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									Oakland Community College
                 A Report to the Community
             Millage-Funded Renovation
                and Construction Projects
                          Fiscal Year 2009
   Oakland Community College
                           Oakland Community College puts students first
                       so they reach their highest potential. We are a caring
                         college that values innovation, high quality service,
                                 and professionalism at every level.
          Oakland Community College is a student-centered institution which provides
               high quality learning opportunities and services for individuals,
             communities, and organizations on an accessible, affordable basis.
   Oakland Community College provides high quality:
   • Educational experiences enabling students to transfer to other institutions of higher education.
   • Occupational and technical learning opportunities to improve students’ employability.
   • Community services, including cultural, social, and enrichment opportunities for lifelong learning.
   • Opportunities in developmental education to prepare students for college-level studies.
   • Workforce development training and learning opportunities to meet the needs of business
     and industry.
   • General Educational opportunities enabling students to learn independently and develop skills
     for personal and career success.

   Oakland Community College will dedicate itself to continuously:
   • Plan future directions.
   • Increase quality and accessibility of education.
   • Expand partnerships and collaboration.
   • Appreciate and understand diversity.
   • Promote a global perspective.
   • Facilitate the appropriate use of technology.
   • Assess institutional effectiveness.

                       Oakland Community College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools,
                   30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504. Telephone: 800.621.7440. Fax: 312.263.7462. Web:
Affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.                                                                                                                          BR 264 10/09
       The OCC
    Board of Trustees                                A Letter from the Chancellor
                                                     Dear Reader:
            Shirley J. Bryant
              Chairperson                            We are pleased to share with you this
                                                     publication highlighting just one of the
       Anna M. Zimmerman                             important ways Oakland Community College
         Vice Chairperson                            is investing in the future of Oakland County –
                                                     improving our campus facilities to best
           Pamala M. Davis                           meet the needs of our students and of the
                                                     communities, businesses and industries we
                                                     have served for 45 years.
           Thomas E. Kuhn                            On every OCC campus, we are putting the millage funds Oakland
               Trustee                               County voters entrusted to us to work. Dozens of projects – repaving
                                                     roads, walkways and parking lots; upgrading classrooms, libraries
            Sandra L. Ritter                         and laboratories; and expanding our Southfield Campus
                Trustee                              to train future health care workers - have been carefully planned
                                                     and carried out using millage revenue from property taxes.
              Anne V. Scott
                Trustee                              The college’s renovation and construction projects are a visible,
                                                     tangible, material commitment to our community and to the future
   Thomas P. Sullivan, D.D.S.                        of education. They also demonstrate how OCC responds to the
           Trustee                                   changing needs of Oakland County and partners with it to help
                                                     create a better, more sustainable future for all of us.
     Timothy R. Meyer, Ph.D.                         OCC’s role has evolved over the years. Although half of our
           Chancellor                                students still come to us for their first two years of college before
                                                     planning to transfer to a four-year school, many more now arrive
                                                     with the pressing need to re-skill for new emerging-sector careers
                                                     as Michigan’s manufacturing economy continues its decline.

                                                     At OCC, we have responded to those needs by sharpening our
                                                     focus on providing education and training in emerging-sector
                                                     areas, particularly health care, technology, and human and
                                                     public services. Every day, we are transforming lives, strengthening
Oakland Community College is accredited
by The Higher Learning Commission,                   the region’s workforce and partnering with our community to help
a commission of the North Central                    drive Southeast Michigan’s economic recovery.
Association of Colleges and Schools,
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400,
Chicago, Illinois 60602-3514;                        We are grateful for your investment in and continued support
Phone: 800.621.7440;                                 of Oakland Community College as we work to build a stronger
Fax: 312.263.7462; Website:                          future for Oakland County.

On our cover:
During Fiscal Year 2009, many millage-funded
renovation projects at OCC campuses focused
on the repair and replacement of concrete and        Timothy R. Meyer, Ph.D.
asphalt roadways and sidewalks. Shown on our
front cover is the replacement of sidewalks,         Chancellor
parking lots, curbs, site lighting and landscaping
at the Southfield Campus, while the back cover
shows asphalt replacement of a service drive at
the Orchard Ridge Campus.
                                                            Oakland Community College:
Over the past 45 years, Oakland                                                                  earning it a ranking in Community College
Community College (OCC) has served more             OCC’s tuition of $60.10 per                  Week as the nation’s 34th largest associate
than 700,000 students (the equivalent of            credit hour – the lowest of all              degree conferring institution in number of
half of Oakland County’s total population).        Southeast Michigan community                  degrees awarded.
In today’s times of economic crisis in                colleges and universities –                Strengthening the Region’s Workforce
Michigan, the education and services the          means a two-year OCC degree
college offers to the community are more                                                         Oakland Community College is an economic
                                                    could cost 60-80% less than                  development asset to Oakland County
important than ever.
                                                    spending two years at a state                businesses…and it attracts businesses to
OCC is a vital, collaborative partner in          university. An August 18, 2009                 Oakland County.
creating a stronger future for Michigan,           editorial in the South Oakland
helping to drive economic recovery by                                                            The college’s nationally acclaimed Economic
preparing students for in-demand careers,
                                                  Eccentric said it well: “If there’s            and Workforce Development (EWD) branch
strengthening the region’s workforce and          one thing folks are being smart                helps strengthen the economic base of
adding value to Southeast Michigan.                   about in southern Oakland                  Oakland County by providing assistance
                                                   County these days, it is finding              to the county’s businesses, industries and
Helping to Drive Economic Recovery                   the best value for the money                residents in three critical areas: career
OCC helps students learn the skills and earn       spent…and the $60 per credit                  development for job seekers and the
the credentials for a career…not just a job.      hour they will spend [at OCC] is               underemployed; business and industry
                                                                                                 training to strengthen the county workforce;
OCC collaborations ensure that its programs             an unbeatable value.”                    and economic development services to retain
are in tune with future anticipated community
demands for skilled workers in such                                                              and attract new businesses. EWD maintains
emerging sectors as health care, technology,    80 countries. Annually, OCC’s freshman           more than 30 partnership agreements with
technical skills and service industries.        classes are the largest in the state; its        corporations, agencies and educational
                                                undergraduate enrollment ranks just behind       institutions, and more than 70 companies are
A quality college education is accessible       the University of Michigan and Michigan          actively engaged in the training process.
and affordable at OCC. The college’s            State. Four of OCC’s five individual             Last year, EWD served more than 15,000
2009-2010 tuition – the lowest among all        campuses are the size of an average              individuals.
Southeast Michigan community colleges           community college elsewhere in the country.
and universities – means a two-year OCC                                                          Among EWD’s current programs and
degree could cost 60-80% less than two          The college offers university transfer           collaborations that respond to Southeast
years at a state university.                    degrees in business, science and the liberal     Michigan’s economic crisis are:
                                                arts; and degrees and certificates in more       • Establishment of a Worker Transition
OCC is the largest of Michigan’s 28             than 160 career programs in high-demand
community colleges with 28,438 students                                                            Helpline
                                                fields such as office and business skills;
enrolled in Fall 2009. Although nearly          health sciences; industrial technology;          • Participation in the Michigan New Jobs
85% of OCC students come from within the        and the public sector. At its June 2009            Training Program with a $2 million loan
college district, 8% are foreign students       commencement ceremonies, OCC awarded               fund to help employers train newly hired
who, over the years, have represented           more than 2,000 degrees and certificates,          workers

OCC’s Economic and Workforce Development, Business
Technology Center and M-TECSM facility offer career development,          Ninety-three percent of OCC’s in-demand, highly qualified health
IT, computer, and business and industry training programs in              and tech graduates are working or pursuing further education
many occupational, technical and emerging sector areas.                   within a year of graduation.

