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									                                                       Home Meet Manager
                                                              Job Description
                                                              Revised June 25, 2007


   The Riptide areas of responsibility for home meet execution and the people directly responsible for
   managing the respective activity are shown below:

          Equipment set-up (Setup Coordinator)
          Swimmer sign-in (Home Meet Manager, that’s you!)
          Staffing of the Riptide swim meet jobs by Riptide parents for each half (Jobs Coordinator)
          Concessions stand operation (Concessions Coordinators)
          Distribution and collection of stop watches (Jobs Coordinator)
          Data entry for event results for Riptide swimmers, and ribbons (Statistics Coordinator)
          Equipment break-down and cleanup (Setup Coordinator)

   The main responsibility of the Home Meet Manager (HMM) is to do whatever it takes to keep the swim
   meet running smoothly and on time. The HMM monitors the progress being made in each of the areas
   above, and intercedes if things are not running as smoothly as desired. If the other Riptide Coordinators
   are doing their job and the Riptide parents are doing their swim meet jobs, then the HMM just kicks back,
   observes, and enjoys. If there is a hiccup somewhere, then the HMM needs to react immediately to solve
   the problem.

   The HMM will work most closely with the Riptide Jobs Coordinator during a meet. The Jobs
   Coordinator is responsible for making sure that there is a warm Riptide parent body doing each swim
   meet job. If there is a vacancy, they will find a replacement. It is not your job to do this!

   An Assistant Meet Manager will be assigned to work with you during the meet, so that they can learn the
   ropes and be a Meet Manager for a future meet. Find and introduce yourself to this person when you first
   arrive. It is recommended that the two of you work side-by-side throughout the meet and discuss the
   various issues, tasks, and resolutions. Give this person the benefit of your experiences so that they will
   have a successful and enjoyable future experience as Meet Manager.

   A checklist is provided for your use at the end of this document. It is highly recommended that you
   bring and use this checklist during the meet. Parents might be constantly approaching you with issues
   that are sometimes not critical. It is very easy for the HMM to get distracted, lose track of time, and
   forget what tasks require attention. The checklist will keep you centered and focused.

   To the extent possible, do not get bogged down in performing tasks the day of the meet because someone
   has not showed up, etc. Instead, ask a parent to do the task. Delegate whenever possible, so that you can
   stay focused on the big picture.

   Your success as a HMM will largely depend on your complete reading of this document (skimming is not
   advised!) and executing the tasks on the checklist.

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On Monday:

   Cut and paste the verbiage below into an email, and send it to the visiting team president. You can get
   the email address from the visiting team’s website at, then clicking the “team
   links” on the left side of the home page.


       I am the Northpark Riptide’s Meet Manager for our meet on Sa turday.

       Listed below is some informa tion tha t will be useful to your tea m. I plan on being a t the pool by
       7:30a m the morning of the event. If you need me for anything between now and Saturday,
       please feel free to call me. The best number to reach me a t is 714- ???-???? (cell).

              The Northpark pool ha s six lanes, and the lanes are 25 yards long (standard)
              The visi ting tea m swimmers are seeded in lanes 2, 4, and 6
              The visi ting tea m ti mers should be assigned per standard ISL guidelines (two parents in
               lane 1, one in lane 2, two in lane 3, one in lane 4, two in lane 5, and one in lane 6)
              Just FYI, Northpa rk assigns hea t and lane numbers to i ts swimmers ahead of ti me, not
               the day of the meet.
              We will provide two tables and chairs for your tea m for swimmer sign -in, in the pool
               parking lot.
              We will provide room a t the Head Table for three people, and a power strip for your
              We will provide a backup ti mer for the first half and second half
              We provide lunch coupons for your Head Coach and up to 3 assistant coaches.

       The Riptide look forward to hosting you!

       {your name}

On Thursday:

   1. Printing Swimmer Assignments: You should receive an email from the Riptide Head Coach
      containing an Excel spreadsheet by Thursday evening. Note, this same email also goes to the
      Statistics Coordinator, who inputs the swimmer assignments into the Meet Manager database.
      Occasionally the email arrives on Friday. Contact the coach ( if you wish to know the
      delivery status of the email.

