Who Was Prosecuted in the Monkey Business Trial

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 20091104    4 November United Kingdom - UK
                        Environment Agency to
                        Crackdown on 'Waste
 20091103    3 November Tourists'
                        Korea - Korea to Lead
                        'Green Customs'

 20091031     31 October   India - Collective Political
                           Commitment Needed, Say
                           Tiger Experts
 20091029     29 October   International - Tuna Ban
                           'Justified' by Science

 20091029     29 October   Liberia - Rubber Company
                           Implicated in Water
 20091029     29 October   Poland - African Monkey
                           Meat Seized in Poland

 20091028     28 October   Nepal - World's Tigers
                           Years Away from
 20091027     27 October   Norway - Customs Find
                           Snakes Taped to Man

 20091027     27 October   United Kingdom - Live
                           Coral Seized at
                           Manchester Airport
 20091027     27 October   South Africa - Illegal
                           Wildlife Product Exporter
 20091025     25 October   Colombia - Colombia's
                           Endangered Species at
                           the Mercy of Jungle Drug
 20091024     24 October   Cartels Why Does India
                           India -
                           Buy the World's Rubbish?

 20091017     17 October   Malta - The Fight Against
                           Malta's Illegal Bird Hunt

 20091017     17 October  International - Illegal
                          Ivory Trade Threat to
 20091016     16 October United Kingdom - eBay
                          Ivory Trader Jailed for 10
 20090925    25 September USA/Canada - INTERPOL
                          Co-ordinates Landmark
                          Hazardous Waste
                          Operation in North
20090924   24 September Italy - Mafia Boss's Pet
                        Caiman Seized by Italian
20090921   21 September The Netherlands -
                        German and Dutch Police
                        Collaborate Against
20090920   20 September Illegal-Dumping at Sea
                        Malta Bengali Tiger
                        Owner Says Cub was
                        Legally Imported
20090918   18 September South Africa - Man
                        Caught at Airport with
                        Crocodiles in Luggage
20090916   16 September Italy - Mafia 'Sank Ships
                        of Toxic Waste'

20090909   9 September Australia - Customs and
                       Border Protection Cracks
                       Egg Smuggling Attempt
20090908   8 September United States -
                       Environmental Tort
                       Lawsuit Settled by Ford
20090908               Thailand - Waste Dump
           8 September Over ToxicPolice Recover
                       Elephant Stolen 2 Months
20090907   7 September Sri Lanka - Chief Justice
                       Seeks Justice for Nature

20090907   7 September India - Two Arrested for
                       Trying to Sell Tiger and
                       Deer Skins
20090906   6 September United Kingdom - Eco-
                       Crime Set to Rise, Agency
20090904   4 September United States - First DNA
                       Barcodes of Commonly
                       Traded Bushmeat are
20090904   4 September Published
                       International - Growing
                       Problem Of E-waste:
                       Bringing Harmony To
20090901   1 September Electronic Waste Disposal
                       India - Zoo Monkey
                       Smuggler Flees from
20090827    27 August Madagascar - Poachers
                       Threaten Spider Tortoise

20090825    25 August   Vietnam - Smuggled
                        Pangolin and Tortoise
                        Shells Seized in Vietnam
20090824    24 August   Thailand - Forest Loses
                        Precious Trees
20090824   24 August   Vietnam - Smuggled
                       Elephant Tusks Hidden
                       Under Snail Shells
20090824   24 August   Madagascar - Lemurs
                       Slaughtered for Bush
20090823   23 August   United Kingdom - Carbon
                       Credit Fraud Case Leads
                       to Seven Arrests
20090821   21 August   Brazil/United Kingdom -
                       Toxic Waste Shipment
                       Returns to UK from Brazil
20090821   21 August   Vietnam - Police Arrest
                       Ivory Smugglers

20090820   20 August   India - Police Seek
                       INTERPOL's Help to
                       Rescue Stolen Primates
20090820   20 August   United Kingdom - Skip
                       Hire Bosses Ordered to
                       Pay £234,393 for "Waste
20090820   20 August   Mountain"
                       United States - Man Gets
                       20 Months in Jail for
                       Illegal Dumping
20090820   20 August   Singapore - Tracking
                       Technology for Timber

20090820   20 August   China - 'Hundreds ill'
                       Near Smelting Plant

20090819   19 August   India - Call to Lift Ban on
                       Export of Red Sander
20090818   18 August   United Kingdom - Wildlife
                       Crime 'Not Taken
20090814   14 August   Malaysia - Wildlife Trade
                       Regulation Course has
                       Early Success
20090812   12 August   Malta - US Environmental
                       Fugitive Extradited

20090810   10 August   Malaysia - Illegal Animal
                       Trading puts Malaysia on
                       the World Map for all the
20090809   9 August    Wrong Reasons be the
                       India - This May
                       Last Time You See a Tiger

20090806   6 August    Brazil - Brazil Returns
                       Hazardous UK Waste
20090806   6 August   Africa - 'Slaughter' Fear
                      Over Poaching Rise

20090805   5 August   United States - Man
                      Receives 20-Month
                      Sentence For Illegally
20090805   5 August   Dumping Waste
                      International - Smuggling
                      Wildlife: From Eggs in a
                      Bra to Geckos in
20090804   4 August   Underwear Illegal Exotic
                      Australia -
                      Wildlife Seized

20090803   3 August   Zimbabwe - Government
                      Official Behind Ivory and
                      Rhino Smuggling
20090731   31 July    United States -
                      International Cap-and-
                      Trade Regime Could
20090731   31 July    India - Organized Crime
                      Benefit Pelt Seizures
                      Surge as 100 Tigers
20090729   29 July    Brazil - Brazil to Sue UK
                      over Waste Shipment

20090729   29 July    Philippines - Three
                      Northen Regions Link up
                      to Curb Illegal Logging
20090729   29 July    Vietnam - 200kg of Tusks

20090728   28 July    Italy - Mob Turns Green
                      for Cash

20090727   27 July    United Kingdom - Gangs
                      Making Millions by
                      Illegally Dumping Toxic
20090724   24 July    Waste
                      Thailand - Vietnamese
                      Wildlife Enforcement
                      Officials Observe
20090722   22 July    Thailand’s Anti-Wildlife
                      Tanzania - Six Charged
                      with Illegal Ivory Export

20090720   20 July    Vietnam - Frozen Tiger
                      and Bones Seized

20090719   19 July    International - Irish
                      Environmental Crime
                      Fugitive Arrested in Malta
20090719   19 July    Brazil/United Kingdom -
                      Waste Companies Face
                      Inqury as British Rubbish
                      is Returned from Brazil
20090717   17 July   Pakistan - Wildlife
                     Officials Accused of
                     Smuggling Turtle Meat to
20090717   17 July   China
                     International - Green
                     Customs Operation
                     Seizes 30,000 Tons of
20090716   16 July   Illegal - Officials Seize
                     Kenya Waste
                     Ivory and Rhino Horns as
                     Poaching Rises
20090715   15 July   Italy - 32 Mobsters with
                     Ties to Illegal Toxic
                     Waste Dumping Arrested
20090714   14 July   United States - Tagging
                     Technology to Track
20090714   14 July   India - Tiger Park 'Has No

20090714   14 July   Singapore - Weak Laws
                     Encourage Rising
                     Demand for Pangolin
20090714   14 July   Australia - Sandalwood
                     Thief Arrested

20090713   13 July   Zimbabwe - Government
                     Officials Implicated in
                     Rhino Smuggling
20090713   13 July   Tanzania - Woman
                     Arrested at Airport Trying
                     to Smuggle Ivory to
20090713   13 July   China
                     Kingdom/International -
                     Barcodes on Trees Help
20090713   13 July   to Save Forests
                     Malaysia - Toxic
                     Electronic Waste on the
20090711   11 July   Malaysia/Thailand - Thai
                     Probe Shows Tiger Parts
                     Came from Malaysia
20090708   8 July    United Kingdom -
                     Organised Crime Targets
                     Waste Recycling
20090708   8 July    International - Operation
                     Yields Tons of Illegal
                     Shipments of Hazardous
20090708   8 July    Waste
                     Mozambique - European
                     Hunters Arrested for
                     Elephant Killing in
20090708   8 July    National Park Nations
                     Africa - United
                     and INTERPOL Plan to
                     Fight West African Crime
20090707   7 July    Thailand - Police Search
                     Finds Pangolin Shipment

20090704   4 July    China - Government and
                     Green Organizations Look
                     to Regulate the Electronic
20090704   4 July    Waste Africa - Medical
                     South Trade
                     Waste Dumped at Picnic
20090702   2 July    Poland - Scorpions
                     Surprise Polish Customs