                                                                      2       2
Leading the Way to a Stronger Future
                                                                                                                     extensive programming for life-long learning
                                                                                                                     opportunities and cultural enrichment, and
                                                                                                                     the sharing of on-campus facilities such as
                                                                                                                     the Womencenter at Orchard Ridge, the
                                                                                                                     libraries and gymnasium facilities. To foster
         More than                                                                                                   their ultimate success and to help engage
    2,000 students                                                                                                   students in the classroom, on campus and in
  received degrees                                                                                                   the community, OCC has developed a vibrant
     or certificates                                                                                                 Student LIFE program and integrated Service
    at the college’s                                                                                                 Learning initiatives into courses and programs.
        June 2009
    commencement                                                                                                     Reaffirming a Commitment to
 ceremony, making                                                                                                    Oakland County
     OCC the 34th
  largest associate                                                                                                  Oakland Community College is committed
  degree-granting                                                                                                    to its transformational mission of meeting
       institution in                                                                                                the emerging needs of students and the
         the nation.                                                                                                 community as a partner in Michigan’s
                                                                                                                     economic recovery.

 • Collaboration with Oakland Schools on                      administrators) for a total of 870 full-time
   a $300,000 adult learning demonstration                    employees, plus an almost equal number                  OCC’s Physical Plant
   grant for the No Worker Left Behind                        of part-time staff and adjunct faculty.
   program                                                    The college contributes $25.7 million annually          OCC serves a 900-square-mile area,
                                                              to the regional economy through employee                and is ranked the nation’s 34th largest
 • Partnership with S3 Entertainment Group                    earnings and other expenditures. Former                 associate-degree-conferring institution
   to make available a short-term training                    OCC students – more than 70% of whom                    by Community College Week, in the
   program for Film Industry Production                       remain in the area - generate $1.8 billion              number of degrees awarded. Four of
   Assistants                                                 in added income to the region, according to             OCC’s five campuses are the size of
                                                              2005 CCbenefits, Inc. statistics.                       an average community college in
 • Development of the Road Construction
   Apprenticeship Readiness Program,                                                                                  the rest of the country.
   a grant program focused on preparing                       Providing Community Services                            OCC’s physical plant consists of:
   women, minorities and low income adults                                                                            • 5 campuses, the Bee Administration
   to enter apprenticeship programs in road                   A community college, by its very nature,
                                                              must be an integral part of its community                 Center and 1 leased site
                                                              and respond to the changing needs of                      (Pontiac Center)
 Adding Value to Southeast Michigan                           that community. For 45 years, OCC has                   • 501 acres of land
                                                              continued to address the needs of thousands             • 73 buildings and 2 parking
 OCC is one of Oakland County’s larger                        of young people, adults and seniors through               structures
 employers, with more than 285 full-time                      a variety of sponsorship and outreach
 faculty, 585 full-time staff (including 194                                                                          • 1,824,612 gross square feet
                                                              activities, an active speakers bureau,                    of building area
                                                                                                                      • 20,528 gross square feet
                                                                                                                        of leased building area
                                                                                                                      • 330,975 gross square feet
                                            An OCC Student Snapshot                                                     of parking structure area
                                                                                                                      • 463 classrooms and laboratories
                                           Number of Students ...............28,438                                   • 94.6 acres of free parking
                                           Full-time Students .........................34%
                                           Part-time Students ........................66%                               for students
                                           Average Credit Hours Taken ......8.73                                      • 10.6 miles of roadway; 7.75
                                           Student Age Range ...................15-90                                   miles of walkways
                                           Average Student Age ..................27.2                                 • Replacement value for OCC’s
                                           Gender...........................................60%   female                buildings and contents:
                                                                                            40%   male                  $501,807,719
                                           Race/Ethnicity ...............................22%      minorities
                                                                                             8%   foreign students    OCC’s data network incorporates:
  Top Four Programs of Study                                                                                          • 2 million feet of copper wire
                                                                                                                        for data transmission
      Business ............................................................................................... 6%     • 210 miles of fiber optic cable
      General Studies ................................................................................. 9%
      Liberal Arts ......................................................................................... 8%         connecting all college buildings
      Nursing ................................................................................................. 9%    • Approximately 4,500 computers,
 Tuition Rates – In-District, 2009-2010 ...........................................$60.10 per credit hour               two-thirds of which are available
                                                                                                                        for student use
 Students Receiving Financial Aid                                                                                     • 1 gigabyte-per-second speed to
     In 2008, more than15,000 students were awarded over $40 million in state,                                          the desktop with fault-tolerant
     federal, institutional, and private scholarships and financial aid.                                                wide area network
 Source: OCC Academic and Admissions Information, 2009; OCC At a Glance, 2009

                                                                          Your Taxpayer Support:

Of OCC’s 285 full-time faculty, 93% hold advanced degrees and 18%        OCC Emergency Service Training programs, located at the Auburn Hills
have doctorates – more than any other Michigan community college.        Campus on a 22-acre simulated cityscape with its five-story live-fire training
                                                                         tower, allow first responders to train together in controlled, realistic settings.
Oakland Community College is an                To provide the learning opportunities that             An OCC education is an investment that pays
active partner in creating a better, more      help power Oakland County’s success, OCC               off for students and the community. Statistics
sustainable future for its students and its    depends on the continued support of its                from CCbenefits, Inc. for 2005 reveal that
community. More than just an educational       community. While tuition and fees provide              for every student who attends OCC full-time,
outlet, the college is an organization         26.5% percent of the college’s revenue, and            will earn an additional $5,525 per year.
committed to helping Oakland County            state appropriations supply another 12.5%,             Over a working lifetime, OCC associate
build a better tomorrow. The college makes     the balance of the college’s funding – over            degree holders will earn more than
this possible in many ways. It provides        58% - comes from property taxes. This                  $500,000 more than non-degree holders.
affordable, accessible, quality learning       investment of property taxes is a sound one.
opportunities and services to individuals,     Oakland County taxpayers benefit from                  Recognizing OCC’s Good Stewardship
communities and organizations. It partners     OCC’s operations and its students’ successes,          of Millage Funds
and collaborates with federal, state           realizing a real money “book” return of                In 1964, Oakland County voters granted
and local government, other educational        13.6% on their annual investments in OCC               OCC its charter mill of funding. It was not
institutions, business and industry and        and recovering those investments in 10.1               until 1995 that OCC – unlike other state
community leaders to develop innovative        years, according to 2005 statistics from the           community colleges – returned to the voters
ways to help stimulate the region’s economic   research firm, CCbenefits, Inc. The State of           asking for additional property tax support.
recovery…benefiting students and               Michigan also benefits from OCC’s influence            Voters responded positively, approving a
community.                                     as educated residents save the public some             .8 mill increase for seven years.
However, focusing on this sustainable future   $8 million annually in improved health, and
                                               reduced welfare, unemployment and crime                The college carefully used millage funds
at OCC would not be possible without the                                                              to make inroads on much-needed facility
support of Oakland County taxpayers.           rates.
                                                                                                      repairs and renovations, technology

An OCC History and Millage Timeline

1964-65 Oakland County voters approve          1980 Fourth campus in Southfield opens                 1995-2002 Royal Oak Campus adds
OCC, grant 1 charter mill for funding;                                                                new wing and 400 spaces to parking
OCC opens Auburn Hills and Highland Lakes      1982 The college’s fifth campus, Royal                 garage; Highland Lakes Campus builds
campuses                                       Oak, opens, replacing earlier facilities and           efficient power plant; Southfield Campus
                                               becoming part of that city’s renaissance               undertakes 1998-2007 interior and exterior
1968 OCC’s first totally new campus,                                                                  renovation; Orchard Ridge Campus plans
Orchard Ridge, opens in Farmington Hills       1985 Headlee Amendment of 1978 results                 focal-point entrance for Building A. All
                                               in roll-back of millage funding to .8405 mill          campuses undertake needed infrastructure
1971-73 The college’s Southeast Campus
System (SECS) serves students in three         1995 Voters approve OCC’s first-ever                   repairs to roofs, roads, and HVAC systems
renovated downtown Royal Oak buildings         millage increase - .8 mill for 7 years

         Auburn Hills Campus                          Highland Lakes Campus                                  Orchard Ridge Campus

Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

 In addition to its many degree and certificate programs, OCC provides high school students with
 early college experiences and opportunities to explore various careers during summer learning
 programs such as the Oakland Community Accelerated Learning College (OCALC).
 upgrades and new construction, as well as to          credit hours at OCC are taken by students
 provide scholarships and add new programs             receiving financial aid
 to benefit students…and ultimately Oakland          • Upgrade and expand the college’s
 County.                                               information technology infrastructure
 OCC kept its millage promises to Oakland            • Complete more than 300 building,
 County voters, using its 1995 millage funds           renovation, repair and deferred
 ($203 million over seven years) to:                   maintenance projects to improve facilities.
 • Offer up-to-date, relevant training and             These projects include major infrastructure
   retraining programs for students                    repairs and upgrades to roofs, heating and
 • Provide state-of-the-art equipment for              cooling systems, roads and parking lots
   instructional programs and update                 The college also used 1995 millage funds
   instructional technology in classrooms,           to leverage an additional $15 million in
   labs, libraries and academic facilities –         funding from the State of Michigan for
   more than half of which were 25 years             the construction of the Michigan Technical
   old or more                                       Education Center (M-TECSM), the Combined        OCC continues to use millage funds carefully to
 • Keep tuition affordable                           Regional Emergency Services Training            improve the learning environment for students,
                                                     (CREST) facility and for renovations to         providing state-of-the-art labs and equipment.
 • Offer additional scholarships and                 classroom buildings on the Auburn Hills and
   increased educational opportunities for           Orchard Ridge campuses.
   deserving students. Thirty percent of all

 2001 Voters renew millage for 2002-2012;            2006 Auburn Hills Campus begins                 2008 Auburn Hills Campus Student Center
 all campuses continue infrastructure repairs;       construction of Student Center addition,        addition opens; Royal Oak Campus Building
 M-TECSM opens                                       Highland Lakes Campus opens Levinson Hall       C renovations are completed
                                                     addition, breaks ground for Woodland Hall
 2004 OCC’s CREST security training facility         addition                                        2009 Southfield Campus breaks ground for
 opens on the Auburn Hills Campus                                                                    largest expansion project in OCC’s 45-
                                                     2007 Woodland Hall addition opens on            year history. All campuses undertake major
 2005 Highland Lakes Campus breaks                   Highland Lakes Campus; District Office          concrete and asphalt road, parking lot and
 ground for Levinson Hall addition; Royal            completes renovations; Royal Oak Campus         walk-way repairs, continue interior/exterior
 Oak Campus begins renovations to Building B         completes renovations to Building B             renovation projects and infrastructure

            Royal Oak Campus                                   Southfield Campus                                 District Office

                                                                             Oakland Community College:
Oakland County voters once more demon-                        Funding the Future                                             Allocating Millage Funds Conscientiously
strated their overwhelming support for                        For an Oakland County homeowner                                Through wise and careful use of its 1995
OCC in 2001. In recognition that the                          whose dwelling was valued at $200,000,                         millage increase, OCC made significant
college had indeed kept its 1995 millage                      the millage renewal meant an annual                            inroads toward restoring its well-used
promises, voters passed a 10-year                             continuance of the same $80 in taxes                           campuses; enhancing its curriculum;
renewal (2002-2012) of that .8 mill                           voted in 1995. While that number                               upgrading its technology to benefit
property tax by a two-to-one margin.                          translates to about $1.54 per week                             students; and improving its human and
This endorsement has allowed the                              for an individual homeowner, there is                          technological infrastructure.
college to continue its pivotal role in the                   tremendous power in numbers: over the
county – providing students with quality,                     course of 10 years, the .8 mill renewal                        The 2001 millage approval vote by
affordable, state-of-the-art education                        is expected to generate approximately                          area property owners has allowed the
and training that will ensure they learn                      $42.7 million annually. Of those funds,                        college to keep pace with the needs
the skills needed to embark on successful                     $15 million annually has been allocated                        of a dynamic, diverse and growing
careers in today’s challenging economy.                       to improving facilities for students.                          county – providing quality learning
                                                                                                                             opportunities; training workers for areas
                                                                                                                             in which there are critical labor shortages;
                                                                                                                             and enhancing the current workforce
                                                                                                                             to provide the highly skilled workers
                                                                                                                             Oakland County employers need now
                                                                                                                             and in the future.

OCC partnered with the West Bloomfield school district to launch the                         Proactive in addressing the state’s critical nursing shortage, OCC is
Oakland Early College, the county’s first such program. This innovative                      collaborating with the Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health
program offers students the opportunity to simultaneously earn their                         System to add nursing faculty. The college is also using millage funding
high school diplomas and OCC associate degrees.                                              to expand its Southfield and Highland Lakes campuses which house
                                                                                             nursing and other in-demand health care programs.
The college allocated millage renewal funds as follows:
     Instructional and Program Development ................................................................................................................................ 4%
     Continuing the systematic procedure to develop new courses and review all existing programs on a five-year cycle

     Classroom Technology and Capital Equipment ..................................................................................................................... 21%
     Maximizing learning opportunities for students by providing state-of-the-art classroom technology and capital equipment,
     as well as supportive and operational technology

     Student Scholarships and Employment .................................................................................................................................... 4%
     Providing students with opportunities to pursue a college education and providing them with valuable work experiences
     that will improve their marketability

     Improving College Operating Systems for Students ............................................................................................................. 35%
     Based on historical information and future projections, OCC determined that 35 percent of millage renewal funds were needed
     to support college operations and fund the reserves needed for the college to continue providing consistent services of the
     highest quality at its multiple sites.

     Improving Facilities for Students .......................................................................................................................................... 36%
     Acting upon the results of a 1995 Facilities Inventory and Deferred Maintenance Backlog Study conducted by the architectural
     firm DSA Architects (now known as the SHW Group), to determine the condition of all of OCC’s buildings (totalling 46 at the
     time), and then implementing a maintenance schedule to maximize the useful life of those buildings. The study indicated that
     15 buildings were in “poor” condition and needed urgent attention; 12 were in “fair” condition and required some attention
     to bring them up to industry standards.
Keeping Millage Promises
 How OCC Is Funded                           Where OCC’s Revenue Comes From – Fiscal Year 2009-2010
                                             General Fund Budget
                                                                       Amount     Percent of Total Budget
                                             Property Taxes          $93,200,426           58.14%
                                             Tuition and Fees        $42,473,023           26.49%
                                             State Appropriations    $20,083,500           12.53%
                                             Other – Investment and
                                                  Misc. Revenue       $4,550,000            2.84%
                                                  Total Revenue     $160,306,949         100.00%

                                             Where Our Budget Is Spent – Fiscal Year 2009-2010
                                             Expenditure Budget
                                             Personnel Costs                                 66.81%
                                             Staff Development and Operating Expenses        15.39%
                                             Facility and Technology Projects                11.32%
                                             Equipment and Depreciation                        3.26%
                                             Utilities                                         3.22%

 OCC Fast Facts
 • OCC is Michigan’s largest community college
 • OCC has the state’s largest freshman class and the 3rd largest undergraduate enrollment, following the University of Michigan
   and Michigan State University
 • More than 11% of Oakland County high school graduates attend OCC
 • At its June 2009 commencement, OCC awarded more than 2,000 degrees and certificates
 • Based on U.S. Department of Education data for 2007, OCC’s ranking among the nation’s 1,200 community colleges was:
   37th in number of graduates in health professions and related clinical fields; 28th in business and management; 40th in nursing;
   22nd in family and consumer sciences; and 68th in the number of black graduates
 • OCC students most frequently transfer to the following colleges and universities: Oakland, Wayne State, Michigan State,
   Central, Eastern, University of Michigan, Grand Valley State, University of Detroit-Mercy, University of Michigan-Flint and
   Ferris State
 • OCC has the state’s largest Nursing, English as a Second Language, and Economic and Workforce Development programs
 • OCC served 1,243 students with disabilities in 2008
 • 100% of OCC’s nursing, dental hygiene, medical assisting and respiratory therapy program graduates pass state and national
   licensure exam
 • OCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
 • Many other OCC programs – especially in the health fields - are accredited by state agencies and/or national organizations
 • Of OCC’s 285 full-time faculty members, 93% hold advanced degrees and 18% have doctorates