       The spreadsheet file contains two worksheets of interest to you (see the tabs at lower left in Excel):

              “Assignments” (first worksheet tab),
              “Sign-In Report” (second worksheet tab)

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       Make copies of these worksheets and distribute on the day of the meet as follows:

                2 stapled copy of the Assignments for the Riptide Ready Bench workers
                4 stapled copies of the Sign-In Report (one copy to each of the four Sign-In people)

       This is important stuff. Without the Sign-In Report, the Riptide swimmer sign-in process cannot
       begin, and the meet will most certainly get delayed.

On Friday:

   1. Lunch Coupons: Print out the lunch coupons for visiting coaches; click on the icon below to open
      the Word file. Note, this is not required for the Practice Meet, as there is no visiting team.

   2. Just FYI - Swim Cards: Typically the labels will be put on the swim cards on Friday. This is
      handled completely by the Swim Card Coordinator. No need to get involved in this activity. The two
      file boxes that contain the swim cards will be brought to the meet and delivered to the Ready Bench
      by the Swim Card Coordinator, prior to the meet.

   3. Event List: Print the event list for the Meet Officia l, by clicking the icon below. The Official uses
      this to call the races during the meet.

   4. Tough Love: Do not call any of the 60+ parents who have job assignments at the upcoming meet to
      remind them to show up. It is their responsibility to manage themselves and show up.

   5. Your Information Resource: Page through the Meet Manager Binder in the Rolling Box, to
      become familiar with its contents

   6. Supplies: Check that black Rolling Box has sufficient supplies. The following minimum quantities
      should be present:

                6 sharpies, 8 pencils, 40 blank swim card labels, at least 10 working stop watches (contact the
                 VP-Meets if you need more), six small clipboards, a bag of candy for end-of-meet trash
                 pickup enticement

   7. Q&A Meeting: There will be a pre-meet Q&A meeting at 7:30pm Friday (the night before your
      meet) at the Forest Glen pool, attended by you, the Assistant Meet Manager, and the VP-Meets. The
      sole purpose of this meeting is answer any questions that you might have, thus it is recommended that
      you read this document in full at least once before the meeting. The meeting typically lasts no more
      than 15-20 minutes.

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Day of Meet:

   1. Swimmer Sign-In: This is the only specific activity of the meet that you directly manage.

       Arrive at the pool with the Rolling Box at 7:30am. If not already done, move the 2 sign-in tables (4’
       long) & 4 white chairs OUTSIDE of the pool deck to the parking lot, to the “handicapped”
       parking space. Do not attempt to do the sign-in process inside the pool area - it gets much too
       crowded and chaotic.

       Although Sign-in is a simple activity, if it does not get started promptly it can delay the start of the
       meet. If the four Riptide Sign-In parents are not ready to go at 7:45am to sign-in, then immediately
       have the Jobs Coordinator find a replacement parent(s). Note, NPST has mailed a special flyer to
       each of the families assigned to Sign-In, which describes the job in detail and the need to be prompt.

       Hand out sharpie markers and the Sign-In Report to each of the four sign-in parents. These parents
       require guidance from you on what numbers to write on the kid’s arms, so go over this with them.
       Have them write the event number designations on the kid’s arms exactly as is shown on the “Sign-In
       Sheet”. Check that they are doing it properly.

       The Sign-in People have a tendency to write on the arms such that the numbers are upside down
       from the child’s perspective. This is not desirable. Discuss this ahead of time with the four people.

       Tell each Sign-In person to put a check by a child’s name on their list after they write the numbers.
       When sign-in is complete (about 8:30am), have one of the parents consolidate the 4 lists onto one list,
       and label it “Master List”. This list shows exactly which swimmers have checked in. Put this master
       list onto a clipboard and give it to the Riptide Head Coach no later than 8:30am. The Head Coach
       will then re-assign swimmer assignments to certain events to fill the vacancies. Collect the four

       A swimmer might show up to the Sign-In table who had previously told the coach that they would not
       be attending. In this case, tell them to ask the Head Coach what events they will swim in, and to
       report back to you. Once this is known, have a Sign-In parent fill out a swim card for each event by
       hand (you have 30-40 blank swim cards in the Rolling Box), including the kid’s name, event #, heat #
       and lane #. Tell the Sign-In parent to then take the swim cards to the Ready Bench swim card file

       Some swimmers might be assigned as alternates for the relay races, which will be shown as "ALT" on
       the spreadsheet. For example, if a swimmer is an alternate for relay event 3, write "3-ALT" on the
       arm. This swimmer should go to the Ready Bench for event #3 to see if they are needed.