20090701   1 July    Worldwide - Wildlife
                     Crisis Worse than
                     Economic Crisis Says
20090701   1 July    International Union for
                     Kenya - Attack
                     Conservationist Steps up
                     Conflict in Illegal Ivory
20090630   30 June   Trade
                     Thailand - Wildlife
                     Trafficker Convicted to
                     Two Years in Prison
20090630   30 June   Australia - Man Fined in
                     Landmark Reptile Trade
20090629   29 June   Brazil - 86 Percent of
                     Environmental Crimes in
                     Brazilian Amazon Go
20090627   27 June   Unpunished 24,550
                     Indonesia -
                     Hectares of National Park
                     in Indonesia Damaged
20090626   26 June   United States - Electronic
                     Waste Piles up in Utah

20090625   25 June   Madagascar - Illegal
                     Logging Driving Lemurs
                     to Extinction
20090624   24 June   China - Wildlife on Menu
                     Spurs Smuggling

20090624   24 June   Pakistan - Pakistan a
                     Dumping Ground for
                     Electronic Waste
20090620   20 June   Norway - Whale Meat
                     Trade Increases, Despite
20090620   20 June   United States - Who's
                     Who on the
                     Environmental Protection
20090619   19 June   Agency's Most-Wanted
                     United States Cleanup
                     Operation Begins for
                     Fallout from 'the Worst
                     Toxic Exposure Recorded
20090619   19 June   Thailand - Study Claims
                     Bangkok Still Harbours
                     the Largest Illegal Ivory
20090618   18 June   Market in Asia
                     Cambodia - Mekong
                     Dolphin Near Extinct

20090618   18 June   Malta - Environment and
                     Planning Authority
                     Begins Operations
20090617   17 June   Against Environmental
                     Thailand - Illegal Loggers
                     Destroy Protected Forest

20090617   17 June   Kuwait - Officials Carry
                     Out First Wildlife
20090615   15 June   Philippines - Raid on
                     Mayor’s Farm Yields
                     Illegal Lumber
20090611   11 June   United States -
                     Environmental Protection
                     Agency Takes Action
20090609   9 June    Against Authorities Seize
                     China - Exporter of E-
                     Van with 173 Bear Paws,
                     a Python Skin, and a
20090608   8 June    Pangolin Carcass Aims
                     Guyana - Seminar
                     to Improve Law
                     Enforcement Response to
20090608   8 June    Illegal Wildlife Trade
                     Madagascar -
                     International Community
                     Calls for Action Against
20090608   8 June    United Illegal Logging in
                     Gangs’ Kingdom - Large-
                     Scale Raids on Suspected
                     Illegal Waste Electric and
20090608   8 June    Electronic-Equipment
                     Australia World's
                     Oceans Becoming
                     Dumping Ground
20090607   7 June    International - Pirate
                     Fishing Causing Eco
                     Disaster and Killing
20090605   5 June    Communities - The
                     Environment: Individual
                     Choices are Key to
20090604   4 June    Preservation
                     Indonesia - Forest
                     Carbon Market Showing
20090604   4 June    India - India Becoming
                     the Developed World's
                     Favorite Dumping Ground
20090602   2 June    for Electronic Waste
                     India - Authorities Stress
                     Need for Cross-Border
                     Cooperation to Fight
                     Wildlife Trade
20090602   2 June   Poland - Attempt to
                    Smuggle 120 Tortoises
20090602   2 June   Tanzania - Six Officials
                    Arrested over Ivory
                    Smuggling Ring
20090529   29 May   Indonesia - Forest-CO2
                    Scheme Will Draw
                    Organised Crime
20090525   25 May   Indonesia - Pangolin
                    Smugglers Arrested in
20090523   23 May   Ghana - Europe and
                    America 'Burying Africa
                    in Electronic Waste'
20090523   23 May   China - Man Jailed for
                    Three Years for
                    Smuggling Ivory from
20090522   22 May   Japan
                    Australia/China -
                    Australia's Electronic
                    Waste Dumped in China
20090520   20 May   Philippines - Officials
                    Seize 3.5 Tonnes of
                    Elephant Tusks
20090515   15 May   United Kingdom - British
                    Company Fined for
                    Breaching Export
20090514   14 May   Regulations
                    United Kingdom - Jail for
                    British Tortoise Seller

20090514   14 May   Vietnam - 100% of
                    Industries Dumping Toxic
                    Waste into Nhue River
20090514   14 May   New Zealand - Contractor
                    Fined for Dumping
                    Industrial Waste
20090514   14 May   Australia - Drug Dealers
                    Turning to Trade in
20090513   13 May   Ivory Coast -
                    Multinational Company,
                    Owner of the Probo
20090513   13 May   Koala, -Sued Smuggler
                    Nepal Owl by

20090513   13 May   United Kingdom - Man
                    Arrested after Golden
                    Eagle Death
20090513   13 May   United States - Yacht
                    Owner Fined $150,000
                    for Smuggled Exotic
                    Animal Pelts
20090507   07 May     Uganda - 100 Pieces of
                      Ivory Seized

20090507   07 May     India - Cross Over Crime
                      between Wildlife
                      Poachers and Indian
20090505   05 May     Insurgents Demonstrated
                      United States - Two Men
                      Indicted on Federal
                      Charges of Smuggling
20090505   05 May     Birds from Vietnam into
                      Europe - EU Parliament
                      Passes New Ship
                      Pollution Rules
20090504   04 May     United States - Lax
                      Enforcement of Laws
                      Governing the Importing
20090502   02 May     of Wildlife Risks Harming
                      Australia - Authorities
                      Crack Egg Smuggling
20090429   29 April   Russia - Rare Leopard
                      Stolen in Russian Car-
20090428   28 April   Democratic Republic of
                      Congo – Baby Gorilla
                      Rescued from Suspected
20090427   27 April   Traffickers
                      Kenya - Kenyan Wildlife
                      Service Seize 512kg of
                      Ivory States - Owner of
20090424   24 April   Korean Commercial Cargo
                      Vessel & Chief Engineer
                      Plead Guilty to Marine
20090424   24 April   Thailand - Governemt
                      Orders Halt to Elephant
                      Exports- INTERPOL
20090421   21 April   Receives Award in
                      Recognition of Activities
                      to Combat Wildlife and
20090415   15 April   United Kingdon - Rare
                      Animal Parts Seized at
20090415   15 April   INDONESIA - Illegal
                      Orangutan Trade on the
                      United States - Border
20090414   14 April   Patrol Agent Pleads
                      Guilty for Attempting to
                      Receive Protected
20090414   14 April   Malaysia - Malaysian Anti-
                      Corruption Commission
                      Arrests Five over Bribery
20090414   14 April   in Connection with Illegal
                      South Africa - Three
                      Separate Convictions for
                      Illegal Wildlife Trading
                      Result in Fines Totalling
20090413   13 April   Somalia - Toxic Waste
                      Argued to be behind
                      Somali Piracy
20090412   12 April   Thailand - ASEAN
                      Countries Make Major
                      Progress on Wildlife,
20090409   09 April   Habitat - 'Serious
                      Nigeria Conservation
                      Contamination' Threat
                      from Africa's Mounting E-
20090408    8 April   Waste
                      Australia - Illegal Fishing
                      Continues to Devastate
                      Northern Stocks
20090406    6 April   United States - US
                      Environmental Protection
                      Agency Issues Most
20090406    6 April   Wanted List
                      Iran - Caspian's Sturgeon
                      in Danger of Extinction

20090402   02 April   Malaysia – Customs
                      Intercept 9.5 Tonnes of
                      Smuggled Logs

20090401    1 April   South Africa – Police
                      Arrest Man Suspected of
                      Slaughtering Lions and

20090325   25 March   Tanzania/Vietnam –
                      Tanzanian Government
                      Begins Investigation into
                      Smuggled Elephant Ivory
                      Recovered in Vietnam
20090325   25 March   Thailand - Airport Staff to
                      be Trained in Tackling the
                      Illegal Wildlife Trade

20090324   24 March   Indonesia/International -
                      International police
                      operation co-ordinated
                      by INTERPOL nets
                      alleged leader of wildlife
                      smuggling network

20090324   24 March   United Kingdom - Police
                      Deposit Box Raids Nets

20090315   15 March   United Kingdom –
                      Environment Agency
                      Targets Cartels Behind
                      Hazardous Waste

20090315   15 March   India – NGO Head Calls
                      for Integrated Approach
                      in Combating Wildlife
20090314   14 March   Tanzania – Suspects
                      Remanded for Illegal
                      Fishing, Document
                      Falsification, Pollution
                      and Degradation of the
                      Marine Environment

20090312   12 March   United States – Former
                      INTERPOL Pollution
                      Crime Officer Mark
                      Measer to Head EPA’s
                      Criminal Investigation
                      Program in Pacific

20090311   11 March   Philippines – Crackdown
                      on Illegal Logging
                      Operations Seizes Tools
                      and 6,872 Feet of Wood

