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									Neatopricer Guide 1.2

1. Welcome
2. Installation
        a. Introduction
3. Connecting Barcode Scanners
        a. Introduction
        b. Scanner Keyboard Wedge Application
        c. Socket Plug On-Top Scanners
        d. Scanning Suffix
        e. Connecting/Disconnecting Wireless Scanner
        f. Built-in Barcode Scanners
        g. Scanning Product Barcodes
        h. Troubleshooting
4. Registering
        a. Introduction
        b. Troubleshooting
5. Connecting to the Internet
        a. Introduction
        b. Wifi
        c. Cradle
        d. ActiveSync
6. Database Location
        a. Introduction
        b. Main Memory
        c. Storage Card
        d. Troubleshooting
7. Select Download Catalog
        a. Introduction
        b. Product Lines
        c. Price
        d. Rank
8. Downloading Pricing Information
        a. Introduction
        b. Update Frequency
        c. Space Limitations
        d. Download Steps
        e. Troubleshooting
9. Price Triggering
        a. Introduction
        b. Triggers
10. Pricing Screen
        a. Introduction
        b. Icons
11. Site
        a. Introduction
12. Support
        a. Introduction

        Welcome to the exciting world of book sourcing. If you are new to the business
or a veteran you will no doubt appreciate the power of Neatopricer. Neatopricer was
designed to be the turnkey solution to book scouting, from pricing products to listing
them for sale.

       Neatopricer is by default shipped preinstalled on your Pocket PC device. In
instances that you need to reinstall the software you can download the installer from:

        Once the Neatoscan installation file is downloaded on your computer, double
click on the file to launch the installation process. The installation file installs all the
necessary components that are required by Neatopricer. Please be sure to place your
Pocket PC on to the sync cradle before installing the software.

        Also make sure that you have ActiveSync software installed on your computer
before installing the Neatoscan software. ActiveSync software is often times included
with your Pocket PC, however we recommend always downloading and installing
ActiveSync directly from Microsoft. ActiveSync can be downloaded from:

Connecting Barcode Scanners
       A barcode scanner is crucial to operating the Neatopricer software. Neatopricer
software can work with many types of barcode scanners. Most barcode scanners come
with software that acts as a keyboard wedge. This means that anything that a barcode
scanner scans gets entered to the top-most application as a sequence of keystrokes.

        Most scanners fall into three categories: built-in, attached and wireless. In this
section we will focus on several scanners from number of manufacturers.

       Scanner Keyboard Wedge Application
        Most barcode scanner manufacturers design scanner products that can work with
variety of applications. To make a scanner work with any application the manufacturer
creates a keyboard wedge application. The keyboard wedge application basically passes
any scanned barcodes from the scanner to the top-most application that is currently
visible on the PDA. The application receives the barcodes as a series of keystrokes.

       Note: This functionality may cause some confusion to novice users as Neatopricer
application could be accidentally minimized; preventing it from processing all scanned
barcodes. Please make sure that Neatopricer software is always visible during regular
scanning operation.

       SocketScan is software developed by Socket Communications to manage
connection for Socket line of barcode scanners. The Socket Scan software is by default
comes on a CD with each Socket scanner but can also be downloaded from:

       You may need a different version of SocketScan software depending on your
PDA model and software version you have. Check compatibility matrix on Socket
website or contact for further assistance.

        SocketScan transmits all scanned barcodes to the topmost application that is
visible. This means that any application that is currently visible on your Pocket PC
screen will receive the scanned barcode.

        ScanWedge is software developed by Symbol to manage connections for their
Symbol line of built in barcode scanners. Configuring the scan ScanWedge application is
very technical process and is normally done by the manufacturer. Please contact if you require assistance to configure the ScanWedge application.

       Socket Plug On-Top Scanners
        Socket plug on-top scanners are very easy to use once properly configured. Please
refer to Fig 1 bellow for a visual on connecting the plug on-top scanners.

                                             Fig 1.

       To configure the Socket plug on-top scanner the user will need to have a trigger
button configured on the PDA. The plug on-top scanner also requires having SocketScan
properly configured.

        Any button on the PDA can be configured to trigger the laser on the plug on-top
scanner. Normally the button on the side of the PDA is configured, as this button is the
closest to the user’s thumb.

       Assigning Trigger Button for Socket Plug On-Top Scanner
        This section assumes that you are using SocketScan software to configure the
trigger button. If you are trying to configure the trigger button for another scanner
software these instructions might not apply. Please consult with your scanner software
provider on how to configure your specific scanner software.

