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         SWANA     CAW       League of   CSAC         Sponsor                Status           Summary
                             CA Cities
 AB17                          watch                   Koretz              5/26/2005         Litter: receptacles
                                                                             2-year          This bill would repeal and reenact those provisions in the CIWM Act that requires litter receptacles to be placed
                                                                                             in all public places, prohibits damaging and defacing and keeps penalties if these rules are found in violation.
 AB32                          watch     watch         Pavley              8/15/2005         Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
                                                                    Re-referred to Com. On There is no formal opposition at this time. Origin: California's intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
                                                                              E.Q.           No sponsor.
 AB38    watch                 watch                   Tran                4/26/2005         State boards and commissions:
                                                                        Failed passage       There are some amendments planned--delete the Gambling & Control Commission and the Adult and
                                                                    Reconsideration granted Youth Parole Boards from the bill; The "wildest" amendment they may consider would be to keep all
                                                                                             chairs as F/T; CSEA is the only formal opposition.
 AB53                                              Negrete/Mcleod          4/27/2005         State agency consolidation.
                                                                      Re-refer to Com. on    Looking at combining: Office of Management & Budget, State Fiscal Affairs,
                                                                             APPR.           Personnel Management, Procurement Systems, Teale Data Center & Human Services Data Center.
 AB57    watch                 watch                   Levine              7/13/2005         Public Works: prevailing wages.
                                                                      sen Appropriations     Employer may take a credit for employer payments even if contributions are not made.
                                                                           1:30 p.m.         Solves problem of unpaid prevailing wage caused by unclear law.
 AB177   watch     oppose     support    support       Bogh                4/11/2005         Solid Waste: biomass conversion: transformation
                                                                    Hearing cancelled at the 1. Removes the 10% cap on diversion credit for biomass conversion. 2) Removes the prohibition on
                                                                       request of author.    receiving diversion credit for both transformation and biomass conversion. 3) Expands the definition
                                                                                             of biomass conversion to include "thermal conversion" technologies. 4) Redefines biomass
                                                                                             conversion to include incineration of all "organic" waste which is not defined in the bill.
 AB184   watch                 watch     pending      Cogdill              4/13/2005         Air quality: gross polluting vehicles. It is believed this will be a two year bill.
                                                                     Re-referred to Com. on It establishes a pilot program to improve air quality by removing gross polluting vehicles from
                                                                            TRANS.           roadways, either by repairing the vehicles or by replacing vehicles with non-polluting vehicles.
 AB200   watch                 watch                   Leslie              7/18/2005         Renewable energy resources: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program
                                                                           Chaptered         Adopts certain modifications to the renewables portfolio standard program that are applicable only
                                                                                             to an electrical corporation with 60,000 or fewer customer accounts in CA that serves retail end
                                                                                             use customers outside CA.
 AB259   watch                 watch     support      Hancock              10/6/2005         Contra Costa County. Would solve Contra Costa County's problem of delinquent fees and dumping.
                              support                                      Chaptered         by allowing the county authority to collect fees owed to their franchised private haulers.
                                                                                             This bill would enact a procedure that authorizes against parcels and record liens for unpaid solid
                                                                                             waste collection services.
 AB263   watch     support     watch                   Chan                6/14/2005         Toxic substances
                                                                             2-year          Prohibits a person from manufacturing, processing or distributing a product containing more than
                                                                                             1/10 of 1% of pentaBDE or octaBDE. This bill will grant specific regulating authority.
 AB338   support support       watch     pending       Levine              10/7/2005         This bill would require Caltrans to gradually phase in the use of crumb rubber, which is used to make rubberized-
                                                                           Chaptered         asphalt concrete, on state highway construction and repair projects, to the extent feasible. The crumb rubber used
                                                                                             would be required to be manufactured in the US, and derived from waste tires taken from U.S. owned and operated
 AB362   support              support               Aghazarian             6/28/2005         This bill originated from Dillion & Associates, Inc. This bill is working to do away with the threat of
                                                                             2-year          creating a two-tiered system where local government has fewer fights to a hearing than a private company.