20090311   11 March   Brazil - Brazil Cracks
                      Down on Global Wildlife

20090311   11 March   Thailand – Thai
                      Authorities Request
                      Australian in Help in
                      Combating Wildlife Crime
20090311   11 March   India / The United
                      Kingdom – New Software
                      to Match Poached Skins
                      to Tigers

20090309   9 March    The Maldives – Maldives
                      Moves to Protect its

20090307   7 March    Vietnam – Customs
                      Officials Seize Five
                      Tonnes of Elephant Ivory

20090302   2 March    Zambia – Four Arrested
                      for Trafficking Elephant
                      Ivory and Rhino Horn

20090302   2 March    Congo - Protecting
                      Mountain Gorillas Diary
20090302    2 March      United States – Oldest
                         Sample of Bomb-grade
                         Plutonium Found in

20090225   25 February   United States – Deadliest
                         US Environmental Crime
                         Goes to Trial

20090214   14 February   France – Seizure of 33
                         Smoked Animals

20090223   23 February   Endangered Reptiles
                         Saved by Customs and
                         Border Protection

20090221   21 February   Poachers Drive Balkan
                         Lynx to Brink of
20090220   20 February   Japanese Corporate
                         Operator of Cargo Vessel
                         Sentenced to Pay $1.75
                         Million for Conspiracy and
                         Falsifying Records

20090219   19 February   Shipping Company, Chief
                         Engineer and Second
                         Engineer Indicted for
                         Covering up Pollution

20090219   19 February   Tiger Skulls and Drugs
                         Bound for China Seized in
                         the Indian State of

20090219   19 February   Man Arrested in
                         Crackdown on E-waste

20090217   17 February   Illegal Loggers Utilising
                         Child Labour
20090217   17 February   Environmental
                         Investigation Agency
                         Warns Black Market in
                         Gases Could Flourish

20090216   16 February   Ivory Trade Hits Asia's

20090213   13 February   Man Arrested for
                         Smuggling Coral

20090106    6 January    Fourth pipeline facility
                         bombed in British
                         Colombia - Person
                         responsible for attacks a
                         brazen amateur, eco-
                         terrorism expert says

20090206    6 February   9 Tiger Deaths in 3
                         Months in Indian National
20090203   3 February   Harvesting Trees to Make

20090202   2 February   Global CITES operation
                        nets over 4500
                        endangered species in
                        one day

20090114   14 January   Chilean Navy seize
                        ‘Noah’s Ark’ of illegally
                        smuggled animals

20090102   2 January    Inside the World of
                        ‘Wildlife CSI’

20090203   3 February   Pigeons found down
                        traveller's trousers
20090205   5 February   Exotic animals trapped in
                        net of Mexican drug trade

20090205   5 February   EU Laws to protect
                        endangered ‘Jaws’

20090208   8 February   Malaysian Customs join
                        ‘Green Customs’

20090130   30 January   Protecting Mountain
                        Gorillas in the Congo

20090129   29 January   Britain Warned by EU
                        over Air Quality
20090125   25 January   Wildlife experts suspect
                        cartels take advantage of
                        ineffective law

20090123   23 January   The Environment Strikes

20090128   28 January   Provide more resources
                        to fight global
                        environmental crime, EIA
                        tells governments

20090121   21 January   Workshops on Ecological
                        Protection Launched

20090123   23 January   Diary: Protecting
                        Mountain Gorillas in the
20090113   13 January   Greek-based Ship
                        Operator Pleads Guilty to
                        Falsifying Records

20090119   19 January   Vietnam’s Environmental
                        Police record largest-ever
                        seizure of wildlife

20090115   15 January   Record seizures of
                        illegally trafficked animal

20090113   13 January   European MPs vote to
                        tighten pesticide controls

20090109   9 January    International Police
                        Group to tackle Asian
                        smuggling routes
20090112   12 January   Democratic Republic of
                        Congo – Gorilla Ranger

20090106   6 January    Argentina – Threats to
                        the world's largest parrot

20090106   6 January    USA – Marine protection
                        zone for Pacific islands

20090102   2 January    Brazil – Clamping down
                        on wildlife trafficking
News text

Environmental watchdogs are to crack down on 'waste tourists' visiting
Britain to arrange for toxic rubbish to be shipped to developing nations.

Korea will take the lead in fostering ``Green Customs'' in the Asia-Pacific
region to prevent the cross-border shipments of environmentally harmful
goods, save energy and introduce other environment-friendly practices,
Korea Customs Services (KCS) Commissioner Hur Yong-suk said Tuesday.
Experts from the tiger range countries have called for a collective political
commitment from all levels of the government to save the animals and
enhancing the capacity of the Interpol and other international agencies and
enforcement networks to bluefin tuna is trade in wildlife.extent of their
Banning trade in Atlantic combat illegal justified by the
decline, an analysis by scientists advising fisheries regulators suggests.

An investigation by the government in Liberia has concluded that the
Firestone Rubber Plantation Company has polluted local water sources.

Customs officials have found a smoked monkey in the luggage of a female
student travelling from Cameroon to attend university in Poland.

Tigers could become extinct in the wild in two decades unless the world
ramps up conservation efforts to halt the decline in their population,
wildlife experts have announced.
VIDEO: A man has been arrested in Norway after trying to smuggle 24
reptiles into the country by taping them to his body. Fourteen royal
pythons rolled up in socks were found taped to the man's torso and 10
geckos held in small boxes were taped toby officers from the UK Border
Endangered live corals have been seized his legs.
Agency at Manchester Airport. The animals, which are protected under
international law, were discovered in air freight from Australia, and were
part of has been legitimate consignmentInternational Airport for illegally
A man a larger, arrested at OR Tambo of aquatic specimens.
exporting endangered wildlife products, the Green Scorpions (environment
inspectors for the agriculture department) have announced.
A global campaign will make young people aware of the danger the illicit
drug trade represents to hundreds of species in Colombia's rainforests.

A report by India's Tehelka Magazine into the illegal traffic of waste from
European countries to be dumped in India.

Malta is an important way-point for birds migrating between Europe and
Africa. But the spring and autumn migrations attract illegal hunters, who
pick off the birds as they fly overhead. There has been a huge rise in illegal
MORE than 100 African prompting conservationist group their tusks,
hunting in recent years,elephants are killed every day for BirdLife Malta to
despite a 20-year-old world ban on the sale of ivory. Wildlife groups believe
the scale of illegal hunting could drive the elephant to extinction across
much of Africa within ivory from endangered species on eBay was
A man who traded in 15 years.
sentenced to 10 months in prison following an international investigation
by British HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Elephants‘ tusks and whales‘
teeth had been carved into environmental initiativemake corkscrews before
The first-ever international billiard balls or used to co-ordinated by
INTERPOL against the illegal transportation of hazardous waste has seen
Canadian and US authorities carry out an operation that saw hundreds of
vehicles checked along their border.
Police near Naples are looking into claims that a mafia boss used the threat
of being fed to an alligator-like reptile as a way of convincing local
businesspeople to pay for protection. The South American caiman was
found onand Dutch police top-floor flat in the town of Orta di Atella
German the terrace of a and maritime authorities have collaborated to
bring to justice the owners of a ship found to be dumping a controlled
substance at sea.
The owner of a three-month-old Bengal tiger seized by the Malta Planning
and Environment Authority has claimed that it was imported legally.
Investigations continue.
A South African man has been caught trying to smuggle 70 live animals
including crocodiles through airport customs in his luggage.

A shipwreck apparently containing toxic waste is being investigated by
authorities in Italy amid claims that it was deliberately sunk by the mafia.
An informant from the Calabrian mafia said the ship was one of a number
he blew up asBorder Protection operation to bypass laws on toxic waste
Customs and part of an illegal has cracked its third wildlife smuggling
attempt in Western Australia in the last month with the arrest of two men
in Perth.
Residents of a New Jersey town and Ford Motor Co. have reached a
settlement in an environmental lawsuit filed over a toxic waste dump,
which residents claim has caused many to suffer cancer and skin problems.
Although elephant stolen by a gang two not released,has been found North
A female details of the settlement were months ago The Record of by
police chained to a tree. Elephant thieves have been active in recent
months with gangs usually demanding a ransom from the owners for the
beasts' return. Chief Justice Asoka de Silva has said that it is a
The Sri Lankan
fundamental duty of the government to protect nature and its abundant
riches so that it could be passed over to future generations for their
benefit. The Chief Justice made these comments during the launch of a
Police arrested two men for attempting to sell animal skins. Two skins were
recovered and according to the police, preliminary tests showed they were
a genuine tiger skin and a deer skin.
"Land-grabbing" and trading in fake carbon credits could be the new faces
of organised eco-crime, campaigners investigating illegal activities against
wildlife have warned.
Leather handbags and chunks of red meat: when wildlife specialists find
these items in shipping containers, luggage, or local markets, they can now
use newly published genetic sequences known as "DNA barcodes" to
pinpoint the species of standards for old computer equipment and other
Disposal and recycling origin. Experts hope that this simple technique will
electronic waste must be harmonized for this rapidly growing problem to be
dealt with effectively across national borders. An analysis of the current
rules and regulations is reportedsmuggling of commonthe International
A man accused of the theft and in the latest issue of marmosets
(Brazilian monkeys) from Alipore zoo, has escaped from custody.