        Assigning a trigger button on your PDA has a double configuration effect. First
you are configuring the button that will launch the scanner software on your PDA. Your
scanner will not function if the SocketScan software is not launched before connecting
the scanner to the PDA. Second effect is that the same button will be used to trigger the
laser beam on the PDA. Refer to Fig 1.1 bellow for information on how to assign the
triggering button.

       SocketScan is designed to trigger the laser every time the assigned trigger button
is pushed. The user will also be able to trigger a laser beam on wireless Socket scanners
with the trigger button. In most cases however assigning the trigger button applies only to
plug-in scanners.

       Note: We recommend programming the trigger button to activate SocketScan
software. If SocketScan is not activated on your PDA you will not be able to use the plug
on-top scanner.

                                             Fig 1.1

        To assign the trigger tap Start (1), in the drop down select Settings (2), on the
Settings screen select Buttons (3). In the Buttons screen tap on the button that you need
to assign to trigger the laser. Neatoscan software is by default configured to “Button 4”
(4). Once you have taped on the button you wish to assign select from the drop down
menu under “Assign a Program” (5) SocketScan software.

       Note: If you can’t find SocketScan software in the “Assign a Program” you will
need to reinstall the SocketScan software. Refer to your scanner documentation for more
information on re-installing the software.

       Scanning Suffix
       When user scans a barcode in to Neatopricer application the application looks for
an Enter (“\r”) character at the end of the scanned data. For example:


        The Enter key lets the Neatopricer know that the scanner is finished transmitting
data and that a barcode lookup should be performed. By default SocketScan has the
scanning suffix already set to Enter (“\r”) character and no extra configurations are
necessary. However if you are using scanner software from another provider you may
need to set the suffix manually. Please refer to figure Fig 2 for further instructions on
setting suffix character in SocketScan software.

                                          Fig 2.

       To set a suffix character: Press rightmost button on the PDA to activate
SocketScan Software (1). From there tap the SocketScan icon (2). Once the menu
appears tap “Settings” (3) menu item. From there under the “Suffix” field enter “\r”.
You will only need to do this step once to initially setup the SocketScan software. In
most cases this setting will already be configured.

       Note: Above instructions assume that the SocketScan software is already
configured to launch on a trigger-button press.

       Connecting/Disconnecting Wireless Scanner
        To connect Socket series 7 wireless scanner to the PDA follow the steps in Fig 3.
Make sure that the PDA is on by pushing the power button (1). Power-on the scanner by
holding down a small power button for several seconds (2) until the scanner light starts
flashing. An audible beep will also be heard when the Socket scanner is first turned on.

       Activate the SocketScan software if its not already activated by pushing the
rightmost button on the PDA (3). A small red icon will appear in the lower right hand
corner of the PDA screen (4). Tap the SocketScan icon (4) and a menu should appear.
Tap the “Connect CS” menu (5). After a few seconds the scanner will connect.

         Note: If the scanner doesn’t connect you may see a “Bluetooth Browser” window
come up asking you to pick your scanner from the list (7). Bluetooth Browser window
lets the user pair the PDA with the Socket scanner first time. After the scanner has been
paired the scanner and PDA should connect directly.

        Note: If during the pairing process your PDA doesn’t detect the scanner, power
cycle the scanner and click the “Refresh” button in the Bluetooth Browser window. Your
scanner should appear after a power cycle. The reason for power cycling the scanner is
because the scanner lets surrounding devices know about its presence only for the first
five minutes after being powered on.

        Tap the icon that contains “CHS” string in its name, for example: [CHSAB90C].
From there you will be prompted with a message box that will ask if you would like to
“Auto connect to the selected device” choose “Yes”. The SocketScan icon will turn into
a tiny blue scanner icon and the scanner will make an audible “connected” sound.

       When you are finished using the scanner and the PDA please be sure to
“Disconnect” the scanner from the PDA. Tap the SocketScan icon (4). One of the menu
options will be to “Disconnect CS”. Tap disconnect menu item, the scanner will issue
an audible sound and the connection will be closed.

 Note: If you turn the scanner off before disconnecting it from the PDA you may need to
pair the PDA with the Scanner before using the scanner/PDA again. Scanner and PDA
pairing could be lost if the PDA is not properly disconnected from the scanner.