                                                     OCC helps ensure the
                                                     safety and security of the
                                                     community through its
                                                     Emergency Service Training
                                                     programs, headquartered
                                                     at the unique Combined
                                                     Regional Emergency
                                                     Services Training (CREST)
                                                     facility on the Auburn Hills

                                                            OCC’s award-winning
                                                         Culinary Studies Institute
                                                          won the 2008 National
                                                         Collegiate Championship
                                                           for ice carving, as well
                                                         as an American Culinary
                                                            Federation state gold
                                                             medal for its Student
                                                                  Hot Foods team.
                                               Millage-Funded Construction at OCC:
Oakland Community College received its                            college commissioned the architectural firm         per calendar year, but do not include
first distribution of funds from the millage                      DSA Architects (now known as the SHW                any architectural costs for equipment
renewal on July 1, 2002. Funding will run                         Group), to conduct a complete assessment            installation, permits and A/M/E design
through June 30, 2012.                                            of OCC’s physical plant. Their findings,            fees. Suggested maintenance replacement
This report highlights millage-funded                             presented in a comprehensive Facilities             work for FY 2010 is estimated at
projects Oakland Community College                                Inventory, Assessment and Deferred                  $1,084,342. The intent of this information
is planning, building or has completed                            Maintenance Capital Planning Report,                is to plan and allocate sufficient funding
between July 1, 2008 and June 30,                                 identified the deferred maintenance                 for the described recommended work
2009 - Fiscal Year 2009 (FY 2009) -                               projects OCC’s aging campuses required              through 2026 and beyond. Priorities
the seventh year of a 10-year millage                             to bring them up to industry standards.             are being established to target both the
renewal. This work includes 57 large                              A revised report aligned and prioritized            maintenance equipment replacement
construction/renovation projects ($25,000                         these projects based on the availability            schedule and future renovations.
and over) and 56 small projects (under                            of anticipated millage renewal funding              New Initiatives/Remodeling Projects
$25,000) – each of which enhances and                             and the college’s construction budget.              In addition to deferred maintenance
updates the facilities where so many                              Deferred maintenance projects include –             projects, OCC is planning, building or
students receive the education and                                but are not limited to – roof repairs and           has completed a number of new building
training they need to be part of the 21st                         replacements; heating/ventilation/air               initiatives and remodeling construction
century workforce.                                                conditioning (HVAC) repairs or upgrades;            projects. Examples include a major
Master Facilities Plan, Process Guide                             road, walkway and parking area repairs              addition to the Southfield Campus
OCC’s Construction Program                                        or replacements; and door replacements.             (construction began in August 2009);
                                                                  The report also addresses projects needed           the newly completed Student Services
The college - committed to being good                             to bring OCC’s buildings into compliance
stewards of the millage funding entrusted                                                                             addition on the Auburn Hills Campus;
                                                                  with the Americans with Disabilities Act            major renovations to Building C on the
to them by Oakland County voters -                                (ADA). Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
has carefully defined and coordinated                                                                                 Royal Oak Campus; the completion of
                                                                  (IDS), is contracted to provide each                the Woodland Hall addition and the
collegewide and individual campus                                 campus detailed replacement schedules
master facilities plans, as well as a fully                                                                           renovations to the old Woodland Hall
                                                                  suggested for 2005-2026 and beyond.                 building and the Student Center at the
developed and inclusive facilities planning                       The current schedules depict estimated
process - to guide all of its maintenance,                                                                            Highland Lakes Campus.
                                                                  dollars for the calendar year in which
renovation and construction projects.                             specific building components, systems or            Continuity in Managing the Construction
Deferred Maintenance Projects                                     equipment will have reached the end of              Process
                                                                  their life expectancies (based on age               To ensure the most coordinated use of
To facilitate the planning, budgeting and                         for recommended replacement). Cost
building processes, OCC utilizes a variety                                                                            millage funding, the OCC Board of
                                                                  estimates are for equipment only and                Trustees contracted with the George
of internal and external resources. The                           are escalated at a 3.5-4% inflation rate            W. Auch Company of Pontiac as the
                                                                                                                      preferred construction manager and the
FY 2009 Construction Millage Revenues and Expenditures                                                                following architectural and engineering
                                                                                                                      firms for the 10-year millage plan through
Construction Millage Revenues                                                                                         2012: Architectural - Integrated Design
1995 Millage Construction Carryover ......................................................... $2,461,920              Solutions, LLC (Auburn Hills, Orchard
                                                                                                                      Ridge), SHW Group (formerly DSA
Allocation for FYs 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 ..................$90,000,000
                                                                                                                      Architects, LLC, Highland Lakes), TMP
Allocation for FY 2009 .................................................................................$15,000,000   Associates, Inc. (Royal Oak, Southfield);
Supplemental Funding included in Planned Allocation ...........................$41,409,056                            Engineering - Integrated Design Solutions,
   Auburn Hills Campus Interior Renovation/                                                                           LLC (multi-campus), and Peter Basso
    Student Services Building ........................... $14,952,387                                                 Associates, Inc. (multi-campus).
   Rochester Hills Building Improvement .............. $251,769                                                       An Inclusive Planning Process
   District Office HVAC Equipment/
                                                                                                                      In order to best determine collegewide
    Interior Renovation............................................. $900,000
                                                                                                                      and individual campus construction needs
   Southfield Building Addition/                                                                                      and priorities, OCC has implemented a
    Air Handler Replacement ........................... $25,304,900                                                   multi-level planning process.
TOTAL REVENUE through FY 2009 ............................................................ $148,870,976
                                                                                                                      Each campus has an individual Campus
Construction Millage Actual Expenditures                                                                              Master Facilities Plan that is part of
                                                                                                                      the College Master Facilities Plan. Each
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2003 ................................................. $8,973,675                site also has its own Campus Facilities
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2004 ...............................................$17,772,649                  Committee consisting of the campus
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2005 ...............................................$15,868,065                  president and designated representatives
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2006 ...............................................$17,014,454                  from faculty and staff. This group
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2007 ...............................................$18,663,754                  determines campus construction needs
                                                                                                                      and priorities based on reports from its
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2008 ...............................................$17,047,759
                                                                                                                      Campus Project Team.
Construction-Related Projects for FY 2009 ...............................................$13,945,262
TOTAL ACTUAL EXPENDITURES through FY 2009 .................................. $109,285,618

