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									                         States of Matter Resources
                              Gathered By: Kate Gearon
                                   Grade 4 Plouffe
Web Sites:
          o Great web site to gather facts or create a worksheet for the states of matter
          o Includes a quiz
          o Interactive experiments with fun colors and sounds for kids!
          o States of Matter Crossword Puzzle- need to print first!
          o Recipe for “Blue-Goo” which is a non-Newtonian fluid meaning it is
             neither a liquid nor a solid but has properties of both!
          o Focuses on the particles of the matter during the three phases
          o Demonstrates how temperature effects that movement of the particles
          o Great visuals for kids!
          o Lesson plans by grade level, list of websites, and printable worksheets
          o Great game!
          o Just like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”
          o Science songs that play right from the Internet
          o Outstanding Webquest (designed for third graders)!
          o Connects to both the water cycle and matter
          o Fantastic site with information, movies, resources for teachers, and great
          o Lots of videos, information pages, and quizzes
          o Temperature is in Celsius

    • What is the World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Let’s Read
       and Find Out Science, Stage 2) by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfled
    • States of Matter: A Question and Answer Book (Fact Finders) by Fiona Bayrock
    • What is Matter? (Rookie Read-About Science) by Don L. Curry

Achieve Express:
   • Title- Real World Science: Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases (13 minutes)
   • Title- Matter and Its Properties:
         o Changes in Matter ( 17 minutes)
       o What Makes Up Matter (17 minutes)
       o Observing the Properties of Matter ( 19 minutes)
       o Measuring Matter (17 minutes)
       o Exploring Phases of Matter ( 18 minutes)
•   Matter: Building Blocks of the Universe (15 minutes)

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