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									                 THE 2009 SUMMIT FOR DIVORCING WOMEN SCHEDULED
                             FOR October 24, 2009

For Release: September 17, 2009                      Contact: Clifford B. Benjamin 615-244-4104
                                                     President Su mmit Divorce Planning, LLC

Nashville, Tennessee September 17, 2009- Summit Divorce Planning, LLC announced today
that it will be holding the 2009 Summit for Divorcing Women seminar on October 24, 2009,
according to Clifford B. Benjamin, its Founder and President.

In this very special seminar noted Mr. Benjamin, “it is essential that people going through a
divorce be given an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of their family situation,
including financial choices & resources that may be available to them”. Topics for this seminar
Family law guidelines and financial expert support, division options of a family owned business,
divorce and & the IRS, contacting and qualifying for social security benefits, what to expect and
how to prepare for Mediation and much more.

In making this announcement, Clifford B. Benjamin said that given the unique situations of a
difficult economy and every changing family law environment, the following experts in their
fields will be speakers at the 2009 Summit for Divorcing Women Seminar scheduled for October
24, 2009 at Mere Bulles Restaurant in Brentwood, TN.

About the Professionals :

Clifford B. Benjamin, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst & President of Summit Divorce
Planning, LLC. Education: Southern Connecticut State University (B.S. 1982) founded Summit
Divorce Planning LLC in 2003, previously achieved management positions in New York City for
the following magazine publishers, Hearst Magazines, Forbes Inc., and Inc Magazine. His topic
will be “Identifying and Understanding Your Marital Assets”.

Virginia Story Esq. Attorney Story has Practice Law since 1985 with the firm of Story and
Abernathy in Franklin TN specializing in Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support.

Derrell Payne of the United States Social Security Administration: The topic shall be Women and
Social Security Benefits.

Ed Silva, Esq. Trail Lawyer for over 34 years and the founding member of the law firm of
Hartzog & Silva, PLC located in Franklin, Tennessee where his main practice areas are
concentrated in family law. He is a Rule 31 listed civil mediator by the Tennessee Supreme Court
and presently serves as a Commissioner on the Tennessee Supreme Court Alternative Dispute
Resolution Commission. He is a graduate of Boston College (B.S.B.A.; 1965) and Nashville
School of Law (J.D.; 1974) and will be discussing “Mediation”

                                        Contact Information:

               The Inclusi ve fee for the October 24 seminar, which includes lunch is

                    $50.00 per person when pre- registered and $65.00 at the door.

For informati on call 615-244-4104. Pre-registration is encouraged; limi ted seati ng is available

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