                                          Fig 3

       Built-In Barcode Scanners

        Some Pocket PC PDA’s already come built in with barcode scanners. In most
cases the built in barcode scanner is already configured by the manufacturer. The user
would not need to do anything extra to configure the scanner besides setting the correct
suffix key. Refer to “Scanning Suffix” section for more information on setting the suffix

       In this section we will briefly describe operation of the Symbol MC9090-G
scanner and we will refer to this type of the PDA as a Gun. Refer to Fig 5 for a visual on
what the gun looks like.

                                             Fig 5.

        The gun has the barcode scanner built-in at the bottom of the PDA. Pushing the
bright yellow trigger button on the handle of the gun triggers the scanner to emit a laser
        The Symbol software that acts as keyboard wedge for the gun (this is equivalent
to SocketScan software in Socket scanners) is called ScanWedge. The way the guns are
configured, the ScanWedge software is always running in the background and all scanned
barcodes are transmitted to the top most application.

        Note: If for some reason the ScanWedge is not installed please contact or Symbol Technologies for further assistance. Configuring
ScanWedge application is unfortunately very technical process and is outside of scope of
this documentation.

       Scanning Product Barcodes

        To scan a product push the scanner trigger button on your PDA to activate the
laser beam. Move the laser beam across a barcode on a product you are trying to scan
and if the beam is not too close or too far from the surface of the barcode, a barcode will
be transmitted to the Neatopricer software.

                                           Fig 6.

        The laser beam must be perpendicular to the barcode lines as illustrated in Fig6.
to correctly scan a barcode.

        If you are unable to trigger the laser on either the Bluetooth scanner or the
attached Socket scanner you may need to reinstall SocketScan software. First try
performing a soft reset of the PDA. To perform a soft-reset use the stylus to push in the
soft reset hole underneath the PDA. Refer to manufacturer instructions on soft resetting
your PDA.

         After PDA finishes resetting try re-connecting the scanner. If the Socket scanner
still doesn’t connect please make sure that the Bluetooth is currently on. Note: this last
instruction only applies to wireless scanners; plug-in scanners do not use Bluetooth.

       Note: On the guns to perform a soft reset hold down the power button for 10
seconds until the screen changes.

      In the worst-case scenario that you cannot activate your scanner please contact or call Neatoscan tech support line: 651-675-6903.

        Neatopricer software requires the user to register his or her PDA in order to use it.
To register the software: connect your PDA to the Internet. (See: Connect to Internet
section for help on connecting the to the Internet).

        To launch the registration process open up Neatopricer and in the main menu
click File (1) then Register (2). Refer to Fig 7 bellow for steps to register your PDA.

       In the registration window fill in your username (3) and password (4) and click
“Register”(5) button. The software will attempt to connect to Neatoscan to register your
PDA. If the registration is successful a cash register sound will be audible.

Note: After registration process the software by default selects a location on your PDA
that has the largest amount of available free space where all the pricing information will
be saved.

                                           Fig 7.

        A registration error can occur if the user did not correctly enter his or her
username or password. Another most likely source of errors is the lack of connection to
the Internet. Please make sure the PDA is able to access the Internet by opening up
Internet Explorer on your PDA and verify that you are able to navigate to any website,
for example: If you are unable to view the web page that is a sure sign
that the PDA is not connected to the Internet.

        If you are sure that the PDA is connected to the Internet but you are still unable to
register you may have exceeded the number of allowable registrations for your account.
Contact to add more devices to your account.

Connecting to the Internet
         Internet is the lifeline to the information for the Neatopricer software and its
crucial to be able to connect the PDA to the Internet. Your PDA will most likely have
built in WiFi access.

        If your desktop computer is connected to the Internet you can also have the PDA
access the Internet through your computer’s existing connection via data cable or the

        With a WiFi connection you can connect to the Internet on the move. Many
coffee shops and restaurants offer free WiFi access points. Many times these access
points are free to use. It’s worth mentioning that a WiFi connection drains power
significantly on your PDA and it’s recommended to use WiFi for relatively short periods
of time. Ideally your PDA should be connected to a power outlet during the process of
using WiFi connection.

        To establish the connection to the access point open up wireless connection on
your PDA. You may need to refer to your PDA’s instruction manual on help connecting
your PDA to the Internet. The procedure to connect your PDA to a WiFi access point
varies from one device to the next.

        Some WiFi networks also require an access key to connect. Access key is
basically a password that consists of letters and numbers to establish a secured
connection with a WiFi network. Once again refer to your PDA instruction manual to
select appropriate network access point and to enter a password key.

        It is also possible to access the Internet through the PDA cradle that is connected
to your main computer. Your cradle will have a rectangular ended cable that will fit into
the USB port of your computer. Please refer to the diagram bellow for a visual.