 AB399   watch     watch                 pending     Montanez              10/7/2005          Recycling: multifamily dwellings
                              neutral     watch                            VETOED             Requires a owner of a multifamily dwelling that requires the issuance of a new building permit, on
                                                                                              after July 1, 2006, to arrange for recycling services for residents. Requires collectors to multifamily
                                                                                              dwellings to provide waste reduction programs that are appropriate for the multifamily dwelling.
 AB400                         watch                  Gordon               2/16/2005          CEQA: environmental impact reports: energy facilities.
                                                                             2-year           Streamlines process in obtaining an EIR for projects related to renewable energy facilities.
AB403                       watch              La Malfa           9/29/2005           Propane tanks: hazardous materials inventory and business plans.
                                                                  Chaptered           This bill would require the administering agency to exempt, from those hazardous materials business plan and
                                                                                      inventory requirements, propane handled by a business only for the purpose of providing heat for the premises.
AB492                       watch               Baca               8/15/2005          Hazardous waste: perchlorate: report.
                                                           To inactive file on motion Requires a business that uses percholorate, to submit annual reports in how they are disposed.
                                                                of Senator Soto
AB567     watch             watch             Aghazarian           2/28/2005          Hazardous waste: alternative standards. This bill originated from the Department of Toxic Substances Control.
                                                                     2-year           This bill would authorize the department to adopt regulations that establish hazardous waste
                                                                                      management standards as an alternative to one or more of the standards specified in the
                                                                                      hazardous waste control law.
AB574     support support   watch   pending     Wolk               10/7/2005          This bill would define "recycled concrete" as "reclaimed concrete material used in concrete mixtures in accordance
          neutral                    watch                         Chaptered          with the Greenbook Standard Specifications for Public Works 2003 Edition, or the most current revision of those
                                                                                      requirements." This bill would authorize the use of recycled concrete, as defined, if the end user has fully informed
                                                                                      that the concrete is recycled concrete. In addition, this bill would prohibit recycled concrete from being offered,
                                                                                      Provided, or sold to the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for any use unless specifically requested and
                                                                                      approved by the department. The provisions of the bill shall not supersede the requirements of the Uniform Building
                                                                                      Code or other provisions of the law.
AB575     watch   neutral   watch   pending     Wolk              Chapter 59,         Electronic waste recycling
                                     watch                     Statutes of 2005       Allows a retailer to elect to pay the covered electronic waste recycling fee on behalf of the consumer
                                                                   7/18/2005          by paying the covered electronic waste recycling fee to the retailer's vendor.
AB639                       watch             Aghazarian           2/28/2005          Hazardous waste control: generator identification numbers.
                                                                     2-year           This bill would require the department, by July 1, 2006, to revise the identification number certification
                                                                                      system to provide a streamlined and expedited method of providing an id number to a generator of
                                                                                      hazardous waste.
AB721                       watch               Nunez              10/7/2005          Requires the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency to establish a loan program for chrome plating
                                                                   Chaptered          facilities to reduce, recycle, and reuse solid waste in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

AB727     watch   oppose            pending   Bermudez           4/18/2005           Solid waste: integrated waste management. Spot bill
                                                           Hearing canceled at the   1) This bill would include recovery of waste through conversion technology in the CIWMB management
                                                             request of author.      practices. 2) This bill would also provide that no reimbursement is required by the state to local
                                                                                     agencies and school districts for certain cost mandated by State.
AB841                       watch             Arambula            10/6/2005          Air quality: particulate monitoring.
                                                                  Chaptered          Bill requires sufficient monitors for all areas within air basin.

AB990     watch             watch               Lieber             5/4/2005          Focusing on one class of hazardous chemical--chlorinated solvents; want to demonstrate a more informed
                                                                    2-year           chemicals policy; the south Coast Air District has phased out most of these--want to benefit.

