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                                          Career Notes
                                                                                                                   Volume 2. Issue 5

                                                                                                                     November 30,


NLRB General Counsel         1-2
Summer & Part-time Jobs      2-4

                                                                       Happy Holidays!!

                                      National Labor Relations Board General Counsel visits WVU College of Law
                                   Ronald Meisburg, General Counsel of the NLRB, shared his professional and personal back-
                                   ground to a receptive and responsive audience during his recent visit to the WVU College of
                                   Law. This was his first visit to a law school since taking the reins as General Counsel at the
                                   National Labor Relations Board in 2006. Before discussing the NLRB and his career with the
                                   college of law students, Assistant Dean Carla Williams and I were able to sit down with Mr.
                                   Meisburg for an informative and enjoyable interview.
       Ronald Meisburg,
     NLRB General Counsel          After graduating from Carson-Newman College, and a short stint as a fifth grade teacher, Mr.
                                   Meisburg, a native of Louisville, KY, elected to attend the University of Louisville for his J.D.
                                   During his time at U of L he worked in several law-related positions to pay for school including
              FYI                  his best paying job at that time, working at General Electric for $3.40/hr! At GE he gained a love
                                   for labor law via work with mentor-attorneys William Sharkey and Arthur Joyce. After graduating
   THE CAREER SERVICES STAFF       Mr. Meisburg decided to seek positions related to labor and employment law in Washington,
    WILL BE AVAILABLE DURING       D.C. He says he was rather naïve regarding how to go about this but simply sent his resume to
      PARTS OF THE WINTER          several agencies. A fellow U of L grad interviewed Mr. Meisburg at the Occupational Safety and
   BREAK. DROP IN OR CALL FOR      Health Review Board, and while he didn’t have a position for him he said he would make a call
        AN APPOINTMENT.            to the Department of Labor to secure him an interview. The interview resulted in a job offer with
                                   the Office of the Solicitor of Labor, the Department of Labor’s general counsel. This was Mr.
    GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!         Meisburg’s first governmental position in D.C. It’s easy to see why his advice is to always be
                                   prepared for opportunity.

   HAVE A WONDERFUL WINTER         During Mr. Meisburg’s career he has served in both governmental positions and, for over 20
            BREAK!                 years, in private practice. Initially a recess appointment to the NLRB Board President George
                                   Bush, , Mr. Meisburg he was soon nominated for a four-year term, by the president to be Gen-
                                   eral Counsel of the NLRB and was subsequently confirmed by the Senate. Reflecting on his
                                   career path, and those of colleagues, Mr. Meisburg encourages those interested in labor law to
                                   look at federal positions either as an excellent starting point prior to private practice, or as a life-
                                   long career in public service.
         Meisburg cont.

         Mr. Meisburg indicated that a recent graduate starting out with the NLRB General Counsel’s Office can expect to get
         actively involved right away in areas of interest such as unfair labor practices, taking affidavits, and writing legal memos
         etc. He describes labor law as “people law” and thus you can expect to be actively connecting with people daily – it is
         not a place where you will be “stuck in a cubicle”. Last year the NLRB received 23,000 cases for review; about 1/3 of
         these cases were deemed actionable. An average of 97% of the actionable cases handled by the NLRB are settled.

         Mr. Meisburg believes practicing law in a governmental setting offers many benefits including a positive what many
         would describe as a more balanced work-life balance. than some legal positions can provide The NLRB has 32 Re-
         gional Offices, including offices in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, and 19 sub-Regional and Resident offices, in addition to
         the headquarters in Washington, D.C. Much of the caseload is handled via the regional offices although about 1/3 of the
         attorneys work in D.C., either for the General Counsel’s office or on the staffs of the respective Board members. To
         learn more about the NLRB or to apply for either internship or full-time positions access information at

         Please note: Professor Anne Lofaso, former attorney with the NLRB, is happy to speak with students interested in the