                                               Fig 8

      Note: The above diagram shows two types of cradles for two types of PDA’s: Ipaq
hx2495B on the left and MC9090-G on the right.

       ActiveSync Software
   ActiveSync is a software that allows a Pocket PC PDA to share connection with host
computer. Most of the time installing ActiveSync on your computer and connecting the
PDA via USB cable or cradle will enable the PDA to connect to the Internet.

   ActiveSync usually comes on the main installer CD together with your PDA.
ActiveSync can also be downloaded free of charge off the Internet by going to any search

engine and searching for keywords “Download ActiveSync”. The first link after
performing the search will point you to the Microsoft website where ActiveSync can be

    If you install ActiveSync on your computer and your PDA is still unable to connect to
the Internet you may need to change your network type in the “Connection Settings” of
your ActiveSync.

    By default ActiveSync connection settings under the “This computer is connected
to:” control is set to “Automatic”. Set the drop down under “This computer is
connected to:” to “The Internet” and try connecting your PDA to the Internet again.

    If connection issues persist try changing connection settings under “This computer is
connected to:” control to “My Work”. Please refer to the diagram bellow on changing
the network type in the ActiveSync software.

                                          Fig 9.

Database Location
        Neatopricer uses a number of data files that it downloads during the data update
process. The size of these downloaded files varies depending on user selection of the
download catalog. Please refer to (Catalog) section for explanation of catalog settings.
On average these database files are between 100 to 500 Megabytes (MB) but may be as
large as 1.2 Gigabytes (GB). Some PDA models do not have enough onboard memory to
hold all the database files. In such a case a memory card can be inserted to add additional

memory to the PDA. These cards are very cheap and offer more than enough memory
expansion. In typical situations a 1GB card will work.

       Main Memory
        Some newer PDA models have enough memory to store the Neatopricer
download files. By default Neatopricer stores these database files in “\My Documents”
folder on the PDA. It is recommended however to store information on the storage card
instead of main memory as the PDA may function very slowly due to lack of main

       Storage Card
        To make Neatopricer store its data on the storage card please refer to the diagram
bellow. To install a memory card in to your PDA: insert a storage card into SD (Secure
Digital) slot on your PDA. Open up Neatopricer and click File (1) menu then DB
Location (2). Database Location screen will appear. You will see the list of available
locations on your PDA and the current location where pricing information is stored.

        After you select the storage card location the software will check the selected
location for ability to create files there. If an error comes up please check that your
memory card is not set to read-only mode. Most cards have a small switch that can be
slid back to enable writing to the storage card. Refer to the diagram bellow for a visual on
inserting a storage card.

                                           Fig 10.

        Note: Some PDA’s like the Symbol MC9090-G Guns hide the storage card under
the keyboard panel. Installing the storage card in the gun is a technical procedure that
should be done by experienced technician. Contact Neatoscan for assistance on installing
the storage card in your Symbol gun.

       In some rare instances the PDA fails to detect the storage card that was inserted to
the PDA. This happens because the PDA tries to conserve power in situations when
power level on the PDA is really low. To resolve this issue charge the PDA and try
performing a soft reset.

       If your PDA is still unable to detect the storage card, try taking out the storage
card and plugging it in again. Lets say the storage card is still not detected. Do you have
another storage card to try instead? You may have a bad storage card and plugging in
another card may solve the issue.

       If the issue still persists: Are you using a storage card that is larger than 2GB in
size? Some PDA’s are not designed to recognize such large cards. Please use storage
cards under 2GB in size.

       In worst-case scenario when the PDA still doesn’t detect the storage card please
contact or Neatoscan tech support line at 651-675-6903.

Select Download Catalog
        Neatopricer has a unique feature where it allows the user to select with exact
precision of what type of product pricing information to download. The user can filter out
information based off product type (Example: Books), price and Amazon Sales Rank.
During the download process the software fetches all information that matches the
download criteria that the user has selected prior to the download operation.

        This filtering feature is useful for filtering unnecessary information that the user
will not use. If the user is not interested in downloading products with price of say
bellow $2 dollars the software ignores anything that is bellow $2 dollars. Filtering out
products creates a smaller download files and decreases the time the software has to
download information from Neatoscan systems.

       Product Lines
       Neatopricer is able to download information for 21 product lines on
These include: Books, Music, Video, DVD, Consumer Electronics (CE), Video Games,
Software, Personal Computer, Toy, Kitchen, Baby Products, Sports, Musical Instruments,
Watch, Home, Automotive Products, Home Improvement, Classical, Wireless,
Photography, Office Product.

