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Copy of Birth Certificate in North Carolina by ajw17354


Copy of Birth Certificate in North Carolina document sample

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									                Health Check (Medicaid)
                N.C. Health Choice

Better health for North Carolina’s children…

                                   Peace of mind for their parents.
Why is child health insurance important?

Compared to insured children, uninsured children are

    25% more likely to miss school
    8X less likely to have a regular source of care
    4X more likely to delay or avoid care when needed
    5X more likely to seek care from an emergency room
    7X more likely not to have prescriptions filled
In addition…

   20% have untreated
   vision problems

   1 in 5 parents of
   uninsured children keep
   their kids from playing
   sports due to fear of
Why is outreach important?

    60% of parents with uninsured children who
    qualify don’t believe they do

    71% of parents in eligible households where both
    parents work do not believe their children would

    Of these parents (listed above), 82% said they
    would enroll if they knew they were eligible

    Wirthlin Worldwide - Research Firm
N.C.’s children’s health insurance programs

North Carolina has two health
insurance programs for children:

     Health Check
     (Medicaid for Children)

     N.C. Health Choice

      • Both are similar in what they offer
      • The same application is used to
        determine eligibility for both programs
      • They are marketed together
                    Why market the two programs together?

                                                                               Children may
                                                            200% ($41,300)*    cross over from
                                                                               Health Check to
                                        NC Health                              NC Health Choice
                                                                               as they age.
                                   Income Guidelines
Poverty Level (%)

                                                                               Families may have
                                                                               children in
                                                            100% ($20,650)*    different

                                                                               As a family’s
                              Health Check                                     income changes,
                            Income Guidelines                                  their children may
                              as of April 1, 2007               *Annual        go back and forth
                                                                income for a
                                                                family of 4
                    0   1       6                      18
                                 Age (years)
Does your child have
health insurance?
Does your child have health insurance?

North Carolina offers two
health insurance programs
for children:

  Health Check
(Medicaid for Children)

  N.C. Health Choice

Free or low cost insurance for
children and teens.
What are the benefits?

   Well Child Checkups                         Lab Tests
   Sick Visits                                 Counseling
   Prescription Medicines                      Medical Equip & Supplies
   Immunizations                               Hospital Care
   Vision & Hearing Care                       Therapies
   Dental Care                                 Surgery

Additional benefits may be available for children with Special Health Care Needs.
Call 1-800-737-3028 for more information.
Does my child qualify?
Income guidelines* (valid 4/1/07 – 3/31/08)
    Family Size          Monthly Income
         2                  $2,282
         3                  $2,862
         4                  $3,442
         5                  $4,022
         6             Add $580 for each additional family member.

 *Income before taxes. Children of families who earn more may
 qualify if they have daycare, work-related or child support expenses.
In addition…

For both programs,
a child must:

     Be a N.C. resident
     Be under age 19 (21 in
     some cases)
     Be eligible based on family
     Provide or apply for a
     Social Security number
     And, for U.S. Citizens,
     provide documentation of
     citizenship and identity.

For NC Health Choice,   Be age 6 or older and under age 19
a child must:
                        Be income ineligible for
                        Health Check (Medicaid)

                        Be uninsured on the day coverage
                        starts (Your local Department of
                        Social Service can give you more

                        Have paid the N.C. Health Choice
                        enrollment fee, if required.
Is a child of immigrant parents eligible?

  Yes, if the child is born in the USA and they qualify
  based on the family’s income.
     The child will need a Social Security Number to apply.

  Maybe, if the child was born abroad.
     It depends on the immigration status of the child. Check with the local
     Department of Social Services to find out.

Note: Parents DO NOT hurt their chances for naturalization by
  applying for children’s health insurance!!
How much does coverage cost?

Health Check (Medicaid):

    No annual enrollment fee
    No copays
How much does coverage cost?

N.C. Health Choice:
     Annual enrollment fee
   Fee depends on the family’s

        Some families have NO annual
        enrollment fees
        Some families pay a yearly fee of
        $50 for one child
        or $100 for 2 or more children.
How much does coverage cost?

N.C. Health Choice:
     Copays for medicines
   All children have copays for
   prescription drugs:

        $1 for generic drugs
        $1 for brand-name drugs that
        have no generic substitute
        $3 or $10 (depending on the
        family’s income) for brand-name
How much does coverage cost?

N.C. Health Choice:
     Copays for some visits
   Children who pay an annual
   enrollment fee have small copays for
   some services:

        $5 for office visits
        $20 for non-emergency visits
        to the ER

  BUT, parents NEVER have a COPAY for
        regular teeth cleaning
How do I apply for
Health Check (Medicaid)/N.C. Health Choice?

To get an application:

     Call the N.C Family Health Resource Line
     1-800-367-2229 (1-800-FOR-BABY)

     Go online to,
     Visit “FOR THE PUBLIC” and look for
     “Child Health Insurance.”

     Pick up a form at your Dept. of Social
     Services or local Health Department
If I need help with the application?

If you need help filling out
the application, visit your
local Department of Social

They can answer your
questions and take your
application when it’s complete!
Once the application is complete
  Mail or take the application
  to your local Department of
  Social Services
  Be sure to attach your wage
  stubs (proof of income
  for the previous month)
  Include proof of citizenship
  and identity for citizen
  children (e.g. copy of birth
  certificate and photo ID
  card). DSS can help.
  Include a phone number
  where you can be reached!
How will I know if my child is covered?
  Social Services will notify
  you by mail.
      It can take up to 45 days to
   hear from Social Services.
   Be sure to tell them if you move
   or change phone numbers.

  You will get an insurance
  card & benefits booklet in
  the mail.
Make the most of your child’s health

  Choose a doctor
    Every child needs a “Medical Home.”

  Make an appointment for a checkup
    Then you will have a trusted place to go when your child is sick.

  Call the doctor anytime
    Whenever you have questions about your child’s health

  Read your benefits handbook
    It has lots of information on benefits and resources.
Stay Enrolled!

  Remember to RE-ENROLL each year!

  Look for your re-enrollment packet in the mail.

  Be sure to let your local Department of Social
  Services know if you move!
Better Health for Your Children.

    Peace of Mind for You.

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