Poachers are threatening the survival of the northern Madagascar spider
tortoise, which only lives along a narrow strip of the island's coast. The
animal has disappeared from swathes of its habitat, taken by collectors to
Vietnamese customs trade.
supply the exotic pet inspectors have seized some 10 tons of pangolin and
tortoise shells smuggled from Indonesia. The pangolin and tortoise shells
were hidden in packages covered by seaweed in two shipping containers.
Villagers in Sanam Chai Khet district say wildlife and forestry officers are
colluding in cutting down precious trees in a forest complex spanning five
eastern provinces.
Vietnamese customs inspectors have discovered more than two tonnes of
elephant tusks hidden in a shipping container full of snail shells from
A massive upsurge in the illegal hunting of lemurs in Madagascar is
threatening the survival of many species.

Authorities in the UK have arrested 7 individuals in a multi-million dollar
carbon credit trading fraud case with more possible arrests on the way.

Containers of toxic waste that the Brazilian government claims were
illegally exported from the UK to the South American country arrived back
in Britain today. The UK Environment Agency's investigation into the
contents of the cargotwo men suspected of smuggling 17 elephant tusks
Police have detained and its source is continuing.
weighing 94 kilos in total.

Police have contacted INTERPOL seeking its expertise to discover the eight
Brazilian variety monkeys stolen from Alipur Zoo on 9 August.

Two directors of a skip hire company were ordered to pay £234,393
(approx. 266,946 Euro) after admitting to having allowed waste to be
illegally stored at an unlicensed site.
Donald Chairamonte of Connecticut, also known as ―Donnie the Dump,‖
was sentenced to 20 months in prison and $15,000 in restitution for a long
history of illegal dumping dating back to 1976. He pleaded guilty to illegal
dumping, BBC report on recapping illegal disposal of asbestos and recent
(Video) A reckless endangerment, the trade in stolen timber and criminal
efforts to improve enforcement featuring a unique scientific method to
verify the origin of wood products.
Authorities in China have closed a second metal smelter after more than
1,300 children fell sick with lead poisoning, state media have reported.

The government of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has called for the
ban on the export of Red Sander logs to be lifted in order to encourage
private farming and reduce the pressure on the natural forests.
A shake-up of wildlife policing is being called for by conservationists
including The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and The
Wildlife Trusts. They say an inconsistent and often poor response to wildlife
crime from policetwo of Malaysia‘s are ableairports underwent an intensive
Frontline staff at means criminals busiest to break the law with little fear
training course last week to enhance their ability to identify and intercept
wildlife traffickers who use the two facilities.
A man who was listed as one of the top 20 fugitives by the US Environment
Protection Agency was hauled into court this week after he was extradited
from Malta.
A report on the rise of wildlife poaching and smuggling in Malaysia,
referencing both animals killed with the county's borders and that trafficked
through its ports.
A report into the diminshing tiger popultion in India which is believed to
have falled from an estimated 40,000 big cats a century ago to just 1,300
and falling.
Around 1,500 tons of hazardous waste which arrived in Brazil from the UK
labelled as recyclable plastic is on its way back, authorities have said.
The number of African elephants killed illegally for their ivory is rising
steeply. A poaching surge in the past five years is raising fears of a re-run
of the catastrophic slaughter of elephants in the 1970s and 1980s.
A judge has sentenced a man to 20 months in prison and ordered him to
pay more than $15,000 in restitution, a punishment that caps what the
judge called a "long, long" history of illegal dumping with more than two
An interview dating to 1976. enforcement assistance chief at the ever
dozen arrestswith John Sellar, The judge also barred the man from UN
agency against illegal wildlife trade, the Convention on International Trade
in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Illegal exotic fish, toads and turtles have been seized by federal
environment investigations officers during searches on properties in the
Sydney suburbs of Mount Druitt and Concord.
Minister of defence and President Robert Mugabe‘s heir apparent,
Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been named by a British newspaper as the
mastermind behind a multi-million dollar ivory and rhino horn smuggling
cartel. John Barrasso has said the cap-and-trade legislation passed by the
House of Representatives could be a boon for organized crime in the United
States by creating a carbon credit industry that could spawn fraud, money
laundering and other criminal big cats have died in the Indian state of
In six years more than a 100 activities.
Karnataka. The tiger population has fallen from 401 in 2001-2 to 290 in
2008. While no figures for the number of animals that perished to poaching
is available, threatened to also seenformal WTO complaint against the tiger
Brasilia has the state has launch a a sharp increase in the capture of
United Kingdom after discovering that 1,400 tons of waste that were
mislabelled as recyclable plastic had been imported into Brazil from the UK.
     local complaint will be based on the Basel and Cagayan Valley regions
The WTO governments in the Cordillera, Ilocos,Convention, an international
will establish joint checkpoints to curb illegal logging and slash-and-burn
farming in 22 upland watersheds in Northern Luzon, an environment
department official has uncovered 200kg of elephant ivory tusks illegally
Customs officials have announced.
imported from Kenya. The tusks were found hidden in timber inside a
container at the northern Hai Phong port.
Italian anti-mafia magistrates are investigating two cases that allegedly
involve mob families offering local politicians money and votes in exchange
for permits to build wind farms. The families – one in three larger Sicilian
Gangs are another around by western port of toxic waste in developing
provinces, making millions the illegally dumpingTrapani – may have been
countries, investigators revealed yesterday. Investigators say there is a
black market in toxic waste in which gangs charge businesses to lawfully
dump their rubbish.
Officials from Viet Nam‘s Environmental Police, Customs and Forest
Protection Department visited Thailand from 13-17 July, to observe the
country‘s anti-wildlife crime measures, in particular the mechanisms which
Six Dar effective interagency co-operation.
support es Salaam residents were yesterday charged with illegal export of
more than 11 tons of elephant tusks worth over 684 million Shillings
(Approx 516,000) The accused who are officials of three clearing and
forwarding Companies,police accused of illegally exporting 11,061 kg of the
Hanoi's environmental were have seized a frozen young tiger and several
kilograms of tiger bones, the third seizure of tiger related products this
year in Hanoi.
An Irishman accused of environmental crimes in the state of California has
been arrested in Malta and remanded in custody after a Maltese court
denied his request for bail this week. The United States Environmental
Protection Agency, the Southern District Court of waste, including nappies,
More than 1,400 tonnes of potentially hazardous California and INTERPOL
condoms, syringes and bags of blood, will be returned to Britain from Brazil
as UK authorities investigate whether they were illegally exported.
The Pakistani railway police have arrested officials from the Wildlife
Department under suspicion of attempting to smuggle dired turtle meat to
A joint Customs initiative across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa
has netted more than 30,000 tons and 1,500 pieces of illegal hazardous
waste in 57 seizures, ranging from household waste and scrap metal to
The Kenyan government has seized vehicle parts.
discarded electronic goods and used $1 million worth of elephant ivory and
black rhinoceros horns which were on their way from southern Africa to
Asia. This incident comes on the heels of a report last week from
conservation groups that illegal rhinoceros poaching is at a 15-year high.
Italian police say they have arrested 32 suspected mobsters with ties to
the Naples based Camorra crime syndicate. Authorities have said the
mobsters' clan, the Casalesi, are involved in the illegal transport and
The ebb of tons of toxic waste of pieces of household rubbish
disposal and flow of thousands from the industrial north to the are to be
tracked using sophisticated mobile tags. It is hoped that making people
confront the final journey of their waste will make them reduce what they
throw away. Initially, 3,000 pieces of rubbish, donated by volunteers,it no
One of India's main tiger parks - Panna National Park - has admitted will
longer has any tigers. A report has suggested that most of the park's tigers
were lost to poaching.
Rising demand for pangolins, mostly from mainland China, compounded by
lax laws is wiping out the unique toothless anteaters from their native
habitats in Southeast Asia, according to a group of leading pangolin
A man has been convicted of stealing 600kg of Sandalwood, one of the
world's most valuable timbers, from an Australian national park. The
timber - dubbed "wooden gold' - can fetch up to $10,000 a tonne on the
black market. officials in the Zimbabwean Zanu-PF government have
Two high profile
been implicated in a Rhino Horn smuggling operation which also involves a
number of other nationals from South Africa and China.
Four suspects, including a businesswoman and three airport officials
employed by the Government, have been arrested at the Julius Nyerere
International Airport (JNIA) for allegedly trying to smuggle ivory and other
Government developed by a British company and like those on supermarket
Plastic tags, trophies to China.
groceries, have been nailed to a million trees across Africa, Southeast Asia
and South America to help countries keep track of timber reserves.
A report on the dangers posed by the growing amount of toxic electronic
waste (e-waste) being dumped around the world. This report focuses on
Investigations by Thai wildlife authorities have confirmed that some of the
tiger parts confiscated in Thailand last year belonged to the Malayan tiger,
a species found only in the Malaysian Peninsula.
A report on how organised crime has moved into the recycling industry - a
development that has become clear over the past few months after a series
of raids to enforce the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE)global Customs initiative across Europe, the Asia/Pacific region and
A joint directive .
Africa netted more than 30000 tons and 1,500 pieces of illegal hazardous
waste in 57 seizures, ranging from household waste and scrap metal to
Mozambican police goods and used vehicle parts.
discarded electronichave arrested two European professional hunters for
killing an elephant belonging to the Gorongosa National Park (PNG), in the
central province of Sofala, according to a press statement from the park‘s
communication department.
Three U.N. bodies and INTERPOL have teamed up to fight smuggling and
organized crime in West Africa where it is corrupting governments, aiding
insurgents and polluting the environment.
A suspected pangolin smuggler thought to have links with a major wildlife
trafficking gang has been arrested in Muang district as he was transporting
10 live pangolins to his home.
A report detailing the efforts of the Chinese government and organizations
such as Greenpeace to regulate the dumping of electronic waste in China.