                                                                 SUMMER & PART-TIME JOBS

         Summer Positions - West Virginia

         Morgantown, WV, The West Virginia Water Research Institute (WVWRI), Graduate Research Assistantship, Seeking a graduate assistant
         for the Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center beginning in Spring 2008 to perform the following duties: economic analysis of
         brownfields real estate market at the local, state, and regional levels. Assist in development & tracking of key Brownfield economic statistics.
         Research information that would contribute to site market analysis of brownfields sites/projects as assigned. Produce documents and reports
         related to the impact of brownfields projects on employment, property values, and other brownfield program metrics. Provide additional program
         assistance support to staff as needed. Must have completed Bachelor’s degree in a field such as business admin, econ or finance. 20 hours per
         week. To apply for this position send resume and listing of two references to: NBAC GRA Position, Attn: Marsha Boliner, Human Resources, P.O.
         Box 6064, Morgantown, WV 26506-6064. No phone calls or personal inquiries will be accepted.

         Morgantown, WV Charleston Community Cultural Plan, WVU Cultural Resource Management Program Graduate assistant sought to work
         during Spring 2008 semester 20hrs/week. Program seeks to help Charleston, WV develop a community cultural program, the project is being
         sponsored by the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences at WVU, through a grant. Duties include: assisting Principal Investigator to conduct nec-
         essary interviews and/or focus groups., help to formulate a draft cultural plan, serve as a key member of the project team, perform other duties as
         needed. Based at WVU frequent travel to the Charleston area will be required—travel will be paid by the program. Stipend included. Candidates
         should have an interest in strategic planning data analysis, excellent writing skills, positive interpersonal skills. Apply by Thursday, December 6th
         via email to Mr. Chad N. Proudfoot, Coordinator, CRM Program.

         Charleston, WV WV Dept of Administration Government Litigation/Municipal Bonds/Procurement/Purchasing/Employment. Rising 2&3L, Legal
         research and writing for General Counsel’s Office. Applying to the Governor’s Internship Program is required. Contact Ms.
         Joyce Jones for more info at

         Southern District of WV U.S. Attorney Office Southern District of WV Interested in a legal internship position with this U.S. Attorney’s Office
         should contact the office directly to inquire about the position availability, eligibility, and the application process. Each U.S. Attorney’s Office inde-
         pendently administers their own programs. Contact: Administrative Officer, Office of the U.S. Attorney Southern District, P.O. Box 1713 Charles-
         ton, WV 25326 (304) 345-2200

         Northern District of WV Summer internships United States Attorney’s Northern District of WV. Seeking first year (second semester), second or
         third year students for summer internships. Wheeling, Clarksburg, Elkins, and Martinsburg, WV. 10-12 weeks. Volunteer positions. See http://

Page 2
Summer Jobs cont.

FYI: WVU Graduate Assistantship listings are located on the Jobs Bulletin Board outside of the Career Services Center.

Summer Postions—Other States

Johnstown, PA. Summer Intern, Judge Kim R. Gibson, U.S. District Court, Western District of PA, Johnstown Div. Seeks one or more interns for sum-
mer 2008. Positions are unpaid but would provide a wealth of experience. 1L & 2L students accepted. Tasks include drafting memos, opinions, orders, conducting
legal research in supportof the judicial law clerks, as well as observation of court proceedings. To apply please send a cover letter expressing reasons for your
interest as well as current resume to Mr. John E. Egers, Jr. Esq. United States District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, Room 104, 319 Washington Street,
Johnstown, PA 15904 Questions? Contact Mr. Egers at 814-533-4514

Bangor, MI Farmworker Legal Services, Summer Internships for Spanish-speaking law students. Organization provides free civil legal services to indigent mi-
grant and seasonal farmworkers & dependents in Michigan. FLS is a division of Legal Services of South Central Michigan. Work under the supervision of poverty
law attorneys. Applicants must have at least one year of law by June 2008. 4 paid positions $1800.00 month. For more information see http:// Apply with resume, cover letter indicating level of Spanish competency, list of 3 references. Positions usually filled by April 1. Daniel In-
quilla, Managing Attorney, Farmworker Legal Services, PO Box 219, Bangor, MI 49013

Cincinnati, OH Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP. along with Procter & Gamble Company offers two Diversity Scholarship Programs to first-year law students. One scholarship com-
bines a six-week summer clerkship at Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, OH and a six-week clerkship at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP in Cincinnati. The other scholarship, sponsored
solely by Dinsmore & Shohl, consists of paid summer associate position at one of Dinsmore & Shohl’s locations. There is a possibility of receiving a $10,000 scholarship in each of
the summer associate positions. Applications are due between December 1-15 for application and more information see: You
may apply to either or both.