   2. Swim Meet Jobs: The Jobs Coordinator will bring the Blue Board, and they will take care of getting
      the parents to sign-in and they will fill any vacancies. Introduce yourself to this person, as you will
      be communicating later during the meet. The Blue Board should be placed on a tripod and positioned
      just past the Riptide Sign-in tables. It is their job to make sure all Riptide jobs are staffed.

   3. Find Your Counterpart: Find the visiting team’s Meet Manager and introduce yourself to them!
      This will allow you to communicate later with them if needed.

   4. Ready Bench Binder: There is a binder in the Rolling Box that contains several things the Riptide
       Ready Bench workers will use. Deliver this binder to the Ready Bench.

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   5. Swim Cards: Check to see if the swim card file boxes (containing the swim cards for the Riptide
      swimmers) have arrived at the Ready Bench. If not, then find out where they are! The Swim Card
      Label Coordinator is responsible for bringing the swim cards. The name and phone number of this
      person can be found in the Meet Manager Binder, should you need to contact them. The meet will be
      delayed without the swim cards.

       In the rare event that the swim cards are missing and time is tight, ask the Stats person to print out a
       new set of labels for the meet (both for the relay events and individual events). There are 500 blank
       index cards in the bottom of the Rolling Box. Grab 3 parents, and starting with Event #1 apply the
       labels to the index cards. 3 parents can do the whole job in about 10 minutes.

       For background information only, click on the icon below to get more information on the swim card

       The Ready Bench is a key operation. In general the home team takes the lead in how the Ready
       Bench is managed. The home team will take the swimmers from the Ready Bench to the starting
       block area.

   6. Statistics and Ribbons: The Riptide Stats person will bring the team’s laptop PC, printer, and blank
      ribbons with them to the meet, set it up, and train the first half data entry person on the use of the
      software and how to print labels for the ribbons. You do not need to get involved with this. If for
      some reason the stats person does not show up with the laptop, do not be concerned. The data entry
      and ribbon label work can be done after the meet is over if needed. Just retain the swim cards and
      get them to the Stats person after the meet.

   7. Swim Meet Jobs: The Jobs Coordinator is responsible for filling any Riptide vacancies for swim
      meet jobs, and for telling the workers where to go and what to do. They will also take care of
      handing out and collecting the stopwatches, etc, for the Riptide lane timers. Check with them to see if
      they need any help.

   8. Greet Meet Official: Greet our hired Meet Official when they arrive. Give them a copy of the
      Event List, and a pad of DQ sheets (from the Rolling Box). Tell them that they should place the DQ
      slip for each heat into Tray #1 on the 4-foot table. See the Word document below for a depiction of

   9. Crack the Whip: For a home meet, the goal is to have the first event swimmers hitting the water at
      9:00am, and to finish the meet at 1:00pm. To make this happen, YOU have to control the
      sequence of events leading up to this. Make an announcement at 8:45am for all first half workers to
      report to their jobs (timers, ready bench, concessions). Ask the timers to congregate at the Head

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       At 8:50 am, make an announcement for event #1 and #2 swimmers to report to the Ready Bench (at
       this point kick all the kids out of the pool; warm-ups are OVER). At 8:55am, have the designated
       child performer sing God Bless America, Pledge of Allegiance, or whatever. After that, turn things
       over to the hired Meet Official, who will call the swimmers to the platform. The meet has begun!

   10. Believe it or not, it is all downhill from here. Go over to the Ready Bench and monitor the operation.

   11. Swing by the Riptide concessions stand to see if all is well. Have the Jobs Coordinator get them more
       helpers if they are swamped, which is a real possibility!

   12. Usually there is not much for you to do before halftime, which typically occurs after event #38, so
       relax and watch your kids! Just before halftime, check with the Jobs Coordinator to see if all of the
       second-half jobs are covered.

   13. Walk over to the street by the playground to make sure no cars are parked in the fire zone side of Fair
       Oaks street. If you find cars, write down the license number(s) and make an announcement over
       the PA to get the car(s) moved!

   14. Lunch Coupons for Visiting Coaches: The team provides up to four coupons for the visiting Head
       Coach and up to three assistant coaches. Distribute these after the second half begins. You can either
       give them to the visiting team’s meet manager, or directly to the visiting Head Coach.

       Some teams might only have one or two assistants, while others might have ten (most of which are
       volunteers). Do not distribute more than four coupons, and less if they only have 1-2 assistants.

   15. No-Show Swimmers: You need to compile a list of Riptide swimmers who did not show up for the
       meet and did not provide previous notice of missing the meet.

