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					 simplifying                                    Home Based Business Help

                                                          Operating a business from home has its
                                                          downfalls & special problems, such as
                                                          isolation & finding relevant mentors &
                                                          support people. The forum meetings are
                                                          always informative & provide great support.

                                                          Business owners who operate from home
                                                          have the opportunity to meet & network
                                                          with like-minded individuals who face the
                                                          same challenges on a daily basis.
                                                          Networking is a great way to build
                                                          alliances, mentors and clients.
                                                          Home Based Business Operators may find it
                                                          difficult to access business information
                                                          resources, including business planning &
                                                          management advice. The Home Business
                                                          Forum bases their meetings around guest
                                                          speakers who are experts in their field.
                                                          Attendees are encouraged to contribute.

There are nearly one million people operating
a business from home in Australia today…
that’s 64% of all businesses!
                                                JOINING THE FORUM
Home based business is a popular choice         If you are interested in joining the HBF or would like to
because it provides the autonomy for the        find out more, contact us today:
operator to select his or her own projects,
work style & hours.                             Lisa Christie - President
                                                Home Business Forum
The Home Business Forum provides an             M: 0438 847 825
environment where home based businesses         E: enquiries@homebusinessforum.org.au
operating in the Port Macquarie - Hastings
area meet in a friendly relaxed environment.
Members support each other
through utilising services, becoming alliance
partners or providing referrals.

Each meeting, a guest speaker is invited to
present as a specialist in their eld. Topics    Supported by the
covered are a must see for any home             Port Macquarie
business owner.                                 Community College

www.homebusinessforum.org.au                    www.homebusinessforum.org.au

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