        Neatopricer downloads products based off their lowest price on Amazon. This
means that for any product the lowest possible offer price is used as criteria to download
a specific record. If a book on Amazon has five offers in the following order:


        And the software is set to download all books with minimum price of $5 dollars,
the software will skip this book because it’s lowest price is $4.90. However if the lowest
download price was set at $4.90 this book will be included in the data download.

       It is recommended to download products with few dollars bellow the desired
minimum to capture books that would have not been selected by the first offer being a
low offer compared to other offers.

       Sales Rank on Amazon specifies the popularity of the item. The lower the Sales
Rank the more popular the item. A book with Sales Rank of 1 is the most popular item
on Amazon. As of this writing Amazon ranks books up to approximately six million.
The rank value also is different for other products. This means that sales rank of 10,000
for books is not the same popularity as 10,000 for Music. The rank is very much related
to how many products for a specific catalog are available for sale.

        Amazon Sales Rank is a very murky number as Amazon keeps the formula used
to calculate the Sales Rank of every item on their website a closely guarded secret. In
general items with Sales Rank of 1-1K sell instantly where items with sales rank of
several million can take number of months to sell.

        The Sales Rank is used as a guide more than a rule. It has been observed before
that an item that may have a great sales rank one day could revert back to poor sales rank
the next. Neatopricer can filter out products by maximum Sales Rank.

       Having the download Sales Rank set too high selects products that may sell very
infrequently. Be sure to experiment with best Sales Ranks for your business before
deciding on what is a best rank. If you are unsure what to download we recommend to
download everything, penny and up with Sales Rank set to the maximum possible setting
of 9 Million.

        It is also worth mentioning that many millions of products on Amazon do not
have a Sales Rank. The Neatopricer software by default doesn’t download those types of
products. If you need to download those types of products a settings needs to be enabled
in the Settings section of the software. Set Neatopricer to download No-Rank products
navigate File->Settings->Data Tab and there make sure “Download Non-Ranked
Products” checkbox is checked.

Downloading Pricing Information
        As a Neatoscan user you will need to refresh information on your PDA on a
regular basis. Having fresh information is crucial to make informed buying decisions.

       Update Frequency
        We recommend downloading pricing information frequently. It is best to
download information before you are about to head out the door to go product sourcing.
The actual download frequency is up to you. If you aren’t going to use Neatoscan system
for a few days then there is no point to download everyday. Please only download
information as needed.

       Space Limitation
        During the download procedure if you encounter an error that says: “Not enough
memory”, you may need to select less information for the PDA to download or upgrade
to a large memory card. Please see “Download Location“ section on help installing
larger capacity storage card. Because the user manually specifies the download criteria
the system can’t estimate the size of the download before the download.

      Note: The system kicks out the not “enough space” error because it knows how
much space the PDA has and how much space the pricing information will take up on the
PDA. If one is smaller than the other a download can’t proceed.

       Download Steps
       To begin the download process tap Account tab (1). In the Account tab you
should see number of checkboxes with product types next to them. Checkmark the
product catalogs that you need. To adjust the Price and download Rank for each product
catalog: select a specific product catalog (2). In the price field adjust the lowest
download price by holding down the up or down control. Adjust the maximum Sales
Rank you are interested in to download products with. Refer to Fig11 for a visual.

Ex: All Books with price above 5 dollars and Sales Rank bellow 900K. (2,3,4).

        To begin the download process Tap and Hold in the center of the screen in the
status window until a menu appears (5). Tap menu option “Data Updates”, a new menu
appears (6). Select “Download” menu option. The catalog will disappear and a
download screen will be displayed.

        During the download process you will see number of messages come up that give
you information on the progress of the download. A progress menu will appear to
indicate download progress status as well (7). Once the software finishes downloading
the catalog screen will appear again and the software will switch to the Price tab.


       Note: The PDA must be connected to the Internet to refresh the pricing
   information. Also please only select the catalog lines that you need. Selecting
   everything may create large database files that may extend the download process

        Issues during the download processes can arise if the PDA is disconnected from
the Internet. Another common pitfall is that the PDA is not plugged in to a power outlet
and simply runs out power before the download process completes. Also you may
experience issues if the memory card is removed during the download process.

      If the PDA detects a connecting loss to the Internet, the PDA may attempt to re-
download the data if it detects such errors.

