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									NFRC Labeling

an Overview….
•   NFRC-Certified Product
•   General Requirements
•   Temporary Label
•   Permanent Label
•   Label Certificate
•   Labeling Discrepancies in the Field

• Questions and Answers
    NFRC-Certified Product

Product which has obtained NFRC
certification authorization and is
affixed with an NFRC Temporary
Label and Permanent Label.
    General Labeling Requirements
   (Sections 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 – NFRC PCP-2006)
• Certification authorization must first be granted
  by the designated IA
• Plants where “authorized” products are
  manufactured must be registered with the
  designated IA and listed on the Schedule I and II
  of the NFRC license agreement
• Licensee designates at least one individual to be
  responsible for proper NFRC labeling
• Labels enable tracing of the product to a product
  line listed in the NFRC Certified Products
 General Requirements continued…
• Authorized products shall have both the
  temporary and permanent label applied at the
  place of manufacture
• Authorized products for which certification
  authorization has been suspended or revoked
  shall not be labeled;
• Unused labels for products suspended or
  revoked shall be shipped to the designated
                      NFRC Temporary Label
                             Sample Label
NFRC logo indicates                             Mfr. Name/ID &
licensure by NFRC                             Product Description

  Remains attached to
                                            Ratings are product-
  fenestration product
    through product
     installation and
    Code inspection

                                            If the label contains a
                                             box without a rating,
                                              the box is left blank
                                               except for a dash
  Details on NFRC rating
  procedures, disclaimer,
   & NFRC web address
 Temporary Label – Ratings Information
• Required Ratings* – Appear in the order listed:
  – U-factor (to two decimal places for IP units & one
    decimal place for SI units)
  – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (to two decimal places)
  – Visible Transmittance (to two decimal places)
• Optional Ratings*- Appear in alphabetical
  order, moving left to right:
  – Air Leakage (to one decimal place)
  – Condensation Resistance (whole number)

  * For ratings less than 1, a leading “0” shall be used
            Temporary Label
          Required Information
In product description box:
• Manufacturer name, code, or numeric ID
• Frame Type
• Product Type
• Glazing Description, including
  – Gas fill and/or
  – Low E, if present
                Temporary Label
               Optional Information
In product description box:
• Certified Products Directory number (to individual
   product ID); e.g.,
   CPD# 000 – X - 001- 001
          [Mfr.ID] [IA] [PL#] [individual product #]
• Air space width
• Coating emissivity
• Spacer type (generic or CPD code)
• Glazing tint or reflective coating (generic or CPD code)
• Manufacturer contact information
                Temporary Label
              Use of Metric Units (SI)
• SI units may be used on the label (U-factor & Air Leakage), but only
  if the ratings are also provided in US (IP) units. SI and IP units shall
  be displayed on the label as shown below:
          Temporary Label
  Translations to Other Languages
• Labels are also permitted to be printed in other
  languages for which the translation has been
  authorized by NFRC.
• Languages currently authorized:
  – English (primary language)
  – French
  – Spanish
• Other languages shall be permitted to be
  authorized if and when they are proposed to and
  approved by NFRC
• See Appendix B.12, PCP-2006
          Temporary Label
               Other Labels
• Door Matrix Label (Figure B-3,
  Appendix B) – can be used in lieu of
  product-specific label
• Dynamic Glazing Products (Figure B-4,
  Appendix B)
• Attachment Product -Applied Film
  (Figures B-5 & B-6, Appendix B)
   Permanent Certification Label
In General,
• Label remains permanently affixed to
  the authorized product.
• Label shall be affixed to ensure legibility
  and visibility from the interior after
• Label shall be affixed at the time and
  place of final manufacture and prior to
     Permanent Certification Label
May be in the form of a
  – Label, stand alone label
  – Tab, extension to existing certification label
  – Series of marks or etchings, indelible markings
    on product
  Shall contain
  – NFRC logo or wordmark
  – Licensee’s identification
  – Product line identification number (CPD # to
    product line level)
  May contain
  – IA identification
  – Series/Model name
    Permanent Certification Label
  Location of the Label on the Product
• Operable products – visible and legible from either its
  open or closed position, and located on a surface not
  subject to exterior weather when closed.
• Non-operable products (fixed) – visible and legible and
  located on a portion of either the frame, glazing, spacer,
  or other interior surface. Maybe located on the exterior
  surface of the product that is protected from exposure to
  direct sunlight and moisture (e.g., window/door head).
• Attachment Products – visible and legible, and located
  on the box or packaging used to contain the product.
• See Section 6.5, PCP-2006
Permanent Certification Label
    Suggested Location
                          Fixed window
                           – on frame
Permanent Certification Label
    Suggested Location
Permanent Certification Label
    Not Recommended
           Label Certificates
        (Section 6.6, NFRC PCP-2006)
• Issued by the designated IA
• May be used in lieu of a temporary and
  permanent label for
  – Site-Built Products, and
  – Buildings more than three stories above grade
    and with a minimum fenestration area of
    10,000 square feet.
• Shall be issued for Attachment Products at
  the time of certification authorization.
         Label Certificates continued…
                 (Appendix C, NFRC PCP-2006)
Size and Format:
• Is a document that is 81/2 x 11
• Image of the NFRC Temporary Label representative of the
  authorized product shall be reflected on the upper right-
  hand corner of the certificate
Site-built certificates shall contain information, completed by
   the designated IA, regarding
   –   Project location
   –   Product line information
   –   Frame Material Supplier
   –   Glazing Material Supplier
   –   Glazing Contractor/Installer
   –   Certification Authorization Date & IA signature
Label Certificates continued…
Attachment Product Certificates shall contain
information regarding
    – Project Location (completed by
      manufacturer/responsible party)
    – Attachment Product Information (completed
      by designated IA)
    – Attachment Product Contractor/Installer
      (completed by manufacturer/responsible
    – Certification Authorization Date and IA
 Label Discrepancies in the Field
        Section 9.3., NFRC PCP-2006
Consists of any product claiming to be
NFRC-certified that is not in compliance with
NFRC labeling requirements. For example,

    Label is missing or illegible
    Validity of the label is in question
    There is glazing breakage during
     transport or installation
                    Field Labeling
           Section 9.3.2, NFRC PCP-2006
•   Labeling discrepancies can be corrected on-
    site provided that the following minimum
    requirements are met by the
    Manufacturer/Responsible Party (other
    information may be requested by the IA):
    – Manufacturer/responsible party
       1. identifies the discrepancy and provides the designated
          IA with a description of the corrective action taken;
       2. provides the IA with acceptable documentation
          supporting the on-site correction (see Section
          9.3.2.B.i-iv); and
       3. designates employee or authorized agent to affix
          labels on-site.
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