AB1007                      watch               Pavley            9/29/2005          Air quality: alternative fuels.
                                                                  Chaptered          This bill would require that, not later than June 30, 2007, the State Energy resources Conservation and Development
                                                                                     Commission, in partnership with the state board, and in consultation with specified state agencies, to develop and
                                                                                     adopt a state plan to increase the use of alternative fuels, as defined.
AB1049    watch   support   watch   pending     Koretz            5/11/2005          Recycling: food and beverage packages: labeling. Sponsor CAW
                                                                    2-year           This bill would require a food and beverage package to labeling requirements that include instructions
                                                                                     consisting of a code for the appropriate disposal method of either "Trash," "Recycling," or "Compost,"
                                                                                     as specified.
AB 1065                     watch             Matthews            10/5/2005          This bill would authorize the Department of food and Agriculture (DFA) to establish a system for documenting and
                                                                  Chaptered          tracking the transportation of inedible kitchen grease in order to ensure the proper disposal or recycling of that material.
                                                                                     This bill would require licensed renderers to be registered as transporters with DFA and would authorize DFA to
                                                                                     suspend or revoke registration. This bill would expand oversight of grease hauling to include protecting the
                                                                                     environment, reducing blockages of public sewer systems, and preventing the improper and illegal transportation
                                                                                     and disposal of interceptor grease.
AB1078                                          Keene             10/6/2005          This bill would enact the "Methamphetamine Contaminated Property Cleanup Act 0f 2005" and define terms.
                                                                 Chapter 570         Adopts a health-based target remediation standard to determine when a property contaminated by
                                                                         Statutes of 2005         methamphetamine laboratory activity is safe for human occupancy.
AB1090              oppose    support   support      Matthews               4/18/2005             Solid waste: diversion: conversion.
          support                                                             2-year              This bill would repeal the definition of the term "gasification" and would define the terms "conversion
                                                                                                  technology," "beneficial use," and "recovery" for purposes of the CIWMB act of 1989.
AB1103    watch     watch     watch     pending      Karnette               4/25/2005             This bill is intended to reduce waste of recyclable and reusable portions of bicycles.
                                                                              2-year              The bill would establish the Bicycle Recycling and Disposal Program and would require each person
                                                                                                  selling a new bicycle in the state to pay a charge of $7 to the board. Monies would be used to
                                                                                                  promote bicycle recycling programs.
AB1125    support support     watch      watch        Pavley                10/6/2005             This bill would enact the Household Battery Recycling Act of 2006 and would define terms for purposes of the
                                                                            Chaptered             act, including "household battery." It would require on and after July 1, 2006, that a retailer of rechargeable batteries
                                                                                                  sold in California have in place a system for the acceptance and collection of used rechargeable batteries for reuse,
                                                                                                  recycling, or proper disposal with specified elements, including the take-back at no cost to the consumer of a used
                                                                                                  rechargeable battery of a type or brand sold by the retailer. This bill would prohibit the sale of a rechargeable battery
                                                                                                  to a consumer in this state after July 1, 2006, if the retailer is not in compliance with the Act. This bill would require
                                                                                                  DTSC on or before July 1, 2007, and each succeeding July 1, to post on its Internet Web site the estimated amount,
                                                                                                  by weight, of each type of household battery returned for recycling in CA during the previous calendar year.
                                                                                                  Sponsor: CAW
AB1193    watch     support   watch                   Pavley                4/12/2005             Recycling: compact discs and digital versatile discs.
                                                                              2-year              This bill would prohibit the distribution or mass mailing of compact discs (CDs) or digital versatile discs
                                                                                                  (DVDs) for commercial purposes to households, without their consent.
                                                                                                  Sponsor: CAW
AB1240              support   watch                   Levine                  6/2/2005
                                                                     To inactive file on motion   Looking at other state's programs Maine, NJ, Arkansas; purpose--reduce mercury, effective recycling program.
                                                                     of Assembly Mem. Levine      Sponsor: CAW
AB1249                        watch     pending      Blakeslee              Chapter 404,          This bill would give the State Fire Marshal the authority, in consultation with the IWMB, to develop and adopt
                                                                          Statutes of 2005        regulations relating to fire prevention and storage of waste tires.
AB1333              support   watch      watch       Frommer                  9/8/2005            Must deposit grease at an authorized facility. The bill would also make it offense to manage or dispose of
                                                                     To inactive file on motion   grease into a land treatment unit.
                                                                         of Senator Perata
AB1337                        watch                   Ruskin                 6/28/2005            This bill would assure that statutory provisions govern the permits for hazardous waste facilities, operate
                                                                               2-year             with best efficiency and maintain necessary protections for public and environmental health.

