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Teaching Basic English Printable Worksheets by uib15803


Teaching Basic English Printable Worksheets document sample

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									Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and
            Teaching Resources
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    Curriculum Documents: e.g. Curriculum
                 Guide 2004

  Suggested Modules and Units: Divided into 2
                 Key Stages

       Key Emphases : Topics across the
       curriculum, phonics, reading skills

           Related Websites: e.g. EDB
         Curriculum Documents
• English Language Curriculum
  Guide (Primary 1 – Primary 6)

• English Language Key Learning
  Area Curriculum Guide
  (Primary 1 – Secondary 3)
   Suggested Modules and Units
Framework              Learning and Teaching Resources            Others

The World Around      1. The Farm Animals                         Zoo animals Activity : word search
Us                    2. Who’s at the Zoo?                        finds/zoo-animals.html
  - Favourite Animals                                             Where’s the frog? (P1)(ETV)
                       3. The Little Animals Activity Centre      _150k.wmv
                                                                  Animal Friends (P3)(ETV)
                       4. Stories of Animals                      mms://
                       5. Shared Reading using Big Book           Printable worksheets and games
                       6. Animals and Us                          animals.php
                                                                  Colouring pages
                       7. Guessing Animals
                       8. Dream English Animal Chant
                       9. Animal Riddles
                       10. Animal listening tests
                       11. Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Samples of resources
• Audio Vocabulary List

• Dos and Don’ts

• Phonics

• Games

• Board Game Generator
                  Key Emphases
• Learning to Read and Reading to
• Development of Language Skills
• Greater use of language arts
• Developing vocabulary and
  phonics skills
• Promoting cross-curricular
• Catering for learner diversity
• Promoting assessment for
                       Related Websites
•   Education Bureau

•   EDB - English Language Education

•   EDB - Language Support Session

•   Assessment for Learning - Basic Competence Assessment

•   Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority - BCA/TSA

•   Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme

•   School-based Curriculum Development in the Primary Schools

•   Special Education Needs

•   Gifted Education

•   IT in Education

•   Curriculum Development Council

•   Quality Education Fund

•   Standing Committe on Language Education and Research

•   Central Resources Centre

•   EBD Training Calender

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