgeting processes. Prof. Sullivan serves on
the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Prof. Dr. Lynda Thoman


Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University, 1984
M.A., Economics, Stanford University, 1977
B.A., Mathematics, Grinnell College, 1968

At GISMA Business School and at Krannert School of Management Prof. Thoman teaches courses in both
managerial and financial accounting. Her current research focuses on auditing issues, the source of the
demand for auditing, how the legal system disciplines auditors, how accounting standards are chosen, and
agency problems ? what makes hierarchies advantageous and how the agency contract is affected when firms
must compete for managers. Prof. Thoman's prior professional work experience was as an economics
instructor at Santa Clara University (1981-83) and Scripps College (1983-84).

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