AB1341    watch     watch     watch                Committee on             8/23/2005             Existing law prohibits the disposal of materials that require special handling from a major appliance at a solid
                                                   Environmental      Re-referred to Com. on      waste facility and requires those materials to be removed from major appliances in which they are contained
                                                  Safety and Toxic            APPR.               before the appliance is crushed, baled, shredded, sawed or sheared apart, disposed, or otherwise processed.
                                                                                                  This bill would make technical changes to those provisions.. This bill contains other existing laws.
AB1351    support                                     Vargas                10/6/2005             San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
           watch                                                            VETOED                This bill would permit the authority to additionally issue notes, commercial paper notes, or any other type of
                                                                                                  obligation allowable by law. This bill would make legislative findings and declarations as to the necessity of a
                                                                                                  special statute.
AB1362    watch               watch                   Levine                8/29/2005             Requiring renewable energy levels. This bill would revise and recast that intent language so that the amount
                                                                          To inactive file         of electricity generated per year from renewable energy resources is increased to an amount that equals 20%
                                                                                                   of the total electricity generated for consumption in CA. By 2010.
AB1415    support support     support                 Pavley                10/6/2005             Sponsor: Sierra Club
                                                                            Chaptered             This bill would prohibit a person from selling, offering to sell, or distributing for promotional purposes in this
                                                                                                  state, certain mercury-added products, unless the use of the product is required under a federal law
                                                                                                  or federal contract specification or if the only mercury-added component in the product is a button cell battery.
AB 1585   watch               watch                  Blakeslee              10/6/2005             Sponsor: Governor's Office; Energy Agency. Requiring renewable energy levels
                                                                            Chaptered             This bill would require the Energy Commission to include in the integrated energy policy report to be adopted Nov.
                                                                                                  1, 2007, a review of the feasibility of increasing the target for the amount of electricity to 33% by the year 2020.
AB1612              support   support   support       Pavely                5/25/2005             CAW sponsored
                                                                              2-year              Would place a 10-20 cent per pack fee on cigarettes with revenue used to help offset local government and
                                                                                                  public agency cost for cigarette butt pollution and litter reduction and clean up.
AB1637   watch             watch    watch       Mountjoy         Chapter 166,           This bill would require all garbage trucks, except rolloff vehicles, to be equipped with an audible, automatic, backup
                                                                Statutes of 2005        alarm or a similar device that is capable of emitting a specific sound. All garbage trucks purchased after January 1,
                                                                                        2010, would be required to be equipped with a functioning camera that provides the driver with a video display of the
                                                                                        rear of the vehicle.
AB1693                     watch    watch      Matthews            6/15/2005            This bill would require a project financed by the Calif. Pollution Control Financing Authority to result in a
                                                                     2-year             quantifiable reduction of pollution. The bill would require the pollution reduction attributable to a project to be
                                                                                        certified by an independent 3rd party. The bill would require an annual report on the amounts and types of pollution.
AB1721                     watch                 Pavley            10/6/2005            Environmental education
                                                                   Chaptered            This bill would repeal that consultation requirement and would instead provide that if the State Board of Education
                                                                                        determines that the education principles for the environment are not appropriate for inclusion in the textbook adoption
                                                                                        criteria, the board would be required to collaborate with the office to make the changes necessary to ensure that the
                                                                                        principles are included in the textbook adoption criteria.
AB1736   watch             watch                 Levine            9/15/2005            Medi-Cal: disease management.
                                                               Enrolled and to the
                                                                Governor at 3:30
AB1763                     watch    watch     Committee on          9/6/2005            Beverage containers: redemption payments.
                                                Natural            Chaptered            This bill would revise the conditions under which a distributor or beverage manufacturer is authorized to make a
                                               Resources                                single annual payment, and would revise the requirement to provide advance notice to the department.
AB1764            watch    watch    watch     Committee on         10/6/2005            Beverage containers: handling fees.
                                                Natural            Chaptered            This bill would change the total amount the department is required to pay in handling fees to an unspecified
                                               Resources                                amount, thereby making an appropriation. The bill would also delete obsolete provisions.
 SB1                       watch                Murray              9/2/2005            Energy: renewable energy. Sponsor: Governor's Office
                                                             Re-referred to Com. On     resources: California Renewables
                                                                     U. & C.            Portfolio Standard Program
SB107    watch             watch    watch       Simitian           8/31/2005            Renewable energy.
                                                                To third reading.       Current requirement requires 17% electricity generated from renewable energy by 2006.
                                                                                        Proposed to change to 20% electricity generated from renewable energy by 12/31/2010.
SB109    watch             watch                 Ortiz              9/7/2005            Air pollution: minor violations: stationary sources: prosecution of violations
                                                             Motion to reconsider on    Extends minor violation classification requirement until Jan 1, 2012. Allows civil penalties and civil
                                                              next legislative day      actions to be applied during criminal prosecution or complaints, for air pollution minor violations.
SB120    watch             watch                 Florez            5/19/2005            Water Quality: sewage sludge
                                                                     2-year             Would create a study of management options for sewage sludge.