A Careful and Systematic Process
 The Campus Project Team is composed            • Make changes to project prioritization     be approved, contingent upon the
 of the campus president, operating               lists as needs arise                       availability of funding.
 engineers, the facility manager, an
 Information Technology representative, a       The College Facilities Committee (CFC)       Safety issues take precedence and
 faculty representative, the OCC director       is comprised of the Vice Chancellor          are considered on an “as needed”
 of Physical Facilities, the OCC construction   of Administrative Services, the four         basis. Discussion focuses on the cash flow
 manager and the architect/engineer             campus presidents (Auburn Hills,             projection of proposed projects over the
 designated for that particular campus.         Highland Lakes, Orchard Ridge, and           10-year planning period.
 The team meets on a monthly basis to           Royal Oak/Southfield), the director          Recommendations on construction projects
 make project recommendations to the            of Physical Facilities, a designated
 Campus Facilities Committee based on                                                        that are $25,000 or more are forwarded
                                                campus representative for each of the        to the OCC Board of Trustees for review
 the DSA’s report, IDS’s primary equipment      five campuses, a representative from
 replacement schedules and ADA                                                               and approval; projects under $25,000
                                                Information Technology, and the George
 requirements as follows:                       W. Auch Company construction manager.        do not require board approval.
 • Identify, review and prioritize proposed     This committee meets the third Thursday of
   projects as an overall one-year plan for     each month at OCC’s District Office, and
   that campus                                  shares its minutes with the OCC community
                                                on the college’s InfoMart website.
 • Consider available resources committed
   to priorities, including time, money, etc.   The CFC focuses on addressing issues          Guidelines for Small Projects
                                                reflected in DSA’s report comprised of the    (under $25,000)
 • Identify specific projects that will not     facilities inventory, and assessment and
   be done                                      deferred maintenance capital planning,         As approved by the College Facilities
 • Submit all proposed projects                 as well as on the detailed maintenance
   (regardless of funding) that will                                                           Committee on March 21, 2001, small
                                                replacement schedules suggested for
   physically alter the appearance              2005-2026 and beyond, as prepared              projects that are determined by the
   of a site to the College Facilities          by Integrated Design Solutions, LLC. The       OCC Physical Facilities Department
   Committee for consideration,                 CFC also reviews project requests from         are governed by the following:
   recommendation and an approval               the individual campus project teams,           1. Work will be a physical
   plan based on campus needs                   to determine whether projects should              improvement/alteration of
                                                                                                  a campus building, site structure
  Steps in the Construction Project Process – Large Projects                                      or architectural/engineering
                                                                                                  schematic development of a
  ($25,000 and more)                                                                              larger proposed project that
                                                                                                  has a cost under $25,000
  1.   In conjunction with the Master Facilities Plan, the campus, Physical Facilities
       Department and construction manager identify potential construction projects            2. Proposed work will be required
  2. The Physical Facilities Department and the construction manager determine                    to meet one of the following
       project limit (large – $25,000 or more and requiring OCC Board approval,                   needs criteria: regulatory
       or small – less than $25,000)                                                              mandate (required by law),
                                                                                                  safety concern, broken item
  3. Proposed project is presented to CFC for preliminary project approval                        requiring immediate attention
  4. Architect develops program scope and applicable schematic drawings                        3. Proposed work may require
  5. Construction manager prepares project schematic estimated budget                             architectural/engineering input
  6. Budget is presented to CFC for review and approval                                           and is to be performed by
                                                                                                  construction trades, not service
  7. Architect and construction manager prepare Michigan Use and Finance
       Statements for projects of $2 million or more
  8. Proposed project (and applicable Use and Finance Statement) are submitted                 4. Proposed work is not part of
       to OCC Board for approval                                                                  a larger, more expensive project
  9. Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services submits Michigan Use and Finance               5. Proposed project will be
       Statement to Lansing for approval                                                          developed, tracked and paid
                                                                                                  for by the Physical Facilities
  10. Architect develops working drawings
  11. Upon state acceptance of Use and Finance Statement, the construction manager
       puts project out for public bid                                                         6. Proposed project will be
                                                                                                  approved with the consent of
  12. Bids are received and opened in a public forum at OCC’s Bee                                 administration, Vice Chancellor
       Administration Center                                                                      of Administrative Services,
  13. The construction manager awards contracts to low bidder(s) (subject to                      Campus President and/or
       OCC approval), supervises in-progress work, facilitates contractor                         Director of Physical Facilities
       progress payments, ensures work compliance, coordinates all closeout                    7. Proposed small project will
       activities with the architect, campus and the Physical Facilities Department               not include carpeting, painting,
  The estimated construction project is based on an identified project scope and                  material inventory, routine
  the uncommitted fund allowance to protect the estimate and not to increase the                  custodial or maintenance
  project scope.                                                                                  services
                                                                                                   Auburn Hills Campus
Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                                                                            In September 1965, OCC opened its first two campuses – Auburn
                                                                                            Hills and Highland Lakes. In then-rural Auburn Hills, those first
                                                                                            students took classes in the Quonset huts and barracks of a
                                                                                            decommissioned Nike missile base. During the 1970s and 1980s,
                                                                                            those original structures were replaced. Beginning in 1995,
                                                                                            when Oakland County voters approved OCC’s first-ever millage
                                                                                            increase, then renewed it for 10 years in 2002, the Auburn Hills
                                                                                            Campus began a carefully planned program of much needed
                                                                                            infrastructure repairs to roads, roofs and buildings along with
                                                                                            technology upgrades and new construction. Today, students on
                                                                                            this campus enjoy a learning environment enhanced with state-
                                                                                            of-the-art technology and student-focused amenities.

                                                                                            Millage-funded construction and renovation programs at the
                                                                                            Auburn Hills Campus have included the 22-acre simulated
              OCC built its CREST facility between 2000-2007.                               cityscape of the Combined Regional Emergency Services
                                                                                            Training (CREST) facility which provides realistic, scenario-based
                                                                                            Emergency Services Training; and a 28,765-square-foot Student
                                                                                            Center addition to Building G, completed in Fall 2008.

                                                                                            OCC-Auburn Hills offers a comprehensive array of programs
                                                                                            in the liberal arts and sciences, public services, workforce
                                                                                            preparation, counseling, student services and academic support.
                                                                                            The campus also has two technology-based centers - the
                                                                                            Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and the Michigan Technical
                                                                                            Education Center (M-TECSM). ATC programs partner with business
                                                                                            and industry to offer high-tech programs in Computer Aided
                                                                                            Design, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, and
                                                                                            Information Systems and Technologies.

                                                                                            OCC’s Economic and Workforce Development branch, head-
                                                                                            quartered in M-TECSM, helps workers retrain and upskill to meet
             Steel rises in 2007 for the Student Center addition.                           the needs of the county’s businesses and industries. The college
                                                                                            also works closely with local school districts through Tech-Prep
                                                                                            and apprenticeship programs in a cooperative effort to provide
                                                                                            local industry with highly skilled and qualified workers.

                                                                                            Small Projects -
                                                                                            In Progress/Planning Stages
                                                                                             Bldg./Area                           Project
                                                                                                          HVAC/Electrical Equipment Replacement/
                                                                                                  A       Interior Renovation
                                                                                                  C       HVAC Equipment Replacement
                                                                                                CREST     Emergency Services Vehicle Garage Conversion
Completed in Fall 2008, the Student Center enhances learning experiences.
                                                                                                  D       Vestibule Roof Repair
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently              F       Northwest Ramp and Stair Review
in progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s
Auburn Hills Campus through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland                         P       Boiler/HVAC/Emergency Switchgear Replacement
County voters in June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board                    Squirrel
of Trustees is required for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval                              Entrance Sign and Landscaping Review
is not required for projects under $25,000. The OCC Board receives updated                      Road
information on all millage-funded building and renovation projects at each
monthly meeting.
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning          KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
stages are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning          AH – Auburn Hills Campus; CREST – Combined Regional Emergency
and project management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts
originally budgeted.                                                                         Services Training site; CT – Cooling Tower; PH – Power House

2900 Featherstone Road, Auburn Hills
 Large Projects - Completed                                                 Large Projects - In Progress
                                                Board                                                                                         Board
  Site/Area                Project                          Cost             Site/Bldg.                     Project
                                               Approved                                                                                      Approved
              Grounds Maintenance and                                                      Campus Walkways/Site Lighting/
     AH                                        9/18/06    $1,347,238            AH                                                           3/16/09
              Salt Storage Dome                                                            Concrete Sidewalk Replacement
              Financial Aid Expansion/                                       A, B, C, E,   All Exterior Brick Sealant/
      B       Student Services                 12/10/07      $50,157                                                                         2/18/08
                                                                             H, J, K, P    Tuckpoints
      CT      Cooling Tower Replacement        5/21/07      $795,309                       HVAC/Electrical Switchgear                       7/21/08 and
                                                                              H, J, K      Replacement/Interior Renovation                   11/17/08
              Interior Renovations/Student
      G                                        5/15/06        *

              Services Addition
              Asphalt Paving Replacement       5/19/08     $161,949
                                                                            Small Projects - Completed/Closed
              TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                       $2,354,653           Site/Area                                 Project

 * Cost pending final closeout documentation                                       AH           Child Care Relocation Evaluation
                                                                                     A          ADA Restroom Evaluation
                                                                                     F          HVAC Equipment Replacement
                                                                                     J          Power and Data Line Repair
                                                                               Mott Road        Asphalt Paving Replacement – Lots 1, 2, 3
                                                                                                TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $44,818

   Cooling Tower completed

                                                                             Asphalt paving                            BEFORE:
                                                                             at the Power House                        Power House asphalt
   Salt storage dome and Grounds                                                                                       prior to replacement
   Maintenance building completed
                                                                             Auburn Hills sidewalk
                                                                             and site lighting