        If you see messages like:

        “Error downloading. Download Attempt: 1”
        “Error downloading. Download Attempt: 2”

       These messages indicate that the software is attempting to re-download after a
connecting loss. You do not need to do anything extra if the software is attempting a re-

       In the worst case scenario that you can’t download at all please soft-reset your
PDA and try downloading again. If the problem persists contact or
call Neatoscan tech support line: 651-675-6903.

Price Triggering
       The purpose of the Triggering Screen is to define in Neatopricer what is
considered valuable. Proper use of triggering controls dramatically speeds up the process
of sourcing for products. If triggers are properly selected the user needs to only listen for
the “Cash” sounds to determine if the scanned item is valuable. A user can define up to
seven Catalog/Rank/Price triggers and one No-Rank trigger.

         The reason multiple triggers are necessary is because products have two main
criteria that determine their value, price and sales rank on Amazon. A valuable product is
anything that has a high price value and/or low sales rank. Low sales rank indicates that
the item is popular on Amazon and will most likely sell faster.


        In the bellow diagram under PDA three triggers are enabled for “Books”. If a
scanned book has a value that meets any of the triggers that are selected, Neatopricer
issues “Cash” sound. For example if a scanned book costs $14.55 on Amazon and it’s
sales rank is 600K thousand the software will issue a “Yes” sound. In this instance the
book meet the second trigger that says any book that is higher or equal to $7 dollars and
with a rank bellow 700K thousand is a considered valuable.

                                           Fig 12.

        In Fig 13 you can see a close-up screenshot of the Triggering menu. Note the
small checkboxes on the left hand side. The checkboxes allow the user to enable each
trigger. By default the triggers are not enabled except for the first one.

          To set a trigger check a box across a trigger that is not enabled. Also note the
Small folders and the note symbols right next to the “Play” circles. These sound controls
allow the user to set a specific sound to each trigger. This is useful if the user wants to be
notified immediately if a valuable item is found based off a specific trigger sound. By
default a “Cash Register” sound is issued when the user comes across any item that meets
any of the trigger criteria.

                                           Fig 13.

         The last “N” trigger (trigger that is missing the rank control) is a No-Rank trigger
that is used for products that do not have a rank. For example if a book doesn’t have a
rank but its price is above the No-Rank trigger price value the software will issue a “Yes”

       Note: It’s worth mentioning that each trigger is specific to currently selected
catalog. It is possible to set up to 168 unique triggers (8 triggers for all 21 product

Pricing Screen

        The pricing screen in the software will be the screen where the user will spend
most of their time. The pricing screen reports information on last scanned item. The
software reports information on prices, sales ranks, total offers, titles, Buyer waiting,
weight, product conditions, product types, battery level, lowest new price and database
status. Refer to the diagram bellow for a visual on main pricing screen.

        The pricing screen can function for multiple Amazon marketplaces. A small
country flag indicates the currently selected marketplace. To change a marketplace just
tap the flag until it changes to a specific country marketplace you wish to use.

       Note: Selecting a specific marketplace affects what type of information is
downloaded. Selecting a US flag right before the download process will instruct the
software to only update Amazon US prices.

                                          Fig 14

        Neatopricer has small icons that represent the type of information on the screen.
Due to small size of PDA screen and the need to report more information the icons have
to be used. Refer to the diagrams bellow for the information on all the icons in the

        Tapping on any icon on the pricing screen brings up the Icon Legend. From there
the user can quickly see which icons represent which information.

        Condition circle icons represent the condition of each product offer. To
understand the condition icons the user has to remember one thing: the fuller the circle
the better the condition of the offer.

                                          Fig 15.

        Site section of the Neatopricer software allows you to keep track of all the
scanned items. The site is useful for approximating how much items are worth at a
particular site based off their price and average rank. Refer to the diagram bellow for a
visual on the Site screen.

                                           Fig 16.

        To reset site statistics back to zero click the “Reset Site Statistics” menu item.
The proper use of the site control can help the user to identify the aggregate price of all
the scanned items at a specific site.

        A Site statistic could be useful If for example a bookstore is going out of
business; the owner is looking to get a lump sum for all the products he/she is selling.
Neatoscan user can scan all the items at the bookstore and at the end see the total filtered
value (the combined price of all scanned items) and the filtered items (price of all items
that meet trigger criteria). Neatoscan user can then easily find out how much to offer the
storeowner for their inventory.

       The software also reports total number of items scanned for record keeping

       Neatoscan Support is available Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 7 PM Central Time.
Technical support can be reached at 1-651-675-6903 or by email at


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