SB134    watch                                  Denham            2/10/2005             Plant quarantine and pest control.
                                                               To Com. On RLS.          This bill is making a technical, nonsubstantive change to provisions. Removing "this state" and
                                                                                        putting in "California".
SB225                      watch                  Soto            8/31/2005             Carl Moyer program.
                                                             Placed on inactive file.   Relates to the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. Allows the State Air
                                                                                        Resources Board to determine a higher value that reflects state consumer price index adjustments.
SB250                      watch               Campbell             7/6/2005            Vehicular air pollution control: hydrogen fuel. Sponsor: Governor's Office
                                                             Re-referred to Com. on     This bill would require the CA. EPA to facilitate a steady, sustainable transition to broadbased,
                                                                     APPR.              renewable hydrogen fuel in the state, explore options to streamline the permitting process, and
                                                                                        provide guidelines to local permitting agencies for hydrogen fuel codes and standards.
SB318    watch   support   watch    pending     Romero             5/26/2005            Waste management.
                                                                     2-year             This bill would require that the board and local agencies maximize the public awareness of all feasible
                                                                                        source reduction, recycling, and composting options in order to reduce the amount of solid waste that
                                                                                        must be disposed of by transformation and land disposal hereby creating a state-mandated local program.
SB369    support support   watch                Simitian           5/26/2005            Polls show people will choose environmentally superior product if given reliable information, currently no
                                                                     2-year             reliable info.

SB411                      oppose   oppose      Alarcon             5/5/2005            Solid waste: nonbiodegradable materials: landfills.
         oppose support                                              2-year             This bill would make a statement of the Legislature's intent to enact legislation that would reduce the
                                                                                        expansion of landfills by reducing the use of materials that do not biodegrade.
SB420             watch    watch    oppose      Simitian           4/18/2005            Waste management: local government assistance.
        oppose                                                 2-year         Deletes an obsolete reference in the Integrated Waste Management Act that required the Integrated
                                                                              Waste Management Board to establish an office of local government assistance. The author has been asked
                                                                              to drop the bill by the Pro Tem - Pro Tem will be taking up solid waste reform this year.
SB423   watch    support   watch     pending   Simitian       7/5/2005        Electronic waste: recycling
                                      watch                    2-year         1) This bill would delete the requirement regarding the presence of heavy metals as a condition for a device
                                                                              being prohibited from being sold in the European Union. 2) This bill requires a 60 days notification prior to
                                                                              export. Also requires person who exports to report intend for recycling to a foreign country.
SB455            support   watch     pending    Escutia       10/7/2005       Pest control: violations
                                      watch                   VETOED          This bill would require that initiation and completion of human illness investigations in connection with these
                                                                              provisions take no longer than 60 days. This bill would require that regulations be adopted that require that an
                                                                              enforcement action be taken for any violation of specified provisions, including those related to a failure to protect
                                                                              people, animals, and the environment from pesticide contamination. This bill would provide that violation of a cease
                                                                              and desist order, as specified, shall constitute a serious and separate offense per aggrieved individual. This bill would
                                                                              define aggrieved individual for purpose of these provisions.
SB476                      watch     watch      Runner        3/3/2005        This bill would make technical, nonsubstantive changes to the California environmental Quality Act that requires
                                                               2-year         a lead agency, to prepare, or cause to be prepared by contract, and certify the completion of, an environmental
                                                                              impact report on a project.
SB490                      watch               Lowenthal      6/29/2005       Toxic substances list: Netherlands.
                                                                2-year        This bill would require the office to enter into a cooperative agreement with Ministry of housing, Spatial
                                                                              Planning, and the Environment of the Government of Netherlands to compile a listing of substances
                                                                              recognized as posing hazards to human health or the environment.
SB563                      watch     pending    Alarcon       3/3/2005        California certified green business program
                                                               2-year         This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to establish a California certified green
                                                                              business program that will assist businesses to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and reduce
SB729   watch              oppose              Lowenthal      4/25/2005       Incorporates specific numeric limits related to storm water runoff.

