Organisational Goals and Objectives for In the context of by ColeBer


									Organisational Goals and Objectives for 2005
In the context of the “Key Targets 2004 - 2008” document, the organisational goals and objectives for 2005 are as follows:

Manage and Improve Clinical Care and Standards • • • To introduce the Domino Care Service

To introduce the Early Transfer Home programme

To develop midwifery led outreach clinics in Blanchardstown and Swords


The development of the “See and Treat” Colposcopy/Cervical Screening Clinic

• •

To achieve Baby Friendly Hospital Accreditation

To obtain approval for a Clinical Nurse Specialist post in Neonatal and Paediatric Neurology


To obtain site approval for two Advanced Nurse Practitioners (Neonatology) and accreditation of the two candidates

• •

Ongoing review and development of evidence based clinical guidelines

Actively promoting the ongoing health of patients and staff through the Health Promoting Hospitals Initiative

Patient Involvement in their Care • To increase client participation in and understanding of decisionmaking regarding their care •

To provide additional options and treatment methods e.g. introduce a labouring pool


To undertake a focused survey of postnatal patients’ perceptions and understanding of care received


To develop a patient satisfaction survey tool that will be used on an ongoing basis to assess satisfaction with the care and services received


To formalise the patient complaints handling procedure

Staff Involvement • • • • To undertake an employee feedback survey

To establish a Partnership Committee

Roll out the team based performance management system

To maximise staff involvement and knowledge about the organisation through multidisciplinary participation in the accreditation process


To improve the dissemination of information from Senior Management Team Meetings through the development of an internal

communications strategy

Improved Organisational Effectiveness • • To develop a three year Strategic Plan

To compile a corporate annual report to compliment the annual clinical report


To complete the self-assessment and peer review survey sections of the accreditation process

• • •

To develop a single site medical records storage facility

To complete the corporate governance work plan for 2005

To restructure the clinical risk management committee and develop terms of reference


To maximise understanding of the Casemix Working Group of the new ICD 10 coding system and associated issues


Introduce a new linen distribution system with reference to infection control and manual handling of linen


To establish an Environmental Committee to oversee implementation of Waste Audit Report and IBEC Environmental Report


To maximise compliance with the National Infection Control Standards & National Cleaning Standards

Education and Research • Progress the recommendations of the National Expert Group on Midwifery Education •

Ongoing support of staff undertaking relevant continuous educational and professional development programmes

• •

Facilitate the ongoing training of Maternity Care Assistants

To review the Research Ethics Constitution and establish the Research and Audit Advisory Group

Links to Hospitals and other Health Services • Ongoing participation in the Joint Standing Committee of the Dublin Maternity Hospital projects e.g. review of IT services and the development of a Maternity Strategy for the Eastern Region 2005 – 2011 •

To develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mater Hospital and the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street


To strengthen links with GPs through the GP Liaison Committee meetings and the issuing of the Maternity Information Guide to GPs and mailshots

• •

Ongoing development of shared consultant posts with other hospitals

To increase participation in community based health promotion initiatives

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