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									Committee Reports 04.19.10-04.25.10


-The EPC passed a version of oversubscription that gives every student 16 credits, and
eliminates the tier system.
-The EPC will discuss Pass/Fail on Monday
-We're about to hire a programmer for E-Squid
-Ask me questions, if you have 'em!!


Foxy For Fling
Updates from Frank!

Happening on Tuesday from 4-5:30! The awards are being printed and gift certificates
are ordered. All the winners have been notified and will be attending Tuesday's
ceremony. Leonard Prize submissions have also been coming in to COCo, and we will be
forwarded three nominees to the deans tomorrow.

Cardinal's Night
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6-9PM, 222 MAIN STREET -- details in general assembly.


Fun Fact: When the Death Star’s shields are down but they know you’re coming, it’s
usually a trap.
Also, Ben is the only person left on Earth who still thinks this meme is funny.

• Points––you wanted ‘em, you got em: a 4.4% increase across the board!
• This is just the first step, however. Next year will be a bigger discussion on the
        structure of the meal plan.
• Additionally, Summerfields could have new, extended dining hours ––opening at 5:30
        PM, closing at 9––to accommodate teams or people who eat late.
• This will be accomplished by cutting the 2-3 PM “limited lunch,” which served 27
        people in an entire week, and makes no practical/financial sense.

• Nandita now has a written constitution for WeSafe, the EMT/SART/SSDP project she’s
          been working on.
•   It contains provisions on liability, governance, organizational structure, potential
          budget, ETC.
•   The program would have 2 EMT’s on call Thursday-Saturday and special events
          (WesFest, etc). A dispatcher would handle calls and dispatch EMT’s, along with
          SART/SSDP students as necessary, providing everything from escorting students
          home at night to calling ambulances for serious medical events.
•   There will be a full membership of at least 35 trained EMT’s.
•   Resolution, further work with administration coming soon.

Major Maintenance:
• Remember Major Maintenance?
• Well, it’s finally gonna happen. It’ll be epic. Monday the 3 rd. Wowzers!

FiFaC Blog Contest:
Zach wins because he’s the only person who posted a blog. I owe him a meal at
WesWings (no Lobsterfest).


End-of-year WSA Event
Charlie will be hosting a WSA BBQ potluck occurring this Friday at 5 PM. Please
remember to sign up to bring something!

It was an intense week for the candidates for President, VP, and Senior Class Officers.
Congrats to the winners!
Class representative elections for ’11, ’12, and ’13 open tonight at midnight. Also
included will be a WSA survey. Vote! And get your friends to vote!

Constitutional Review
We only have to make it through one more day of by-laws review. Yay!

WSA Wikipedia Page
Still looks awesome -

Blog Opinion Pieces
WRITE THEM. We’ve got a few more weeks to keep the blog going strong!

David is working with ITS to develop Wes aps for mobile phones.
He is also trying to develop an ITS orientation program and encourage ITS to display
orientation events on public computer screen savers.

Student Life Committee
The Student Life Committee met last week. We finished our review of the proposed
changes of the CNAC. We will likely be adding an additional SLC meeting to this year’s
agenda so that we can hold a vote on the changes and hear from the AOD – Policy and
Accountability committee about Open Cup Policy recommendations.

URLC met this past week. We began with a discussion of GRS which took a significant
portion of the meeting. Students still feel that there are problems with GRS and more
improvements have been suggested. There will be a poll question asking students about
ways that they feel the system could be improved. We then discussed Hall Councils and
ways to implement these in dorms other than Westco (where there is the Westco
Guidance, a meeting similar to that of the imagined Hall Council). Although the system
will be implement differently next year, Reslife will try to pilot the Hall Councils in one of
the dorms and will work with the RA’s to do so.

Bike Co-op
The Bike Co-op received funding from the SBC!!! Thank you to Charlie and the rest of
the SBC for doing this. This capital will give the Bike Co-op the money to purchase a fleet
of 25 bikes for the next year and to pilot this program on campus. Joseph “the
Destroyer” O’Donnell will be finishing up the logistics of this being run on campus. Big
props to Joey for getting this to happen for next year.

University Healthcare
CVS will begin doing a prescription drug delivery system this summer. We will work with
them over the next few weeks to set up a system whereby they can deliver these
prescription drugs to the Health Center for students to pick up. Once this is set up, we
can advertise this to students for upcoming years.

AOD – Policy and Accountability
This committee discussed Open Cup Policy once again. We began by talking about the
rationale against this policy and the significant effects that it will have on campus. After
the discussion tonight in the WSA, we will bring back this feedback to the Committee or
the logical next step.

Allocations This Week

This week student groups requested $35,462 from the SBC and the SBC allocated
$28,962. This week’s meeting was also our final meeting, which means that the end-of-
year surplus as of now is approximately $17,000. This is likely to decrease slightl y,
however, as student groups who missed the final SBC meeting frantically email us asking
if there’s any way to still receive funding for their activities. Over the summer, the
surplus will then increase slightly due to June reassumptions.

This week the Concert Committee funded…
     Wesleyan Sound Cooperative
     Radical Performance Machine

Notable allocations this week included…
    Wesleyan Bike Rental Program!
    PANGEA’s Night market
WSA Endowment

This chart details the performance of the WSA Endowment during the fiscal quarter
ending in March. Growth on the quarter was mild compared to the September and
December quarters, but we still posted a positive return. Also, more recent reports from
the Office of Finance suggest that the Winslow Green Growth Fund, which was the main
drag on our performance this semester, is rebounding impressively.

Online Allocation System Revision
This week Charlie and Andrew met with Lisa Hendrix, Chip Howell, and Barbara
Spadiccini. After consultation with other SBC members, Charlie discussed a number of
revisions that would be helpful from the SBC perspective, while Andrew discussed
proposals that would improve the system from the perspective of WSA office workers
and students reviewing the financial status of their groups. A complete list of all
proposed changes is included here (credit to Andrew for compilation).

    SBC Allocation System
 1. Eliminate the option to "defer request"
 2. List submitted requests alphabetically by group name rather than by group
 3. Make the system require that groups provide text description for each account
    code that money will be allocated to
 4. Flag requests submitted by groups that have a deficit in any one of their three
 5. Possibility of an undo button for approved requests that have not yet been
 6. Eliminate timeout when in the SBC approval system
    Create account code drop-down lists instead of pre-programmed fields
     Group Finances System
1.   Under Transaction Details: add a balance column for each account code
2.   Under Process Budget: mark all processed account codes separately
3.   Add more Account Codes: to Charlie’s suggestion of drop down field/list.
4.   Create “Expand-All” feature for viewing transaction reports
5.   Add redundant table showing total SmartKey balance at the bottom in addition to

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