Police are investigating the dumping of hazardous medical waste at a
popular recreational facility on the South African coast. Since February,
Casu-arina Park Beach in Tongaat, a picnic spot frequented by locals, has
been used as a officers were surprised to find waste, including blood
Polish customs make-shift dump for medical live scorpions in a parcel
from Hong Kong supposed to contain toys. The small parcel held 39
scorpions, 32 of them still alive, customs officials told AFP news agency.
Life on Earth is under serious threat, despite the commitment by world
leaders to reverse the trend, according to a detailed analysis of the IUCN
Red List of Threatened Species™.
A leading conservationist has been attacked in what she described as
revenge for her "involvement in anti-poaching efforts and attempts to
break into the illegal ivory and rhino horn trade."
One of Thailand's major wildlife traffickers has been sentenced to two years
in jail for trying to smuggle 245 Malayan Pangolins and 63 Black Marsh
Turtles into Bangkok three years ago, police sources said Tuesday.
A man has been convicted and fined for charges of illegal trade and
possession of native reptiles in a landmark decision in the Ringwood
Magistrates‘ Court last week. Meyndert Bornman was convicted and fined
$30,000 and ordered to environmental crimes committed costs. Brazilian
Some 86 percent of the pay an additional $1490 in court in the
Amazon region go unpunished, the O Globo newspaper reported Sunday,
citing a study by the non-governmental organization Imazon.
At least 24,550 hectares of land in the Halimun Salak Mountain National
Park located in the border between Banten and West Java provinces are in
damaged condition due to illegal mining and logging, an official was quoted
asreport detailing the boom in legal and illegal e-waste disposal in the state
A saying.
of Utah.

Logging in Madagascar, an island nation off Africa's southeast coast, is
endangering ancient animal and plants species, notably lemurs, primates
only found in the region.
The director of enforcement and training at the endangered species' office
of the Chinese State Forestry Administration has said that a rising appetite
for wildlife and its increasing use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is
Despite the fact that the illegal imports of endangered animals.
fueling an increase indumping old computers in developing countries has
been declared as violation of international law, Pakistan has been being
used as dumping ground for over 50,000 tons of e-waste that hurts local
industry being officially illegal, the international trade in whale meat
Despite and also creates environmental and health hazards.
between the whale-hunting nations is quietly picking up again, say
enviromental campaigners.
An interview conducted by the United States' National Public Radio with the
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Deputy Director regarding their
investigations into and pursuit of environmental criminals.
The Obama administration‘s announcement on Wednesday of a public
health emergency in the Rocky Mountain community marks the start of an
extensive, home-by-home cleanup and better health protections for those
with asbestos-related illnesses.
Bangkok still harbours the largest illegal ivory market in Asia despite
efforts to stamp out its reputation as an illegal wildlife trade hub, says a
study by the Britain-based wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC. The
network found more than 70% of souvenir shops in Thailand have ivory
Pollution in South-east Asia's Mekong River has pushed freshwater dolphins
in Cambodia and Laos to the brink of extinction, an international
conservation group said on Thursday. The World Wide Fund For Nature
The Maltese Environment Irrawaddy dolphins remain in the a number of
(WWF) said only 64 to 76 and Planning Authority has begun Mekong after
operations against outstanding violations of the country's environmental
laws. These have included interventions against an illegal scrapyard and
actions against illegal construction along the coastline.
The deforestation of Yang Bay, a protected forest in Khanh Hoa Province‘s,
continues unchecked despite a barrage of media reports on the illegal
logging. Local authorities found dozens of valuable but endangered trees
cut down during a recent inspection of this area, most of them with trunks
Kuwait carried out its first animal confiscation last month, seven years
after signing up to an international convention to clamp down on the trade
in endangered species, a move hailed by conservationists as an important
step towards stemming a growing tide of animals trafficked into the Gulf
A raid of a 30-hectare farm of a mayor suspected to be supportive of illegal
logging activities has yielded several pieces of undocumented lumber and
outlawed logging equipment.
The US EPA filed a Complaint and Compliance Order late last week against
EarthEcycle, an electronic waste handler for several charity e-waste
collection events held in Pennsylvania. The complaint follows an
investigation by the Basel Action Network (BAN)suspected was hauling
Authorities in southern China seized a van they which tracked 7 sea-going
drugs but found it packed with what may be a different kind of contraband:
bear paws, a python skin and a pangolin carcass, an official said Tuesday.
A four day workshop, held in Guyana and attended law enforcement and
customs officials from the Carribean, has recently concluded. The seminar
aimed to teach participants the skills to enforce laws more efficiently and
alsonations and creation of a regional law enforcement issued a statement
Six sought the three conservation organizations have network against
calling for action against illegal logging in Madagascar‘s protected areas.

The Environment Agency has revealed it has taken its "most significant"
action yet against suspected illegal exports of waste electrical and
electronic equipment (WEEE) to Africa, with raids on sites in east London
and growing problem5of marine litter is harming oceans and beaches
The Essex on Friday June.
worldwide and authorities must act now to reverse and prevent further
environmental degradation, said a report released Monday, World Oceans
Day. The newconfirms uncontrolled waves of Challenge‖ is a result of a
A new report report ‖Marine Litter: A Global violent, eco-damaging and
illegal fishing worldwide, but with some of the biggest offences connected
to the European market. Pirate fishing is out of control, depriving some the
most world's most vulnerable communities of food and leading to ecological
A report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) into
the relation between organised criminal gangs dealing in drugs and the
destruction of the environment.
A plan to pay tropical countries not to chop down trees risks being
discredited by opportunists even before it starts.