       The families of these swimmers will be contacted after the meet, so it is important that you make a
       list of these no-show swimmers (include first name, last name, and age).

       To determine which swimmers are no-shows:

              Look at the “Master List” to see which kids did not sign-in
              Then go to the Ready Bench to see what swim cards are not being used
              Finally, talk to the Head Coach to confirm that he did not receive any notice that any of these
               kids would be absent.

       Note, sometimes the Head Coach will receive a notice from a family on Friday night or even Saturday
       morning. The final list of no-show swimmers should contain only those kids whose family provided
       zero notice of their absence.

       When you get home from the meet, email the names to Please do this
       on Saturday afternoon. Those Org folks who are responsible for contacting the families will
       automatically receive your email.

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   16. End of Meet: Pack up your stuff into the Rolling Box:

               Unused ribbons
               Stopwatches
               Clipboards, binder, pens, etc.
               Sharpie pens used by sign-in people and head table people
               Ball-point pens at head table

       Give the Rolling Box to Meet Manager for the next swim meet.

  17. Make an announcement over the PA system, offering a piece of candy to any swimmer who collects 10
      pieces of paper (candy is in the Rolling Box). Ensure that the pool area is left in a pristine condition
      after the clean-up crew is done. If not, get the Setup Coordinator and their crew to get it clean! For
      home meets at Northpark, the Meet Manager should be the last person to leave the pool area.

  18. You are done! Update this write-up with any lessons learned, and give to the VP-Meets.

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                     Meet Manager Checklist - Home Meets - 1 of 2 pages

   Send welcoming email to visiting team (not required for Practice Meet).
Thurs day

    Page through HMM binder, to get familiar with its contents
    Stock up the Rolling Box with supplies, if needed
    Print lunch coupons (not required for Practice Meet)
    Print Event List for meet official
    Print (4) sign- in list copies from the Excel spreadsheet

   7:30pm. Meet with the VP-Meets and Assistant Meet Manager at Forest Glen pool, to go over
         your questions, etc

Saturday (day of meet)

   7:30am. Arrive at pool deck. Take Rolling Box to Head Table. Get your checklist, etc, ready for action!
   7:45am. Place the Sign-In tables in parking lot, hand out 4 copies of “Sign-in Report”, train the 4 sign-in

   7:45am. Is the Blue Board in a good location?
   8:00am. Is sign-in process going smoothly?
   8:15am. Find & introduce yourself to the visiting team’s meet manger. Use PA if needed to find them.
   8:30am. Collect sharpies from Sign-In table. Take “master list” to the Head Coach
   8:35am. Deliver the Ready Bench Binder to the Ready Bench. Have swim cards arrived?
   8:40am. Find and greet the hired Meet Official. Give him a copy of the Event List and DQ pad.
   8:45am. Announce over PA system for first half workers to report for duty
   8:50am. Announce over PA system for swimmers to report to Ready Bench for Events #1 and #2. Tell the
         head coaches to get the kids out of the pool.

   8:55am. Announce over the PA system that _____________ (fill in the blank) wil sing the National
         Anthem. After the song, tell Meet Official that we are ready and he can take over. The meet is on!

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                   Meet Manager Checklist - Home Meets - 2 of 2 pages

   9:15am. Is the Ready Bench operating smoothly?
   9:30am. Visit the Riptide Café. Do they need more helpers?
   9:40am. Walk over to Fair Oaks street by the playground to make sure no cars are parked in the fire zone.
   10:30am. Check with Jobs Coordinator; are all second half jobs covered?
   ~ 10:45am (when first half ends), make an announcement over the PA that halftime will last for 10
       minutes. A few minutes later, call all second half workers to report to their assignments.

   Ten minutes after the start of halftime, announce over PA that second half is now starting.     Tell Meet
       Official to take over. Get it moving!!

   11:15am. Distribute the Lunch Coupons for the visiting coaches.
   12:30pm. Meet with VP-Meets and Jobs Coordinator, and go over lessons learned, etc.
   1:00pm. After last event, tell Announcer to get Coaches Race going.
After Coaches Race is Over

   Tell Announcer to announce that kids get candy for picking up trash. Give candy to swimmers.
   Pack up Rolling Box and give to the next Meet Manager.
   Afterwards, ensure the pool area is entirely clean; no trash anywhere!
   You are done!
At Home

   Email the no-show swimmer list to

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