   Parking Lot 14 during
   the repaving process
                                                                                                                       Auburn Hills concrete sidewalk
                                                                       11                                              and site lighting replacement
                                                                                        Highland Lakes Campus
Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                                                                            The transformation of OCC’s Highland Lakes Campus in
                                                                                            Waterford is nearing completion. The second of OCC’s two
                                                                                            original sites, the 160-acre campus was formerly the home of
                                                                                            the Oakland County Tuberculosis Sanitarium. For many years,
                                                                                            the converted red-brick buildings of the Sanitarium, dating from
                                                                                            the 1920s, served OCC students as classrooms, labs, studios and

                                                                                            Since the 1995 approval and 2002 renewal of OCC’s millage
                                                                                            by Oakland County voters, the Highland Lakes Campus has
                                                                                            completed vital infrastructure projects including repairs,
                                                                                            replacements and renovations of roads, sidewalks, roofs, HVAC
                                                                                            systems, and building exteriors and interiors. Millage funds
                                                                                            also allowed OCC to embark on two major building programs:
             Millage funds were used to build the Janice Simmons                            the $8.6-million, 38,000-square-foot Janice Simmons Health
                   Health Wing addition to Levinson Hall.                                   Wing addition to Levinson Hall, completed in 2006 and an
                                                                                            $11.6-million, 55,000-square-foot addition to Woodland Hall,
                                                                                            completed in 2007. Building and renovation projects continue
                                                                                            - including those for the newly renovated Student Center, the
                                                                                            current renovation of the old Woodland Hall and the campus-
                                                                                            wide pavement replacement.

                                                                                            The Highland Lakes Campus focuses its curricula on accredited
                                                                                            programs in early childhood development and health professions.
                                                                                            OCC’s degree and certificate programs in nursing, dental
                                                                                            hygiene, exercise science and technology, massage therapy and
                                                                                            medical assisting are ranked among the top in the state and the
                                                                                            nation, and graduates are in high demand.

                                                                                            A strong science curriculum, a wide range of general education
                                                                                            and transfer programs, courses for personal enrichment, and
                    Woodland Hall classrooms and student                                    career programs including engineering round out the offerings
                       services opened in fall 2007.                                        at Highland Lakes. The campus continues its tradition of an active
                                                                                            involvement with the community, hosting the popular “A Little
                                                                                            Night Music” free summer concert series in its outdoor cedar
                                                                                            pavilion, which is also available for public use.

                                                                                            Small Projects -
                                                                                            In Progress/Planning Stages
                     Millage-funded renovations and HVAC
                     upgrades continue at Highland Lakes.                                     Bldg./Area                            Project
                                                                                                  HH        Demolition
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently
in progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s                         Lot G      Asphalt Pavement Replacement
Highland Lakes Campus through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland
County voters in June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board                       PE        HVAC Equipment Replacement
of Trustees is required for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval
is not required for projects under $25,000. The OCC Board receives updated
information on all millage-funded building and renovation projects at each
monthly meeting.                                                                             KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
                                                                                             HL – Highland Lakes Campus; HH – Highland Hall;
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning
stages are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning          HOH – High Oaks Hall; LH – Levinson Hall; PE – Physical Education;
and project management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts          PH – Pump House; RC – Redwood Center; SC - Student Center;
originally budgeted.                                                                         WH – Woodland Hall

7350 Cooley Lake Road, Waterford
 Large Projects - Completed                                                  Large Projects - In Progress
   Site/                                        Board        Cost            Site/Bldg.                 Project                  Board Approved
   Bldg.                                       Approved
                                                                                          Asphalt Paving, Concrete Curbs and
           Technology Backbone Cable           6/18/07      $234,715            HL        Gutter Replacement – Lots A, B, C, D       3/16/09
     HL                                                                                   and Entrance Drive
           Utility Infrastructure Relocation   1/26/04    $2,390,041
                                                                                          HVAC Equipment Replacement/Inte-
           Athletic Field Parking Lot          7/21/08      $112,363           HOH                                                   8/17/09
                                                                                          rior Renovation
           Building Addition                   5/17/04    $8,350,600
           Building Energy Management
           System Conversion –                 11/15/04     $343,132         Small Projects - Completed/Closed
           Distributed Digital Controls
                                                                             Site/Bldg.                            Project
     LH    Electrical Switchgear/Panel
           Replacement, Emergency              6/18/07      $116,979            HL        Topographic Boundary Survey
           Lighting                                                           HOH, PE     Limestone Cap Repair at Planter Wall
           Ceiling and Lighting                               *                 LH        Water Cooler Replacements/ADA Compliance
                                                                                RC        Interior Partition/Ceiling Removals
           HVAC Equipment Replacement          10/16/06       *
                                                                                WH        Wiremold G4000 – Classroom 24
    PH     Domestic Water Booster              1/23/06      $287,539                      TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $95,937
           Pump Installation
           Electrical Switchgear/              6/18/07       $91,929
           Panel Replacement
    SC     HVAC Equipment Replacement/         10/16/06       *
           Interior Renovation
           Roof Replacement – Area G           2/18/08       $26,002
           Building Addition                   5/17/04        *
    WH     HVAC Equipment Replacement/         5/19/08        *
           Interior Renovation
           TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                          $11,953,300
 * Cost pending final closeout documentation

                                                                                  Entrance drive to Lot B          DuRING:
                                                                                                                   Asphalt and concrete replacements
                                                                                                                   to the campus entrance drive

    Asphalt replacement of
    campus parking lots

Completed ceiling
and lighting
replacement in
Levinson Hall

    Levinson Hall
    electrical switchgear/                                                    HVAC replacements
    panel replacement                                                         at Levinson Hall
    completed                                                                 and Woodland Hall

                                                                                              Orchard Ridge Campus
Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                                                                            By 1968, OCC completed its first totally new campus, Orchard
                                                                                            Ridge, recognized nationally for the 13 California-style buildings
                                                                                            that transformed a 147-acre apple orchard in Farmington
                                                                                            Hills into the college’s then-largest campus. Using millage funds
                                                                                            approved by Oakland County voters beginning in 1995, this
                                                                                            campus has made many needed infrastructure improvements
                                                                                            including roof, pavement and walkway repairs and replacements;
                                                                                            major work in foundation waterproofing; replacement of campus
                                                                                            site lighting; and technology upgrades. To help students and
                                                                                            visitors better navigate a campus on which all the buildings look
                                                                                            similar, the college constructed a new entrance for Building A and
                                                                                            replaced campus and roadway directional signage.

                                                                                            This campus offers a diversity of program initiatives and prides
 The distinctive Building A entrance and new signage enhance the campus.                    itself on preparing students for successful careers, transfer
                                                                                            to four-year colleges or universities, or advancement in their
                                                                                            current professions. Career programs include interior design,
                                                                                            art, computer information systems, graphic design, management
                                                                                            development/construction, paralegal and photographic

                                                                                            The Orchard Ridge Campus has the college’s largest English as a
                                                                                            Second Language (ESL) program, which includes special language
                                                                                            study courses for non-native speakers of English as well as tutorial
                                                                                            support. It is also home to OCC’s nationally recognized Culinary
                                                                                            Studies Institute.

                                                                                            Committed to its community in a variety of ways, the Orchard
                                                                                            Ridge Campus provides professional and student theater, music
                                                                                            and dance performances in the acoustically engineered, 400-
                                                                                            seat Smith Theatre; collaborates with community agencies and
              Site lighting was the millage-funded imporvement.                             service organizations; and houses the unique Womencenter which
                                                                                            serves campus and community by helping to empower women
                                                                                            through educational and support programs.