A report by the Times of India alleging that the country is becoming the
developed nations' favourite dumping ground as over 50,000 tonnes of e-
waste, including old PC's, mobiles and television sets, is dumped in the
Nepali and Indian wildlife conservation authorities have recommended
trans-border cooperation as an urgent requirement to tackle illegal wildlife
trade across the porous Indo-Nepal border.
Polish customs at the Ukrainian border Tuesday found 121 Central Asian
tortoises, a threatened species, bound so tightly in black tape that their
heads could barely squeeze out from their shells. Officers arrested a 34-
year-old Ukrainian Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) have been arrested
Six officials of the man allegedly attempting to cross the border with the
on suspicion of involvement in a multi-million dollar organised crime
network smuggling large numbers of elephant tusks through the Dar es
Salaam port to foreign lands.
An interview with Peter Younger of INTERPOL's Project Oasis in which he
discusses the potential for fraud and corruption in the nascent forest
carbon credit market.
Police in Riau foiled an attempt to smuggle overseas more than 50
pangolins — a rare, scaly, ant-eating mammal — and are currently
questioning three men involved in the operation.
A report by the Ghana Business News detailing the illegal traffic and
hazardous disposal of electronic waste in Ghana and other African countries
and the hazards this poses to the populace
A Chinese man in southwest China's Chongqing City was sentenced to
three years in prison for smuggling ivory from Japan. The man who worked
in Japan during 2008 sold 1,510 grams of ivory worth about 62,900 yuan
(around 6,500 Euro) through an online sales website.
Electronic waste from Australian homes such as old computers, televisions
and mobile phones are being dumped in China fueling toxic pollution in the
country. According to Australian Customs 12 ships carrying "e-waste" have
been intercepted leaving Australia for Asian ports without hazardous
Philippine customs authorities have seized an estimated 3.5 tonnes of
elephant tusks from two containers sent from Tanzania, one of the largest
such consignments yet found in the country.
The company Viridor has been fined £75,000 (around 86,000 Euro) after
pleading guilty to five charges of shipping waste to Dubai in breach of the
Transfrontier Shipment Regulations.
A 21 year old British man has been jailed for eight months for selling 300
endangered tortoises. After making nearly 40,000 Euro in the space of a
year the man has also become the first person in the UK to be given a
Serious Crime Preventionlaunched after nearly 10 tonnes of dead fish were
Toxic waste inspections, Order for three years in connection with the
found along a 2-km stretch of the Nhue River, discovered that 100 per cent
of surveyed businesses had discharged toxic waste into the river.
Tatana Contracting Limited (TCL) and director Johnston Tatana were fined
$31,000 NZ (approximately 13,700 Euro) for illegally dumping thousands
of litres of sludge, wastewater and industrial liquids.
Raids by wildlife authorities on properties involved in the illegal trade and
breeding of snakes have also discovered drugs and unlicensed firearms.
Authorities have linked drug possession, mainly cannabis or pills, to 38 per
A report by BBC's snake cases in the biggest toxic dumping scandal of
cent of illegal cornNewsnight into 'the state and to 17 per cent of seizedthe
21st century;' the dumping of tons of toxic waste in and around Abidjan.
The report details the toxicity of the waste dumped and the action now
being taken by thousands of those affected to bring the perpetrators to
The Nepalese Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) with support from
Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) has arrested a man involved in
smuggling an Eurasian eagle-owl, an endangered species.
A man has been questioned after the discovery of a dead golden eagle by
police investigating the illegal trade in rare birds in Europe. This follows the
arrest of two men in Belgium by police targeting people who take birds and
eggs from the wild tojudged hasthem into owner of a luxury yacht
A U.S. District Court "launder" fined the the legitimate market.
$150,000 US for the possession of the remains of endangered animals.
Among the dozens of remains recovered by investigators from the U.S.
Customs and Borders Protection were an African lion's skin, a jaguar pelt,
The Uganda Revenue Authority has seized 100 pieces of ivory weighing
35kg. The ivory was concealed in a sack under a covering of bananas.

The recent arrest of two suspected Muslim United Liberation Tigers of
Assam (Multa) militants in Assam has indicated a level of collaboration
between rebel outfits and wildlife poachers in the North-East of India.
Forest officials said poaching and trade in indicted partsGarden Grove men
A federal grand jury in Los Angeles today wildlife two was high in the
on charges related to the smuggling of songbirds – including one injurious
species – into the United States. The birds were allegedly concealed on one
man‘s body during at least one trip on a commercial flighta crime for ship
The European Parliament has backed EU plans to make it from Vietnam.
owners and operators to pollute the sea. The rules will seek to prevent a
recurrence of oil spills off European coastlines that have had dire effects on
the environment and will replace a law that an EU court to indigenous2005
A report by the Economist detailing the damage caused threw out in
ecosystems and human inhabitants by 'illegal aliens,' foreign wildlife
species imported to a country in contravention of laws and regulations. The
report details the damage caused by both the accidental and deliberate
Australian federal and state wildlife authroities have been engaged in
operations aimed at breaking up an international crime syndicate. The
group, based in northern Victoria, is making millions of dollars smuggling
endangered and exoticPetersburg in and out of the country.
Police in the city of St bird eggs are searching for a rare missing leopard
which was stolen when thieves ambushed a TV producer and drove off in
his luxury Mercedes 4x4. The amur leopard is one of the world's most
highly endangered species, it is beleived the animal may have been stolen
Undercover officers have rescued a baby gorilla from suspected animal
traffickers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The gorilla, thought to be
about two years old, was hidden at the bottom of a bag and covered with
clothes when Congoleseguilty to Authority officers arrested Kenya after one
Two men have pleaded Wildlife illegal ivory possession in the suspected
of East Africa‘s biggest seizures in recent years, the Kenya Wildlife Service
STX Pan Ocean Co. Ltd. (STX), headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and and
(KWS) said. A spokesman for the KWS said the two men, a Kenyan the a
Tanzanian, were arrested with ship, M/V Ocean Jade , pleaded guilty today
owner of the commercial cargo512 kg of elephant tusks near the Kenya-
to conspiracy as well as falsifying and failing to properly maintain records
meant to Ministrycompliance Resources and pollution laws. The chief
The Thai ensure of Natural with maritime the Environment has
announced it will suspend all exports of elephants for five years. This move
is to provide time to develop better registration of elephants and ensure
exported elephants are from farms rather than the wild. It is hoped this will
The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) today presented INTERPOL with its
Heroes for Animals award - the first time an international organization has
received the honour which recognizes individuals or organizations for their
efforts to protect wildlife seized a lion's skull, pieces of ivory and parts
UK customs officers have
of a giant clam which were being brought into the UK through a Suffolk
A report by TRAFFIC has claimed that more of Idonesia's orangutans are
being caught for the pet trade now than since the 1970's. Less than 8,000
Sumatran orangutans remain in the wild. pleaded guilty today in U.S.
A US Border Patrol Agent of Alice, Texas,
District Court in Corpus Christi, Texas, to a violation of the Lacey Act for
attempting to receive fifteen Tanzanian leopard tortoises that were
transported into the United States in violation of a law, regulation or treaty,
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has arrested five
people, including two civil servants, over alleged bribery in connection with
illegal logging in the Karak and Bentong forest reserves. If convicted the
suspects face a jail term of up to 20 years and a fineofficials have secured
South African environmental crime law enforcement of RM10,000 or five
fines totalling nearly R770 000 (65,608 Euro) in three separate convictions
of illegal trade in wildlife. The wildlife being traded was a mixture of live
species such as Impala and Kudu alongside products derived from killed
A report that Somalia's pirates, who have recently carried out a number of
high-profile hijackings of ships in the Gulf of Aden, are not solely motivated
by profits. Some of those involved are now arguing that their actions are
motivated by a desire to protect Somalia's coastline and fish-stocks from
At the ASEAN-Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) conference
concluded yesterday, Asian governments and international partners made a
strong commitments to coordinate enforcement efforts in a concerted effort
to report, focusing onand habitat depletion.
A halt wildlife crime Nigeria, into the growing problem of hazardous
electronic waste exported to Africa. Much of this waste originates from
Europe or America where it is expensive to dispose of. It is estimated five
hundred containers of second-hand electronics are imported to Nigeria
The Australian Institute of Marine Science says illegal fishing in northern
waters is devastating marine life and delicate ecosystems.

The US EPA's Most Wanted list, which was created in December, currently
names 21 people, including two men charged with smuggling ozone-
destroying coolants, who are believed to have fled to Syria; a man charged
in Illinois with building a secret pipelinepollution caused by sewagetributary
Over-fishing and smuggling, as well as to funnel pollutants into a dumped
in the Caspian Sea, have considerably reduced the Sea's Sturgeon stock.
Iranian scientists now estimate that Sturgeon could be extinct within 14
In their poaching is not controlled.
years if first environmental crime case of this year, the Royal Malaysian
Customs and Excise Department have seized 9.5 tonnes of smuggled red
sandalwood. The shipment of this rare wood originated in India and is
estimated to be worth almost one million Euros. The sandalwood logs were
seized from a container declared to be carrying a cargo of conveyor belts
and was conducted with the cooperation of the Indian High Commission in

South African Police in the capital city of Pretoria have arrested a man
suspected of slaughtering endangered species, including lions and
rhinoceroses, in his own home. The arrest was made following the
discovery of bones and skulls on the property by an inspector from the
Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals. South Africa has recently
witnessed a surge in rhinoceros killings to meet demand for horns used in
some traditional Asian medicines.

The Tanzanian government has begun an official investigation to determine
whether an international poaching and smuggling network is behind the
200 elephant tusks seized by Vietnamese customs at the beginning of
March. Early investigations indicated that the container appeared to have
been loaded onto a ship in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and transported via
Malaysia, before arriving in Vietnam. A spokesman for the Tanzanian
Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources vowed that the investigation
would spare no-one, even government officials, in its attempt to uncover
those responsible.
Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport is hosting a U.S.-funded training course
for airport staff so they can better spot smugglers and prohibited cargo.
Most of the animals illegally trafficked in Southeast Asia come from Burma,
Indonesia and Malaysia. They then go to markets in China, where exotic
meats and parts from animals like the pangolin are considered to have
medicinal value.

