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					          Another Look At Patterns
                         A Patterns Study Guide

Things to remember about patterns:

           Patterns are a set of characters that repeat.
           Patterns can be made by using different colors, shape, or sizes.
           Characters’ repetition can be identified by letters. (You can have an AB
    pattern, an ABB pattern, etc. )
           Patterns can also be made with numbers and other figures.
           Patterns can be found in a lot of different places.

                             Sample Patterns
     AB Pattern Using Shapes

   AAB Pattern Using Colors

   ABB Pattern Using Sizes

                      Activities to do at Home
           Ideas adapted from the website:

    Find repeating patterns in walls, floors, bricks, and paths.
    Look for patterns in supermarket displays.
    Use patterns to make someone a card for their birthday.
    Look for patterns in gardens and trees.
    Find objects around your house to make your own patterns.

                Practicing Patterns on the Internet

Here are some Internet Sites that can help you practice recognizing patterns. Get your
parents to help you type in the addresses. You can either play games or print out

Games              
                    nteractivate/activities/

Worksheets         

Note: Parents if you would like me to e-mail this page to you with the hyperlinks on it
already, e-mail me at .


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