                                                                                            Small Projects -
                                                                                            In Progress/Planning Stages
                                                                                             Site/Bldg.                              Project
                                                                                                          Campus Master Planning
                                                                                                OR        Interior Fire/Stairway Door Replacements
                                                                                                 B        Laboratory Fume Hood Control Replacement
Extensive infrastructure repairs to roads, walks, roofs and foundations, along                   F        Water Infiltration Evaluation
with HVAC and technology upgrades were completed with millage funds.                                      Environmental Health and Safety Pool Issues;
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently                      Master Planning; Pool/Mechanical Evaluation
in progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s                                  Dish Machine Installation; Underground Sanitary Line
Orchard Ridge Campus through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland                       J
County voters in June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board                               Repair; Electrical Upgrade – Student Center
of Trustees is required for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval                     K        Structural Investigation
is not required for projects under $25,000. The OCC Board receives updated
information on all millage-funded building and renovation projects at each                       L        Extend Concrete Slab at Kiln
monthly meeting.
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning
stages are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning
and project management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts          KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
originally budgeted.                                                                         OR – Orchard Ridge Campus

27055 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills
 Large Projects - Completed                                                  Large Projects - In Progress
                                                                               Site/                                                   Board
                                               Approved                                                     Project
    Bldg.                                                                      Bldg.                                                  Approved
              Concrete Sidewalk                                                           Emergency Generator, Distribution Panels
                                               12/10/07    $497,330             OR                                                    11/17/08
              Replacement                                                                 and Lighting
              External Signage System          5/21/07     $257,349                       Interior Room/Directional Signage           5/18/09
     OR                                                                          J
              Intersection Erosion Control –                                              Testing Center Wall Separation – J-250      8/17/09
              Oakland Drive/Farmington         5/18/09        *
              Circle                                                                      Financial Aid/Enrollment Services
                                                                                 M        and Scholarships Window and                 5/18/09
              Site Lighting Improvements       3/21/05    $1,111,554                      Counter Modifications
    A, B,     Exterior Foundation
    C, D      Waterproofing                    12/10/07    $250,265
                                                                             Small Projects - Completed/Closed
  C, D, F, G, Distributed Digital Controls
                                               11/19/01   $1,202,582         Site/Bldg.                               Project
  J, K, L, M – Phase II
    C, G      Interior Renovations                                                        Emergency Catch Basin Repairs
                                               1/26/04    $5,323,802            OR        Farmington Hills Fire Department Updated Building
      D       Relocation of Digital Lab        11/17/08       *                           Floor Plans
              Improvements and Upgrades –                                        B        Oakland Early College Office Conversion
                                               9/17/07     $287,064
              Central Plant Cooling Tower                                        H        Roof Metal Siding Evaluation
              Asphalt Paving Replacement                                                  Assessment Office Relocation
                                               4/21/08        *                  M
              – Shipping and Receiving                                                    Public Safety Expansion
              HVAC Replacement/Interior                                                   TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $101,162
     G        Renovation – Second Floor/       8/20/07        *
              Emergency Underground
      H                                        2/16/09      $29,212
              Pipe Repair - Pool
              ADA 1st Floor Restroom
                                      12/10/07                *
              Kitchen Food Storage
              and Ice Carving Rooms,  10/20/08                *          BEFORE: Deteriorated
      J                                                                  asphalt at shipping
              J-115 and J-110                                            and receiving
              Kitchen Hood Fire
              Suppression System       2/21/05            $891,569
              HVAC Replacement –
      K                               10/16/06            $283,274
              Academic Support Center                                        AFTER: Concrete replacement at
                                                                             shipping and receiving entrance
              TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                       $10,134,001

 * Cost pending final closeout documentation
                                                                         BEFORE: Digital Lab
                                                                         prior to renovation

  Building J restroom
  after ADA renovations

                                                                                 AFTER: Renovated
                                                                                 Digital Lab

                                                                                                           Royal Oak Campus
Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                                                                            OCC’s Royal Oak Campus is located in downtown Royal Oak.
                                                                                            The college’s first presence in that city began in 1971 with the
                                                                                            innovative Southeast Campus System (SECS), serving the populous
                                                                                            southern area of Oakland County. Thousands of students
                                                                                            attended SECS day, evening and weekend classes in dozens of
                                                                                            extension centers located throughout southeast Oakland County.

                                                                                            OCC became an important partner in Royal Oak’s renaissance
                                                                                            during the 1970s when the college purchased and renovated
                                                                                            two buildings: the Salvation Army Citadel in 1973, and the Bi-Lo
                                                                                            Supermarket in 1974. In 1982, OCC completed and opened
                                                                                            its permanent Royal Oak campus. It consisted of four buildings
                                                                                            grouped around a full-service library, all under one roof with a
                                                                                            two-story, windowed center mall.
            1995 millage money funded a technology-equipped
                   wing and a parking deck addition.                                        Following the 1995 millage approved by Oakland County
                                                                                            voters, the college added a new wing to this landlocked campus.
                                                                                            It housed computer labs, computer-assisted classrooms, campus
                                                                                            services and a child care center. The campus parking structure
                                                                                            was also expanded by 400 spaces.

                                                                                            Between 2006 and 2009, the Royal Oak Campus completed
                                                                                            its transformation with a series of major renovations to enhance
                                                                                            the learning environment and make student services - such as
                                                                                            registration, financial aid and counseling - more student-friendly
                                                                                            and easily accessible. The renovations also included enhanced
                                                                                            space and technology for the Academic Support Center and the

                                                                                            OCC - Royal Oak offers college readiness, traditional degree,
                                                                                            college transfer and English as a Second Language program.
 Building B renovations clustered student services and updated amenities.                   Career programs at the campus include ceramic technology,
                                                                                            computer information systems, court and caption reporting,
                                                                                            medical transcription and photographic technology.

                                                                                            Small Projects - Completed/Closed
                                                                                                  Bldg.                             Project
                                                                                                              Office Conversion – Classroom A-209 and
                                                                                                   A          HVAC Equipment Replacement Evaluation
                                                                                                              TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $20,942

    Building C renovations included technology-enhanced library space.                      Small Projects -
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently
in progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s
                                                                                            In Progress/Planning Stages
Royal Oak Campus through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland                        Bldg./Area                           Project
County voters in June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board
of Trustees is required for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval                      D         Building Addition
is not required for projects under $25,000. The OCC Board receives updated
information on all millage-funded building and renovation projects at each                      Theater     Stage - ADA Accessibility
monthly meeting.
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning
stages are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning
and project management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts          KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
originally budgeted.                                                                         PS – Parking Structure; RO – Royal Oak Campus

739 South Washington, Royal Oak
 Large Projects - Completed                                                    Large Projects - In Progress
    Bldg./                                      Board             Cost                                                                     Board
                       Project                                                 Site/Area                  Project
    Area                                       Approved                                                                                   Approved
             Atrium Lighting, Second                                                       Electrical Bus Duct Replacement -
    Atrium   Floor Carpeting                   5/19/08       $210,280                      Ceramics Kiln Room                             9/15/08

             Interior Renovations and                                             RO       Low Voltage Lighting Control/Lighting          12/15/08
      B      Mechanical Equipment              9/19/05     $2,388,969                      Replacement
             Replacement, First Floor
                                                                                           Vestibule Entrances at Exterior Doors          3/16/09
             HVAC Equipment Replace-
      C      ment/Interior Renovation          10/16/06            *              B        Toilet Room Renovations, B-West                6/16/08

             TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                           $2,599,249                    Parking Structure Remediation –
                                                                                  PS                                                      11/17/08
                                                                                           Stair/Elevator Replacement
 * Cost pending final closeout documentation

     AFTER: Atrium renovations                                                   AFTER: Parking structure remediation

                                                                                                                           Parking structure

                                                  AFTER: Atrium                  AFTER: Toilet room renovation
 BEFORE: Building B Atrium                        renovations
 prior to renovation

                                                                                                                               BEFORE: Sink area
                                                                                                                               of toilet room
                                                                                                                               prior to renovation

                                                                                                           Southfield Campus
Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                                                                            OCC opened its Southfield Campus in September 1980 as a
                                                                                            natural outgrowth of the successful Southeast Campus System.
                                                                                            With its focus on educating students for high-demand careers in
                                                                                            health care, the number of students has grown by nearly 85% in
                                                                                            recent years, far exceeding its ideal capacity of 2,500 students.
                                                                                            Ground was broken on August 11, 2009, for an OCC Board-
                                                                                            approved $25.3 million expansion of the campus. Over a two-
                                                                                            year period, this millage-funded expansion - the largest OCC
                                                                                            has undertaken in its 45-year history - will add 69,250 square
                                                                                            feet of classroom and laboratory space to accommodate 2,000
                                                                                            more students.