Intensive investigative and surveillance work by Indonesian police officers
has resulted in the arrest of an internationally wanted Czech national who
is the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice following his alleged leading role
in a wildlife smuggling network in Brazil. This arrest followed INTERPOL‘s
publication earlier in March of six Red Notices for internationally wanted
persons. Their publication was requested by the Brazilian Federal Police in
connection with Operation Oxossi, the country‘s largest-ever nationwide
operation against the illegal hunting and trade in wildlife, led by the
Brazilian Federal Police in co-operation with INTERPOL‘s Environmental
Crime Programme. among items seized by the British Metropolitan Police
Elephant tusks were
in an operation targeting 3,500 safety deposit boxes used by criminal
gangs. Officers also recovered guns, drugs and child pornography and
arrested 40 people in the course of the raids. A police spokesman said that
the operation would have a dramatic global impact on organised criminal
gangs. More than 60 officers continue to work on the case which follows an
earlier raid on a safe depository business in June.

The UK Environment Agency has created a new National Environmental
Crime Team dedicated to tackling the growing problem of criminal cartels
whicho dump construction waste across the countryside, much of it laced
with asbestos and other dangerous or toxic materials. The new team is
engaged in discerning dumping patterns, studying detailed intelligence files
and creating strategies to target suspects, suspects convicted can expect
five years‘ imprisonment and may also have their assets seized.

Staff Reporter - The head of TRAFFIC – India, Samir Sinha, today
advocated an integrated approach in tackling wildlife crime which was
gaining in dimension every passing year. He described wildlife crime as a
―multi-dimensional phenomenon‖ that required a response at different
levels ranging from law enforcement to addressing the livelihood concerns
of the forest fringe area inhabitants. He also described wildlife crime as an
organised trans-national phenomenon and said that the emerging trends of
the crime in the 21st century had confirmed it as a global challenge and
made imperative its viewing as a crime against society. He concluded that
the response from the authorities to meet the challenge still left a lot to be
Citizens from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and
Kenya, appeared before a magistrate charged with illegal fishing, pollution
and degradation of the marine environment and falsification of documents.
The State Attorney told the court that the suspects had illegally caught
different species of fish with a total weight of 100 tonnes and were
polluting and degrading the marine environment at the scene of the crime.

Mark Measer, a 33–year federal law enforcement veteran, has joined the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s Criminal Investigation Division in
Seattle, Washington, as the Special-Agent-in-Charge. During his time with
the US EPA, Mr Measer also served as the INTERPOL Environmental Crime
Programme‘s Pollution Crime Officer between 2003 and 2007. In his new
capacity as the top criminal enforcement official in EPA‘s Northwest office,
Measer will supervise environmental crimes investigations Washington,
Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

The Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
seized six heavy-duty Stihl chainsaws and 6,872 board feet of lumber and
flitches during a string of anti-illegal logging operations in Infanta, Quezon,
and Tanay, Rizal, early this month. DENR Secretary Lito Atienza said the
confiscation of the chainsaws bolstered their suspicion that illegal logging is
on the rise with the onset of the summer season in the two provinces.

INTERPOL‘s Environmental Crime Programme, has to date resulted in 72
arrests and the seizure of thousands of illegally-held wildlife specimens.
Spanning nine Brazilian states and involving 450 Federal Police Officers,
Operation Oxossi – which was launched on 11 March – has so far resulted
in 102 arrest warrants being issued and 140 search warrants served, as
well as more than 3,500 wildlife specimens seized. At the request of
Brazilian authorities, Red Notices for internationally wanted persons have
also been issued by INTERPOL for six individuals. It is Brazil‘s largest
wildlife crime law enforcement operation conducted in a decade.
Thailand's authorities, including the Minister for Natural Resources and the
Environment, are calling on Australia to provide greater financial support
and training in the regional fight against the multi-billion dollar illegal
wildlife trade. The call for support comes as senior wildlife investigators say
Australian criminal gangs are targeting Bangkok's main international
airport in the trafficking of birds. The investigation is one of several
underway through the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
wildlife enforcement network (ASEAN-WEN) that combines regional police
forces with the backing of international law enforcement operations such as
A new piece of software is able to identify individual tigers by the unique
stripe patterns on their coats and is also able to match skins sold on the
black market to animals photographed in the wild. This tool, the developers
say, will make it easier to estimate tiger populations and aid conservation
efforts. Initially based on software designed to scan the markings of grey
seals allowing identification from photographs, the tool has also been
adapted for use in identifying other species with unique markings, including
leopards, zebras and salamanders.

The Maldives government has made the decision to ban reef shark hunting
throughout its waters, making the Indian Ocean archipelago the first nation
in the region to outlaw the practice. It is planned that he band will be
extended in one year's time to include the hunting of oceanic sharks such
as tiger sharks and whale sharks. Shark numbers have plummeted in the
Maldives in recent years because a significant minority of fishermen target
sharks for their lucrative fins, which are used in shark-fin soup, a luxury
Asian dish.

Customs Officials have seized five tonnes of elephant ivory smuggled from
Tanzania, via Malaysia, in 114 boxes of plastic waste. It is not yet clear if
the ivory was intended for sale in Vietnam or was to be trafficked further.
Vietnam is believed to have the world‘s highest prices for ivory with one
kilogram selling for up to 1,500 US Dollars. Although Vietnam outlawed the
ivory trade in 1992 shops are still able to sell ivory from before the ban,
this allows some to illegally restock with carvings made from recently
poached ivory.

The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has arrested four people, including
two police officers, for trafficking 72 pieces of elephant ivory and five
pieces of rhino horn estimated to be worth over 140,000 Euro. ZAWA‘s
director said that poachers would have killed 36 elephants to obtain such a
large amount of ivory, though he suspected that the elephants may have
been killed in neighbouring countries and not in Zambia. The arrests were
made following a tip-off from members of the public.

The next update in a series of diaries kept by two wildlife rangers from the
Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo describing their
life and work on the front line of Gorilla preservation. This instalment
details the rangers‘ joint patrols with their Rwandan colleagues, the birth of
a baby Gorilla, and the rangers‘ continuing struggles with local militias.
A bottle discarded at a waste site has been discovered to contain the oldest
sample of weapons-grade plutonium created in a nuclear reactor. The
sample is a relic from the early days of the United States‘ nuclear weapons
programme and has been dated to 1944. Scientists used forensics
techniques to determine the sample‘s age and origin. These forensics
techniques are vital in discerning the sources, origins and routes of
smuggled nuclear materials, a crime type that is driven by demand and
believed to be on the rise.

Five former executives of W.R. Grace appeared in court for one of the most
important environmental crime trials ever filed against a corporation. For
27 years W.R. Grace operated a vermiculite mine in the town of Libby,
providing material for insulation, lightweight concrete, and potting soil.
However, vermiculite contains the carcinogen asbestos and it is estimated
that 1200 inhabitants of Libby have died of asbestos related diseases.
Prosecutors charge that W.R. Grace knew as early as 1976 that mine
employees were experiencing lung abnormalities, but company executives
chose to keep the studies secret, and continued to operate the mine until
During a donated asbestos tainted materials to Officers discovered
1990 androutine vehicle search, French Customsbe used in a school 33
smoked animal carcasses originating from Central Africa and destined to be
re-sold, some in France and some in Switzerland. Among the remains
found were three Boa Constrictors, three monkeys, and 22 porcupines, all
protected species. The case has now been passed to the Prosecutor‘s
office. Note: Original article in French.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has continued its
crackdown on wildlife smuggling by arresting a man for allegedly
attempting to smuggle 44 native reptiles out of Australia through Sydney
International Airport. Included in the seizure of almost 50 animals was one
Albino Carpet Python, an extremely endangered species with numbers
estimated to be as low as 100, and worth approximately $20,000.

The Balkan Lynx, prized as both a national symbol and for its fur, is facing
extinction due to illegal poaching. Although hunting lynx is punishable by
prison terms of up to eight years, poachers continue to pursue the animal
with impunity, knowing that no one has ever been prosecuted for doing so.
Experts believe that the species numbers may be less than 100 in the wilds
of Macedonia and Albania, with even fewer in Kosovo, Montenegro, and
A United States Judge has sentenced the Japanese corporation Hiong Guan
Navegacion Japan Co. Ltd. to three years probation and $1.75 million in
penalties for conspiring to falsify and falsifying environmental compliance
records. Four hundred thousand dollars of the $1.75 million that Hiong
Guan must pay will go to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which
partners locally with the Pinellas County, Florida., Environmental Fund
(PCEF). According to court documents, crew of the commercial cargo ship
M/V Balsa-62, operated by the Hiong Guan Navegacion Japan Co. Ltd.,
used a bypass pipe to circumvent the pollution prevention equipment on
board the ship and dump oily water and sludge directly overboard and into
A United States federal grand jury in New Jersey, has returned an eight-
count indictment charging a Liberian company that manages an ocean-
going bulk carrier vessel, M/V Myron N, along with the ship‘s chief engineer
and second engineer for covering up discharges of oil-contaminated waste
at sea. The indictment alleges that between 2004 and September 2008,
Dalnave, and more recently through its two senior engineers on the M/V
Myron N, Stamatakis and Papadakis, directed subordinate crew members
to use a metal pipe to bypass the ship‘s oil water separator and instead
discharge the oil-contaminated waste directly overboard.
A large consignment of animal parts was seized by the Assam Rifles in
Manipur's Chandel district on Monday, once again pointing to the the
thriving poaching racket that operates in the North-East. It is suspected
that the animal parts were being smuggled to South-east Asian markets
that have a huge demand for tiger bones and skin. The seized consignment
included two tiger skulls, two tiger paws, 16 kg of tiger bones, 340 kg of
pangolin shell and 191 deer antlers. Poaching and smuggling of endangered
creatures in the region is encouraged by the soaring demand in Tiger parts
and the porous borders in the region.
The Environment Agency‘s new national environmental crime unit
announced yesterday that a 46-year-old man had been arrested as part of
a crackdown on the illegal export of electronic waste from Britain to the
developing world.

The Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society Inc. in Bulacan, the
Philippines, has recently documented child labourers who were being used
in illegal-logging operations. The minors, some as young as nine years old,
were being used to haul the illegally felled timber and charcoal within the
Rizal Province of the Philippines.
The Environmental Investigation Agency has warned that a black market in
ozone depleting substances could develop and thrive following a Europe
wide ban in the substances unless enforcement capabilities and capacities
are strengthened and current stockpiles of existing chemicals are
accurately assessed.

The illegal ivory trade in Vietnam is threatening the survival of South East
Asia's dwindling elephant population with fewer than 150 elephants
believed to be left in the wild in Vietnam. Ivory prices in Vietnam are the
highest in the world encouraging tones of ivory products to be transported
through Vietnam every year.

A German national was arrested in Virginia, the United States, for
attempting to smuggle 40 tons of coral illegally harvested in the

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have described as ‗deliberate‘ an
explosion at an EnCana Coroporation gasline in British Colombia. This
brings the total of number of such attacks to four in three months. An Eco-
terrorism expert has suggested that the attacks may be being carried out
by an individual or a small tightly knit group and may have the support of
the local community frustrated by what they see as the destruction of their
land by gas facilities.

Following the disappearance of large numbers of tigers from Sariska
National Park at the end of 2008, authorities at Kaziranga National Park
have recently confirmed the deaths of nine big cats in the past three
months. This represents the highest casualty figures recorded in a national
park over such a brief period.
A special report detailing the damage done to endangered flora and fauna
in Cambodia by the production of Ecstasy. The main raw material for
ecstasy, safrole, is extracted from various plants and trees in the form of
safrole-rich oils—also known as sassafras oil. The production of these oils
has severely depleted trees from which it is extracted, giving rise to
warnings that unless production is curbed by effective law enforcement the
species may become extinct in the near future.

Approximately 10,000 Customs officers together with the World Customs
Organization‘s (WCO) 11 Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILO)
participated in a global exercise at the request of the WCO Secretariat in
the lead up to International Customs Day on 26 January 2009 which was
dedicated to the theme: ―Customs and the environment: protecting our
natural heritage‖. This one day operation, coordinated by Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
and carried out by 90 Customs administrations around the world, resulted
in the seizure of 4,630 examples of protected wildlife alongside their
products and derivatives. from the port of Arica spotted a boat leaving
Chilean Naval patrol vessel
port with it‘s lights off. When the naval authorities checked for registration
documents, the crew discovered what they described as a ‗Noah‘s Ark‘ of
smuggled exotic animals, most from the Amazon. (Video)

The Department of of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA),
alongside the World Wildlife Fund, and the Royal Society for the Protection
of Birds is to provide UK Police with their first forensics unit dedicated to
wildlife crime. The team will use these techniques to establish if samples
have come from endangered species and aim to secure prosecutions of the
ringleaders of smuggling operations, not just the smugglers themselves.

An Australian man was arrested in Melbourne, returning from Dubai, after
being discovered with two live birds strapped to his legs. He was also
discovered to be transporting undeclared eggs and seeds. Although not
endangered, the transport of these pigeons represents a breach of
Australia‘s quarantine laws against the import of foreign flora and fauna.
Leaders of Mexican drug gangs are contributing to the illegal trade in
endangered wildlife by keeping exotic pets in private zoos and show off
rarities such as turtle skin boots. They also enter into partnerships with
wildlife smuggling groups by sharing smuggling routes into the mainland
United States.

The European Commission has unveiled measures aimed at protecting
sharks, many of which are in sharp decline. The proposals would close
loopholes in current shark finning regulations, cut catches of endangered
species and set quotas according to scientific advice.

The Malaysian Customs authorities have joined an initiative set up by the
World Customs Organisation (WCO) alongside INTERPOL, the Convention
on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and the
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This is a global initiative
to encourage customs authorities to take part in protecting the
environment, by placing those who smuggle flora, fauna and toxic waste
across borders on the top of their priority lists.

The next update in a series of diaries kept by two wildlife rangers from the
Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo describing their
life and work on the front line of Gorilla preservation.

The European Commission has warned that Britain may face court action
due to its failure to comply with European Union standards on air quality.
The directive, which came into effect in June 2008, aims to limit airborne
particles produced by industry, traffic and domestic heating and can cause
asthma, heart problems, lung cancer and premature death.
Government officials and private landowners in South Africa have
confirmed a massive increase in rhino poaching over the past year, raising
fears of a wildlife killing spree similar to those decimating reserves in
neighbouring countries. Wildlife experts suspect sophisticated poaching
cartels taking advantage of ineffective law enforcement may be one of the
main reasons for this increase.

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat handed to them by a vigilante group,
which said it was a car thief who had used witchcraft to change shape.

TO MARK International Customs Day, the Environmental Investigation
Agency today challenges governments to provide adequate resources to
police, customs and enforcement agencies throughout the world to follow
up ‗green‘ rhetoric with real commitment and to tackle the growing threat
of organised crime against the environment.

The Qatar Ministry of Environment in partnership with the United States
Environment Protection Agency has recently hosted a three day workshop
on ecological protection. The event was attended by officials from other
Gulf countries and Jordan. The event was inaugurated by the Qatari
Minister or Environment, H. E Abdullah bin Mubarak bin Aboud Al
Madahiaboud, Joseph Evan LeBaron, and was hailed by the US
Ambassador, who praised Qatar‘s contributions towards environmental
protection in the region.

Two wildlife rangers from the Virunga National Park in the Democratic
Republic of Congo describe their life and work on the front line of Gorilla
preservation. Their agency has recently been affected by the conflict in the
region, which has claimed the lives of not only the endangered Gorillas, but
also one of their rangers Safari Kakule in an attack by the rebel Mai Mai
A Greek-based commercial shipping company has been fined $1.3 million ,
a $1,600 special assessment, three years probation, and been ordered to
implement an Environmental Compliance Plan by a United States District
Judge. The falsified document related to the improper management and
disposal of oily waste and ballast from one of the company‘s cargo ships.
Both US Federal Laws and International Laws require ships to comply with
certain pollution regulations regarding the proper handing and disposal of
oil contaminated materials.

Vietnam‘s Environmental Police in Hanoi have seized the largest ever
quantity of wildlife products following the recovering of over two tonnes of
bones, including those from Tigers, from a store in the capital. The case is
the latest in a string of major seizures, and reflects Hanoi‘s improved
enforcement capacity since the Environmental Police were established a
division of the Hanoi Police Department in 2007.

Last year Customs Officers in Dubai seized a record number of animal
products, including furs, stuffed animals and ivory goods. A total of 145
items were seized representing a 20% increase from 2007.

The European Parliament has voted to tighten rules on pesticide use and
ban at least 22 chemicals deemed harmful to human health. The rules are
expected to be approved by the 27 member states' governments.

The ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) is launching a new
International Police Group, involving the INTERPOL Environmental Crime
Programme and senior investigators from six countries, to tackle the illegal
trade in pangolins and big cats.
A wildlife ranger has paid the ultimate price in the effort to protect
endangered mountain gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo. Ranger
Safari Kakule was killed by a rebel forces during an attack on the evening
of January 8 in the country‘s Virguna National Park.

A colony of some 180,000 burrowing parrots is increasingly at threat from
illegal traders, a booming tourism industry and encroaching agriculture.

The US is to announce plans to protect 500,000 sq km (190,000 sq miles)
of sea around the Pacific islands. Commercial fishing and mining will be
banned in the area, which includes some of the most biologically diverse
marine life in the world.

Authorities in Brazil have launched a public awareness campaign to
highlight the problem of trafficking in wildlife. Around 50,000 animals are
rescued each year – a fraction of the numbers believed to be trafficked.
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A shake-up of wildlife policing is being
called for by conservationists including The
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
(RSPB) and The Wildlife Trusts.

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