Austin, TX The Texas Civil Rights Project, Gain significant experience in civil rights law in Austin and on the Mexican boarder will assisting in the fight for people’s rights across
Texas. Summer Law Clerks are unpaid positions. To apply please send a resume and cover letter to: Mr. Wayne Krause Senior Staff Attorney and Law Clerk Program Coordinator,
Michael Tigar Human Rights Center, 1405 Montopolis Dr. Austin, TX 78741-3438. To learn more about program see

Washington, D.C. Commission on Law and Aging. 2 summer internships offered for students interested in a career focusing on law and aging issues. Responsi-
bilities include producing at least one major publishable product and research in other projects. Interns are paid a stipend. To apply send resume contact informa-
tion of three references, and a cover letter explaining your interest to: Sonia Arce, ABA Commission on Law and Aging, 740 15th Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
20005. More information at

Montgomery, AL Federal Defenders, Middle District of Alabama offers a 10 week paid internship program. Office represents individuals who have ebeen
charged with federal crimes and prisioners on Alabama’s death row seeking federal habeas relief in their appeals. Interns assist attorneys with all aspects of client
representation. Applications are due by February 29, 2008. Send letter, resume, list of references and writing sample to Ms. Christine A. Freeman, Executive Direc-
tor, Federal Defenders, Middle District of Alabama, Federal Defender Program Inc. 201 Monroe Street. Suite 407, Montgomery, AL 36104

White Plains & Yonkers, NY Pace Women’s Justice Center (Pace University School of Law) Summer Externship Representing Domestic Violence Victims in
Court. 10 externship positions available for 1 and 2L students. Much client contact as well as working on a project with PWJC attorneys on a topic such as immi-
gration, uncontested divorce, child support, elder abuse and teen dating violence. Unpaid position. Must have demonstrated interest in public interest work, experi-
ence in domestic violence advocacy and competency in Spanish preferred but not required. Send resume, cover letter, and transcript to Karen Johansen, Esq.
Pace Women’s Justice Center, 78 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603 or or FAX 914-231-2889

Locations throughout the country AFL-CIO seeking candidates for it Law Student Union Summer. A program which combines traditional legal research and
analysis with front line union activism. Deadline for 1L applications is January 28,2008. For complete details see
lsus.cfm ALSO SEE WVU LAW PROF. ANNE LOFASO for valuable information about this program and the AFL-CIO.

Washington D.C. & San Francisco Google Policy Fellowship seeking law students interested in Internet and technology policy to work at public interest organi-
zations at the forefront of debates on broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and trademark reform, consumer privacy, open government and
more. Organizations include: The American Library Assoc., Cato Institute, Center for Democracy and Technology, Competitive Enterprise Institute, New America
Foundation etc. Fellows assigned lead mentor. Expected to make substantive contributions to the work of the organization, including conducting policy research
and analysis, drafting reports, attending government and industry meetings and conferences, and participating in advocacy activities. Seek excellence in analytical,
communication, research and writing skills., excellent academic record, professional/extracurricular involvement, multitask abilities. Fellows receive $7000.00 for
10 weeks Applications are due January 1, 2008 Application and other information at
Summer Jobs cont.
Location determined by position Institute for Educational Equity and Opportunity Fellowship Program for second year law students (postgraduate position
also available). Students must develop and submit a proposal for a full-time 12 week internship with a public interest organization or an attorney that is involved in
litigation to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged students, particularly through legal means, such as school finance/equity litigation. Applications
are due by February 8, 2008. For application see:

The Peggy Browing Fund 2008 Fellowship Program available 40 funded positions in labor-related organizations throughout the U.S. Complete information is
available at Application due January 15, 2008

The Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Program, Section of Antitrust law, American Bar Association. Full-time summer program open to 1L and 2L students. Sti-
pend $5000.00 see for more information.

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