                                                                                            The Southfield Campus’ initial earth-integrated facility was
                                                                                            constructed on a 10-acre parcel of property south of Nine Mile
The Southfield Campus interior is shown before renovations began in 2002.                   Road and east of the Southfield Freeway. Between 1998 and
                                                                                            2007, OCC-Southfield began a massive, multi-year renovation
                                                                                            program. The process began with exterior renovations. Then
                                                                                            the 92,322-square-foot interior was gutted, stage by stage,
                                                                                            emerging with a comprehensive Student Services Center, state-
                                                                                            of-the-art science and allied health laboratories and classrooms,
                                                                                            and a renovated two-story atrium – always the focal point of
                                                                                            the building.

                                                                                            OCC-Southfield offers certificate and associate degree programs
                                                                                            in a wide range of health sciences, including diagnostic medical
                                                                                            sonography, health care administration, hospital pharmacy
                                                                                            technology, nuclear medicine technology, nursing, radiation
                                                                                            therapy technology, respiratory therapy technology and surgical
                                                                                            technology. In reciprocal programs with Macomb Community
                                                                                            College, OCC students can also complete programs to become
                                                                                            occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants and
Students enjoyed millage-funded interior and exterior renovations in 2006.                  veterinary technicians. In addition this campus offers college
                                                                                            readiness, as well as traditional degree and transfer programs.

                                                                                            Small Projects - Completed/Closed
                                                                                               Site                             Project
                                                                                                      Asphalt Parking Lot Temporary Repairs
                   Parking lot and walkway paving projects                                            Landscape Irrigation – South Lower Courtyard
                  are wrapping up at the Southfield Campus.
                                                                                                      South Boiler Room Penthouse Concrete
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently           SF     Wall Repair
in progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s                              Financial Resources/Cashiering Office Modifications
Southfield Campus through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland
County voters in June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board                           Lower Level Exterior Entrances –
of Trustees is required for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval                          ADA Auto Door Operators
is not required for projects under $25,000. The OCC Board receives updated
information on all millage-funded building and renovation projects at each                            TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $69,836
monthly meeting.
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning
stages are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning
and project management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts          KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
originally budgeted.                                                                         SF – Southfield Campus

22322 Rutland Drive, Southfield
 Large Projects - Completed                                                Large Projects - In Progress
                                                 Board                                                                             Board
   Site                Project                  Approved    Cost             Site                   Project                       Approved
    SF    Concrete Sidewalk Replacement         4/21/08    $240,636                 Asphalt Paving/Site Lighting                  12/15/08
                                                                                    Replacement Northeast Parking Lot
          TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                            $240,636
                                                                             SF                                                  2/20/06,
                                                                                    Building Addition/Air Handler               7/16/07 and
                                                                                    Replacement                                   7/21/08

                                 Two photos of parking                                        AFTER: Concrete
                                 lot asphalt replacement                                      replacement in the
                                                                                              east courtyard
  AFTER: Parking lot asphalt                                                                                                 DuRING:
  and concrete replacement                                                                                                   Sidewalk

                                                                                                     ABOvE and BELOW:
                                                                             OCC broke ground on August 11, 2009, for a 69,350-square-foot
                                                                                 addition to the Southfield Campus, which – along with OCC’s
                                                                            Highland Lakes Campus - houses many of the college’s rapidly growing
                                                                               health career programs. The $25.3-million addition is the largest
 BELOW: More than 100 people attended groundbreaking ceremonies for                construction undertaking in the college’s 45-year history.
 the Southfield Campus expansion.

 Oakland Community College Millage-Funded Projects

Your Millage Dollars at Work Since 1995…
                                            In 1995, Oakland County
                                            voters approved the first-                         Large Projects - Completed
                                            ever millage increase                                                                             Board
                                            that Oakland Community                               Site               Project                  Approved      Cost
                                            College requested -
                                            .8 mill for seven years.                             DO     HVAC Equipment Replace-              3/20/06        *
                                            In 2002, voters renewed                                     ment/Interior Renovations
                                            that millage for an                                         TOTAL LARGE PROJECTS:                            $240,636
                                            additional 10 years.
                                            Funds from the millage                             * Cost pending final closeout documentation
                                            increase and renewal
OCC has a collegewide roof-management plan. have been carefully used                           Large Projects - In Progress
                                            in a systematic process to
                                            make inroads on needed
                                            facility repairs and                                 Site                    Project                        Approved
                                            renovations, technology
                                            upgrades and new                                            Roof Maintenance Surveys – Warranty/            6/15/09
                                                                                                CW      Non-Warranty
                                            construction, as well as
                                            to provide scholarships                                     Campus Marquee Signage Replacement              8/17/09
                                            and add new programs
                                            to benefit students …
                                            and ultimately Oakland
                                                                                               Small Projects - Completed/Closed
                                                                                                 Site                              Project
Millage funds used to upgrade HVAC equipment. Using millage funds,                                      ATT Underground Conduit/Fiber Connection -
                                               the college completed                                    Auburn Hills Campus
                                               major renovations to
                                               OCC’s George A. Bee                                      Millage Capital Planning - FY 2009
                                               Administration Center                                    Millage-Funded Renovation and Construction
                                               (also known as the                                       Annual Report FY 2008
                                               District Office) and minor                               Emergency Site Phones
                                               renovations to the “Guest
                                               House,” located on the                                   TOTAL SMALL PROJECTS: $40,730
                                               same nine-acre site
                                               on Opdyke Road
                                               in Bloomfield Hills
                                               between 2006-2008.                              Small Projects -
       Repair and replacement of asphalt
      and concrete parking lots, roads and     Collegewide, millage
                                                                                               In Progress/Planning Stages
          walkways is a college priority.      funds have been used                              Site                              Project
                                               to repair and maintain
                                               roofs at all campuses;                                   Department of Environmental Quality –
                                                                                                        Municipal Storm Water Permit
                                               to repair and replace
                                               deteriorated parking                                     Expressway Signage (I-75, M-59, I-696) –
                                               lots, roads and walkways;                                Auburn Hills Campus, Orchard Ridge Campus
                                               and to renovate buildings                         CW     Millage Capital Planning – FY 2010
                                               outside and inside                                       Millage-Funded Renovation and Construction
                                               with upgrades such as                                    Annual Report FY 2008
                                               replacing technology
                                               infrastructure, HVAC                                     Emergency Site Phones
                                               systems and lighting.
    Interior renovations collegewide provide                                                        For more information on millage-funded
 students with enhanced learning environments.                                                      renovation and construction programs at
The following listing outlines the large and small projects – completed or currently in
                                                                                                  Oakland Community College, contact Daniel
progress for Fiscal Year 2009 – that have been made possible on OCC’s campus/                     P. Cherewick, Director of Physical Facilities,
building sites through the 10-year millage renewal passed by Oakland County voters in
June 2001. Approval of the Oakland Community College Board of Trustees is required
                                                                                                       248.341.2011, or log onto OCC’s
for every project of $25,000 or more; Board approval is not required for projects under                website at
$25,000. The OCC Board receives updated information on all millage-funded building
and renovation projects at each monthly meeting.
Note: Cost figures for large and small projects that are in progress or in planning stages
                                                                                               KEY TO BuILDING ABBREvIATIONS:
are not provided in this report. In many instances, through careful planning and project       CW Collegewide Projects; DO District Office
management, final project costs are significantly less than the amounts originally budgeted.   (George A. Bee Administration Center, Bloomfield Hills)

                                                                            Thank you
                                                                            These are your tax dollars at work –
                                                                            Building and site renovation projects
The Auburn Hills Campus Student Center opened in Fall 2008.                                        Building additions from 2006-2008 improve
                                                                                                   the Highland Lakes Campus.

                              OCC is building for the future.                     The Royal Oak Campus underwent renovations from 2006-2009.

  Orchard Ridge Campus continues major infrastructure repairs.   Major interior and exterior renovations at the Southfield Campus were millage-funded.
                                      NON PROFIT
                                     U.S. POSTAGE
2480 Opdyke Road                     PERMIT NO. 31
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2266   BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI

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