SB743            support   watch     pending   Chesbro       10/7/2005        Sponsor: CAW
                                                             Chaptered        This bill would make a conforming change in the definition of the term "curbside collection program" in relation
                                                                              to rigid plastic packaging containers requirements to meet specific criteria's.
SB771                      watch               Simitian      10/6/2005        Shipping needs are expected to rise in California, and there are currently no State laws regarding dumping.
                                                             Chaptered        This bill would prohibit an oceangoing ship, as defined, from conducting onboard incineration while operating within
                                                                              3 miles of the California coast. This bill would also regulate the release of graywater, sewage, sewage sludge, oily
                                                                              bilgewater, hazardous waste, or other waste by oceangoing ships, as defined, into the marine waters of the state.
SB772                      watch     watch     Ducheny      Chapter 214,      Border region: waste and used tires.
                                                           Statutes of 2005   This bill would require the 5-year waste tire plan to include specified border region activities, conducted in
                                                               9/6/2005       coordination with the CA. EPA. 5 year plan promotes and develops alternatives to the landfill disposal for tires.
SB870                      oppose               Escutia       5/26/2005       This bill would impose mandatory minimum penalties for air quality violations. Unworkable and in many cases
                                                                2-year        unfairly applied. Regional boards need to have some discretion to reduce or waive penalties.

SB926   oppose             watch     watch      Florez        6/21/2005       This bill stems from the concern surrounding the disposal of biosolids into the ocean. It is originating from
                                                                2-year        Sutter, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus Counties.

SB928    watch             watch     pending   Lowenthal      6/9/2005        Existing law requires a city or county source reduction element to divert 50% of all solid waste from landfill
        oppose                                                 2-year         disposal or transformation by January 1, 2000, through source reduction, recycling, and composting activities.
                                                                              This bill would change that percentage to an unspecified amount as of January 1, 2011.
SB942            support   support   watch     Chesbro        5/26/2005       Cigarettes: pollution: litter. CAW sponsored
                                                                2-year        Bill would place a 10-20 cent pack fee on cigarettes with revenue used to help offset local government and
                                                                              public agency cost for cigarette butt pollution and litter reduction and clean-up.
SB975                                          Ashburn      Chapter 365,      This bill would provide that any public agency, or regulated utility may use a biodiesel blend fuel, as defined, in any
                                                           Statues of 2005    retrofitted vehicular or off-road diesel engine certified by the state board. The bill would also provide that entities that
                                                              9/29/2005       contract with any public agency or regulated utility may use a biodiesel blend of fuel, as defined, in a solid waste
                                                                              collection vehicle or collection vehicle. This bill would repeal its provisions on January 1, 2008.
SB1058                          watch     pending      Campbell                3/17/2005          This bill would eliminate the requirement that the results of the evaluation on the use of recycling residue be
                                                                                 2-year           reported in the board's annual report to the Legislature.

SB1076      watch     watch     watch                    Perata                3/17/2005          Solid waste.
                                                                                 2-year           This bill is making a technical, nonsubstantive change. (Deleting the word "which" and changing it to "that".)

SB1106                watch     watch     pending    Committee on             10/6/2005           Public contracts: procurement: recycled goods: solid waste.
                                                     Environmental            Chaptered           This bill would consolidate update, and clarify existing recycling laws, eliminate duplicative provisions, and
                                                        Quality                                   establish or restate recycling goals and reporting requirements of state agencies in accordance with specified
                                                                                                  timeframes. This bill would also require local public entities to purchase recycled products.

Regulations update
Regulations recently approved:
           Disposal Reporting System and Adjustment method
           Research, Development and Demonstration
Regulations pending approval:
           Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program.
           Long-Term Landfill Gas Violations
Proposed regulations open for formal public comment:
           Waste Tire Hauler Registration and Manifesting Requirements for Retreaders
Proposed regulations approved for notice:
           None at this time
Draft text of regulations available for informal public review:
           Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers
           Conversion Technology
           Permit Implementation (AB1497)
           Active Disposal Site Gas Monitoring and Control
Draft text of regulations under development, not yet released for public comment:
           Training Certification for Landfill Managers and Inspectors.
           Hearing Panel Appeals
Regulations in the concept stage:
           Application of new requirements in the CDI Debris processing regulations to the regulation of other solid waste
           Solid Waste Facility Permit Regulation Development Plan

Legislative schedule
          October 9, 2005: Last Day for Governor to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature before Sept 9 and in his possession on or after Sept 9.


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